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  1. I've never used race flight so I'm not sure how you would calibrate the ESCs. Do they not run DSHOT? DSHOT doesn't need to be calibrated.
  2. The pagodas? I have been using 80mm but they're a bit too long, so I'm gonna try the stubbies
  3. I've yet to have any loose connections from anything from crashing, but then again I don't really fly crazy all the time and have only crashed the chameleon maybe three times in total. Ran 13 or so batteries through my two quads yesterday without any incidents, whereas my friend I was with we had to go searching for his in tall grass like five times lol. I just ordered some new motor vibration dampeners and some more Pagoda antennas from a couple of guys in Orlando. Even without crashing the Pagodas are pretty flimsy, but reception from them can't be beat. I have only used Makerbot 3D printers, and they only print in PLA, so not a good choice for quads (and they're expensive as shit).
  4. picture quality is on par, pretty much any of the higher end goggles will have the same final image quality. If you have the Fatsharks already I wouldn't worry too much about switching to something else unless you're also looking to do something different, like switch from 4:3 to 16:9. edit: also, I know you were using the Naze32, with a modern flight controller you'll be able to use DSHOT for the ESC protocol, it will change your life
  5. I use an OG Yi camera on my Chameleon. It doesn't fit with the Kingkong 5051 props since their pitch is so ridiculous, but does decently well with KK 5054 props. Can definitely tell the extra weight is there with the 5045 props, though. I went with the Commanders since the built-in diversity module is better than any available for Fatsharks. $330 and they're ready to go, whereas with Fatsharks you're in the $450-500 territory once you add diversity. Built-in DVR, fan for cooling, couldn't go wrong
  6. nice. I'm still loving my Aomway Commanders. Definitely an upgrade over my Eachine Goggles Two and VR-D2 Pro! It's pretty badass. Really disorienting at first, but once you get the hang of it it's awesome. Aww yiss. I just charged up all my batteries and am now messing with the firmware on my Yi camera to go fly today. he jelly.
  7. Yep, they're all gonna put out around 20v, so they're perfect.
  8. The power supply for the charger can be as big as you want it to, the charger will only pull the amount of amperage that it needs.
  9. I would get this one since it is on sale for the same price as the smaller one. And you can take this power supply and clip the end off and attach an XT-60 connector (the ISDT battery charger takes DC power input, so you could even charge using a big 5000+mah LiPo in the field). The charger will automatically determine cell count. Just ensure you're only charging the same batteries (same capacity and I would even say to stick to the same model), and ensure that the batteries are all within about 0.05-0.1v of each other, otherwise current will rapidly flow from one to the other. I check each battery with a voltage checker (also ISDT, because all their other shit is amazeballs) before plugging them into the parallel board, though the charger will display the current cell voltages. Then you select how many amps you want to charge with (so if the battery is 1500mAh you want to charge it at 1.5A or less, and if you're charging three of those batteries on the parallel board, then you charge at 4.5A or less). Here is a couple of links, to a review of the ISDT chargers and to a bit on parallel charging.
  10. That FC has a built in PDB. The ESCs connect right to it for both signal and power. It is there only thing you need in the stack, even uses the betaflight OSD. I use this parallel board It is expensive, but it is fused and will protect both your batteries and the charger from any damage.
  11. ISDT charger or bust, man. They came around and knocked everything else out of the park. A dual model is coming soon, but I use their 160w charger with a Dell 150w power brick and the ISDT parallel board to charge my 4s. Just make sure your voltages are close and you'll be alright. I just finished calibrating the current sensors on my two quads. Zip tied them to a pair of sawhorses and used a clamp meter to measure current while the props were spinning. Also, use this FC. All in one, dickloads of filter capacitors, not much more you could want from a board!
  12. So it turns out that low blood sugar ben decided to order five pounds of Trolli gummy eggs on Saturday. yessssss.
  13. That's just ridiculous!
  14. The Ft48X is $28 from banggood, I guess if you have to have it now any of them are expensive lol. I use a Turnigy Evolution, so I've got Flysky. I like the Japalura, just reeeaaaallly cramped lol. I should have my replacement RX for it today so I should be able to get her back in the air if the weather cooperates.