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  1. You'd care more if you lived on the coast. FL won't really exist in a century or so.
  2. It's yeller.
  3. I would get replacements for those sooner rather than later. I'm not saying you need to be testing daily or anything, but with as many SPS as your system has, it is a good idea to monitor all at least weekly to see if it is trending up or down.
  4. I think I've done one water change (75ish percent IIRC) on my current tank, and my previous tanks have had very very few. It takes both extreme nutrient export AND import to succeed, as using various high quality goods will supply pretty much every trace element one would need. Most people with large, older tanks do very few water changes and the corals don't care. It is sometimes out of laziness, but also simply because water changes aren't the miracle cure they're made out to be unless they are very large (50+%) and frequent to make up for poor filtration. TL:DR get quality skimmers, employ chemical filtration and change it often, feed a variety of high quality foods, and you will see the "need" for water changes slip away with time. Edit: the main thing is don't get complacent. Keep up on equipment maintenance and have some backups for when shit hits the fan, test at least monthly for cal, alk, and mag (more often for SPS tanks or if you make any changes to the system, such as adding several corals or adjusting dosing), and if you notice a problem, fix it sooner rather than later.
  5. My betta or waspfish would make quick work of a whole mysis, they both regularly would grab large chunks of food and stuff them down.
  6. metrokat said it was a piece of krill most likely, but it still should not have made it in there whole.
  7. Pretty sure I've blown my 'fish shit' budget for the month, though!
  8. My town has at least one drive through liquor store.
  10. Oh, I know that. My doliatus got me by accident a couple of years ago. Hurt like hell. Some species of bryopsis are only hampered by peroxide dips, not killed by it, so it isn't always a sure thing.
  11. My magnifica is a giant pussy. Makes me kinda mad, he cost 4x as much as the doliatus I was going to get again, but figured I'd spring the extra. Now I see him 1/4 as much, so I guess it kinda evens out in the price
  12. Tax breaks for everyone*!! *Corporations only
  13. So one of the first fish I wanted in the hobby was a lemon peel angelfish. I had to talk myself out of it many times because they're such voracious corallivores and I wanted a mixed reef. I realized only yesterday that I now have a full out softie reef and basically 100% of my corals are noxious and it shouldn't touch them. One will be here Friday
  14. Some more stuff coming from LA Friday.