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  2. Snow_Phoenix

    Peninsula style - 4.6 Ultum Rimless - Adjusted and growing

    Your tank is stunning! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  3. Snow_Phoenix

    IM Nuvo Fusion Pro 10 - It's about time

    Happy birthday, Deb! Loving Diver Dan so far. ๐Ÿฅฐ I've tried xenia several times and it never worked out for me. Not sure why. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ
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  5. I have on being delivered on Friday. Iโ€™ll measure it then and get back to you
  6. DevilDuck

    IM Nuvo Fusion Pro 10 - It's about time

    Happy Birthday! Loving Diver Danโ€™s new pad!
  7. DevilDuck

    CUC and new corals for 7 gallon

    For this size tank I would stick to snails. Get different types as they will prefer different types of food. Trochus, cerith, turbo, you do t have a any algae so start out with 2 or 3 snails. Small hermit crabs for entertainment value, they donโ€™t clean much. Keep in mind they may kill snails for their shells. No other crabs or cleaner shrimp will fit. Another interesting addition may be micro brittle starfish and sexy shrimp. For beginner coral, I like duncans, candy cane, toadstools, and colorful mushrooms over invasive stuff like gsp and xenia. If you can keep those alive move up to rock flower anemones and some lps like hammers. If your keeping coral, also get a good low range phosphate test like the Hanna ULR.
  8. Back in! ๐Ÿ˜Š TTM completed this round. Last phase will be 3 days from now, and Pickle will be moved to the 10G Observation tank for a week before being finally introduced to the DT. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
  9. In the peroxide bath! Let's knock off those parasites! ๐Ÿ‘ He's actually a unique shade of mocha now, but it should darken to jet black once he matures. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  10. Hi, I have had my tank setup for about three months now and have a clown and a purple firefish (I know itโ€™s small for that but guy at the LFS gave me bum advice and said I could have both, either way theyโ€™re both doing great!). I had a major problem with hair algae and green spot algae but with water changes every other day I have been able to nip it a good amount. Current water parameters are: Ammonia- 0 nitrites- 0 nitrates- ~20ppm dKH- 8.9 (are any other testing parameters truly necessary at my stage?) Current Stocking: rock anemone Green Star Polyp ocellaris purple firefish I want to get a CUC and have been through a ton of info on the forum but wanted to get a more precise answer for my small tank. I was thinking based on my algae a netrite snail, trochorus snail, green emerald crab, blue hermit card and a cleaner shrimp. Would this be a good crew or is it too much for this tank? As far as corals I really want to add some life to the tank so corals that are on the cheaper and easier care end are preferred. Also I want to stick with soft corals. I have heard Xenia is very good for beginners but I think it will grow too fast for my tank. What are some other options besides zoas and hammers? Lastly, this tank is AIO and I have biocubes and chemipure in the second stage of filtration and then mechanical foam pads in the first and third stage. The pump is a ~200 gph pump. Is this an adequate setup? I have seen so much about refugiums and sumps but I am confused on if a tank my size would need that. I apologize for the long post, just want to make sure Iโ€™m giving these animals the best life possible, given the budget and tank size I have. Thanks! Hereโ€™s a picture of the tank as it is.
  11. Just waiting for the bath to be ready: The new QT bin is already prepped & running: I seed the media with a vial of bioptim every time I TTM. It's actually quite expensive - so I'm trying to figure out a more economical solution to this. Maybe Microbacter7 will be a better option? ๐Ÿค” Not quite sure. It definitely warrants more research. ๐Ÿค” If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.
  12. chasingcorals17

    20 Gallon AIO: 5 fish?

    I'm constructing a custom 20 gallon tank with an AIO portion to keep everything in one place. Essentially like a Fluval Evo 13.5, just expanded to 20 gallons. Can a 20 gallon long house 5 fish? I am moving over 2 ocellaris and a yellow watchman goby from the 13 gallon and want to add a Royal Gramma and Firefish Goby. I've heard 3 fish per 10 gallons so this should work? I do weekly water changes and feed just enough, nothing heavy. Corals are softies and LPS, with the exception of 3 stylophora colonies which have been doing well.
  13. DevilDuck

    The Great Wave - Waterbox Peninsula 3620

    They came with the gorgonians from Macro Algae: Your Source For Quality Marine Plants and Macroalgae | Gulf Coast Ecosystems (live-plants.com) They are half domes with 2 small holes drilled into them, one hole dead center and the other is slightly offset. They seem specifically made for gorgonians and macro algae. I cut the stems off the plug, which was very easy since they were hollow in the middle, and applied some reef epoxy and glued them to the rock.
  14. JachPot

    JachPot's Evo 13.5

    Quick little bonus post since it was a quick print! Made myself a little feeder box to prevent jumpers and to keep the cat from messing with the tank.
  15. Jakesaw

    The Great Wave - Waterbox Peninsula 3620

    You have an interesting Plug / holder of your Gorgonians glued to your rock. Could you share what it is you're mounting the Gorgo's into. Thanks Your recommendation for frag plug holders is working well in my tank Thanks
  16. DevilDuck

    Came home to major dino outbreak.

    New Years Update and dino has not returned to the sand bed in 2 months. I'm starting to win the battle against hair algae with the help of the Tomini tang and some manual removal a couple of times a week. Earlier this month I starting running Seachem Phosban to normalize my phosphate level to between 0.1 ppm - 0.05 ppm and nitrates are naturally staying around 20-25 ppm, except for one day when it dipped to 5 ppm, but this may have been a testing error. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iN3Rf4lT3LPh5AbnffVxuFtZTiW67okqIgRISsXmkKk/edit?usp=sharing Everything else seems pretty stable, with the exception last week on Jan 13-Jan 14 when I accidentally overdosed kalkwasser in the ATO. pH and Alk shot up, thankfully it has started to settle back down to normal.
  17. Finished preparing all the equipment for the next peroxide bath & TTM: If I had a choice, I'd delay this by at least another day because I haven't recovered fully. But the entire concept of TTM operates on a rather strict schedule, so I have to stick with it for Pickle's sake. Thankfully he's doing well. Tiny fish, but has a strong little heart to keep surviving. ๐ŸŒบ Foxy is also doing well in the DT. She is no longer frightened of me and actually swims directly up to the glass when it's time for the routine feeding session. I hope her bold personality continues to shine through as more fish are added to the tank in the future. ๐Ÿ‘
  18. Just got an MP10. A lot of powerheads have night mode to slow the flow at night. I don't really understand this. It's not as if waves in the ocean are calmer at night (right??) Any use to this? Or just marketing crap?
  19. DevilDuck

    The Great Wave - Waterbox Peninsula 3620

    Upgraded my phone to an Iphone 13 Pro and decide to start taking better pictures. Since the tank is a peninsula style, all my pictures from the sides showed my messy apt, which is distracting. I purchase a piece of black foam board and using it as a backdrop to my tank picture. Unfortunately, the piece I bought is a few inches too small. I might hit the craft store again and pick up opaque black drop cloth instead. FTS with the new backdrop. Opposite side I think the new gorgonians add some much-needed height and movement to the tank. Detail of the fluffy Corky Sea Finger Gorg My YWG has also for some reason also left his pistol shrimp. Both the Randall's and the YWG inhabit opposite sides of this huge snail shell I picked up in Puerto Rico. Right of the YWG you can also see my new Pagota Cup Coral.
  20. jhaber

    WTB : 24" T5 Hybrid Fixture

    Bump! Anyone?
  21. Jersey10g

    IM Nuvo Fusion Pro 10 - It's about time

    looks great
  22. klmt

    Unhappy lepto

    I also plan to get some cerith and nassarius snails to compliment my two turbos, a few astreas and some bumble bee snails. Would a sand sifting starfish be a good idea as well to maintain the health of the sandbed?
  23. klmt

    Unhappy lepto

    I think my cleanup crew had dwindled over time resulting in more algal growth. I bought a couple turbo snails, and some more hermits and within a week the tank has looks much cleaner. I think the algae growing on the powerhead was cutting off flow further exacerbating the problem. The turbo snails have since cleaned it, flow has been restored and the tank looks better. Current water params are as follows. I have a chalice frag that I got, it began to bleach initially but then stopped and has colored back up and begun growing in the shade, and an acans that looks poor. My favia that was doing great got dislodged and fell into the green star polyp and got nuked. Other than that all of my soft corals have done very well, as has the anemone. Temperature: 78 ยฐC pH: 8.4 Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 15 ppm Salinity: 35 SG Alkalinity: 12.0 dKH Calcium: 410 ppm Magnesium: 1400 ppm
  24. Swymer

    xenia looking bad

    People also claim dkh and pH are important for xenia. I don't know that much about xenia so I'm not sure how true it is. But... If it were me, I'd get a quality alk test kit, adjust as necessary and make sure your pH has reached it's full potential. Probably around 8.2 - 8.3. If your alkalinity is at least 8 dkh and your pH is flat you probably need more surface agitation to bring in more oxygen to drive off C02 to bring the pH up.
  25. SaltCritters

    Fresh frags are up!

    Fresh Frags are up! Check them out! Acan Coral F57 Elegance Coral Plate Coral 1 Plate Coral 2 Ricordea Florida Mushroom Coral F56 Caribbean Umbrella Mushroom Coral F70 Hammer Coral F208 Hammer Coral F214 Chaetomorpha Macro Algae 2oz SaltCritters
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  27. JachPot

    JachPot's Evo 13.5

    Man oh man, what a wild deal that was..... So first things first, success! The 2nd chamber media box is printed and working! After about an hour of cleaning off the supports with an exacto knife kit and pliers the box is at a stage I am happy with. The fun? When I was sliding the box in I quickly realized it was stuck.... My plug had come too far through the wall and was catching on the bottom of the box. So I turned off the return pump and let the water settle. Then I carefully reached in and shaved back the plug with an exacto knife. Performing live surgery on plastic inside a tank is absolutely not fun. Luckily I was able to get 2 big shavings to come off and get removed. The box now fits! Attached are pictures of the box in progress through that 30+ hour print. Bonus picture of the wall I just painted. Decided to remodel the office before the tank was fully settled. Just finishing up the corners today and the room is finished! Next print: Feeding box with lid and then the Chamber 1 media box. I currently don't plan to run a skimmer, so I'm going to utilize as much of the back space as possible. Looking at that picture of the wall, it appears I have some paint fixing to do lol
  28. Squid_reef

    Keke's Mr. Aqua 3 gallon bowfront sexy pico

    Scape is looking good ๐Ÿ‘ I've used some putty from D&D to make mine, it's a no-brainer when it comes to dry rock.
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