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Official Pom Pom Crab (Lybia Tesselatta) Thread


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alrighty, I have one of these awsome little guys in my 30 (always stealing food from the tubastrea), and now I have a 5gal tank ive recently set up, and have a couple important questions! hehe. first, I plan on making this a hifin banded goby/pistol shrimp tank, and was wondering if a pistol shrimp would be ok with two of these guys? their known to pick on small shrimp (why my sexy shrimp idea has become very sad) but Pom Poms should be fine, right?

At the LFS I work at, there are 3 pom poms, and I want a male/female pair.. is sexing them the same as emerald crabs, because I know how to do that, but thats it! maybe I'll just get all 3 if it wouldnt be a bioload. :)

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Uploaded -- I shoot with a Nikon D50 coupled with a Nikkor 70-300 G lens with a Nikon 6T macro lens added to the end of that.


Oh and a tripod and a flash.

hey how do you like your D50? i just got one last week and haven't really used it much it being cold and all.



these are a cool crab. next time i head down to the LFS i will have to see about getting one. all the ones i have seen there have lost their poms though so we will see.


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Aren't they a real species of crab, they just look like one? Sorry if i'm wrong I think I read that somewhere. I love them, theyre really cute. I saw one a while back with a pair of anemones and thats one time impulse buying should have kicked in... :)

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Fell I found a molt ysterday with one of the anemones still on it, i took the anemone off and put it where the crab likes to hang out. Was this a good or bad idea. Please tell me. I haven't seen the crab since the molt so I don't know if it picked it back up or not.

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I love my D50 -- as for the crabs - they are really crabs (the porcelain crabs are the ones you're thinking of not actually being crabs because of their special filter feeder arms) and they don't NEED their anemone's to survive. I've also heard that if you have multiples and one is missing their anemone's they will share them amongst each other. I have also heard of pom poms picking small anemones off the rocks to use as replacements.

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so guys... does anyone know if a pistol shrimp would bother two Pom Poms in a 5 gallon..? and I know on a previous page it talks about sexing.. but is it similar to sexing emerald crabs? Thanks...

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I just bought 2 myself, i see them both come out at night waving their arms around with the anemones! one of them actually lost one of the anemones, but im hoping that it will split the other or the other crab will share!

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A Pistol will kill both of your Pom-Pom Crabs, most likely


really? that sucks... :( I have my eye on a very small pistol, thats actually about the size of a pom pom... but i guess ill wait it out and decide later.


i just picked up a female pom pom with an egg sack... shes the only thing in there now besides a small nassarius. So i'm going to see what happens, maybe there's some ray of hope for the babies!

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Mine popped the very aggressive coral banded shrimp right in the snoot with an anemone when he came skittering over to investigate, then scooted into the rockwork. heh heh I imagine I'll see him again some time before the end of baseball season. :)

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so, I had my pregnant female pom pom by herself, and since I was too worried about a pistol shrimp picking on her, I went with two sexy shrimp... she ATE a sexy shrimp! a nice sized one, too! Im not sure if he wasn't doing well, because he did seem a little lethargic, and the other one is fine.. but she really is eating the whole poor little shrimp, while i sit here and watch her!!

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Just noticed that one of my pom poms is holding a yuma. Guess it lost it's anenomes and used the next best thing. Looks like it's holding a shield instead of a pom pom. Anybody else ever noticed this behavior?

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When I got a Palythoa colony on a small sea shell, I originally had it at the bottom of my tank to acclimate to the lights. My Pom Pom crab went right ahead, picked it up, and carried it to the top of my rocks. Mine redecorates quite often, perhaps your's is doing the same?

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I've heard other stories of Pom Pom's grabbing anything anemone-looking as replacements....


psidriven - any chance you can get a picture of yours? that would be cool to see.

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uh oh. I was going to introduce sexies into my pom pom's pico.


well sunset, the other sexy is doing fine now.. i think the other one just wasn't doing well since i got her... i think the trick is to feed the pom pom right before you add new little critters... mine is actually a very social crab.. and will go for the food as soon as i put it in the tank. So if you try that, and get some larger sexys.. i think itll be fine.


(plus.. she is pregnant.. she could just be extra moody and aggressive.. hehe)

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I have one I see every once in awhile. No one messes with her and she doesn't mess with anything that I have ever noticed. I have had for I guess about 2 months and she is doing good. I am posting to tell you all about the coolest pom pom tank mate that my LFS has. This is probably the most respected LFS I have ever come across. They are salt water only and will not sell you anything they don't think your tank can handle. Well anywyas they have a Pom Pom living in a Mantis tank. It got in there by accedent as a hitch hiker and has lived in there for over a year now. They say they never see it come out of its little hole excpet to wave its Pom Poms around at the owner. Of course they do feed the mantis a whole silver side ever night so he is fat and slow. Still very cool tank mates.

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i just found this old skool thread. These crabs are amazing im gonna have to get one. Hopefully i can find one in Australia. The options are some what limited in Australia. :)

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