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  1. It's got algae growing on the exposed skeleton and is not healthy enough to regrow back over it. Can take a toothbrush soaked in peroxide and gently rub around the edges of the skeleton, but unless water quality is kept tip top, it won't recover.
  2. Not sure what's up with her, but my betta is not only coming out and staying in the open, even when had my dopey fat face pressed up against the glass in awe at this gorgeous fish she just hovered right there, didn't dart off like always. Hopefully she stays like this!
  3. The Jebao pumps, for the most part, are perfectly fine. Strong flow and are controllable. Just keep in mind that their longevity simply may not be there (or it could last 20 years, who knows).
  4. There is an ATO from some company called Wavereef that is about $65 including the pump. I haven't personally used it, but it's one of the most inexpensive that I've ever seen.
  5. neat is one thing, practical or good is another. Lots of museums and aquariums use sea water, but they don't collect it from near shore because beaches are dirty.
  6. While I generally agree with doing as little as possible to our tanks, this is a bit different as it is an inert additive. He already has sand, which is the same thing, just not powderized 😛
  7. I just leave them out. They'll last longer in the fridge, but it's not a super strict requirement for them or anything.
  8. Have you tried the golden pearls yet?
  9. Fill the damned tank up 😛 And if you want to get that last bit of clarity, get some calcium carbonate powder from amazon and toss some in, it will turn your water to milk for a few hours, but afterwards it will be unbelievably clear. 🙂
  10. ^ and if you really just want to do a good vacuuming of the entire tank but don't want to do a water change, you can siphon into a bucket through several layers of floss and then put the water back in, with the skimmer pulling the last remaining fines out of the water when you're done.
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