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  1. Deeper Well - An Acquasole 60

  2. This. The gov'ment doesn't want to give them pencils or paper, but guns? #### yeah they will.
  3. Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: NEW LIGHT?!

    I would have just swapped out a purple lamp for blue on your old fixture and saw where that got you. Now you have two more lamps to replace
  4. Deeper Well - An Acquasole 60

    Also, there was bad weather somewhere in the supply chain, so LA didn't ship yet.
  5. Deeper Well - An Acquasole 60

    Nearest Petco is already 40 miles away - so if I'm making that kind of trek anyway, might as well just keep on going at that point. LRS is also really awesome, don't know what you're talking about Wrasse is a solorensis. Thing is a scaredy cat so far
  6. Deeper Well - An Acquasole 60

    Went to the LFS yesterday to get some LRS Reef Frenzy, and the bastards no longer sell it. Now the nearest shop that has it is 80 miles away also got a maxi mini and a wrasse.
  7. Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: NEW LIGHT?!

    moar light is always moar better.... until it isn't. You'll likely have one of two things happen with the new light - coral growth will probably dip for a short time while they adjust and then will pick up higher than before, increasing their requirements for flow, food, and cal/alk/mag, so make sure to start testing every few days and adjust accordingly. Increase flow if you can. The other thing that can happen is growth and consumption can stay the same or slow, in which case you've surpassed the saturation points of the majority of your corals and you'll need to increase food or flow to try and get growth to increase or will need to reduce total overall light by shortening your photoperiod or raise the fixture a few inches.
  8. a tank is the big rolly thing that goes pew pew pew, right? Had a Casper mattress for two years now. It's pretty good. My wife said she hated their pillow, but every day slept on mine after she got home from work, but would never admit it to me for some reason until I bought another one on sale so I can have when mine wore out, she took it out of the closet and was like it's mine now, bitch.
  9. leathers are cool. and I'm cooler than jbb.
  10. yeah, it's definitely been since like september for that for me. Finished making the water earlier, got home at like 9:30, and about 45 minutes for the salt to mix. I ####ed up, though. I got more tubing today since my roll I had I took to work to use on the tank there, and the tubing I bought today was only 3/8" ID, and I needed 1/2" to really be able to use the pump. It took 15 minutes to siphon out the 28ish gallons out of the display! I heated the tubing though, and was able to get it to slip over the pump so that at least I don't have to siphon the garbage can into 5 gallon jugs and then lift them 5' up to the tank rim... that would be awful.