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  2. Melfy77

    A good pump for my reef tank ?

    Check out the IM wavelink. I had it in my lagoon 25g, and now in my 12g (24x12x10) with a small HOB filter and it does a great job. I have it on 1/9 for speed and it's enough. My tank is a softie tank with leathers and you can see some decent polyp movement. They love the flow. Pump is quiet, plus it's wayyyyy cheaper than a MP10 (desktop size is about 99$ I think). They also have the midsize. I've had mine for over a year and no issue so far. I dont like Jebao, they kept breaking on me lol.
  3. SaltyGallon

    365 Day Challenge: 1G Office Ocean

    Thanks Deb - I hope so! It's nice looking at pics and seeing that GSP spreading upwards. The clean-ness won't last! Very lucky that the only real nuisance algae growth seems to be the super hard stuff on the glass. I think the red macro back right is doing a pretty good job of out competing everything else. But you never know... A hair algae bloom is always around the corner! Got plans to swap the middle mushroom out for something cooler... Watch this space 😎
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  5. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's 2.6G Little Monsters Picoreef - Coral Progress Pics

    Pox free, but this area is now bald and has no polyps. Hoping for a comeback and regrowth: Harvey peeking: Baby red blasto coming up: Hmm. My cyphastrea developed a bald spot overnight. I think it could be kH-related, but I'm not entirely sure: 🤔 Green weeping willow toadstool is slowly angling up. It's sideways now, but it used to be completely flopped over just last week. It appears to have grown a little bit as well:
  6. Parfitt1234

    Ammonia Remover in a bottle?

    Hello, do you think adding “ammonia remover” is a bad idea to halt the cycle? I was using API test kit and was always showing 0.25 but I think that’s just inaccurate as a Salifert was reading <0.15. my question is, I was using this ammonia remover by interpet and now my nitrates don’t seem to he coming at all. tanks been up and running for about 5 weeks now and I didn’t add any fish until I saw nitrates. still relatively new in the hobby so any answers would be appreciated !
  7. That is good news! This is my third tank over the years and I know if I had to put my hands in the tank a few times a week......probably not gonna happen.☺️ On a previous post you listed your supplements. BA Ferrion Iron BA NeoPhos Phosphorus BA NeoNitro Nitrogen BA ChaetoGro Its obviously working for you. How did you come up with your routine for dosing? Are you tuned in visually with your tank or testing....or both? What are you testing for and how often? When testing, what numbers are you happy with? My tank has around a 2 to 3 week water change scheudule. No skimmer, filter floss filtration changed every 3 days....sometimes carbon. Nitrate sits around 10 Phos…..honestly I have a salifert test and I cant see any. PH 8 and above.....solid ALK 9.5 to 10 Salinity 35ppt So far looking real clean in the tank....no issues....knock on wood! Thank you!
  8. Couesfanatic

    We're So Happy To Be Here That We Are GIVING AWAY A CUBE 10!

    Euphilia and Acans only in the 10 gallon
  9. banasophia

    Banasophia’s Evo V 🌀

    Aiptasia of all sizes... may just need to be patient. Yeah, that’s a candy cane... resulted from accidental fragging of Hank’s fortress in the Biocube:
  10. Tired

    Banasophia’s Evo V 🌀

    I think a berghia could probably outrun a bristleworm, if it came down to it. And bristleworms are generally not prone to pursuing things, anyway. Does the biocube have a lot of small aiptasia? Small berghia (especially when they can't find each other to group up) need small anemones to eat. It's possible they aren't getting enough to eat. Or they are, and are too small to do much damage. What coral is that, closest to the camera? The puffy two-polyped one. Big candycane?
  11. SaltyTanks

    SaltyTank's 40G Mixed Reef

    Amazed at how humbling it can be to observe the universe. Almost equally amazed at how much better dosing ATI Essentials Pro is than Red Sea’s foundation + elements. Just got back from 4 days of camping while my wife’s friend manually dosed ATI Essentials Pro x1 each day. Blown away seeing improved color & growth in such a short period & I haven’t even dialed-in the equilibrium/stabilized amounts yet. Only 2 bottles, equal parts...what was I thinking?!?!?!
  12. banasophia

    Banasophia’s Evo V 🌀

    So I keep catching baby berghias from this tank and moving them to the Biocube 16 but I’m still not seeing signs of them doing their thing in the Biocube... I really wonder if the bristleworms are eating them. I decided to give away today’s catch of baby berghias to a local reefer... was able to catch 5 for her, though three were teeny tiny. I was hoping the big momma would come out of her little crevice so I could rehome her too, but guess what? She was busy laying a new spiral of eggs!
  13. I'll be honest, I don't know much about SPS. But I see what look like intact polyps, and some of them are connected to each other. Every coral that's produced via sexual reproduction lands as a single polyp and grows from there, and you have places with multiple polyps connected to each other. I think that coral has a chance. I have an acan coming back from way worse (as in, not really any intact polyps), though I think acans are better at that sort of thing.
  14. Glauber Carvalho


  15. Glauber Carvalho

    The Valley - 36g

    Just updating some humble photos from earlier today. These next two photos shows the angles that I commonly spend hours lying on my floor or on the couch watching it. I'm missing fish and corals (😍and macroalgae!!!!!)... Unfortunately it has been a little harder to get them in the middle of this Covid-19's Crisis in my country... I'm gonna wait and see what happens. See you guys!
  16. Nice! Awesome to hear you will be setting one up as well. I'd like to see more of these one day. I'm actually in the process of setting up a second macroalgae tank rn as well. As for maintenance, I was trimming daily at one point, but now I just do a big trim once a week. So once a week could be doable. I'd dose a macroalgae fertilizer and try to have detectable nitrates and phosphates. But with macroalge, no crazy filtration needed.
  17. Stopped by @spectra on the way home to pick up nano flippers. He threw some frags sitting on the sand bed.🤪 Thanks again! After I just about glued my fingers together got them on the plugs that he threw in also. My second oldest daughter schooled me on filter settings on my phone. Now it's pretty close to what they look like 😁. They are opening up pretty good 👍 This one not so much 😂 I had to get one of the clown. Yeah my son did not get any Krazy glue on him go figure. lol Glued this little guy to a small removable rock. I actually forgot the names of these three small frags. 😬
  18. Dirté Sanchez

    120g gαя∂єη σƒ нєѕρєяι∂єѕ 🐚 NOT HERPES SPECTRA

    Here are the pictures of the two new guys. Napoleon the emperor angel is just one of the guys, he fits in perfectly with the tangs and dwarfs angels. I think they see the writing on the wall on who will win the size contest. The wrasse didn’t appear at all today so I hope he’s okay. He seemed okay yesterday, ate a bit, but went to bed early. So I hope he’s just being demanding and finicky like a typical wrasse. The YWG was moving around today under rocks after his attempted tank jumping suicide yesterday. Hopefully my little T man got him back in the tank in the nick of time. Love the tube nem! It comes and goes during the day from its tube in the sand and it really gets extended during the morning and evening. Super pretty and graceful with the whippy tentacles. The galaxea just thinks I don’t notice it’s sweepers 👀. Oh and my lettuce algae has gone nuts suddenly with growth. Gonna have to start throwing some away because it’s the least favorite macro I try to feed the fish. They eat it but not happily. The red Ogo is growing but it got kind of decimated so I tried to order more but turns out algae barn was out. So they replaced it with Pom Pom algae which *should* be a good replacement for the ogo, and hopefully will allow the Ogo to grow back in.
  19. So the new clown goby is fair. He’s maybe a bit off and today he started showing ick spots. Treating him with kick ick now. I realize some people think that stuff is garbage but it’s seemed to help me in the past so I rather trust it and Ruby Reef Rally. May get some of that too just in case. The aiptasia is starting to wander around the tank so I can’t tell if it’s just that bold it thinks it owns the tank now or if the nudis are chasing it around. Hope it’s the latter and I have good news in that there will be four more joining them come Thursday to help get the annoying aiptasias. Some are so big it might actually take four to take it down. Can’t wait for them to be gone.
  20. (100% not a sage) Yeah I was enamored by the idea of a single solution dosing program, but I like the flexibility and control of 2 or even 3 part dosing program. I use Reef Fusion 1 and 2 from Seachem. Why I like Fusion 1 is that there's primarily calcium but there's magnesium and the trace elements, so it's a nice package and I've have great results with it in regards to parameters. I also like to think my coralline algae like it a lot as I keep getting new colonies growing on the sand bed. Whenever my calcium kicks up high I can always stop dosing or just use a smaller dose. The same idea applies to the Fusion 2 solution as it's primarily a liquid carbonate. To be fair Fusion 1 is still a gamble in itself assuming that my elemental chemistry is right where it needs to be as it is a solution made of many and not strictly calcium or magnesium. What I assume makes every one of these dosing regimens different is that different makes will produce different concentrations. If you read the label Seachem makes a more potent juice, theoretically therefore you need less mLs for dosing, but sometimes you need to modify the directions to fit the needs of your tank. What I do know is that corals are able to use either calcium or magnesium to bond with carbonate anions to create skeleton. And that magnesium can have buffering capabilities when bonded to calcium carbonate. This really helps with making sure calcium and carbonate behave in water
  21. llebcire

    New here - 29 gallon Biocube

    2 months since last post - bubble and lettuce algae are getting worse. Assuming it came in on a frag. Haven’t added anything for several months and I’m wondering if the rock is leeching something to fuel it. I’ve been doing 5 gallon water changes every 2 - 3 weeks with zero TDS RO/DI. Thinking I’ll move to a 2.5 gallon change weekly - I’ve also got a small diatom outbreak which is strange at 7 months. -Eric
  22. Joezyck5

    GIVEAWAY! $350 Fusion Lagoon Starts Now!

    Would love to win this tank and expand my love for this hobby with new corals and fish!
  23. I would love to set up a mandarin dragonet tank with a community of copepods!
  24. mitten_reef

    Jack's 9 year old 20g Tall

    oooh yes, please. I'll be happy to send you more than one acro frag for a frag of that guy 😄.
  25. Break

    4.1g Desktop Reef: Round Two!

    Yeah, I have been picking out the bristle worms with my 12" coral forceps when I get the chance. I have a few because they are pretty much necessary for this tank - if I put my hand into it too fast, it overflows. That and my big hands can't really get very good angles in the tank since there is a lot of rock. I have to use forceps or tweezers for most things. I have been using a red filter over a mini flashlight, but will probably buy a red flashlight along with a magnifying glass off of Amazon sometime soon.
  26. As everyone it trying to cool their tank I am trying to insulate it to try and keep it warm. The AC blows on the left corner and from behind so I have styrofoam sheets along the back and side and boxes piled on the ledge behind.
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