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  2. EthanPhillyCheesesteak

    Ethan’s miniature insane asylum; residents of the clawed psycho🦀

    I’m pretty sure he was just attacking the glass to try to get me
  3. Yeah, I'd probably glue things down pretty thoroughly. I'm reading that candy cane pistols (the true ones) don't tend to make as much of a mess, also.
  4. Mine are in a lower flow tank, so it appears more like they are just asleep, even if they were awake when the lights came on. They have done this for more than a decade; and no, I don't ramp up my T5 lights. It usually takes just a few minutes for them to start to behave normally.
  5. Krish87

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED - 2 Years Update!

    @Jackal227 - what a wonderful update! 🙂 This is awesome progress especially after that tank crash you experienced. I totally agree with @banasophia - your build thread was an inspiration to many of us! Go Team Biocube 😎 There is so much to learn from your experience also. I have a request - you should post more FTS pictures. The couple of them that you have shared is lovely. It is awesome! 😊 I am really looking forward to more updates and more pictures. And the most recent re-arrangement of the corals in which you have the center of the sand-bed free looks the best! Great new additions. healthy corals. Happy tank! What more one needs!!!
  6. EthanPhillyCheesesteak

    Ethan’s miniature insane asylum; residents of the clawed psycho🦀

    He isn’t always, just whenever I get close to the tank. He tries to attack me. He’s a mean little guy. When I was trying to move him from my old tank into this tank, I got pinched like 6 times. I can probably get one, but I can’t really post it. It doesn’t let me post videos
  7. EthanPhillyCheesesteak

    Ethan’s miniature insane asylum; residents of the clawed psycho🦀

    I’m rehoming the crabs, I already thought of that. I didn’t want to risk hurting them.
  8. WV Reefer

    Tiniest burrowing pistol shrimp available?

    I would be more concerned over the mess they make in such a small space. Mine likes to steal anything it can lay claws on.....shells, frags....even trims the zoas when they get in the way.
  9. Yeah, probably should have mentioned- I want a burrowing species so I can watch it doing burrow-making things, or at least see the results. I used to have a tiger pistol in my old tank, and they're far too large (plus would probably dig the whole thing up), but I loved watching it build.
  10. I have a very small Caribbean species that came with my live rock as a hitchhiker. Not sure if my experience translates, but without a fish (I assume is the reason.. more shy/elusive without one from what I’ve read?), I’ve seen glimpses of it.. maybe twice in 18 months. I hear it snapping frequently though at night. I didn’t want fish in my reef due to wanting to be able to leave for long weekends without worrying about daily feeds. But, also I haven’t seen enough of it to even identify whether or not it is a species known to bond to fish. May not be the most interesting specimen if it’s not out and about? Having said that I am by no means an expert on this subject. Just giving you my experience and a question to ask someone more experienced.
  11. I'm setting up a divided 5gal tank, half for rock flower nems and half for zooanthids, and I want to add a pistol shrimp. They're such entertaining little things. It's not going to have the most space, though, so I don't want anything that'll be cramped. What's the smallest burrowing pistol I can get? I won't be getting a goby, I don't feel there's enough space and I don't want to deal with the parameters, so it doesn't need to be a symbiotic species. Are there any super-tiny ones, an inch or so? Something that won't target other shrimp would be ideal, though it can eat all the pods it wants.
  12. Amphrites

    Wonderboy's Ten Gallon Nano

    Always nice to see someone who has the tools and talent to do so XD Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced both of mine after a few moves and this sickness, these days I'm pretty sure I qualify as a casting-couch of jank.
  13. Amphrites

    Indo-Pacific Goby Biotope (Redhead Goby Hitch Hikers)

    Pretty weird see a fish just floating in backwards-loops along with my tank's gyre lol, caught me by surprise the first time.
  14. Ratvan

    Newly Cycled Tank with High Nitrates

    Depends on the type of fish that you choose for the FOWLR, most people that I know run their tanks between 10-20. A Couple run theirs at 40-80
  15. Tired

    Newly Cycled Tank with High Nitrates

    I'd suggest another water change. It's hard to do too many water changes, and you want to keep your nitrates nice and low. If you're not aiming for a reef tank, that pH should work out all right. What test kit are you using? You'll want something as accurate as possible for everything.
  16. I'm not sure I'd suggest putting another aggressive animal in there, unless you're looking for them to battle to the death. Also, animals attacking the glass constantly is a sign of stress, or the cause of it if they're looking at a reflection, and you should try to figure out why it's doing that. It may need a lighting change to keep the reflection away, or it might be trying to get out or access something past the glass. Or it may just be trying to climb the glass and you've misinterpreted that as attacking. Do you have any video of it doing that?
  17. EthanPhillyCheesesteak

    Ethan’s miniature insane asylum; residents of the clawed psycho🦀

    Bc the blue crab is gone, he did a disappearing act on me, unless the big gorilla crab ate him. The big gorilla crab is a comedian, he cracks me up all the time. He’s always attacking the glass, as if he sees his own reflection😂
  18. Tired

    salt is rock hard

    That's only because of the possibility of contamination, though. Hitting salt with a hammer would not, in fact, harm it in the slightest. It's salt. Whacking it (assuming you don't get particles of your whacking tool) won't change it.
  19. EthanPhillyCheesesteak

    Ethan’s miniature insane asylum; residents of the clawed psycho🦀

    Which one?😂
  20. Tired

    Alkalinized Kangen Water: OK for a reef tank?

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/27/well/eat/alkaline-water-health-benefits.html https://www.healthline.com/health/food-nutrition/alkaline-water-benefits-risks#benefits https://www.cookinglight.com/news/kangen-alkaline-water-benefits-review https://www.theguardian.com/global/2018/oct/29/alkaline-water-cure-bs-science-beyonce-tom-brady So, aside from the fact that you apparently made an account to dig up a thread that's 8 years old, I'm not exactly enthusiastic about this whole "alkaline water" thing. Looks like the most it's likely to do for you is lower your stomach acidity a little bit, which can help with reflux but can also make you much more vulnerable to infection. Any changes that people see when they drink it are likely due to them drinking more water than they usually would, because they like the taste.
  21. Wonderboy

    Kimber's Contest Pico - Salinity issues

    Sorry to hear :[ but I am glad that you can put some stress behind you - wishing the best of luck with the rest of things!
  22. Today
  23. Hi All! I've been lurking around for quite some time, reading all that I can read, and researching. I finally took the plunge and started my first saltwater tank - fish only for now. I have a 20H gallon, live sand with dry rock. I started the cycle over a week ago with Bio Spira and Dr. Tim's Ammonium Chloride. According to my testing, I believe the cycle is complete (ammonia is converted to nitrites and then to nitrates, in about 24 hours), however, my nitrates were a little on the high end - between 40-80 ppm. I did a water change yesterday, probably around 15%, and it dropped it down to 20. Is that still too high to start adding fish? Should I do another water change first, to lower them more? Also, my ph is running between 7.8-8.0, is that too low? I plan on starting with a pair of Occ Clownfish, then adding a cleaner shrimp, and possibly a royal gramma, at some point. And of course CUC as needed. Thanks!!
  24. Tired

    Aquaforest salt

    If you changed something, and everything has been unhappy since then, you should change back. You should also make sure your salt is mixed properly, as in the mixture itself in the bag. I've recently learned that salt mixes can settle, so you'll have different amounts of things in different parts of the bag.
  25. banasophia

    New to the Pico Game *Office Pico*

    Oh yeah, love to see a pic of the water level after the weekend... I would think there would be a lot of evaporation by the window especially. The Smart Micro ATO might be a nice option, if you haven’t already picked something up... though the tank I have one in is a 10g nano, not sure if there’s something even better for a pico...
  26. plesioth27

    Normal clownfish ?

    Nice to know that it's not a big problem.
  27. BahamaLlamaCoral

    New to the Pico Game *Office Pico*

    Thanks for watching the video and for tagging these fine gentlemen! I can't wait to update. Taking the light to work today. Still haven't set up the ATO so I'm wondering how much evap happens over a weekend. Thank you for the suggestion!
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