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  2. I'm a little worried that I will lose track of where it goes or worse that it gets caught by the wavemaker.
  3. Lily is soooo cute! Oh, and the tank is great, too!
  4. Leave it alone for now. It will probably move again as it's still getting settled. They will move until they find a spot they like.
  5. recommended lighting for 22g DIY AIO tank

    Thanks yeah, sure. My tank is 40cmX50cm and 40cm tall, 50cm with the rim.
  6. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl

    So I did a little alk testing yesterday using Red Sea kit. Just before the water change the bowl came in at 9 dKH. I also tested the newly mixed water that would be going into the bowl which came in at 11 dKH. This is the same bucket of salt I used for last week's water change so it looks like the bowl is using 2 dKH per week or 0.29 per day. I've read that alkalinity shouldn't be raised more than 1.4 dKH per day so I guess the 2 dKH swing that comes with a water change is still in a safe zone for my corals I wonder how much it would have to swing before I'd start seeing a problem? For reference I have 6 acros, 5 acans, a hammer, and a candy cane all consuming alk. They are all pretty small still.
  7. I got my second rock flower anemone. They are local to Panama, where I'm from. The first one, red, is doing very well in the front of my tank, where the rock work meets the sand bed. The new one is yellow. I placed it close to the red one. This morning I saw that it moved to the back of the tank, also where the rock meets the sand, but in the back where it can't be seen and with almost no light. What should I do?
  8. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    Well im at work and i was looking for my sexy shrimp... one of the employees put them in the tank with 16 hungry occalaris clowns:( spent like an hour looking for them with only one found...
  9. Imovie is what most of us use. That's the good foot ?
  10. Penny's Planted Pursuit

    Not sure yet, but I think I like it better without the driftwood. Ima give it some time though. Untitled by Penny, on Flickr Untitled by Penny, on Flickr
  11. Gena's IM Nuvo Fusion 10

    Yeah you do! I thought you already had one? Thanks, Felicia! It will certainly be interesting. And fun at the same time. As well as worrisome LOL. But mostly fun .
  12. Oh.....loved the almost FTS with Lily . Gorgonians look so perfect!
  13. No...making a little progress. It's currently on the "good enough for now" setting. Waiting to see what this setting does to the coral.....
  14. The FTS Thread!

    fts sept 2017 Mixed sps & lps coral 70,2 gallon Thanks..
  15. My Biocube stand false wall

    Thanks. My OCD of stray wires and a spaghetti mess seems to be at ease now....
  16. Afr mixed sps & lps reef tank 70

    Others picture lps to be better, healthy, and growth.. # doughnut coral & others
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  18. Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    Yea, mine did not open for a few days, but ended up opening back up. I went a few days without light. Just with my return pump on with an air stone. I have some new GSP that has not opened up yet since. I am hoping it will be ok. Just a small patch that spread in the past few weeks.
  19. 10 Gallon Softie Tank - "Honey I Shrunk the Reef"

    I like the idea of a mushroom filled tank, I can't wait to see what other ones you find!
  20. Wanted: Im fusion 20-30 Ny

  21. The MacGyver Slinky Dream Tank- New Fishy!!

    i love your new fish! does he have a name?
  22. My Biocube stand false wall

    Nice job ,very clean.
  23. Afr mixed sps & lps reef tank 70

    Other pictures to be better # Birdsnest paradise
  24. Change chemipure blue. That will bring fresh gfo. Add a trochus snail. Your current water change schedule is solid. i would not worry too much, and wait couple of months and see if it’s getting out of control
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