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  1. MINE is what that shit is. kthx
  2. Except I'm not a contestant, Harold. Also I love the phrase pulling your buttons
  3. Except I already did that.
  4. Don't know if they would let you (when it comes to businesses and what they have to do stay insured and crap like that, you never know what they can and can't do), but a couple of years ago I actually went down south and met Philipp at the Fort Lauderdale airport where he had to ship out a bunch of rock and got mine right then and there. We talked for probably an hour and a half lol, didn't end up getting back to Okeechobee until after midnight.
  5. I got it in the tank on the 5th, and I think it was Tuesday of this week (the 18th) that I noticed the ammonia badge no longer read anything and there was a nice blanket of diatoms covering everything. This was with no help during the cycle - I have a bottle of Seachem Alpha (a supercharged version of Prime) that I was attempting to use to oxidize ammonia to essentially eliminate negative symptoms of the dieoff, but I didn't see the little expiration sticker on the bottom... 2014 So safe to say that bottle really doesn't do anything anymore, and I accidentally made the cycle significantly more harsh than it needed to be. Oops.
  6. KP is where I got mine from a couple of weeks ago. They dove for it on Sunday, I had it in my tank on Wednesday, and the dieoff finished earlier this week.
  7. I have no clue which skimmer lol, still trying to figure that out. My live rock seems to be done cycling now, so it's about time to start really looking.
  8. I think adding filtration capacity is okay - some prefer more filtration, some prefer less. I will be housing a mantis shrimp in mine eventually, so I will actually be adding a skimmer since there will need to be pretty significant nutrient import.
  9. $25 a month, $450 total price, no interest with Affirm.
  10. I dunno, it's been a decade, they need to do an updated study.
  11. I have no idea, but instagram is for suckas, just like building webs. Nice web, Mr. Crack Spider.
  12. True story! You can add pumps for flow but not change out the return pump. Basically seeing who can get the farthest from an even playing field. I would not have pushed for that being one of the rules if I didn't think the equipment we picked out was up to snuff. I would not knowingly steer anyone towards failure