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  2. Welcome back @Maddie! You'll be able to get the tank back on track, sounds like you have your Saturday cut out for you. 🙂 Share some photos tomorrow if you can!
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  4. Try to keep up with water changes for a while and you may want to get some prime if you don't have any to help with the dead and dying problem. That is a great price for a full set up. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  5. Hello. I had a bit of a mishap where one of my rocks in my scape fell over. On top is a purple haze monti, and the rock tipped over and hit the glass making a clean break to the monti. I glued the fragmented piece back onto the rock, I’m wondering how the break looks and if it will eventually heal. I’m very new to keeping corals so any advice would be much appreciated. Pics below, thank you!
  6. Lol talk about old equipment I have to get ready for a frag swap tomorrow, I get to bust out the 3.5g tank and sell some junk lol. hopefully I can get rid of some coral and coral containers
  7. So... This wasn't exactly planned, but now I have saltwater again! After about 3 years of being out of the hobby, I'm back. When a friend offered me his Evo 13.5 for 100 bucks fully set up I couldn't say no! It arrived tonight, with a minor gha infestation and looking kinda bad. The stock pump apparently kicked it unless I'm doing something wrong, and I also might have dropped the SG to 1.022 after it was at 1.029. Oops. So tomorrow it looks like I'll be running to the LFS to pick up a new pump and saltwater. Tank currently has an emerald crab, a hermit of some sort, a damsel of some sort and a rainsford goby which was looking bad when it got to my house. Also, a partially dead gorg and some snails. I put a maxijet 1200 on it for now (good grief, it's horribly noisy!).
  8. Not too much to update here but snapped a couple photos of the dimming lights of the tank. With the lights going down the euphyllia wasn’t fully extended. I have been dealing with alk swings and trying to get the dose dialed in. I recently increased the dose because my alk dropped down to 6.4 and I had got it close to my goal of 8 and then got a consistent dose going again. Yesterday I tested alk because my few sticks (nubs) weren’t looking great and it had dropped down to 6.4 again even with the higher dose. Consumption must keep jumping on me so I’m going to focus on testing daily or every other day until I get it dialed in again. Anyways here are the few photos from tonight!
  9. Thanks @Christopher Marks ! We're super excited! The growth of the sps really snuck up on me; I was looking at some pictures form a few months ago and I almost don't recognize the tank 🙂 I've been having to dial up my dosing pumps every couple days just to try and keep alk at 7dKh. Amazing how quickly those corals can suck up minerals.
  10. Higher wattage fixtures do tend to have a higher par output than lower wattage fixtures of similar design. However higher efficiency leds can have drastically different outputs with the same wattage as cheaper made leds.
  11. Seems like your in to me i just keep secretly buying stuff and hiding it in the closet so i can take out all my "old" gear and say my budget is 30$ 🤠
  12. Installed the door and added legs today!
  13. Pretty much. Ppl cut them in 4 to frag them. I've literally ripped them off rock and gotten new ones.
  14. So your saying that they are pretty much invincible😂.
  15. Any phos reducers should be used as needed, in smaller quantities and frequent testing. Stripping phos is easy and ends up with bad results. I use Kent carbon and I use less than stated and change every 2 weeks.
  16. Ha, yeah I think I definitely have to use a tripod when I do. I do have some updates but no new photos. Maybe tonight. I just swapped out the Radion for a Nanobox Duo I found used, purple and neon orange lid. I told Kaleb it is super hero themed which he liked. I also added a IM reactor in the middle chamber with Phosguard and carbon temporarily. I’m going to run a small amount of Biopellets. I just received my inTank basket for the first chamber and have a bag of Chemi Pure and Filter floss in the top. I had a little mishap with the addition of a pair of beautiful Harlequin shrimp with a chocolate starfish, however once my wife found out she was not happy with that so I had to return them. 🙄 I instead came home with a Damsel and Saddle Toby puffer which Kaleb affectionately named Puffy. I will get some photos of the other additions....
  17. What I do is start mixing my water with heater and pump about an hr before I start waterchange, by the time I'm done the water change and need the water it's fine.
  18. I’m digging this little light. Only played around with it for a minute, I am pleasantly surprised at how sturdy the gooseneck is. Turned it on, pretty bright, then I put the lens in... BANG. Happy camper. I think it’s a good fit for this tank. I've researched it as much as I could. I hear it gets hot, and the remote can be finnicky, and you have to point the remote at the ballast, not the light. But on first impression, for the price, I'm happy. And yes, that is the top of my toilet
  19. Generator is allowed for those in houses.
  20. It looks dead/dying. How old is the tank, what are your parameters, and what light is being used?
  21. Thanks you all, I just ordered the Desktop Nuvo DC skimmer and I got the AI Prime HD (I'm not planning any SPS anytime soon). Got the tank and stand this week... I just finished putting together the stand (IM APS)... not completely happy with the door magnets.
  22. You can chop up mushrooms and multiples will grow. It's just ticked off.
  23. If you have a tank without coral it is a fish only tank. Fish need no special lighting. You can have a fish only tank, you can do macro tanks, coral tanks, anemone tanks, non photosynthetic coral tanks. How they are run and cared for will all be different. Here are some abbreviations that will help FO- no liverock, just fish, will need other biological filter methods FOWLR- fish only with liverock
  24. It often means 2 watchman gobies (ex.) will become aggressive with each other because they are same shape, possibly same colour, use the same territory. Whereas a clown goby and watchman which have different shapes may get along fine.
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