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  2. Hunter Lang

    Do I need a power head?

    I have a IM Nuvo 10g and I have 8 corals right now, zoa, gsp, hammer, Kenya tree, mushroom, ricordea, candy cane, and cabbage. I have no Wavemaker or anything just my stock return pump and they all seem to be doing really well. They all flow nicely and all open up and are pretty active during the days. I was wondering is it necessary to have a power head? Or in the future? Realistically I’m probably gonna just get more zoas, mushrooms, and ricordeas and maybe a torch coral eventually and just let them all take over. Is a power head necessary? Thanks
  3. Sancho

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    Yep...back to huge coke with a splash o jack
  4. Cpl_Wiggles

    Wiggles' LED Biocube 16: The Next Generation

    Still brainstorming. The LFS in Visalia is pretty impressive and I plan on giving that gentleman alot of my business. He has a personal tank with the biggest purple hornets I've ever seen. I do know that I've always wanted a carpet of GSP along the back of the tank like @banasophia has going on. Seeing your success with SPS, I might try the same. Talking to the LFS guy he was not a fan of Chemipure or Phosgard or alot of the stuff people have had success with here - and really only encouraged Polyfilter and dosing to maintain Calcium, Mag, and Alk coupled with frequent water changes. He did test my BRS carbon I had and informed me that it was leeching phosphate like crazy. So good info for those who have phosphate spikes - check your carbon!
  5. Cpl_Wiggles

    Banasophia’s Biocube 16 & IM Nuvo 10

    Such vivid pictures! Love it. If I may, I think you would do the BioCube Community a big service if you were to edit your first post and make it a type of "Home Page" - with a recent FTS as well as equipment, back chamber shots/strategies, feeding, and cleaning schedules you do to make such a wonderful tank. It's amazing how much stuff you have going on with two tanks, pod cultures, etc - I think I need a formal list to keep track of it all! I also selfishly want to know so I can set my tank up to be as successful as yours. 😉
  6. biophilia

    Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    My 1.5 year old Nuvo 10 mixed reef: [ Quick rundown: two AI Primes @ half power to help w/ shading + hot spots, Ghost Skimmer, Jebao DP-4 dosing pump for kalk, B-Ionic 2 part, organic carbon source (vinegar), and sodium silica, Aqamai KPS wavemaker, Inkbird temp controller. Nutrient management via weekly 2 gallon water changes, ChemiPure blue carbon, and lanthanum chloride drip as needed ]
  7. Christopher Marks

    20 Gallon Long Reef

    I found your old journals, nice systems! You had quite a zoanthid collection going 🙂
  8. Interesting, is that different from poly-fill? Seems they sell poly-fill but also stuff labeled as poly-filter.
  9. Today
  10. I have 2 of those boogers. They're still tiny but have finally began doing the twitchy-jerky dance starting yesterday. I think the issue with pairing depends on the fish involved. Each fish is different and reacts differently in the presence of another. With sexual maturity, if it's super tiny as Tam said, I wouldn't worry too much.
  11. How do you go about making sure you're doing the right dosage while doing water changes?
  12. Coupe.sx510

    New Fluval Evo 5 gallon startup

    added koralia nano 240 gph
  13. Snow_Phoenix

    anemone burns on fish? or somthing else

    I wonder if the Coral Beauty made it. I think everything else died except the chromis and cleaner wrasse, based on the scattered responses and fractured timelines he gave on various threads.
  14. banasophia

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    No that’s my hubs 😂
  15. nanoreefer11

    20 Gallon Long Reef

    Thank you! Im planning on two Occy’s. Maybe a black occy pair. Or a midnight and platinum pair. And possibly one six line wrasse. I also want to find another Sherman anemone (the huge red one in the attached pic) Here’s my old 20 long I had setup! And Heres my old 40 breeder. It was a pennensula so both sides were equally cool.
  16. If it is one of those super tiny juvies... it should not mature fast enough in the QT. I am talking about those boogers that come in at 1/2 to 1 inches.
  17. Tamberav

    Help me decide on a powerhead

    I like my MP10's better than my gyre for nano's at least. If I could run one on the back wall I would but that is where my AIO is..
  18. banasophia

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    Well fine then... obviously I need to play a little harder to get 😜😂 No sister wife for you haha
  19. Just a little heads up everyone. In addition to the carbon, remove the entire filter cartridge when dosing meds in your QT: The filter pads are made from polyfiber which will remove medications from the water (including Chloroquine phosphate). You may also notice some slight copper absorption. I confirmed this today after speaking with Marineland. If you want something in the chamber to trap dirt and debris, I recommend buying filter foam and cutting it to size: P.S. The bio-wheel itself is safe/medication friendly.
  20. Christopher Marks

    Fluval Evo XII x first timer...

    Welcome to the community @Jersey Bigfoot! 👋 Great little nano reef setup, I like your aquascape arch! You're off to a great start. I was reading about your nitrates issue, I think this may be the culprit. I would slow down and reduce your feeding schedule and see if it makes a difference after another water change, this routine seems like heavy feeding to me.
  21. MrObscura

    Chaeto vs Skimmer for Nitrate Reduction?

    If they look happy, they may just be slow growers. Don't go changing things just to change them. If it ain't broke don't fix it. But definitely get in the habit of testing major parameters at least occasionally, even for hardier corals.
  22. ParticipationTrophyWife

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    Congrats @HarryPotter on the upcoming nuptials
  23. I use filter floss, Purigen, Chemipure Elite and matrix media in my Biocube 16, my Nuvo 10, and my daughter’s freshwater tank... works for me, but I think there are a lot of options that can work. I think those rings you’re using are like matrix media, and just increase the surface area for your beneficial bacteria to colonize.
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