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  2. Hami

    Hami’s 54g Corner Reef

    Today, I had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby for a chemistry project... and Petco was nearby... I saw the cutest little trigger ever!!! (Don’t worry I know they get too big for my tank, so I didn’t get it.) Sorry for the bad quality iPhone pictures.
  3. kekke1082

    Billy's 40g Gorgonian Garden

    That does seem to have become a serious case of pop eye! that is unfortunate. i hope the little dude pulls through!
  4. A.m.P

    4g cube

  5. Nathans_Reef

    Too Much Flow?

    Did you have the wavemaker pointed at the surface?
  6. UpsideDownPumpkin

    As of 2020 how old is your oldest fish?

    Freshwater (cold) (childhood - 90s) - ~15 years old 1. What type of fish is it? Goldfish (Comet) 2. How long have you had it for? ~5 years (it went on to live another decade or so in a neighbours pond) 3. How big was it when you bought it? 2 inches (adopted not bought) 4. Is it still alive? Sadly not. 5. Where did you buy it? My brothers girlfriend gave it to me, it was too big for her tank. 6. What is your tank size and its tank mates? It went through the usual tank hopping to try and keep up with its size. Last tank was about 40-50g before I rehomed him. Started with 3 goldfish and ended up with just him. freshwater (tropical) - ~2016-2020 - 4 years old 1. What type of fish is it? Golden Gourami 2. How long have you had it for? 4 years 3. How big was it when you bought it? An inch or so. Baby. 4. Is it still alive? Sadly not, passed a month ago. 5. Where did you buy it? Pets at Home (UK version of petco I guess) 6. What is your tank size and its tank mates? Started out in a 70g community with 3 other three spot gourami, various fish over the years. Retired her to a 30g when she stopped being active and just chilled in her boat, with some Cory cats that I still have. Saltwater; 2020 - unknown age 1. What type of fish is it? Clownfish (black ice, female) 2. How long have you had it for? About 3 weeks 3. How big was it when you bought it? 3 inches 4. Is it still alive? Yep 5. Where did you buy it? Maidenhead Aquatics (also like a UK version of Petco) 6. What is your tank size and its tank mates? 30g and she has a male black ice clown and a Midas Blenny currently. Still stocking. (I should say I assume she is the oldest marine fish I have because it’s impossible to really tell - but she’s bigger than my other tanks female clown, my Sixline in my other tank was tiny when I got it, and I really don’t know for the blennies - technically I’ve had the other set of clowns longer but she strikes me as older. She’s a big gal.)
  7. Today
  8. Saltysheep

    SaltySheep’s Lagoon- Comments welcomed

    The return 3/4 of inch and the drain I can’t remember sorry 😕 I didn’t plumb it my brother did it for me
  9. Some random corals that are looking good for me at the moment. Lost my purple long tentacled nem. Not sure why- possibly the clown hosting it got sand in it that it didn’t want to swallow. I have no luck with nems. 😢
  10. ECLS Reefer

    Jared’s 5g 365 aio challenge build.

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly how I felt when my wasp managed to find one small crack to jump through. So so sorry for poor Newman 😢
  11. SueLawrenceh9h

    Unexpected money spending

    That's just for such cases, and you need an airbag. This is the amount in your account that will help you survive until you return to your usual income level.
  12. Clown79

    Ahhh Reefing!!! - For Everyone Newbs & OG

    A lot of us at some point or another have had issues. You can do everything right and things go wrong. I have dino's in both my tanks right now. not sure why this time and this time certain corals are not faring well. On top of that 25g has gha on sand and cyano too- first time ever. Full out mats of gha. Lost my jf lemon favia and my treasured plate is pretty much gone. 20g has some weird algae on sand and a bit of gha. Lost 2 heads of hammers, my trumpet, and torch is not doing well. Odd part- no dino's on any of these. I thank all those who have helped me along the way- too many to list. But thank you to the community and C Marks.
  13. kevnick80

    Coral doesn’t seem to open

    Hi guys Have this zoa and for some reason, it doesn’t seem to open up. Checked all my parameters- temp is 26.5, salinity is 1.025, no ammonia, nitrite or nitrate or phosphate. Calcium is 420. Good flow in the tank. Any ideas how to make it happier?
  14. Clown79

    ? on Phos and adding coral

    Personal choice. I always run small amounts of carbon to reduce chemical warfare in the tank
  15. ef4life

    Jared’s 5g 365 aio challenge build.

    😭😭😭😭😭😭 I didn’t see Newman for the last few days, I found him dried up on the carpet while cleaning the tank today. I’m so mad at myself for not keeping the screen on top.
  16. UpsideDownPumpkin

    Pumpkin’s 20g Red Sea Max Nano

    Oops I just accidentally bought a hammer, a frogspawn and mushroom from a local reefer 🤦🏻‍♀️ In my defence, it was a hell of a bargain (whole lot for the same price as just the hammer in the LFS). Picking up tomorrow on my rounds. Looking to go visit several LFS tomorrow to stock some CUC for my 30g and the next fish. I’m also having crab issues. I lost one hermit crab during a molt a few month ago but didn’t think too much of it. I think I’m losing another one mid-molt right now. I also haven’t seen my emerald for a few weeks. On top of the shrimp death, I’m wondering if I’ve got too little iodine in the system. That came up as a suggestion recently when talking about supplementing. I might need to add another test to my kit. Fish, coral and snails are all fine. I’m going to try my best to pick up a coral that isn’t Euphyllia. Looking at either hystrix, acans, blasto or a leather (I really want a toadstool but they’re always giant already!). I’m going to move the Xenia over tomorrow if nothing else.
  17. sadie

    ? on Phos and adding coral

    should I keep running the carbon, or was that just during the dinos?
  18. billygoat

    Billy's 40g Gorgonian Garden

    Sorry, I didn't have a chance to get any other pictures. My intention was to take more photos the next morning, but well... yeah. 😥 Not entirely sure exactly what species it was. Live Aquaria listed it as a "Yucatan Cleaner Shrimp", but I think those are the ones with big spots on their backs. This one had more lines than spots. Unfortunately the blue chromis with the popeye seems to be in a bit of trouble. Its eye is expanding very rapidly, and already looks much worse than it did yesterday. The fish is otherwise perfectly healthy, and remains active and hungry. It has trouble hitting smaller foods, but I've been feeding it big pieces of flake and it seems to catch them pretty consistently despite its impaired vision. I find myself in a difficult situation though. This particular case of popeye seems to be caused by gas accumulation rather than fluid (the swollen vesicle contains a shiny, clearly visible air bubble), which means I would need something like a pressurized treatment chamber to get it back down to normal size. I suppose I could catch the fish and try to puncture the bubble manually, but this would cause a tremendous amount of stress - especially considering that I don't have any way to sedate the animal beforehand - and would also raise the risk of injuring the animal's eyeball if I do it improperly. I will probably just leave it alone and let it sort itself out on its own, but I am not convinced that this is the best possible course of action. 😥
  19. Clown79

    ? on Phos and adding coral

    If the dino's are gone your fine to add corals.
  20. Clown79

    Too Much Flow?

    It all depends on aquascape and the corals you keep I had the sw on the lowest setting wave mode and could not run regular mode and it pissed my corals off and even damaged a few. Softies and sps were fine, but my lps were not. I used the sw in a 15g which was 24" long. No 2 tanks are the same, what works for 1 will may not work in another
  21. sadie

    ? on Phos and adding coral

    okay, everyone is having great sales right now and my tank looks great, but didn't want to rush it.
  22. Reefkid88

    4g cube

    So what did everyone grab for BF ? I stopped by LRO and grabbed a few pieces. Pics later on this evening. I got 3 zoa frags,3 Acan's and a small mushie.
  23. mipster

    1.5l vodka bottle Pico Reef

    This is so cool
  24. CrazyEyes

    AI prime 16hd, nero 5 and other stuff.

    All sold.
  25. Nathans_Reef

    Too Much Flow?

    Ok great thanks
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