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  2. WV Reefer

    WV Reefer's 12 Gallon Long and Dirty.

    I think about getting him a girlfriend from time to time but there’s no way I’m dealing with two of them attacking me....... punks.
  3. kingc

    Craig's Fluval Flex 15

    Finished closing off bottom inlet. Needs some cleaning, but should be okay with water in (tomorrow). The rear wall is textured plastic so I’ll probably let coralline cover it (and hide the former inlet). Dirty tank on stand (repurposed solid ash bedside table):
  4. hinnenkm

    barelyhuman IM 10

    Looking good, I like the Buddha and want to add one to my reef too eventually!
  5. MaineReefkeeper

    F/S Sicce Xstream WiFi, Hydra 26, Prime 16 HD

    All sold
  6. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's 60G Marine Megano

    I've added another 1/4 dose of Prazi to the reef this evening. My cynarina shrunk a little when I did this, but bounced back after a while. Duster worm is so far still intact. But the tiny crocea clam is very, very unhappy. 😞 The mantle wasn't fully extended, and it's been having issues since I added prazi for the first time yesterday. But a small slice of good news - my starry blenny and yellow coris has stopped flashing. I was out the whole day, so I didn't really observe my leopard and he retired to the sandbed early today. But I think he'll be okay too. Will do a large WC (1/3rd of the tank volume) either tomorrow or the day after. Then repeat another 2 doses of Prazi. I'm going to stick at quarter doses each time, so that it won't exceed the maximum dosage require for my tank in any way. I'm mostly taking in the sensitivity of my wrasses into account more than anything. Also, I found a new baby shroom from my blue spotted red discosoma today! 🙂 And I have a couple of bright orange ball-shaped sponges rimming the bottom of my rainbow lobo - which is quite cool: Caught Odin peeking at me from Tic's burrow: (Tic is my zebra barred dartfish) And this is a brief comparison of how much my green galaxea frag has grown from 22/12/2019 until 17/1/2020 - check out all those new polyps! : I'll keep monitoring the reef, and especially keep an eye on the clam. The pinched mantle could also be pinched mantle disease (not entirely sure), in which case, I don't think there is much to be done about it. But I'm really hoping it pulls through okay. Have a feeling I might stress out a few other coral pieces over the next week as the treatment goes on, but I'll do my best to ensure there are minimal losses.
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  8. Tamberav

    Need fast cycle or instant even better

    You will get coraline anyways....you don't need the bottle so if it is expensive...skip it. Coraline will naturally find its way into the tank on corals and such. They sell everything in a bottle practically but most everything can be gotten or cured with patience. You don't need to do a water change till the end for nitrates (unless ammonia is out of control). Dino aka dinoflagellates is just one of the many problems that can plague a reef. Some are quite toxic.
  9. nevets9333

    Kessil A150 - $50

    Still available
  10. karen nation

    Need fast cycle or instant even better

    Well everyone one here seem to be again that biospiria nd add one fish method! I think maybe 2 of 15 or more responses. Thats what I wanted to do and now wish I would have done and would have not been in this mess! But now just trying to get out of it. That acoraline in a bottle loks beautiful but so expensive! Maybe If I had a large tank but just 10 gallons and only good for a short while, so not sure when I will upgrade. Stating slow and small and getting my feet wet first, or should I say hands wet! LOL. I wonder if my rock that has pink and purple spores will spread? I hope so!
  11. karen nation

    Need fast cycle or instant even better

    I want to thank everyone for so much love and helpful advise and I wish I would have taken you guys advise and not listened to my local lfs lady! I had her do the test after son came from from hopital and she told me to change water, i didnt get the exact numbers and wish I would have! She just said high nitrates and ammonia, recommended water change and keep visiting her every week! Tuesday and wednesday I visited 3 coral shops in tampa, which is not where my LFS is. I am just down the street from her so she is very convenient and agreed to store my corals if I can get refund and still working on that. Anyway, I am kind of kissing her but so to say ..lol All the local shops say add bacteria stater than fish! I guess they are all in a hurry to set up their tanks in the shops! I decided to test and go from there and what I am hearing from you guys and online. So my results from api kit were ammonia 0.25 nitrite 2.0 nitrate 40 I should not have done the water change like she suggested and looking at the colors on my api, I dont think ammonia was over 3 or 4! She obviously knows nothing about cycling tank but just using Fritz brand in a bottle! These readings were today and about 5 days after water change. Seems I really messed things up and should have been dosing instead of changing or at least let it go. My question is basically what should I do? Just dose to 2 ppm and check daily until it converts nitrites and amonia to zero within 24 hours or add the biospiria and then dose. I have dr tims amonia and he suggests 2ppm. I have also read once you have nitrites to do that but I have lots of nitrites! Seems the numbers are way out of wack! From what I read nitrites should be dropping when nitrates are rising! Maybe I missed all that phase when my son was in hospital! My filter also broke after water change and I should have kept the media from that but it really didnt work with the aqua clear. It runs up through the water where the other ran sideways, I still have the carbon and foam piece, Its been left out in the open, should I add that at this point and just place in tank somewhere near flow? I am so conflicted as to whether to add biospiria first them dose or just start dosing at 2 ppm. Appreciate any advice! Also should I kick up the heat? My heater is keeping at 77. I like to get an adjustable one anyway, but dont want to high of wattage for a 10 gallon in case of malfunction and fish fry! Heard lots of horror stories! Also Should I do a WC sine nitrites and nitrates are so high? If so I wont be able to until sunday, so should I dose ammonia first just so It dosnt drop to low. Then biospiria or just ammonia? Thanks
  12. karen nation

    Need fast cycle or instant even better

    Dino? I just stated tank dec 27th I believe. Lots of problems but in no hurry any longer. I want to do it right and like you said avoid future problems down the road. I was just naive I guess and got so excited looking at corals and youtubes. I have big time put on the brakes!
  13. barelyhuman

    barelyhuman IM 10

    Had a few problems with cyano, so going to start dosing arka aquatics special blend, will update on the usefulness of the product! Yup that’s my Instagram handle, go follow! 😅
  14. Dirté Sanchez

    Jack's Lagoon 25

    I was like what the hell is that? A kidney? Jack is the Ripper?
  15. Dirté Sanchez

    FISHnChix REEFER 250 BUILD *Apex help!😁 *🍻

    Check which part?
  16. banasophia

    Orange flower pot

    Love this shot - what a beautiful goniopora!
  17. TatorTaco

    Fusion 20...Rebuilding after a tank crash

    My employer was bought out by a competitor so that’s kept me off NR. I actually have to be productive at work now and have to be more discreet online. How messed up is that? LOL. I definitely plan on being more active but with my own tanks and here too. I’m glad to see you’re still here and the tank is up and running.
  18. mitten_reef

    FISHnChix REEFER 250 BUILD *Apex help!😁 *🍻

    Monti looks good. They can take a little light. I would go ahead and put it wherever you want it to be, mid-tank should be fine. I’ve never owned Jedi mind trick before. But looks like a fun one to watch growing.
  19. IHaveADegreeInMarineBioBut

    Barebones 20H Reef Tank

    tbh, I think most of the stuff I've gotten from Petco has turned out to be the hardiest and has lived the longest
  20. So I changed the tank name because it’s a tank full of gangsta fish. Billy and Dolly (Billy Frechette and John Dillinger) and Bonnie and Clyde are all putting up with one another but I do worry there could be a battle coming up...
  21. Steemax

    Barebones 20H Reef Tank

    Tell me about it! I remember paying $50 for a frag the size of a quarter many many years ago. Sometimes Petco will have a steal and I'll jump on the occasion.
  22. IHaveADegreeInMarineBioBut

    Barebones 20H Reef Tank

    A little late to the thread, but that's a GREAT deal for the toadstool! I saw a frag smaller than a quarter for $40 today. Happy I didn't buy it now 🙂
  23. justinkdenny


  24. justinkdenny


    I have a little refuge spot in the second chamber which consists of a container with some rock rubble in it. I also have a container that I attempt to raise pods in. It has keeps pods for months and I add periodically. I just bought a jar of reef nutrition tigger pods that I will put about 1/4 in pod container and 3/4 in main tank and mini fuge.
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