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  2. bruinhd

    El Fab's Simple Guide to Pico Tanks

    This is fantastic. It cannot be emphasized more that you MUST omit filter media when cycling. The goal of cycling is to establish a very large and healthy bacterial colony that will be able to quickly dispose of waste. If you have carbon running in your filter, it will snatch up nitrite and starve bacteria so that they don't grow and cycle.
  3. Llobrao

    llobrao’s pico Fluval Spec V

    Got some goodies in!! yesterday I got the Hipargero leds but came home late and was not able to play around too much with them out the box I must say for $60 these are good I’m just praying they last! Few things could make these lights sell even more like an adjustable arm that can move back and forward for pico tanks and peninsulas which are very popular for nanos from what I see. I had to do a lil modifications drilled 2 tiny holes on the side of the panel to add the hold bracket and now it’s a light for a peninsula hopefully the screws could hold but the fixture it’s self is very light and quiet. I was also worried about light spill since the tank is in my room but none at all since it’s only a few LEDs spread throughout 3 clusters They have the a good color blend and good brightness, my previous tank I ran T5 with Radions G4 combo and must say compare to that aesthetically I like the look and light blend, currently running them at 100% blue 30% white to see how the zoas react they have not opened since they went in few days ago, I will be doing a 30% water change tomorrow see if that also encourages them. Starting to see diatoms on my sand bed which is a good sign in my opinion so might get a few nassarius snails tomorrow to get that sand moving and mixing also got a baby shroom from a fellow reefer he definitely liked the lights since he opened right away I switch to the Hipargero leds
  4. Hi reefers , i'm on cycling stage of my 25g reef tank (shallow cube 24*22*12), my goal is SPS dominant system with few Zoas and GSP bottom. i have tried Aquaforest probiotic method last time and didn't get chance to achieve ULNS parameters . all of my sps were brown . this time i wanted to move to proven method to control tank's nutrients like 1) Ecoback ULNS biopallets + Refugium (caulapera and cheato) 2) Zeovit methode (Zeolite, zeoback,zeostart 3 , phol's extra , kz amino ) at the moment i have normal reactor . if i follow zeovit method i will convert my reactor to zeovit reactor . which method do you guys recommend to achieve beautiful SPS dominant reef :) .
  5. bruinhd

    bruinhd's low tech evo pico

    Alright guys. I've been out of the hobby for 8 years and was fully inactive. I had been doing pico reef tanks in grad school and then sold off everything when I moved out-of-date. Now I'm married, employed, and ready to get back into the hobby. This time around, I am remembering all of the things I used to do wrong. I'm building a 5g pico reef that will be very low tech and minimalist. I will focus on biostability over filtration whenever possible. I got a Fluval Evo V tank. I'm upgrading the stock pump to an MJ 606 (180gph). I'm going to avoid any more power than that because my old experience was that it stressed fish out and I had jumpers, etc. I'm avoiding an electronic ATO because I once had one overflow and It was no bueno. I also just hate having wires everywhere. In my photo you can see that I have a gravity evian bottle ATO that works perfectly. There's a 100 watt Aqueon preset heater in the back. I have a custom glass cover with rubber risers to allow gas exchange and to limit evaporative losses. I found that a 4-5mm gap also avoids condensation buildup on the lid from the heat of the light source (also learned from experience). The glass piece was cut at Ace Hardware and cost $11 total for the glass and risers. I got some live rock from my local LFS Golden Aquarium In Chicago. I'm on day 4 and my ammonia level has been chilling at 0.25 for 2 days and I'm starting to register a little bit of nitrite so cycling is underway. I might keep filtration very low tech. Probably just carbon once soft corals go in. I'm planning just a juvenile clown and a small cleaner shrimp once everything is established. There is one nasarius snail and an emerald crab that hitchhiked in the middle of the big live rock. The emerald crab emerged yesterday I assume because it was sick from the cycle and died almost immediately. The snail feasted on his corpse today. I hope the snail survives the cycle. I am certain he is stressed. Im going to say one more controversial thing. I used to do all my top-offs with RO/DI. However I'm going to be adventurous this time around and do them with....tap water. I checked parameters on my tap water yesterday and found the following: CaCO3 hardness: zero (impressively) Chlorine: zero (shockingly) Carbonate ppm: zero Alkalinity ppm: 120 pH: 7.2 Ammonia, nitrite, nitrates all zero as well of course. Hit me with your thoughts. And thank you for visiting.
  6. Nice rimless tank. I plan on making my peninsula style tank only viewable from one side (just as you pictured yours). It might not be the intended viewing angle, but it works best for me. Good luck in the competition.
  7. Today
  8. FISHnChix

    How do mushrooms move?

    One of my shrooms just dropped two "clones "😁
  9. Diamonds x Pearls

    The Ryukyu Shallows

    Come to think of it. I have been feeding rather heavily on alternating days for the past two weeks. It's just feeding fish, but several attempts at feeding my LPS with the NLS micro pellets. It's a little tough to control as it's pelletized to .5-.75mm in size. I found it to be a pretty optimal size for my corals. I think I just need to scale back coral feeds to just once a week and not 3-4 times a week, or learn to be more precise in my feedings. Bottom line: better regulation of feeding. On the flip side, I'm debating trying out liquid foods. I've many good things about AquaVitro Fuel and BRS's Reef Chili. Is it even a thing to try feeding my soft coral assortment? I feel like they're entirely set and forget. Coworker who is probably about as novice as I am has the hook up. Someone was leaving the hobby and offloaded onto him a bunch of hardware. I acquired a new bag of Purigen, an old 50w Jager heater, and an Aquaclear 10 powerhead. In real life news, I accepted a conditional offer with the National Aquarium for a volunteer aquarium assistant position. They have an opening with the jellies and the culturing lab. Fun stuff.
  10. This guy is extra salty

    Extra Salty DIY

    Eat mustard it helps with heartburn on pasta? Gtfo 🤮
  11. SeaFurn

    Lighting with my Kessil A80

    No, I wouldn’t just get another A80. You need to find the spectrum that makes it look the yellow that you’re after. Sounds like adjusting the color knob on the A80 can’t make it happen so you’ll need to seek out a light that can. Compare the spectral output of the A80 and the A160 and see if there’s much difference. If there is, then the seller might be steering you correctly.
  12. devaji108

    Nero 5 at $199.99 at BRS

    if you like these pumps and want another option look at the reefbreeders PRMs i "think" they might be slimmer and better for nanos...
  13. I think we are all excited to see how this works out for you. after learning about this ( again) I thought about it for a few days. good luck! you got this...
  14. devaji108

    365 Day All-in-One Nano Reef Challenge 🏁

    I heard a rumor-and it's just that a rumor- that they might be discontinuing that tank ( if you are talking about the peninsula ) if not then...alot of shipment from china are being delayed due to the corona virus. reach out to them they get back to you pretty fast.
  15. Thank you! yes it's a really nice foot print I almost bought the IM 20P a cpl times but lighting it was going to be a PITA I mean expensive then I found the fijicube ( not really a cube) peninsula and had the almost perfect dems. so I went for it. for lighting your tank take a look at these: https://www.aquariumspecialty.com/noopsyche-k7-pro-ii-led-light.html it's high power light on a budget. something you could grow into if you ever upgraded your tank. if you could hang it from the ceiling or other creative way to suspend it above the tank it would look great . here is there FB group: Noopsyche USA I am sure wherever you put the tank it will be beautiful. but seeing peninsula tanks from 3 side is a real treat for sure.
  16. I'd say around 2 or 3 would probably be lethal in time, 4 or 5 would probably cause immediate RTN, anything under 0.3 (for established tanks some end up with 0.8+) is probably fine, in the same vein elevated nitrate levels over 5 (functionally usually higher than this) or so without any P04 cause the animals to starve for phosphate and can cause significant damage.
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