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  2. Pbalz

    Star fish

    Neither of those
  3. seabass

    Star fish

    This: or this:
  4. No that’s the only one. However my tds meter came today and my “filtered” rodi water measured at 52 😱 so there’s a problem right there! I’m off to buy 20 gallons of water from Walmart to do a major WC
  5. tranceFusion

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    I'm using the same pump on the lowest setting and the Akamai KPS powerhead on 30%. I use the blade shaped nozzles on the return pump and have them turned diagonal so a little bit of the corner sticks out of the water which creates pretty good surface agitation. I have mostly LPS/Euphyllia so my flow is pretty low (maybe too low). No skimmer. Been running this way about 6 months. I have not at any point gotten any surface film running this way. Is the water coming through the overflow grates cascading over into the back? Is there too much water in the tank? Or do you have a huge wad of floss or something blocking the water from flowing over? On mine one side has the stock caddy and the other has the inMedia filter floss basket, but both allow water to overflow the side of the basket and still go into the sump area if the floss or media gets gunked up). Maybe a picture of your rear sump area would help? (as an aside, I'm kinda wondering if I should increase my return pump turnover because the heater compartment seems to heat up quickly and my neotherm shuts off, even though the rest of the tank is still cold.. i had to move it into the display for now)
  6. NoOneLikesADryTang

    2 Gallon Pico Reef Jar - Snail Kingdom 🐌

    There - I fixed it for you. You're up now, CM!
  7. Pbalz

    Star fish

    Can’t tell real small missing a arm it’s white moves pretty quick
  8. Clown79

    Peppermint Shrimp Questions

    Caution. They are known to go after fleshy coral. I had peppermints- and no they weren't camel shrimp. They were peppermints that destroyed 3 different brain corals. There are other hobbyists with similar experiences. I'd use aiptasia x, no guarantee the shrimp will eat the aips.
  9. Clown79

    Corals really unhappy

    By the looks of it, the lobo could be getting too much flow or light. They are low light/low flow corals. The flesh is receding and torn- most common causes is lighting/flow or fluctuation in alk. Nitrates are high but not omg high. Many keep high nutrient tanks without issue. High nutrients is more an issue for increased algae than coral issues excluding certain sps.
  10. Clown79

    reasons to dye. Help and ideas needed

    Stability of salinity and alkalinity. The more alk fluctuates between waterchanges, the more issues arise. Nutrients..having low to no phos and nitrates is an issue. Too much flow
  11. Clown79

    Acan help!

    No an issue. It should be fine
  12. Clown79

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    I ran the same pump with no issues. You should have surface film with that much flow, surface movement in an aio. Sounds like possibly an overflow issue. Water level might be too high in display or back chambers, not allowing proper surface skimming. Or the media baskets are too full of media is another thing to consider
  13. Guardian


  14. Today
  15. ocpondpoacher

    3d Designing & Printed Reef Aquarium Parts (YouTube Channel)

    I am going to post them up for ppl to download and print. I'll need some ppl to test the design and once they confirmed the part fits and functions properly I will make them available for purchase (If you can't print them yourself). Here is the link to the Hydros ATO sensor cover. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4729657 This design is only 1mm thick so it is going to need to be printed with a SLA or SLS printer.
  16. How's the Tank doing? Been a little while since your last update!
  17. My biocube 16 had the the display tank level change when I installed the inTank media basket with flow director plate. It raised the display tank level to about the same spot. On my model media basket the flow director is a plate that when installed it is sending any of the water that comes through the overflow grates into the media basket anyway.
  18. FLNanoReefer

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Wondering if anyone has suggestions for a return pump? I am currently running the stock Mighty Jet Pump - 326 GPH Desktop and a MP10 (running on reef crest mode at 40%) but am still having a problem with surface film. The outlet jets are pointed directly at the top of the water and the MP10 is also only about three inches below the surface. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  19. freestylejunki32

    Another fluval evo 13 build

    Seems i cant embed the video 😞
  20. freestylejunki32

    Another fluval evo 13 build

  21. freestylejunki32

    Another fluval evo 13 build

    Well my plan of waiting to add more corals didn't work. Got a good deal on a bunch of stuff last night. Added: -Big octospawn - 2 head hammer -green rock flower anemone - green mushroom -some zoa thing -2 different types of red macro -gsp with some red things mixed in
  22. geekreef_05

    Fluval Evo 13.5 - Somewhat Budget First Reef

    I wouldnt worry about the mushroom taking over, its pretty small right now! Those are probably snail eggs, yes! All good!
  23. WV Reefer

    Hydroid Jellyfish problem

    Definitely hydroid jellies.........those will disappear as fast as they showed up. 😊
  24. A.m.P

    29 High

    It's accurate, some boxes are better than others and some pretty much don't have any cooling at all, some have "okay cooling". But at least you're not likely to run them at 100%.
  25. Reece Barnard

    Hydroid Jellyfish problem

    Thank you all, made me feel a lot better about it I definitely have the free floating kind so now its just a waiting game I guess !
  26. Reece Barnard

    Another fluval evo 13 build

    Brilliant ! Thank you for the heads up, appreciate it
  27. Ofc you can, filter and light can be used the same for both corals/macroalgae and planted freshwater, make sure you rinse the glass really well, although most fish will handle some tiny salt inverts and plants might not, take off the skimmer and you should use freshwater substrate because the good ones have a booster for plants. You can even plan fish for when/if you change it to saltwater. Mollies, guppies and bumblebee gobies can live in fresh, brackish and saltwater and they are small fish so they are ok for nanos, that way you can acclimate them and have easy starter saltwater fish. I had a 7g saltwater fish heavy nano 10 years ago, 6 months ago I used the same tank for red cherry shrimp breeding and 2 months ago I switched it to saltwater.
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