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  2. Jaime casanova

    How can I get rid of this

    @Tired yes I have live rock and I only have 1 clown fish and a shrimp and corals and I do water changes every week and I get mine from my local store for fish and it just started a about a week ago probably less the tank is like 2 months old
  3. Metatrone-oz

    Red Sea Max Nano upgrade

    A few pictures update. The tank has been through a move to my new place a couple month ago and didn’t go too well. I’m back to have a more stable environment and improving
  4. teenyreef

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - Humming along

    All good questions, and I see how the dosing can be confusing. Let's see... ATI Elements Pro is complete dosing package (alk, calcium, magnesium, and trace elements) that comes in two bottles. Typical two-part is only alkalinity and calcium, with magnesium provided in a third doser. But ATI combines it all in two bottles through some kind of proprietary chemical magic. Regarding bottle size, they used to offer a concentrated dosing solution that you had to mix up in a bucket. Big pain in the butt. Now they sell it premixed in larger bottles. That's why you can't find the small bottles any more. And yes, a pair of bottles will last for years for a 10g tank. I use mine for my 40g and 30g tanks as well, so one set of bottles lasts about six months for all three tanks. One thought on salt - Red Sea Coral Pro is most useful for reefers that don't dose. The idea is that the salt mixes with levels higher than you are targeting, and doing regular water changes with elevated levels in the new water allows you to bring your parameters back up with each water change without dosing, or at least with minimal dosing. Of course, you can target the higher levels that RSCP gives you from the start, and dose to keep things at that level, but most folks keeping sps don't seem to recommend levels that high. For me, I shoot for alkalinity between 7 and 8 and try to keep it as stable as possible. There are a number of reasons why, and if you do some searches you'll find a lot of explanations from folks much smarter than me. But my main reason is that inevitably my alkalinity will go through a sudden change (it's happened many times for many reasons). And it seems that sudden swings around the lower end of the range are less harmful than if they occur at the higher end of the range. In other words, you have more room to drop on the lower end of the scale, and less room to rise on the upper end of the scale before bad things happen. So I use Red Sea Blue Bucket, which usually mixes up around 7.5 to 8.5 alk, and that way when I do a water change, my alkalinity doesn't change much. As far as maintenance goes, I've really simplified a lot over the years. I'll check around at what's already posted and post an update later.
  5. vqreefer

    Pico Question

    Mine is somewhat of an AIO that I have Chemipure Blue and Seachem Matrix in. I'll probably tear out the integrated filter and use a HOB with the Chemipure so I can run floss and do a skimmer mod
  6. Looks like palythoas to me, they come in many colors. Aiptasia-X is supposed to work well. Do NOT boil the rocks, and be careful handling them, palys are toxic. Really, be careful handling any reef rock (you should wear dishwashing gloves), to prevent bacteria-infected scrapes. But be especially careful with rocks that have palythoas.
  7. Tamberav

    🌊 80g Shallow 🐠

    I wonder if this algorithm can work with led's?
  8. Tired

    How can I get rid of this

    How old is the tank, did you start it with live rock, and what are your parameters? What animals do you have? How often do you do water changes, and how much do you change? What water do you use for water changes? Tap, distilled, RO? How long has this been going on?
  9. Metatrone-oz

    Red Sea Max Nano upgrade

    Sorry I haven't logged here for a while. My Algae reactor has a dedicated pump submerged in the back chamber of the tank. It's a close loop with the reactor. (Using a Eheim CompactOn 1000 pump)
  10. Thrassian Atoll

    WATERBOX 130.4 ~ Chromis Died - Uronema?

    So let’s say after 30 days the Anthias doesn’t show any signs of Uronema. Should I give it a dip before I put in the main display? How should I sanitize the QT afterwards?
  11. Northwoodsreefer

    18g Gorgonian Garden - A Caribbean Biotope

    I don't know what to put on the left side of the rock scape...
  12. In Today's video, we are taking a look at the AA Aquarium Internal UV Sterilizer Kit, which is available at Premium Aquatics. UV Sterilizers: https://premiumaquatics.com/search?search=AA+Aquarium+UV+Sterilizer+Kit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftLDU_FaHuI&feature=em-uploademail How to enter giveaway: 1. Watch video on YouTube and hit Thumbs up 2. Subscribe if you haven't already to our YouTube channel 3. Post a comment on the YouTube video.
  13. Tired

    What would make reefing easier?

    A little device that you can put in your tank that tells you ALL your parameters at once. Like those Ammonia Alert badges, except electronic. Bonus points if it's wifi compatible and you can check it on your phone. Temp, the whole ammonia line, calcium, alkalinity, hell, throw in oxygen. If a little clip thing can go on my finger and read how much oxygen is in my blood, someone can invent a device that tests oxygen in water. Probably it exists already. It'd be amazing for public aquariums to have something like that, too. As to the frozen food feeder, that seems very doable. Little bitty freezer you put your auto-feeder inside, long pipe down to the aquarium that the food gets dropped down, some way to close off the pipe between feedings. Stash it somewhere hidden and voila. You could rig it to feed 5 times a day for wrasses and whatnot that really do best with the near-continuous feeding.
  14. Today
  15. Premiumaq

    GIVEAWAY: ME Pellet Blaster Reactor

    Congratulations to "Svet" for winning the ME Pellet Blaster Reactor
  16. billygoat

    18g Gorgonian Garden - A Caribbean Biotope

    They're definitely extremely weird creatures. I can see why they have been so difficult to classify, since they have such an enormous variety of different growth forms. If I'm not mistaken GSP can also demonstrate an upright, branching form from time to time, can't it? Don't get a corky from GCE, or you may end up with an encrusting variety like mine. Unless of course that's what you're looking for! 😁
  17. by people you mean you and j.falk 🤣 I have been on this forum a little (lotta) longer than you. I think I know how to express myself here. I appreciate your concern though! 🙂 I just think its funny how the both of you are so pin point on everything. The dude had to be explained wrong on "prolly". the fact he even had to mention it's not a word is just pointless instigation. And even though I shared a post with you that was written after my original post explaining the exaggeration, you continually lock on to this ONE sentence. "Nems take awhile to grow and some people have 12" nems in their 10g. " regardless of any content written after this sentence. I even shared a post with a 2.5g pico with a fat nem it. Is it 12inches and in a 10g? No, it's like 8inches in f*cking tank 5x smaller than a 10g so to scale it's more extreme than my claim. But please ignore that post and focus on that single sentence🙂 is it going to keep you up a night? I hope not, you need good rest from this schooling you're getting. 😉 BTW here is the thread here's another example Googled and typed "bubble tip anemone in pico" It was REALLY HARD to come up with that search title too
  18. Jaime casanova

    How can I get rid of this

    @Clown79 I clean it every weekend sumtimes Wednesday if it needs it but yes I cleaned the sand and it comes back
  19. Poodges

    Poodges' Shallow 60g - Almost 1 Year

    Having a little algae bloom on the sand. I must have kicked up a little too much sand during the last cleaning. A few new snaps:
  20. Northwoodsreefer

    18g Gorgonian Garden - A Caribbean Biotope

    I was looking at getting some, still thinking a tan spiny is the gorg I'm going with for my nano.
  21. You literally said this. And then, when people questioned that, you said "Google it" instead of "actually that was hyperbole". If you didn't mean it to be taken literally, you were very bad at expressing that.
  22. please read again...😄
  23. Gravity

    Gravity’s Biocube 14 - Duncan Question

    Seems fine, open most of the time. Mostly concerned about a few shorter discolored tentacles. Possible pests?
  24. Absolutism is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, you absolutely should not keep an adult yellow tang in a 10 gallon aquarium for pretty much any length of time. And they're right, I don't think any of those pictures are pictures of 12" anemones in 10 gallon aquariums. I'm not saying it's impossible to keep a large nem in a small tank. If you have a big fuge and/or do tons of water changes, you can probably make it work. However, both for aesthetic reasons, and to make things easier on yourself, it's probably not a very good idea. I don't know if it's possible, and in fact I think it might be. But I don't think it's worth the trouble. And it's DEFINITELY not a thing to recommend to a newbie.
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