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  2. I've wanted to have seahorses since I was a child so now is time to give it a try. Here is my update for the 4th month journal on my nano reef tank. Enjoy!
  3. Great shot E and happy you got the opportunity to not only experience this but also catch a shot of it! Bravo my friend.
  4. I was a starting the Red Sea Coral Colors and needed some classy looking dosing containers to go in the stand so I came up with these baby's
  5. Welcome! Nothing majorly wrong except like you've identified its not quite optimal but not a disaster either Everything will work as is for now and later on as you research more and figure out what you're doing you can upgrade equipment as you go Personally, for a 20L I liked having an AquaClear 70 on the end and use a Maxi-Jet at the opposite end. Both are fairly cheap. Like @Pjanssen said, you'll want more flow if you want coral. Your lights may also need to be changed. From what I read, they claim they should be good for low light coral so as you get more experienced you may want to upgrade the lighting later. But like I said, you can upgrade as you go along and learn what you want. You didn't mention a heater. I assume you have one and if not, you need one A refractometer is also vital to make sure your salinity is good. But to the forum. This is a great a community with tons of experienced and helpful folk and great information.
  6. Oh my goodness, SO MUCH happening here, lotsa cool stuff!!! Really, really loving those Blastos and some of the other Polyps!! For the move, get a styro picnic cooler and put water in that, then get a couple of new plastic ice cube trays and put a frag in each compartment, then place trays in the cooler. Works great, did that for Frag Swaps when we set up as the Reef Chicks Coral Kitchen!! When's the big move? Maybe I'll even get to meet you in person sometime since you'll be closer to me!!
  7. It's not too much further of a reach. And there's not going to be a lot of equipment on this one. Just life support. Nothin' fancy. My goal is to rock those basics. lol Progress (not): The ATO is still a no-go. if you remember in my lagoon, I was having issues with TOM aqualifter and I thought maybe it was just too high. But no. I did a test and this thing can't pump 12 inches. So now we're in a tough spot. Risk it still being too high with another TOM or drop another $140 for the IM Hydrofill Ti which I have been LOVING in the Lagoon. We've tabled talks on that for now. I'm burning @skoechle out with this tank. But since we're not using a controller, he's finally going to get his tank to experiment building his own controller for. @skoechle = nerd. Actual Progress: Um, that thing I did yesterday looks awesome. So, yeah. I took lots of photos and I want to share but I can't because I'm still holding a grudge about May 10th. So nyah. Also, the koralia nano and the IM media basket came in. Good news: @StevieT's baskets are double the cost and still worth it. IM's feels like cheap plastic and I was afraid of breaking it when pulling it out. It is also significantly narrower (ie fitting the inTank baskets takes a small push while IM's just drops in and then leans sadly to the side). While I'm glad I did not spend $40 for another basket (because I'm starting to run low with these two tanks), I am also glad that IM's is not comparable. Because I've already dropped $80 on the inTank baskets in the Lagoon. Its nice to see IM's basket is good for the money and is fair for the price but doesn't hold a candle to Stevie's quality goods. The downside is this tank will not be quite as wet as the Lagoon.
  8. I have been doing fine with my ac70. Nitrates are a little (5ppm)high, but tanks only 2 months old. I have been on the fence about skimmers. Most of what I've read is 20 gal. and below = water changes, some gac, filter floss,cuc and live rock. I guess it depends on your bioload, though. I only have 3 fish and 2 small frags of coral. Still might get a skimmer. Lol.
  9. Sold, please close.
  10. Reef Gardener did have a gorgeous aqua colored St. Thomas but looks like she sold it. I used to have a bright green one. You can also find red ones sometimes but they are usually $75+. She also used to have some discosoma carlgreni mushrooms that were gorgeous but looks like she's sold them too. I used to have a couple till my tank melted down last month and killed almost everything, but you might contact her and see if there's any chance she might be getting in some nicely colored specimens in the near future. Also, ricordea. Would be gorgeous!
  11. Wow, I can't believe I read this post... that was so obviously palytoxin, not true at all that most palytoxin ends in death and there are different levels of exposure but all dangerous, I would bet money cracker was experiencing just that. smh.
  12. Clowns tonight just before feeding
  13. Awesome... I really love how natural this tank looks.
  14. Noting new with the tank. My wife recently had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on her thyroid and her thyroid. So safe to say the tank is on autopilot. I still do gallon water changes weekly and feed the corals but that is it. Everything is happy and I'm starting to see new heads on the zoa's and Acans. However the Goni did not survive. In two weeks I'm going to reef-a-palooza, as I'll be in town for work. Hoping to find some deals on a few things I'd like to grab. Thinking of picking up a small jar of kalkwasser and some more chemi pure. Also hoping I can get a deal on a light but that might not be in the cards. Anyway just thought I'd pop in and give a quick update.
  15. Ahh the joys of the Winter Shedding
  16. Believe it or not, Houdini, like most crabs I am familiar with, will eat his Old Exoskeleton. Will provide him with much needed Calcium. Once he is out and about, and hardened back up, he will be hungry. If I remember correctly, he is not fully Marine? So, I would offer some Small amount of Peanut Butter and Honey. Yes, That's right. He will eat it up The Honey will give him some extra energy Peanut Butter will also provide some extra protein.
  17. nope, no feeding, he gets left over frozen brine shrimps i guess, both my clown are hosting him, it's nice to see those 2 little face sticking out of it !
  18. It's supposed to, but I have read it has mixed reviews.
  19. Mine hasn't even been shipped yet 😭.
  20. Well this isn't good.
  21. That's really impressive, sounds like you got a good one!!! Do you feed it at all? I know they do much better long term if fed, something like Goniopower, Reef Roids or Reef Chili. I used to have a big, healthy pink one that my Skunk Clown hosted in, loved that thing.
  22. Hey thebig053 This is an interesting topic. I think you could raise corals under the stock lighting, don't let us deter you. Here's an experiment I would be all over... when in Hawaii look into "flouro diving" I have never done it but I have dove a reef at night, you will be amazed what pops out. YouTube probably has some vids.
  23. The Mandarin is starting to fatten up! He is starting to associate my turkey baster with food and he is frequenting the front corner of the tank when he gets hungry. It's really encouraging to see a healthy Mandarin as a lot of them at fish stores are just so skinny.
  24. you need this
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