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  1. No, just stress.
  2. Probably not what you want to hear, but my life is turning into a shitty novella and I lost about 20lbs this week lol.
  3. holy shit that looks good! you are most definitely going to want to get the light lower to the tank, though, you're probably only getting about 30-40 PAR on the rocks at that distance. edit: DAMNIT I DIDN'T MEAN TO POST THAT HERE GAAHHHH
  4. 30Q

    that's what she said
  5. It's also easy to configure through windows, just connect it to a spare UART connection and then you can bridge the connection from within Betaflight through the CLI. Then it is just a Windows program to configure it, and you can also calibrate the voltage sensor.
  6. My OSD is built in to the PDB. It gives amperage, amp hours used, voltage, and time. And call sign, it's in the video I posted the other day. The Foxeer camera I have also has an OSD, but no current sensor, only voltage. I have it disabled in mine since I have a better one on the PDB.
  7. Just tell them vroom vroom, wanna fly fast, and spend lots of money and they will understand
  8. Using an Amrattan Chameleon frame, Oomph 2205 motors, 20A ESCs. Lumenier Lux v2 FC, Matek HUBOSD8-SE for PDB and OSD, FT48X VTX, Foxeer Monster v2 camera, Flysky X6B RX. Flies great when I don't smash into stuff
  9. I hope you got sent home in the good way, as in 'I can't sign off on this until they fix these issues, so I'm going home'.
  10. I didn't know it was possible, but it is
  11. Mother####er. I'd have never thought I'd need to have a net on my mantis tank to keep the damned mantis in.