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    • I have had these clown fish 10 years today. According to my Facebook memories. 
    • Time to grab the miniature fishing rod.
    • Nice little reef! have some masked gobies myself, one has lived in the heater chamber of my biocube for a year now... 
    • The green plants look like halimeda, "money plant". 
      Beautiful tank! Is that a prickley-posed RFA front and center? 
    • You should NOT have that many fish in a tank that's a month old. Your chromis will more than likely fight as they get older, anyway. And if they somehow get along, your tank is fully stocked. 
      Slow down. Slow way, way down. Your tank looks really nice, but it's still far too young for you to be fully stocking it with things. Where are you going in such a hurry? If you add everything right from the start, and the tank somehow manages to stay stable, you're done. That's it, nothing else to add, nowhere to put anything. 
      This is not a fast hobby. Nothing good happens fast. Settle in, wait to at least get some coraline on your rocks and a cleanup crew in, get a few months under your belt.
    • I guess I should pay attention to these things 😂
    • I dont think I've ever seen those green plants used in a tank. Are they actually real? It looks really nice.
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