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  1. Oh, be still, my beating heart! 😍 😄
  2. Posting the same kinda stuff in here is going to get this thread migrated, too, guys. 😶
  3. While I agree a BlueAcro array would be superior, you should have adequate lighting with a single 3up star, though you may have trouble getting a pleasing color to the eye with so few diodes in the mix, especially for softies. I would stress to get a high-CRI white to help you see the non-fluorescent colors of most softies 🙂
  4. That's awesome. Now they're wholesaling for $5 and you can buy them for $10-15 normal price!
  5. It is, yes! The anemone is one I have a soft spot for. I wanted a magnifica, but they're really uncommon and hard to get a healthy one. A sebae nem is the first one I bought when i started the hobby, and it actually survived a long time in a brand new tank, and through a tank upgrade, too. This one colored up much faster though, I'll chalk that up to being more experienced now haha
  6. About six weeks to go from white to tan and healthy. Now if it would just get away from the damned back of the tank it would better.
  7. There used to be some 12" that were labeled T5HO, but they were pretty garbage in comparison to true T5HO lamps in longer lengths.
  8. Long time no see, blaster. The Maxspect lights are still the only ones that make use of warm diodes as more than just a last-minute addition. Ecotech's latest gen Radion has a single lower-CRI warm white in each cluster, so while they're making progress, they're still years behind.
  9. I didn't get a message? I do have two pendants, a Lumenbright Mini with a 250w Radium lamp and a Hamilton Cayman Sun 150w with a 14K Phoenix lamp. I also have two LED strips that are Apex controllable. Shoot me a PM.
  10. Stuff is boxed and ready to ship out when payment is received. First up is an older style Neptune Apex Classic. Has the main controller module, EB8, display, PM2 salinity expansion, temperature probe, 2x USB-A to A cables, and a Netgear wifi extender for connecting it to the web. Has PH, ORP, and salinity monitoring capabilities but needs new probes for each. $150 shipped IceCap K2-120 skimmer It works, just not for my 34g tank. I think it needs either a higher or more consistent load, so a larger tank would be better. $120 shipped I take Paypal. Shipping is from 34972. Will have some more stuff once I can get it out of the closet and ready to ship (Tunze powerheads, a custom LED/T5 light, and maybe some odds and ends).