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  2. Reefkid88

    WTB Broken Vortech and Light fixtures

    I have a ton of DIY led stuff if you are interested.
  3. debbeach13

    Restarting the RSM 130D

    What are you using for your bacteria source? So it isn't just your office that is shut down? I got a message from the person about the BTA's that was a little confusing but I took it to mean when one of the baby BTA moves from the main rock then he puts it up for sale. He never did post a picture or give an actual price so who knows. But that's OK since my main tank lights probably are not strong enough, and that is the most mature and stable tank I am running. Although the Evo V is 6 months now and I am still cycling that BRS and live rock combo so I can start up if quick if it is needed. It has been wet for a month and I do have a new bottle of Instant Ocean Bio Spira. Never used it before but gets pretty good reviews. Of course this is supposed to be for my son to pick through if he ever actual comes for the other 20. Sorry mucking up your thread with my stuff.
  4. debbeach13

    Extra Salty 365

    What is this carbon floss you speak of?
  5. Well, it sounds like you know what you're getting into, so that's good! 😅 Sorry if I sounded a bit pedantic; I just wanted to make sure you weren't planning on running a "budget" tank forever or anything like that. I've seen that one before and it usually doesn't end well. You've got a plan though, and it sounds like you're willing to alter it if circumstances change, so I think that's stellar. 👍
  6. Ratvan

    Restarting the RSM 130D

    Its the floating rock scape, getting water and bacteria in it now. I'm hoping I have a few weeks for it to cycle otherwise it'll be fish in cycle as the LFS is now shut as I'm in lockdown again 😔
  7. debbeach13

    Restarting the RSM 130D

    Looks very familiar. Here's to a new start to a nice pico!
  8. This guy is extra salty

    Extra Salty 365

    Thanks. 🙏 for some reason I feel that it works better (speculative) than using a pelleted carbon. I have used both on my larger systems. But I feel that the pellets do their job but I feel a lot gets wasted and not properly utilized. Hence why I use the carbon filter pad first on my media rack I know it’s like magic, you know it’s there but you can’t see it
  9. jefferythewind

    What is wrong with this green acro?

    Just checked again phosphates this morning and it was at zero and i had to add 10 ml, 5ml at a time, which should be .1 ppm, and it was only registering 0.01 on the test. I added 5ml and will check again when I get home in the afternoon. Orange setosa has a few more polyps open today 🤙
  10. My guess is that unless your cleaner animals are lazy, you should see a reduction in cyanobacteria. However, with the way the system is running I think the cyano (or something similar) is likely to come back again and again. Your conch and other cleaners could destroy all of that algae within days, but all the nutrients that gave rise to that algae are going to stay in your system, and as long as they do that algae is likely to some day rise again. Without water changes, a protein skimmer, or some sort of very robust refugium for algae harvest, your system seems to have very little going on in the way of nutrient export. This would be the most worrisome thing for me in the long run. The fish must be fed, but with every feeding the balance is tipped further in favor of the algae and cyano. 😥 For example take the farmers you mentioned above, the ones who bring in many ducks to clean up their fields. The reason the system is effective is because nutrient exports (ducks consuming things and then being removed when their work is done, crops sequestering nutrients and then being harvested) match or exceed nutrient imports (duck poop and other fertilizers, decay from various dead things, etc.). If you left the ducks there forever and just kept feeding them when they ran out of snails, they would probably throw everything out of balance. Edit: Correct me if I'm wrong, but you have only fish, shrimp, and cleaners in the tank right now right? If so, cutting the lights way back or even turning them off entirely for awhile could assist greatly with algae control.
  11. Today
  12. Mystichrome

    Is this normal?

    This morning. Ammonia 0.25-0.5 (so hard to really pick a color but I'd say closer to 0.5) Nitrite 0.5 Nitrate: 10-20 Added another dose of stability this morning I think I'm going to see what it reads tomorrow and then if it the ammonia and nitrite arent at zero - maybe do a WC? I hope the hermit crabs aren't suffering too much...
  13. Aqua Splendor

    365 Day All-in-One Nano Reef Challenge 🏁

    Yes 🙂 I didn't know how to translate the rest of my sentence so I just deleted in my post :P. agree with you 🙂
  14. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

  15. debbeach13

    365 Day All-in-One Nano Reef Challenge 🏁

    my point was.
  16. Thanks for your tips on Gorgonians I'll have to give the article a read for sure. Fortunately I do have plenty of higher end equipment already on hand its just another state away and unaccessible to me at the moment, plus i kind of want to see how long i can keep this tank going on the lower end equipment. I'm planning to document the process here and be candid about the difference between budget friendly choices, mid level, and higher end. I also have like 7 or 8 empty tanks to upgrade this 10 gallon after i buy my house in the next 8 months to a year. You're correct in one thing for sure once you're bitten by the reef bug or the multitank bug its impossible to go back! I have 7 planted freshwater tanks that are being baby sat for me back home by my family. Luckily they are very well established and require minimal care besides feeding and topping off which my family has been gracious enough to help me with. When i started my 5 gallon i bought extra equipment and equipment rated for tanks 4 to 5 times the size i needed then just for the purpose of using the same equipment in a larger tank whenever the time came. 😉 I am no stranger to the itch to upgrade, or change my tanks, but my desire for this 10 gallon is to keep it simple, keep it fun, and just enjoy it without worrying about how much its going to cost me. I'm always looking for great deals and when i find them i dont pass them up so as soon as the opportunity arrives for me to buy nice equipment at deep discounts i jump on it whether i need it or not. Things break, ideas change, and my goal of keeping this tank as simple as possible for as long as possible may also change. I may decide down the line to keep sps instead of softies, and lps. Theres no going back for me! 😂 even if things end in disaster i will learn and grow. Following the reefers here have definitely swayed me to keep at it no matter what is thrown my way.
  17. j.falk

    Coral placement help!?

    Wouldn't it have been wiser to start with a couple of cheap corals first to test the tank to make sure everything is okay? I'd never dump $300 in corals in a new tank...even more so if I didn't know anything about the corals or where to put them...
  18. j.falk

    When should a tank be considered "full"?

    There's also the fact that fish swim from side to side...not straight up and down. 🙂
  19. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's 2.6G Little Monsters Picoreef - FTS

    I think my green leptastrea might make a comeback. I spotted some stubby polyps on the surface: 😅 The weeping willow looked very happy today with full PE: The Montihat: 🥰 This piece is finally taking off and growing quickly: I'll be dropping by my primary LFS soon. Not sure what else I can pick up, but I'm thinking of another zoa frag, and *maybe a third, small stick. 😊
  20. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's 2.6G Little Monsters Picoreef - FTS

    Currently my fastest-growing SPS: 😊 The yellow filter bleaches the original colors, but the chili pepper monti frags are actually quite bright green with dark, rusty red polyps: 🧐 Love the iridescence on these polyps: 🥰 The rainbow brain has actually made a full recovery (!) : The area of the tear is a bit pinched, but otherwise, the coral is back to normal. I'm surprised by how quickly the flesh reattached & re-grew, but I won't be handling this piece, just in case the flesh is still healing under the rainbow pattern. 🤔 Harvey was quite active today: I noticed he loves hanging out on the gorg. : Unfortunately, the pink AOGs are still in poor shape: I'm not confident if it can recover from this one. The polyps are shrunken and barely open. Surviving, but not thriving. 😓
  21. UpsideDownPumpkin

    UpsideDownPumpkin’s 20g Red Sea Max Nano

    Ok so going coral shopping with my “pocket money” today. Got £100 (auction is still live but I’m not counting chickens in case). My shopping list is as follows; Hammer Duncan Mushroom Acan or Blasto Frogspawn toadstool (long tentacles) finger leather Obviously not going to get all of that for £100 but that’s my corals I’m looking out for. No SPS yet I want to see what that zombie monti is going to do first. In other news, having another pod explosion. They’re all over the shop even though it’s broad daylight. I’ll update when I get home.
  22. This is VERY interesting to know! Guess I’d love a black one after all. I might get into breeding them if I have my own place someday with room for more tanks.
  23. RedCrow

    Darwin Clowns rarer than the orange ones?

    It’s not necessarily “failed”. The designer traits are recessive, so typically breeding designer x designer yields only about 25% designer offspring. Which leaves you with 75% wild type fish. Most of the black clowns on the market are the result of this. Even the mutts are beautiful fish imo. And they still possibly could be purebred, if Darwins just turn out to be a unique color if ocellaris. Unless you’re intending to breed the fish for the sake of breeding Darwins, a black and white ocellaris is an attractive and perfectly healthy fish
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