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Official Pom Pom Crab (Lybia Tesselatta) Thread


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im fallen in love w/ these guys and want some for my 3gal pico...but do the pom poms come with him? or do i need something in my tank for him to grab?

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Yes, they should come with the crab! Try to find a crab with two. If you find an individual with only one pom-pom, he may be able to divide it into two if you keep him (or possibly, it--the pom pom) well fed in your tank...



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Since this is the "official pom pom thread," I thought I'd write a post documenting my experience with my crab losing and then regaining a pom pom.


I bought my pom pom from an lfs on 1/13/06. At the time he had two very full, beautiful anemones:








Here's a pic of him 7 months later, on 8/20/06, at which time he still had two full pom poms:




Towards the end of the year, however, I noticed that his anemones seemed to be diminishing. I was sorry to see this, but not surprised since some other owners had posted that this (inevitably?) happens. Here are two pics of him on 2/13/07, down to one pom pom, which is not looking too healthy itself:






But on 3/27/07, I was delighted to see him sporting two pom poms again!:




And here's a shot of him tonight, with his pom poms continuing to improve:




The only thing that seems to have really changed in my tank, as far as I can tell, is that in November my green banded gobies started breeding regularly (nearly every week), and around then I started feeding my tank much more often (every day) to try to keep the breeders in good condition. And of course, all the crabs and other critters relish the extra food, too. And if the anemones eat food particles that the crab produces when it munches its own food, perhaps they've been getting better nutrition...?


Anyway, that's my story! :)



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Yes, thanks for posting the story and pics Diane. The pom pom has made its way on to the short list of critters I'd like to get for my tank.

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I don't think either of you would ever regret getting one/some! In addition to their pom poms and interesting behavior, that white/pink/rose mosaic pattern is so wild, and the striped legs with those neon spots...And they have markings that look like false eyes that give them such a droll "expression."


About the only downside is that they are shy. (Though no more than an emerald, IME). They can learn to come out when fed, though, and I think that when you have something that tends to be a little elusive, it's just that much more fun when you do see it...


Anyway, hope you two are posting pics of yours, soon!

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I have 2, but they are in different tanks, one of them came out into the open for the first time last night! I have had him a couple of months. I have had the other one about 4 months and never see him unless I track him down with a flash light. Last month I noticed that he had lost his anemones :tears: . I tracked him down last night and noticed that he is nowing sporting a tiny green zoa in each claw :P

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My pom pom crab has done the wierdest thing. I put in a small frag of a cult coral and the next day I see my pom pom walking around carrying an anemone in one hane and the colt in the other. I'm surprised he could carry it around it was almost half his size. But anyway anyone ever have this happen or have there pom pom carry something besides an anemone.

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I was looking to get one of these but heard that if one sits near/on a coral that the anemone will sting the coral & cause damage.


Anyone have this happen?

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I've been following this thread along and loving it! I just got my first pom pom this past weekend. :D He's hiding in a rock crevice in my 1gal pico right now. Can't wait for him to adjust and become more sociable. This little guy is awesome. I'll try to put up pics when he makes his debut

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My local fish store had a pom pom for 9.99 today that I wanted to get but he wasn't sporting any anemones...... I still want to get him though...

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:lol: Hey, has anyone got a Pom Pom from Sea Life Inc. before? Who sells the best ones mail order? Do they get discount shipping like some crabs and snails because they can be in transit longer?
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I'm pretty sure they get their original anemones from Hawaii, where the crabs are from. During transit and such though I doubt its not uncommon for them to lose one or both and pick something else up instead or split the other. Mine recently lost one of his original white anemones and is down to one now, he hasn't cut it in half yet but I hope he does. He's just not the same with only one anemone. Maybe I'll cut one zoanthid polyp loose and see if he'll take it.....I have some Eye of Rah zoos that I think would he would look great with. :lol:

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lol nope, if he's lost his anems they're gone. period. you can get another pom pom crab with anems and it might share or split one to donate to the nemless crab. there have been some cases where the crab took up different stuff like zoos and even aptasia i belive.

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hopen my LFS can order some for me, I asked this week and I find out tuesday


if not im sure House of Fins in greenwhich has some, just dont wanna pay to to much for them

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one of my pompom kicked one of my small mantis' out of it's cave - and is still living to talk about it! (in fact SHE's got eggs now too)

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Well the unimaginable has happened today, I woke up to find my hermits and Coral Banded Shrimp feasting on the remains of my dear Oscar. I can however safely say that the hermits and shrimp did not kill my Pom Pom Crab but were merely scavenging. For the past week my Pom Pom has been staying in is cave all throughout the day and night and wouldn't accept any nice and meaty foods like mysis whereas before he went absolutely nuts anytime food hit the water..


I can't tell why he croaked since all my levels are normal. SG is 1.025, pH is 8.2, Ammonia and Nitrite are 0, and Nitrate is <10. Calc is 500, a little high but nothing bad, and Alk is 3.0. Oh well, he will surely be missed. Guess I have to go buy another one...

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Hey, Ive had my Pom Pom for about 2 weeks now, He is so cool. I have posted these pics before but not on this forum, I thought that they should be here.



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