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  2. Nano reef 2.6 Fluval

    Hey guys this is my 2.6 fluval nano reef! Hoping to soon put corals in, once my zetlight arrives, let me know what you think!
  3. Community Website Upgrade Feb 16, 2017

  4. Firefish help

    My salinity is 1.026, and I try to change water once a week. Currently using the filter socks the Nuvo cake with. Looking to soon change that
  5. Tank Crashed: Leather toxins...what to I do?

    Water changes and Carbon are going to be your best friend for a bit. Obviously Get anything dead out of the tank, and try to clean out the jelly.
  6. Tank Crashed: Leather toxins...what to I do?

    Speaking from hard experience with a nano - remove all the corals now - the ones past saving bin, the rest put in hospital tanks separately. They will keep snowballing each other until nothing is left. I am sure others will put forward more expert opinions than mine. Sorry to see
  7. Community Website Upgrade Feb 16, 2017

    This is certainly important
  8. DIY in wall 75g reef tank

    Very nice! It matured very nicely; looks great.
  9. From Now till Monday 2/26/18 - Use code "ASD15OFFLOBOS" Coupon Expires 2/26/18 Monday at 11:59:59pm PST Click this link to view all Lobos and Symphyllias - https://aquasd.com/collections/labos?page=1 Some Highlights Below!
  10. Did I just make my first mistake?

    Stay an inch or so below the flesh and it will just be skeleton. You can absolutely frag it, it will not effect the "live" part of the coral. Feeding it when you see the tentacles would be good
  11. Did I just make my first mistake?

    maybe let the coral adjust to your tank for a few days and see if it improves. i would then frag off the healthy heads if the coral doesn’t seem to be doing any better
  12. NanoBox Lighting Guide

    Thanks Dave. The area in my JBJ 28 is around 9-3/4” is it possible to cut the heatsink to that length or would it not cool sufficiently at that size?
  13. FML...guys a little help...My clowns took out the six line wrasse when I was out of town for work, and had been fouling the tank for a good few days and I came home to a right mess. I'm guessing the ammonia spike must have agitated the colt corals or lemnalia causing die off and release of toxins in the tank. Everything is shedding/slathered in soft coral sheds. I've got brown jelly and black die offs flying everywhere and its constantly reinfecting other corals, its like a chain reaction. Even the Zoas are done for. I have never seen zoanthids shed...but they're peeling. The LPS & gorgonians are done for. I think I've got the ammonia under control, I'v done a 20 gallon water change first day back and 5 gallons every day after and threw in 2 bags of purigen and upped the BRS carbon to 4 table spoons. But I cant stop the leathers from melting, dropping sclerites and getting reinfected with the bacteria causing black tips. I have no way to isolate each coral either. I'm struggling to save them, and Im nervous about fragging them now since I might cause more damage. What the heck can I do? There goes 4 years of collecting rare leathers :(... Details below: Tank IM 30L No skimmer Usually Reactor with 2 tablespoons of BRS GFO and 1 table spoon of BRS Carbon 1 filter sock. Corals: 8 types of sarcophytons 4 sinularia 2 Neptheas 3 Colts Lemnalia (almost completely disintegrated.) 5 other miscellaneous leathers. 10 types of zoas on frag plugs, but they're done for.
  14. Rene, what macro algae do you want? I have some and would love to send you some, (to return the favor). I have feather and grape caulerpa, both of which might be too aggressive for a small tank. I also have red titan, dragon's breath, gracilaria, and red grape caulerpa. I would be happy to send you any of those, just pm me your address.
  15. Custom 20g Zoa Garden

    Thanks! The small and shallow size makes it very easy to keep clean which I love. I decided to update my tank finances today and specifically my list of zoas. Below is my updated list: 03/28/15 Blowpops 04/10/15 Tyree Rastas 05/01/15 DC Full Metal Bursts 05/09/15 Pink Zipper 05/09/15 Bam Bam 05/09/15 Scrambled Eggs 05/09/15 Hooters 05/21/15 Alien Anti-Venom 05/21/15 Tutti Fruiti 05/21/15 Vulcan Blood 06/19/15 CB God of War 06/19/15 Fairy Tales 06/27/15 Blonde Blue Eyed Bitches 07/11/15 Ultra Gobbstoppers 07/11/15 LC Petroglyths 08/30/15 Jungle Juice/Juicy Fruit 08/30/15 NYCK Pink Sakuras (???) 11/02/15 Solar Fusion 04/10/16 Chucky's Bride 04/10/16 NYCK Pink ??? 06/24/17 Blue Hornets 06/24/17 Yodas 06/24/17 Goblin on Fires 12/11/17 Emeralds on Fire 12/11/17 Rastas 12/11/17 King Midas 12/11/17 Sunny D's 12/11/17 Iron Fist 12/11/17 Purple Monster 12/11/17 Oxides 12/11/17 Mandarin Oranges 12/11/17 Speckled Fire & Ice 12/11/17 Red Hornets 12/11/17 Goblins on Fire 01/19/18 Blue Hornets 01/19/18 Black Hornets 01/19/18 Rainbow Hornets 01/19/18 LA Lakers 01/19/18 Super Saiyans 01/19/18 Yellow Brick Roads 01/19/18 Fizzy Lizzys 01/19/18 Super Mauls 01/19/18 Bowsers 01/19/18 Latin Lovers 01/19/18 Moneyshot/Hyper Jubilee 02/22/18 RR Pink Diamonds 02/22/18 Speckled Krackatoa 02/22/18 Triple Sec 02/25/18 Treehouse of Horror 02/25/18 Blue Panama The last few I will receive on Tuesday. Excited that my collection is coming back together!
  16. dosing line holder?

    can anyone recommend a dosing line holder? i quickly browsed BRS and Marine Depot but i don't think i'm finding what i want. more specifically, one that fits the IM10 third chamber, and has 3-4 line holders that work with 1/4" line
  17. DarkMagic's ULM $290 5g Reef

    Please do, would love to follow along and see the idea spread! The Ikea bookshelf is the Billy. The middle shelf is structurally much stronger than the other 4 shelves that are only held in by pins, but I went ahead and added a set of brackets to make it much stronger. I think the shelf as is would be able to hold the weight of the water, but didn't want to take any risks. Here's the ABS sheet I used: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004UBUY6U/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It was surprisingly thick and completely inflexible. Took about 15 minutes to hacksaw through. If I did it over, would definitely go thinner. Still debating a few specific species, but the emphasis will be on soft coral. I want to be able to meet 100% of the tank's calcium and alk needs via kalkwasser. I did 2-part on my old tank and threw off the salinity without realizing. The few SPS will probably be limited to birds nest corals (because I love the shape) and monti caps. No encrusting corals. For LPS, perhaps an elegance coral, an acan or two, and frogspawn. That should it for things that suck calcium. I plan to add a rock flower and mini carpet anemone early on, which will probably take up a good chunk of floor space. And then a mix of all the typical soft corals. Zoas, various mushrooms and riccordeas, assorted polyps. No fish, maybe a skunk cleaner, definitely a pom-pom crab family. The two corals I keep debating in my head are zenia and GSP. I love them both, but I'm nervous about the growth. I think they'll help me get the filled in look I'm going for much more quickly, but not sure that I'll be able to keep them under control without a sand bed to isolate them. Thoughts?
  18. DIY in wall 75g reef tank

    Been about 3 years, but here is an updated tank shot.
  19. Did I just make my first mistake?

    I just watched some and didn't know what to think because of all the dislikes on them.
  20. Did I just make my first mistake?

    I think cutters work. There are some youtube videos that show you how to do it.
  21. Did I just make my first mistake?

    Okay, that's if it recovers I guess. Should I bother trying to feed it when its tentacles come out at night or let it get all of its nutrients from the lights?
  22. Did I just make my first mistake?

    i would not frag it until healthy again.
  23. Zoanthids are dying?

    If you've tried most things a peroxide dip would be very useful. but make sure all the zoas are closed up first. Theres plenty of resources online for instructions on a peroxide dip.
  24. Did I just make my first mistake?

    Thanks for your help guys. Not getting anything else from them anymore, I've found that I could have saved so much time and money at fintastic, which I prefer and recommend. Can I frag it with coral cutters or a dremel tool and do I make those cuts at the base?
  25. Did I just make my first mistake?

    I would remove the healthy heads into frags and get rid of the dead skeleton/tissue.
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  27. Did I just make my first mistake?

    The coral is dying. Can it recover with care and good water conditions? Yes. But I would not shop their again.
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