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  1. Shouldn't be too difficult - wrap a 660nm/450nm LED strip around as big of a reactor as you can find and you've got basically the same thing
  2. pic?
  3. Ah, I see it now too! Funny you can see details a lot better when you're not on a phone screen
  4. Looks like just clear zip ties.
  5. Monday after spring break. It was so quiet around here, too!
  6. It was 46 this morning, so a bit too chilly for that. We're in one of our five days of winter. But the working theory was that in leaving them open for the time I did with the breeze going (and my A/C set to just keep the fan going to circulate) was to exchange pretty much all the air with outside air, so in one night the delta in CO2 levels shouldn't be that high. Also remember that my skimmer is still pulling outside air directly, as well. This was more of a last-ditch effort to eliminate some possible causes.
  7. Just closed the windows. No change from typical.
  8. So it is about 72F outside and there is an alright breeze, so I opened up every window in the house. Right now, pH is 7.73. We'll see what happens. This is the graph of the last 24 hours.
  9. I love the motion blur on the fish and shrimp. They were like oh, slower shutter speed? We got you, dude, we won't move. LOL JK LET'S DANCE
  10. I wish I could just have any of them. I can't seem to keep them alive.
  11. Both bathrooms have them, but neither one exhausts outside, they only exhaust into the couple feet of space between the inside ceiling and roof. In the past (even before the tanks) I tried leaving one of them running but it didn't really help any, and it was loud as hell. There are quieter ones, I put one in the master bathroom, but it's a big hassle, this prefab house is awful to do anything with.
  12. Those are basically just very fine air filters to remove particulates. The only way to remove CO2 would be to use chemical media like soda lime (which would be $$$$$) or to open windows, which isn't much option here Probably
  13. I have about 3.5" of sand in the display, half oolite and half larger grain. I have always had a suspicion that the air quality in here is very poor, when it's all closed up I always seem to have relatively low energy, but I just can never seem to actually buy a device to measure CO2. And even then, there isn't really much I can do about it since it is either freezing or boiling outside with maybe five days a year that are in between
  14. They're common across the Pacific and the most likely species.
  15. They're just a Z. sansibaricus morph. Could be just about anything with a fancy name, but unless it comes from the original source, it's not likely.