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  2. 1. Should I put my acans in high light so they'll keep their bright colors? 2. Will a torch and frogspawn be happy next to each other? 3. Will leathers attack each other if placed in close proximity?
  3. I was actually just about to take out and clean my larger sponge of the two as I'm suspecting that may be the source of my nitrate issues. Should I just take it out permanently?.. Quick update: nitrates and ammonia of pre mixed salt tested at absolute 0. Somewhat of a relief knowing this is controllable.
  4. +1 I've never heard of gobies bothering sexy shrimp, but the likelihood of it happening would be even lower if the shrimp are already in the tank when the gobies are added. As for the gobies, if you do get two, be sure to add them both at the same time. Less likelihood of territorial aggression if they both have to adjust to the environment and 'stake their claims' at the same time.
  5. Ha!! Yeah I may need to cut some of the macros 😂
  6. Hahahaha. That would be a waist of 💰 💰 💰
  7. I've got a good gardener I could refer if you need someone to trim the hedges.
  8. Actually, just changing out the filter floss solved the problem. I guess it was a little clogged causing an overflow in the back chambers. Who knew! Automatic maintenance reminder 😆
  9. My Sioux Name roughly translates to "Stirs the Pot".
  10. Sponges are nitrate factories, so personally I would stop using them. The crap just gets too deeply lodged inside to get out when rinsing. I would cut down the feeding, when I feed my fish if I'm using flake, I just drop in a small pinch or two.
  11. I have a 20 gallon Red Sea max nano. As far as filtration goes the rsm is equipped with a filter sock, a skimmer, a bag of carbon, and a couple sponge filters. I purchased the 75 gpd ro/di unit and have only used water produced by this in my tank. Considering today is a water change I'll test my pre mixed salt water and see if anything stands out. I believe it may also be important to mention I very rarely turn on my skimmer. I've heard and read from various sources that a nano system such as mine does not need a skimmer. So I'm challenging myself to see how long I can go without utilizing mine. Mainly out of curiousity and because my skimmer is ridiculously loud. Weekly 20-30% water changes and vacuuming the sand bed are my main ways of nutrient export. Should I cut my feeding down to what my clowns can consume in a minute?
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  13. We lost the Red Scooter dragonet yesterday to Velvet and lost clown today. The last clown does not look like he will make it. Tank will be fish free for 2-3 months. On the plus side my nitrates and phosphates should be great. Coral and inverts only for me for a while I guess.
  14. Back from a short trip to Vegas for work. The 14 is doing great! Tons of diatoms I had to blow off and some of the macros came loose, but it survived the week
  15. Fantastic to hear everything arrived in excellent condition! Hope you like the tube holder "freebie" as well
  16. Gobies are tough customers, you can never count them out.
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  18. Pom poms and sexies ftw!!! Next time I set it up will actually probably be a planted betta tank.
  19. Very cool!!! I was actually living in Denver when I first got hooked on Reef Tanks, in 1993. I've been missing Colorado bad lately, would love to move back there, or to Northern AZ or S. Wyoming.
  20. They seem to snap shut real fast when anything gets close to them
  21. Sps and Preds! Psyched! Doooooooo it! Lol
  22. Fyi- 53x flow rate may end up being too much for softies and lps. Thats more of a rate for sps dominated tank. When adding corals, keep an eye out for too much flow
  23. Added first fish today, a little Yellow Coris Wrasse. After first night he's happy and eating ! Can't wait already for the light to arrive! 10 more days or so hehehe ....
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