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  2. WV Reefer

    Fluvial 13.5 Brittle/Serpent Star?

    I would stick to brittles in a tank that size. Most serpent stars get very large and can trap/kill anything it can catch. You will see a few people have them with no issues but make no mistake they are predators. I have a few type of brittles that like to make babies at the drop of a hat. Some of these guys are a little bigger than a 50¢ piece. https://instagram.com/p/CEaflJzp7wB/ https://instagram.com/p/CAJkld1JlVE/
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  4. Bedding size chart


    The bedding size chart includes many sizes such as twin, twin xl, full, king, queen, and California king size.
  5. Bedding size chart


  6. The bedding size chart includes many sizes such as twin, twin xl, full, king, queen, and California king size. The sizes start from twin as it is the smallest size, the twin xl size is bigger as compared to a twin, queen size gives more space to sleep as it is five inches longer than full size. Read our full blog to gain more information about the size chart.
  7. Bedding size chart


    The bedding size chart provides you with all details about the bedding sizes. There are various sizes available in this chart such as twin, full, twin xl, king, queen, and California king bedding sizes. Gather complete information about the bedding size chart by visiting our blog.
  8. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's 10G Critters of Chaos - Mushroom Mountain

    5kg of Fritz RPM in tight vaccuum sealed packs have just arrived. WC with new salt incoming tomorrow. 👍
  9. surgiieo

    basket or reactor?

    Clown, that's what I use in my 25 lagoon and honestly I always thought good was necessary. I use the purity pack stuff in there which one bag is gfo. Tang, that's what I'll be running in the back as well. What do you have in the media basket that's full? I'm wondering now if a UV is a good idea on one side. Any thoughts?
  10. veiledfox

    True Percula and Black Saddleback

    Oh no. I'm currently working on moving them to their own tank. I'll speed that up then. Thank you for the resources!
  11. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's 10G Critters of Chaos - Mushroom Mountain

    Identified a key issue with this tank that *might have been causing the decline in some frags which I've seen over the last few weeks. My salt is contaminated. It's light blue, and the blue gets a smidge darker everytime I scoop some out of the bag to mix it up with water. I didn't worry too much about the color change in the salt initially, but this last WC - I could have sworn some parts of the salt was moist & mushy, while other parts were still powdery. I should have just binned the bag and purchased new salt weeks ago. But I kept stalling & pressing my luck because I cannot drive all the way to my primary LFS due to the foot. So, I checked online for emergency salt which I could buy - RSCP is the best one available, but it comes in a huge 25kg bucket, which I cannot carry. Also, shipping is murder. I quickly shot a text to my primary LFS and thankfully, they can help. One of my worker friends will try to drop off a 5kg bag of Fritz at my home after she gets off work - turns out she lives nearby, so she doesn't mind helping to deliver a small bag. 😊 I'll WC the tank tomorrow if the delivery pulls through tonight. So glad I have such an amazing store to pull me out of a rough reefing spot - they've come through for me several times in the past already. Only flipside is now I have to bin at least 7kg of leftover Aquaforest Reef salt. I think I'll keep sticking to Fritz until it is no longer available locally. I remember how much my corals colored up & how quickly they grew when I was using Fritz. Hoping for the same result long-term with this new batch of Fritz. 👍
  12. horseysurprise

    This Ain't A Scene, It's Another Fluval 13.5g

    no.. you're right.. they were dead by midday 😕 I feel terrible. The two fish and the shrimp are dead. I really ####ed up. Like.. I truly feel terrible. I'd delete this account except I feel like sharing this experience is probably valuable for the people reading, so I'll write it out. First thing my aquarium guy said, is there any chance windex could have gotten in? (Or hair gel, but not applicable). I said yeah.. I sprayed windex nowhere near the tank, into a paper towel, and then used that to clean the lower parts of the glass, nowhere near the rim. He said that was enough, and gave me a few stories. I think he was a little heartbroken too. I thought spraying it NOWHERE NEAR the tank and just wiping it on the glass would be ok, but either the ammonia or the alcohol in aerosol cleaners is a bad thing. Worst thing is, I have seachem prime on hand. I should've dosed the water change with that, but I didn't. I dropped some in after I removed the dead fish + shrimp and I am happy to say the crabs, snails and star are all okay.. but they were definitely lethargic today prior to the dose. I'll do water changes and just maintain the cleanup crew for another month before trying again. 😞 On a bright note, the coral are doing great - but he said that's expected and it more leads towards the windex theory. I'll post a pic of the corals tomorrow when the lights are back on - they are doing well, at least!
  13. M. Tournesol

    Hello from Indiana !

    welcome to nano reef 😉
  14. Solga

    Hello from Indiana !

    Thank you Snow ! I took a minute to look at your 10g CoC tank and THAT is AMAZING !!! The one side that has the zoas, paly's & clove polyps is what I would like to do with my whole tank ! Like the guy who responded to your thread, I like the old botanical gardens look with all of the colors and shapes thrown together. I know it will take some time to get there, but honestly, that is my goal for this tank, is to look similar to what you have ! Adam
  15. banasophia

    Rougheye's Evo 13

    Do you have a clip on lens for taking pics under blues? That could help with showing what’s going on because it should filter out the excess blue but still show what’s glowing more true to what you see.
  16. banasophia

    Algae issue

    Thanks so much. I typically start my tanks with dry rock and order a custom (snail only) cleanup crew from Reef Cleaners once I have some diatoms, then I usually add 1-2 ninja star snails and 1-2 Mexican turbo snails from other sources because Reef Cleaners usually doesn’t carry them. Your start with the live rock is a perfectly good way to start too and your scape is nice, don’t second guess yourself! I do find that Mexican turbo snails seem to do a better job than the zebra turbo snails, but they do get big. I’ve heard people talking about it being an issue that they can knock frags off, but I’ve never had an issue with that. I think people sometimes also mention concern about them dying in the tank and causing a big spike since they are large snails… I haven’t had an issue with that, but I do keep a pretty heavy duty biofilter since I keep a media bag filled with matrix media in the back chamber of all my tanks. You can see the recommended number of snails and other CUC members for a 25 gallon tank here, it’s a lot. https://www.reefcleaners.org/store/all-algae-crew-25-gallon-detail I do stock and feed my tanks pretty heavily, so you may not need as many… everyone runs their tanks a little differently, that’s part of the fun is figuring out what works for your tank! 🙂 I stocked my first tank with corals pretty fast for the same reason you were considering… to fill the rock with corals instead of algae (and hydroids in my case)… it did seem to work for me, but I probably just got lucky. So I’m not saying your rock has to be algae free before adding more corals… just be sure to pick corals you like in the process.
  17. Critteraholic

    Snow's 10G Critters of Chaos - Mushroom Mountain

    @A.m.POhhhh... I remember that look. I have a conservatory & gardens within driving distance and I loved to wander around looking at how they used the plants. The fern room was like walking into a jungle. Loved it. But now, like you said, it's all "empty". Oh, it looks "tasteful" with pretty groupings, but give me the kaleidoscope and the scents all mashed together!
  18. Snow_Phoenix

    Hello from Indiana !

    to NR!
  19. Xj reefing

    The Great Wave - Waterbox Peninsula 3620

    The tank looks great!
  20. New Fishy Boy 612

    Livestock for a 10 gallon

    Who is “that guy”???
  21. Biglex

    On SALE! 5 gallon AIO Dimensions: (12L x 12W x 8H)

    Any still available?
  22. I just wanted to say Hi, and throw a quick introduction out here. My name is Adam, I am 46 y/o and from a small town about half way between Ft. Wayne & Indy. I plan on starting a new salt water set up within the next few weeks. Although I am somewhat new to the "nano" side of saltwater, I am not new to keeping fish. I have had aquariums for as long as I have memories. From 10g fresh water to 225 fresh water, and had a couple FOWLR salt water tanks. My last tank was a feeble attempt at a 20g that was going to be mixed with fish / coral, but I really didn't have the time for it, and I tore it down. This time around I am going to plan out everything possible, and have a better start from the beginning. Eventually, when the kids move out, I will be getting back into a larger (75g +) tank. My intentions are to get a 12g (or similar size) AIO, from a site supporter, and make it a somewhat mixed reef. Stocking plans are not super specific, but more along general guidelines. I want it to make this into mainly a Zoa / Paly / clove polyp garden with maybe a couple rock anemones. I do not have any favorite "styles" or names of any of these except for the fireworks clove polyps, I really like those. What I would like to eventually end up with, is a well balanced mixture of colors and styles on a few different rocks. I may end up getting a couple 12g AIO's though, one for leathers, and one for the zoa/paly's. After I get the tank, I am going to start looking for some place semi-local to get a couple chunks of live rock from an already established system. I do have about 150 pounds of dry dead rock (most of which has been cleaned with vinegar bath/distilled water rinse) from previous builds, but I do not want to start with those. There are a couple LFS somewhat close to me, but I am just not too sure how trustworthy they are. I also intend on getting a bag of the live sand as well. As far as fish / inverts go, I really don't have anything specific in mind, but have considered a goby/shrimp pair. Once I get the tank up and running, I do plan on keeping it at low bioload until I get a solid stocking list, and an order for it to all go in. Sorry for the random rambling, I just wanted to throw something out here, to get some ideas actually flowing. After I get an actual tank, I am sure I will have some more questions. Adam
  23. blasterman

    Livestock for a 10 gallon

    A watchman will be fine in a 10. They like a lot rockwork to hide in. I've found with having many 10gal tanks a single small damsel is enough to keep nitrate well above 10 even with conservative feedings. Im also not a fan of clean up crews unless they are solving a specific problem. Xenia and other easy soft corals are a better investment because they eat nitrate. That guy on youtube with about a dozen nano tanks full of soft coral is worth watching. Im not into softies anymore, but he shows how to set up simple nanos that anybody would be proud to have.
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