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    • WV Reefer
      We're featuring community member WV Reefer and her 12 gallon "Long and Dirty" nano reef for our September Reef Profile. This beautiful nano reef is built on a foundation of natural simplicity, foregoing all mechanical and chemical filtration to rely on water changes alone! See this aquarium's progression over the past two and a half years, and learn how to build a natural reef of your own!
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    • Are we over complicating tanks?
      Are we over complicating tanks? We're having a great discussion about getting back to the basics of reef keeping, share your thoughts and experiences!
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    • Nano sapiens
      This month we're celebrating the 10th anniversary of community member Nano Sapiens' magnificent 12 gallon nano reef aquarium! Standing as a true testament to the long term success of all natural nano reef systems, this tank is sure to impress. Don't miss his words of wisdom for all you aspiring hobbyists out there!
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    • MACNA 2018 Nano-Reef Community Meet-up!
      Meet your fellow Nano-Reef Community members at the MACNA 2018 Conference in Las Vegas!
      Join members of our awesome community in the official MACNA conference rooms on Saturday September 8th starting at 11:45 AM! We'll be convening for a real-life meet and greet, take a break from the busy expo floor and get know your fellow hobbyists!
      We'll have refreshments, Nano-Reef.com T-shirts, custom stickers and more! All are welcome to join us, even you lurkers out there 👋😉! Please RSVP on our community calendar and stay tuned to the event page for future updates!
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    • eddy putra
      If you haven't seen July's featured reef profile yet, don't miss out! Eddy Putra's incredible 29 gallon SPS dominant nano reef from Bali is absolutely teeming with marine life! Learn all about this system and its first year and a half and progress.
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    • Kdrof's Nanobox Adventure
      Get a personal behind the scenes tour of NanoBox Reef with community member Kdrof, who got to spend the day with NanoBox mastermind Dave Fason in North Carolina while his new LED light was personally hand assembled. Many thanks to Dave and NanoBox for your continued support!
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  • Saltwater Source   1,154 members have voted

    1. 1. Where does your aquarium's saltwater come from?

      • Dry Powder, mixed at home.
      • Dry Powder, mixed a local fish store.
      • Filtered Seawater, pre-packaged.
      • Filtered Seawater, bulk supply.
      • Other, explain in comments section.

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