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  2. Thanks! I spent more time than I'd like to admit lol
  3. No it's my older than dirt solana. I've been debating taking it down however the clowns and nem are also older than dirt and they don't seem to mind the shit that grows in a few days. I seriously just did a major cleaning an water change last Thursday just ordered new sand... changing water again.....although on the bright side the 7 year old l jebao WP25 is still chugging along .........stupid hobby
  4. I really like it
  5. Hahaha- that's funny, Monday's are hard
  6. Looks great, man! Can I be your neighbor?
  7. He's three inches.
  8. It's like an underwater lawn! This your office tank?
  9. Sorry, I don't think that's a good sign. That's what happened to my old clowns before they stopped eating and had some sort of bacterial infection. Do they take any food?
  10. Yes and No.
  11. Finished the 'scape... considering I don't somehow ruin it putting it in the tank. Used ReefCleaners box of Rubble Rock. Still have a ton left too. Going to try to place them at an angle to play with depth in that slanted area.
  12. My two frostbite clowns seem to be getting along a lot better since I got them about a week ago. I'm new to the hobby and am never fully sure if I'm overreacting or not. My female has been swimming around a lot more than she normally does. Typically, she just swims on the bottom and seems calm. Lately, she seems to be swimming around like a wild child and she bumps into the walls of my tank and my decorations as well as my other clown. Something I just noticed in the past day is the orange of her face is getting pale instead of the bright orange that it was only a few days ago. I was wondering what a bonded pair of clowns would look and act like. As well as basically everything you could possibly know about how she would act and what she would look like. Thanks for your help! P.S.- I wasn't able to take a good picture of her with my camera...Sorry!
  13. Something that I forgot to mention in my previous post but I've adopted some new feeding habits. Im the past I used to feed mainly frozen foods, i've since gone back to a mostly pellet/dry food regime for my fish and liquids for aminos and coral foods. From a pellet standpoint I have been trilling the Vitalis range, mainly the extra small fish pellets and the LPS pellets. There are also some dedicated Anemone pellets as well a powdered foods for Softies and SPS. My thoughts on these foods are as follows. Vitalis Marine Pellets: Comparing these to NLS Thera-A pellets that I have used for years I have found my fish take to them much better. They are a soft pellet so they do sink a faster and fish are actually able to chomp through them as opposed to swallow them whole. They also impact my skimmer less,well, for a shorter period of time as they break down quicker (I think anyway). A plus side is that they are also cheaper (from my experience anyway). Vitalis LPS Pellets: I have to say that I am very, very impressed with these. All of my SPS pieces go crazy for these, with the exception of 1 hammer which doesn't really eat anything. My rics even gobble these down. As with the fish pellets, these are a soft pellet developed for LPS corals. Larger fish (or fish with larger mouths) will take to them also. My Kole Tang, Melanurus Wrasse and Threadfin Cardinal all go for these pellets also. The feeding response is quite impressive also with the corals staying inflated for a few hours after feeding. I can't say I have seen growth from these pieces over the last few months but they look very happy and healthy with improved colour and extension during the day. I'm planning on picking up some of the Vitalis SPS food when my LFS gets their order in. I've never tried an SPS specific food before and have always wanted to give ReefRoids a try. From the reading I have done this seems to be a similar product at a fraction of the price (I believe it isn't as concentrated though). From a liquid perspective I'm still using Seachem Aminos but have changed to Chromalif, Phytolif and Zeelif from Colocean from the MicrobeLift products that I have been using for the last 2-3 years. I'm also started dosing a 3 Part Trace Element solution from Sustainable Reefs called Reef Essentials. These guys are an Australian company offering a range of dosing options for reef tanks. Another product I considered trying was from another Aussie group called Reef Anabolics. This is a 4 part system designed to be mixed with your Randy's Recipe for optimal results. Reef Essentials can be dosed the same way but at this stage I'm manual dosing. So far after about 3 weeks use I am seeing good results with Reef Essentials. My Alk, Cal and Mag consumption is increasing and the SPS are colouring up. My green monti is starting to heal up also after some recession caused from what I believe to be low Potassium.
  14. Yep I'm a bad fish dad! This tank is killing me. Needs a scrubbing every few days
  15. Took some pics tonight. I bought a lightning clown for this tank, my daughter hates it because it never leaves the anemone DSC04697 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC04699 by jlstuver, on Flickr DSC04701 by jlstuver, on Flickr
  16. Thanks! I am about 4 hours. The longest part is crossing the bridge and getting through the East Bay, they have ridiculous traffic on that side lol. Once I get on 120 it's generally a breeze. Not that I wish for forest fire damage but I was hoping it would have been a little more smokey for better light. It was still super bright out.
  17. That sounds like fun - and how great you know someone with siblings from the same litters! Lots of photos are required... just FYI
  18. Well, sort of, I dumped it in the water, so while I was getting the burned out drivers replaced, I had Dave put in the latest puck with the mint LEDs, and he put on a longer gooseneck so I wouldn't keep knocking the light into the water when I change the skimmer cup I want to get a picture of all three shelties together but they won't sit still long enough. So the really cool thing is...when we got Jasper (Sheltie #2 of the current group), some good friends who live five minutes away adopted Jasper's sister Daisy. And we get them together for play dates every once in a while. Now that we've adopted Murphy, the same friends have adopted Murphy's brother! So we're going to have a whole play group now. My daughter is coming home for a visit along with her dog Presley this weekend. I'm hoping we can get all six dogs together then. For five minutes. Then I'm done!
  19. Well I hope you cleaned up the patio! Mrs. Sancho would kill me if I shat on the patio while taking a pick of my drone and talking with you guys.
  20. Thank you!
  21. Today
  22. Are you doing a sump? With larger tanks sumps are the best method for filtration. I can't really help with the plumbing and setting up a sump because I have never run one. Powerheads will depend on budget same with lights. Powerheads: Jebao wavemakers are good and well priced. The rw models have a good reputation. Aqamai is new but looks great Hydor Koralia Sicce Tunze Ecotech Mp40 Lighting will depend on what you plan on keeping and the dimensions of the tank. You may need multiple fixtures. Leds are favoured and if planning on corals: Mars aqua ×2 Aqua Illumination Kessil Radion Nanobox Current orbit Aquamaxx nemolight Eheim jagger heaters are great. refractometer Is a must. You will need liverock to cycle the tank or dry reef rock with ammonia and bacteria dosing. You will need testers, buckets, salt, ro/di or distilled water, filter media, vacuum, turkey baster, aragonite sand or bare bottom.
  23. So cute! Reminds me of when my pigs were babies- and the one baby we have now.
  24. Thanks for your response. I might put fish and coral all in one container and bag the leather? By the time I do the rescape will be about 3 months old. The big issue is current aquascape allows a lot of dead spots aswell which I want to eliminate
  25. Omg He needed to go to the next page
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