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  1. OK, 5 months later--I know no one will ever again be looking at these comments, but I still have to set the record straight. I have since learned that their endosymbiont is a green algae (Chlorophyte), not a dinoflagellate like most corals have. And they're referred to as zoochlorellae rather than zooxanthellae. (Thanks to Tom Shannon, Ph.D.)
  2. Thanks. That's because the colony is now in the back of the tank where I just can't get a good pic of it! When I set up a new tank, this will be one of the first pieces I move. That's a pic of it when I first got it, BTW--it's now ~30 polyps. Don't know if a pic will show up in these messages or not, but if so, you can see the merleti towards the lower middle of the right side in this pic:
  3. Super pic! I love the lighting & textures!
  4. Be sure to "click to enlarge" this one, everybody. It's unbelievable!
  5. I think it's cool to catch pics of these phenomena, too. Glad I'm not the only one! Nice sharp pic, BTW!
  6. For one thing, it gives you an order of magnitude more PM space! Also eliminates "flood control" delays when searching (I think). Wow, what a pic! congrats!
  7. +1 Great focus on the eyes!
  8. LOL! Plus, the sheer,uh, elephantine quality of that prodigious nassie should result in several votes...
  9. ^^^Hmmm. Looks quite possible, see this pic: http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=6760531 If so, apparantly it's toxic: http://underwaterphotos.com/article5.htm Still gorgeous, though!
  10. Sweet! BTW, (OT alert), what instrument do you play? First guitar?
  11. I'm not surprised!
  12. That's very interesting! I would imagine these guys require a big tank to survive. I love echinoderms!
  13. Well I like it! I like the way his colors harmonize with the LR, and the contrast between his architecture and the less structured rock. Less is more! Nice job.
  14. Oh, I love it when they do that! Very nice pic, looks super when enlarged!