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  2. Lula Mae's "Make a Wish" 15 long

    Sounds like a good plan. Looks like you're back on track.
  3. Just watched a country singer sing about banging a married man on a float with kids dressed like holiday cookies.
  4. Live Free or Reef, Going Solar?

    Yeah color correction whether physical or digital is probably cool as long as it is correction and not enhancement
  5. Kvasirs' Fresh Start

    You're right. Like I said, my math was overly simplified, but you're exactly correct. It's a battle of eventual zero sum. And a skimmer isn't off the table, and I'm trying to plan the refugium to fit one. Just a matter of when that step of planning and execution happens.
  6. Oracus's custom 20L peninsula tank

    Great, this is what I was looking to see.
  7. Live Free or Reef, Going Solar?

    I always try to remove some blue with ipiccy.com because I don't have gel filters. I don't try to make things look better than real life, I just try to make the picture look the same as what I'm seeing. It takes me less than 5 minutes, you may want to check it out. I usually move the temperature towards the red spectrum because that seems of cancel the blue the best
  8. Lula Mae's "Make a Wish" 15 long

    Finally got a water change in this morning and tested a little while later, ammonia 0, nitrites 1, nitrates at least 40. Forgot to add more bacteria, will try to remember when I get up. So this is the part where I let nitrites get to 0 and then add ammonia to 2ppm to see if it processes in 24 hours, right? First time I've cycled a tank like this lol. Once that happens I'll do a big change and start looking to add livestock!
  9. Standing rib roast is coming up to room temp, it's going in in a few minutes.
  10. Happy thanksgiving lounge! Just me the wife and dog- a nice quiet one this year, extra turkey for the clowns, possum and Tailspot πŸ˜†
  11. ADA 60f sps tank

    Time for an update - 5 days old i added a Tunze Osmolator, second MP10 (got a great deal here on a used one) the reefkeeper lite (another great deal on here) and plumbed up the sump now that the silicone is cured.
  12. Oracus's custom 20L peninsula tank

    A couple build photos
  13. Today
  14. ***I promise there is a question at the end of this story*** I finished cycling my new tank a couple weeks ago and transferred over my long-time clown from my current tank as a first fish. For over 2 weeks, all was well. He was very happy and loved life. Last week I thought it would be a good idea to get him a friend. Went to the LFS and got a second ocellaris. What I didn't know at the time was what brooklynella was AND that is was able to be spread. One of the clowns in their tank was completely covered in the white slime and had the spots all over him. Big time brooklynella if I had to make an educated guess. The guy at the LFS said "oh he isn't looking good" and gave me a better looking one in the same tank. Brought it home and for 24 hours it was doing great. Started acting weird, not eating, and stayed in the high outflow of the pump all day, just swimming as fast as he could. The next day I came home from work and he was dead. Again, not knowing what brooklynella was, I figured he was maybe just sick to start with and didn't think anything of it (stupid me, I know) A couple days later I went to a different LFS and got another clown to try again. Within 48 hours my original clown started showing the same signs, as well as he tucked his top fin in for the last few days, which I read meant that the fish is sick. Tried feeding him anything I could find recommended online, but still nothing. Came home yesterday to my long time clown dead (that was a big hit on me). This is when I started doing my research and have done a great bit of reading up on brooklynella and similar sicknesses. I understand it and what I need to do to get rid of it. As of now, I still have 1 clown in my tank (the latest one I got). As of yesterday he is still eating and acting pretty normal, but I can assume that he will get/has gotten brooklynella as the last 2 fish got it. Where should I go from here? QT the single clown and start treating him (freshwater baths and such)? From what I have read, to rid display tank of it, I need to probably let it sit fishless for 2 months or so? So does that fish brooklynella is in the water as well?
  15. HM's last upgrade ever.

    Yes I see that and that stinks......I have been lucky I guess and no major outbreak of crap. But your corals look good though!
  16. Live Free or Reef, Going Solar?

    My pictures are just cell phone snaps. I would think that any serious image processing would be inconsistent with the spirit of a contest. I do highly reccomend a gel filter which is literally just a thin piece of orange plastic available as a set foir $6 on eBay. You hold it over the cell phone lens and it tones down the over-saturation of blue. Anything beyond that and cropping seems like cheating to me.
  17. No parade on the west coast yet..........prepping food anyways and I don't like parades
  18. What type of coral is this?

    I want to agree with you on the Scoly. No,$40 is pretty good for that,how big is it. Looks to be what 2-3" ?
  19. Happy thanksgiving!!!!! All my sisters came home from grad school/college so its a nice full house. Did anyone get something for black friday? Ebay: $10 of ANY order $20 or more when you pay with PayPal with code PBLACKF17.
  20. Sharbuckles 40

    After three days the neon wrasse is back! Funny how they hide for so long. Bad news is it’s being an asshole to my other wrasses. Monitoring closely still.
  21. WTB AI Prime HD

    I have one left. $180 shipped
  22. HM's last upgrade ever.

    Yeah but have you seen the green slime. It's not horrible out of control but it's not great. I'm actually dosing phosphates =/
  23. Show off your Freshwater!

    You may want to look into a remineralizer - RO/DI water won't have the osmotic balance needed for fish (and some plants) to survive. Maybe use a TDS meter pen to check the total dissolved solids? Some fish like soft water, some like hard water, but RO/DI is actually too soft (TDS would be 0). I actually use RO/DI water with Mosura GH+ for my freshwater tanks, because it's all soft water fish and/or dwarf shrimp.
  24. 25yr old 75G Jaubert Plenum

    Things I am thankful for. Grandkids are first. Triple Red Zone: Chilli is flying his feathers
  25. Katie's 1st SW nano!

    Moved everything and everyone over the course of two days and all my saltwater fish died not sure what happened to the clowns, but the firefish beat himself up inside his cave when moving him because he didn’t want to come out to transfer him separately. All the parameters checked out in the water for the new tank, was testing every couple of hours to make sure even though I was transferring all the sand and rock from the other tank. Will be running it fallow until after the first of the year. I’m still posting pictures of the after, but no fish in the saltwater tank
  26. Veng's 65g

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  27. Great Job and awesome video!
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