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  2. Enthrol

    Struggles of a beginner

    4-3 Quick friday update: Made it to a lfs today, grabbed 4 cerith snails and 2 scarlet hermits. Bringing ny CuC to 4 ceriths, 2 scarlet hermits, 2 red legged hermits, and 1 margarita snail that' not looking too good. Going to give this team a week and see how they do. If they need some more support I'll see about grabbing some trochus snails. No new crazy algae or slime growths from before. Thank you guys for helping me "beat" that. Noticed today that since adding the rfg nozzle the right side of the base rock is clean. So CuC and improved flow is definitely working, hopefully the new additions will help the rest of the rock. Seeing some more coralline spots, that's exciting. The new hermits brought some more in so hopefully that spreads some more. Also seeing a new diatom bloom this week, but a couple of the ceriths have attacked it already. Expecting some progress there. Lastly, new tank pictures. If everything goes according to plan, I might pick up a couple softie corals in a couple weeks.
  3. Joevember

    Colonial hydroids

    Do you have any pictures? Could also be feather dusters or vermetid snails. Hydroids are weird in terms of growth rate for a colony. I had one that popped up and expanded, then just disappear. Can't tell for sure what they'll do.
  4. Today
  5. Aat243

    Waterbox Cube 20 Build Thread

    hello, are you still running the koralia 425 for flow? If not how did it end up working for you? Just ordered a cube 20 and trying to get as much info as i can get. I was looking at the nero 5 as wel, is the extra money really worth it? Thanks in advance
  6. Gakarl100

    Gakarl100’s C-Vue 18 Nano

    Thanks @billygoat I will have to order on off amazon.
  7. I've been browsing this forum for ideas on which fish I can humanely keep in my 20L (~4.4 US gal) pico and I'm a bit puzzled by what people have said regarding damsels and clowns. Now, obviously I'm well aware that a tank this small will not make a good permanent home for either fish, but even as a temporary home until the fish outgrows the tank, there seems to be a consensus on this forum that a smaller damselfish species (such as the yellowtail) will be fine, but any clownfish is absolutely not okay. I'm quite curious as to the reasoning behind this. From my past experience, having kept both damsels and clowns before in my old 30 gallon tank, I would've thought that the opposite would be true. Damsels are definitely the more active fish. My clowns also didn't seem to grow any much faster than my damsels did, so I can't see them quickly outgrowing a small tank being any more of a problem than it would be for damsels. To top it off, liveaquaria.com recommends a minimum tank size of 30 gallons for yellowtail damsels but only 20 gallons for A. ocellaris. So how come many people on here say that damsels are fine in a pico but not clowns?
  8. NoOneLikesADryTang

    365~ fiji cube flower power tank

    That's so awesome!! I'm pulling for you buddy!!
  9. josh582

    Wanting to start again!

    Hi all, I used to have tanks quite a few years ago now, as you can see from my join date it was quite awhile ago now lol. At one point I had 4 tanks running of various sizes and purposes. I am looking at getting back into the hobby again as I have so dearly missed it. I see a lot has changed since then and also a lot more tech available now too. I live in NZ currently which is quite a small population and not a lot of choice for equipment etc. We are currently in lockdown for 4 weeks so I thought what a great opportunity to start researching again and coming up with some ideas for my new tank. I’d like you to recommend some good pieces of equipment for automation as much as possible and I’d like to look at making this tank as automated as possible. I am aware it’s costly but I’m not too worried about that at this stage and first of all want to look at some best options. I’d plan on keeping mainly LPS corals with some softy’s, maybe a couple SPS too in the future. Fish wise I’d only probably be wanting maximum 4 to 5 fish but I’m not so hung up on amount of fish I can have as I know nanos can’t have too many in. Please can you suggest a good size tank for this too and any ideas you’d have to make it successful?
  10. roblox84

    Orchid Dottyback or Royal Gramma?

    Yes I'm still undecided about the 6 line. I had one maybe 10 years ago and it was a crazy fish. Maybe a lawnmower blenny would do fine with an orchid and azure?
  11. It was like a trip to the mini alien zoo that you could take home some of the animals. Both stressful and therapeutic 😁
  12. Coastie

    Devils's 34G Rimless Mixed Reef v3.0

    Is this still running?
  13. RadiatingClownFish

    Simon Kong - Ocean Free Nano Marine 96L

    Hi, The tank looks amazing. It inspired me to restart my own tank. I have always had problems with the water level and the baffles, how did you plug the holes? Removing the black return duct didn't help me unfortunately.
  14. This guy is extra salty

    Extra Salty 365

    the macro algae is actually taking off. im wondering if the roots got to the Fiji mud bottom layer? but this weekend im going to trim up the Caulerpa paspaloides to feed my tangs as a special treat also im giving some caulerpa prolifera to @inland_reef but nothing has changed in the tank. my only maintenance for the tank is spraying down the mangroves with ro every other day. FTS 04/03/2020 so earlier this week I caught my file fish nipping at the zoa rack so that was moved onto the partition in-between the two returns.
  15. devaji108

    365~ fiji cube flower power tank

    exciting news! @GtownSalty gifted me a seat =raffle for some RFA from savage reefs I have been checking them out in her tank and well as his FB and website. how generous is that. looks like there are 10 slots I am #3 so a 1 in 10 chance pretty good odds! wish me luck. this is crazy generous as I have been out of work for 15 days with at least another 30 to come. and then I have a feeling it's gonna be a slow start not to sure how the population gonna feel about getting massages in the aftermath of covid-19... I am blown away by this kindness. let'a get some more RFA in the tank!
  16. Michael78

    First s.w. Tank 32g

    Nice.. let’s hope so... I have a f.w. Tank that’s just about cycled as well so hopefully will be ready soon and I can get some stuff in both tanks on the same day!
  17. dferrari13

    Surveyman's NUVO 10 Build - REBOOT 2019

    So strange how that happens sometimes....out of nowhere and all the rest of the corals are fine
  18. shaner014

    Hypes "Do it for the kids" mini reef

    What a sense of nostalgia to see your name on a new thread. Truly one of the biggest inspirations and most successful nano-reefers to ever grace the forum! Sounds like hyperbole but I assure you it's not. Welcome back, and please stay a while. This place is quieter than it used to be with instagram around, but your work will always demand a large following!
  19. justinkdenny

    Justin's 10 gal. Nano cube

    Yeah and still no dinos! 👐
  20. Humblefish

    Reef2reef.com down?

    I think they post pics/prices of frags, and you have to hurry up & buy it or lose out. 🙄 Something tells me the days of overpaying for a photoshopped coral with a funny name are about to come to an end.
  21. justinkdenny

    Justin's 10 gal. Nano cube

  22. WV Reefer

    Justin's 10 gal. Nano cube

    Looks a lot better in there.
  23. justinkdenny

    Justin's 10 gal. Nano cube

    Otis with the GSP island.
  24. mdannyg

    Hypes "Do it for the kids" mini reef

    This looks really cool. Great to see you back.
  25. I am am having fish store withdrawal. Never realized how much I enjoyed the trips to browse at fish stores.
  26. Gravity

    Tweaks Fluval Evo 13.5 Gallon Setup

    Assuming that pH, Alkalinity and salinity are all good and the tank is well aerated, I wouldn’t expect it to stall. Have your nitrates increased at all? At this point you could do a water change to get the nitrite back in range. And take a rest or reduce ghost feeding until ammonia and nitrite are zero.
  27. justinkdenny

    Justin's 10 gal. Nano cube

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