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  2. MotherofAnimals

    DIY Acrylic Sump Disaster...Is It Fixable?

    The measurements of the sump are 23”x9”x12”. I was thinking of only keeping it half full. I did notice that when it was 100% full, there was a bit of bowing, but I don't notice it all when the water level is how it is in the picture.
  3. Reefkid88

    I'm Not Sure What This Is, and Neither is My LFS

    I second that,don't worry about it.
  4. Matteo

    I'm Not Sure What This Is, and Neither is My LFS

    Pretty sure its just green Coraline algae. Is your lfs a petco? 😅
  5. Hello, Nano-Reef community. I hope you are well. My one month-old tank has these strange green spots on the live rocks that I don't know how to interpret. These green spots have been growing the past three weeks, and I'm not quite sure what it is. It doesn't come off when scrubbed; it isn't slimy or gross feeling. It honestly feels like it's a part of the rock. My tank is a FOWLR. The live rock came from a LFS in 2019, so it's a few years old. Here are some details about my tank. I don't know if they're essential to helping me figure out what's going on, but I thought the more information, the better. API Saltwater Master and Reef Master Kit for parameter testing Milwaukee Salinity reader. Tank temperature is 80 (the UV light on my Sensen 408B raises the temperature 2-degrees) Light: XR15 at 50% on the “radiant color” program with a one-hour custom 10k-14k spectrum (100 UV, 100 blue, and 100 white). Light is on for 5.5 hours The filter is a Sensen 408B Wavemaker is an MP10 on Reef crest mode Live Stock: 3 Asteria snails, 3 Nassarius Snails, two peppermint shrimp, two red leg hermit crabs, two clownfish. Any help would be very appreciative as I'm a little concerned about what's happening. It could just be regular ugly phase stuff, but I want to be sure lol.
  6. Today
  7. I added 5 new RFA's to the tank this week. This brings the total up to 11 now. They are starting to fill in the rock work and most of them have grouped up: These guys are really starting to look good. I'm hoping that I'll get to see some spawning in the future. I also was able to finally find a Pearly Jawfish. The first night it stayed in the pvc tube that I made: The second day I found him in a hole that he dug in the back corner of the tank: By the third day he's starting to become more bold and hovers in the water column now. This is also the first day that he has started eating. It'll be interesting to see where he chooses to stay in the long term: This fish is stunning. The camera doesn't pick up the blue body very well but it almost looks like he is glowing in the tank. I look forward to seeing how he interacts as he settles in more. In other good news, I'm starting to see some nice growth out of the Gorgonians. The orange one in particular seems to be splitting multiple new branches out: FTS:
  8. Micro-Reefs Aquariums

    DIY Acrylic Sump Disaster...Is It Fixable?

    It really depends on how much water this sump will use, if she only has it 1/4 or 1/2 full, then it will hold with what I am seeing. However, I need to know the L x W x H so, I can use a calculator online that will tell me if a Eurobrace is required. Bowing is normal and part of the properties that tell us pressure is being absorbed by the panel. The Eurobrace is required to give resistance security for the panel that is in fact suppose to bend. like that of an airplane, it's wings need to flex to fly. If Ayden, needs a eurobrace I recommend two vertical bars 6 inches in width each bar and then the length of the sump. This will secure the build for moderate use of this sump, when I say moderate, it should only carry 1/2 full not 3/4 full as that would be too much stress and require a more proficient eurobrace.
  9. Yesterday
  10. KingLucy

    Marine Hermit Crabs....lots of questions

    The one type of marine hermit crab that is 100% reef safe and lives in reefs in the wild is the scarlet hermit crab. It is very docile and won't knock over your corals like blue legs. I've heard of other red legged hermits eating corals, so would not be desirable in a reef tank. I personally love blue legs even if they do knock everything over they seem to be the most active marine species and its fun to watch their goofy behaviors. Unless you're really set on creating the most amazing reef tank in the world, blue legs are fine in a reef tank, but make sure that you don't have anything loose because I have had times where a blue legs has knocked over a pile of live rocks with some coral on top and crushed some other more crustacean. Just make sure your aquascape is structurally sound before adding blue legs. Red legs seem to be slower and less active and I haven't has any of those issues with them.
  11. two things about living here in NJ: local stores are plentiful and the water quality is crap.
  12. I bought the RO Buddie back in 2017 when I was growing orchids. That little thing is a beast. I was using it in Manassas, VA and now in San Diego. In both places the TDS reading is 350+ but the RO Buddie has always been able to get the TDS reading ten or below without deionization resin. With the Deionization resin, I get a reliable and consistent TDS reading of 0. I bought my unit used for like $46 on Amazon and haven't looked back since. I've seen the more expensive models but the small form factor and ease of use has kept me with the RO Buddie all this time. I have used it attached to my washing machine water connection, to the faucet in my garage, but my favorite place is attached to the shower nozzle in my guest bathroom held up by a hanger. It's ganky but it gets the job done! Lol. I highly recommend it. Also, because I'm a chemistry nerd, I regenerate my deionization resin, which is a little cost-saving. It uses everyday chemicals and is super easy to do. Regards, Ayden
  13. William

    William's Fijicube 108

    I thought I would give an update. I am pretty disappointed in the quality control and order fulfillment at Fijicube. The tank is beautiful and the stand (if I were able to finish building it) also looks good, but they sent the stand (flat pack) out with the wrong hardware kit (I’m 8 post and locks short), as well as with no Instructions. they also failed to send out the plumbing kit that I ordered. hopefully they can resolve these issues quickly…
  14. Frozen_Reef

    RDA's 1.2 Pico

    DUUUUUDE I SHOULD NOT HAVE READ THIS...I want to get one of these (although probably the 2.6 size). I have an ONF Nano+ LED that I plan on using as it is 9000K if I remember right. Stocking wise I was thinking maybe like just some sofites and a clown goby? Who knows, but I want a reef on my dorm desk to contrast my 2 freshwater tanks
  15. Wingy

    New tank suggestions - substrate and decor

    The salinity in the Opae tank is 1.011. The piece of GSP did not do well and I removed it after 2 days, possibly because I removed it from where it had spread and dumped it in Next time I will try some that is established on a piece of rubble and acclimate it better.
  16. RyanReef

    Does this blasto look right?

    Thanks for the explanation!!
  17. LazyFish

    LazyFish's IM 20g

    Rescaped the tank a bit after loosing sevral of my trachs to stn started after loosing power a while back when the tanks got too cold. Ontop of that my api test kits were garbage and I was having ph and alk swings that did them in I think. I got all new salifert test kits now. I moves the remaining trachs and chalices to my penensula tank. I want to add a large leather maby a fiji yellow toadstool or a large green polyp to the open left side area where the trachs were. It looks quite empty right now. Added some pom pom macro waiting on some c prolifera and sodium now. One of my rfa babies at the bottom.
  18. Jgroggy

    Frogspawn dying

    My frogspawn is clearly dying, should I immediately frag it in hopes of at least some survival, everything else is doing great including a hammer so I’m not sure what’s going on. Any ideas are much appreciated!
  19. LazyFish

    Lazys new IM nuvo 20g sort of penensula tank.

    So the new clown was doing great then up and vanished. No agression no noted illness...after issues with bad test kits possible stn from cold dammage and possible all swings killed off some of my trachs in the other 20 I moved the remaining 2 in here with the 2 chalices. I got some pompom macros in and added to both stystems. The clam and the tube worm seem to be doing well. I have some c prolifera comming and want to add another chalice more zoas and shrooms. I have a pink streak wrasse ordered and I am waiting for it. Probly add another clown last.
  20. waldoz

    Marinland 60gl cube

    Been messing around with some rock scape ideas. Finding it hard to come up with something for a square cube. 🤪 It's just little over half at 14" and leaves room to grow up the rest of the tank. Not sure might have mess around some more.
  21. LazyFish

    Plexaura gorg?

    Ah I see looks very simmilar. The polyps seem more widely spaced on mine. Could be due to flow and whatnot too. The color has changed dramatically a few times. When I first got it it was charcoal color base and grey bumps with light tan polyps but it didnt maintain the color. For a while it was very pale with no bumps likely due it insufficient lighting and placement now it is as you see all shades of lavender. I still see simmilar ones listed as both eunecia and flexuosa thanks!
  22. billygoat

    Plexaura gorg?

    I think it's most likely a purple candelabra, Eunicea flexuosa. This species used to belong to the genus Plexaura but was moved fairly recently. The only other species from that genus common to the hobby is P. homomalla, but that one normally has a tan/cream color rather than purple.
  23. This guy is extra salty

    DIY Acrylic Sump Disaster...Is It Fixable?

    I can’t wait to see it in action! it’s nice to see other use acrylic to build sumps cause they’re 100% salvageable (in most cases) be weary after about a year once the acrylic settles into being bowed from the water displacement I would recheck your seams then just to be cautious.
  24. LazyFish

    Plexaura gorg?

    It came as a nub atached to a rusty gorg I got from kp aquatics. It's a spices from the gulf. I'm thinking its if the plexaura family. Its. Been growing for a while now. The bumps are more prominent in high lighting and almost disapear in lower light. They are a lighter color than the base tissue. Anyone know what it is?
  25. M. Tournesol

    the salty puddle

    What a day. I ordered a cover Friday, since I will receive my second fish Wednesday, and my goby decided after 2~3 month in the puddle to jump tonight 😱. He is back in the aquarium since I was in my room when the event append 😅. If he decides to not jump between now and Tuesday (when I will receive the cover), he will have a new friend. I will do an update one this tank Monday-Tuesday. Writing is really not my strong suit 😬.
  26. Chowder's Reef

    RDA's 1.2 Pico

    Thanks Deb 😊 lots of things indeed to finish up. It'll get there one day.....maybe haha.
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