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  2. A Little Blue

    tail spot blenny missing

    If you have any kind of algae in your tank, your TSB won’t starve so don’t sweat it. TSB are troopers and if there is an aggression coming from other blennies, I think he can hold his own. I wound never put 2 TSB in the same tank tho, no matter what size is that tank. Unless it’s a bonded pair.
  3. pgrVII

    The Goon-Whatevers Clever

    Not to much to update here really, a few new corals last week. Looks like some kinda Stylo or the like and a yellow scroll coral. I also have ditched the skimmer. The tanks newer rocks are going through an ugly phase and I have also been slowly removing the sandbed at each water change.
  4. 9/25/18 (end of Phase 3): Since the last update, I added 3ml of f/2. Above is the culture today. The first pic is of the unshaken culture (looks in need of harvesting); the second is after shaking; and the third is the culture next to a mature Nannochloropsis oculata culture (for a comparison). I'm not bothering acclimating this culture to saltwater, and I dumped it this afternoon.
  5. Joevember

    Joevember's 65g reef tank

    Thanks! The tank came with a sheet of vinyl, but I took it off bc it was trashed. I'm not going to replace it since I'm downsizing soon.
  6. Jorge091293

    tail spot blenny missing

    I found him today he was swimming in the front of the tank !!!! Ok the glass I think he was eating algae off the glass ido but I have not seen him eat 😞
  7. jack1978

    Hillbilly Lounge

    You on the firewater again, chief?
  8. Top Shelf Aquatics

    Fall Super Sale!

    Dont miss this sale! Saturday September 29, 200+ Corals will be listed at 40-60% OFF Corals will be listed in lots of 50. Every hour between 6pm - 10pm est We will post the links later in the week make sure to keep an eye out.
  9. A Little Blue

    Conner Reef Tank - JBJ28 Pro

    Don’t chase nutrients with excessive feeding regiment. Your stocking is heavy and crap like Oyster feast and similar can give you nightmares. Target feeding can prevent over-feeding problems. Yeah, I know that it’s a PITA but less so than fighting outbreaks of algae or bacteria. Alk values fall into personal methodology for running a reef tank so I won’t get into that. I am not super strict in that regard myself as my Alk deviates from target 9 and bounces back and forward between 8.5&9.5. I call it a “buffer zone” to make myself feel better. 🤣
  10. StinkyBunny

    Hillbilly Lounge

    A frog walked into a bank looking for a loan. He had little porcelain doll for collateral, but his dad was Mick Jagger. So he goes over to the loan officer, Patricia Whack, everyone called her Patty and fills out the paperwork and she takes it upstairs to the manager. They both come back down and Patty says what would you call his collateral? It's a nick knack Patty Whack Give the frog his loan. His old man's a Rolling Stone. 😄
  11. William

    William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    He arrived today along with some Red cherry shrimp for my freshwater nano.
  12. A Little Blue

    Paneubert's 40G Breeder - Round 2

    Look at the bright side. Fish that survived this hellish trip are going to be extremely hard to kill. Gotta love fish/coral that can take a punch and just shakes it off.
  13. Aurortpa

    Conner Reef Tank - JBJ28 Pro

    My floating macro sphere I made is definitely growing a blue ochtodes frag I put in there...it was just a tiny piece of a branch—now it’s probably a third of the entire sphere. On another note, I have been gradually lowering my dkh over the past few weeks since it’s been very challenging to raise nutrients. I even increased the amount of liquid food I broadcast up 50% with no luck. My new target will be 8 starting this week, since I’ve been at 9 for a few weeks now from my original target 10. 🤞🏽 8 should be a good target especially since my premixed water is typically at around 8 anyway.
  14. jamescstein

    Sepia bandensis

    They've graduated to shrimp.
  15. Draco

    I can't get Nitrates down!

    ha, my company won't go for the RO/DI filter- we're lucky we got this water cooler, even though it's full of nitrates. it is 3 gallons (just shy of). I did bring my own water in every day from my home RO/DI filter in a 5 gallon bucket. it last a while- maybe I'll do that again- I had to lug it once a week between top-offs and water change
  16. Live Q&A with Roger of Tunze THIS FRIDAY! Ask all the questions you've been wanting to know about Tunze!
  17. scrappy34

    Scrappy's Lagoon

    I've checked my ammonia and nitrite everyday. My ammonia dropped a little and the nitrite has gone up. For the last 2 days, they haven't changed much. Ammonia: .25ppm Nitrite: .5ppm I was hoping I could order a few snails and hermit crabs this week (reefcleaners) while I'm home from work, but I don't think the ammonia/nitrite will drop as fast as I thought.
  18. paneubert

    I can't get Nitrates down!

    Also, this is a 3 gal pico, right? How much lugging are you thinking you will need to do? 😉 Bring in a large water bottle each day with some distilled water from the grocery store and by the end of the week you have enough for a 100% water change.
  19. paneubert

    I can't get Nitrates down!

    Can you get them to foot the bill for an RO/DI system? Could sell the idea by showing that you can split the output before the DI stage for essentially "pure" drinking water. Then they can ditch the (probably expensive) water jug delivery service.
  20. Jesterrace

    Jester's 90 gallon reef tank upgrade

    The One Spot Foxface:
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  22. dferrari13


  23. Firefish15

    Firefish's 10G rimless "The Island"

    After pulling up the chunk of rock the little worm/snail creature was under, I found a half-inch long soft, tubular body with no calcareous skeleton. I guess that means it's not a vermetid snail. It also has about 8 distinct tentacles instead of the "mucous web" I read about vermetids having. It's also a little mobile, going quite slow though. I guess the worm stays put for now.
  24. Today
  25. A Little Blue

    Returning to hobby. Need tank recommendations

    Another vote for Red Sea.
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