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Official Pom Pom Crab (Lybia Tesselatta) Thread


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Originally posted by Brian da lion

I'm having a bit of difficulty with the tank now, since my little sister decided to "help" me my rearranging the rocks.  And when I say rearranging, I mean she piled all of them on top of my frogspawn.  Luckily nothing was hurt, but I can't get the rocks the way that I like them.


Oh man, Way back in the day (12 years ago) I had my first set up, and a lil' sister. The tank held 2 clowns some hardy softies and all the wonders of fresh no pre-cure live rock.


sis desided that a handful of already coroded pennies would look good in the tank. but I was away for the weekend and... bad news, bad bad news.


well anyway good luck with the rock.

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Originally posted by Caesar777

It would be darn cute. Just a nice heap of live rock, thin layer of sand, and who knows what else. Certainly no fish or corals... Maybe a friendly ol' shrimp or something. Those lil bumblebee shrimp are just adorable! We have a couple at my store, and they're so funny, but they'd get lost in anything larger than the 2.5. Ty-neh!

u have a store, flo?

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Here is my pom-pom. My neighbor found it in a tank he was taking down and gave it to me. It had no anemones, and used two mushrooms.

I just looked at it, and it has a huge orange egg sac on it. Is this normal? Here's a pic of it, but without the egg's.

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Is this normal to get crabs without anemones? I thought they would all come with them. Anyway, no LFS carry them so we are looking for a decent place to order one or two. Can someone suggest a good place to order them online (a place where they ordered theirs)?


The crab will be going in Jaime's new 1.5g Pico. Here is a pic of it


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Yeah, when I say "my store", I mean the store where I work. :P It's quite the reputable one, been around for over 8 years. They share the same morals as I do as far as not selling ###### the customers don't need, and making sure that what they're buying will be able to survive in their setups. They're all about educating people and don't mind sitting and talking with someone forever without them buying anything, which is great. Heck, they've lasted this long. *knock on wood* :D

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I've been reading this forum a lot while setting up my first tank. Lots of helpful info. Thanks to all those who contribute. Anyway, I got a little pom pom in my 12 gal. nano and I have to say he's probably about the coolest little reef critter I've seen. Great markings, lots of personality, and while a bit shy, he does make a couple of daily appearances for his tai chi exercises/feeding. Doesn't seem to bother a thing. He's staked out a little territory and built his cave underneath some branching Tonga rock. He often climbs the LR at night and waves his anemones in the moonlights-- makes them glow like torches. Too cool....


I highly recommend these guys for anyone who might be considering a new critter. Best thing I've seen at all the shops in my area (LA) for under $10.


I'll post photos when I get a chance.

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Diane, WAY cool! I LOVE pom pom's and have been looking for one myself or two, heh. I was wonding, they say now large tanks, I have a 29g is this too big for the little guys? Also I have a pretty big emerald crab will they bother each other?


PS did you get my email about the heater melt down?

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I have three of them in my one of my 20H's they're really cool and the larger of the three is always out and about and has kept both of his anenome's and I've had him for about 6 months, one of the smaller ones lost both of his but is just fine. I haven't seen the other in a few days, but they hide so well in my tank if they want to. Great little crabs.

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I hope someone else will chime in on tank size--I have no idea. Mine is in a 5.5g and from what I've read and been told it should be fine there. So far (2 whole nights!) each night the little guy has emerged from his lights-on hiding place and picked a spot on the LR to hang and wave his anemones. A completely different spot each night. Wonder if he'll keep it up? Or find a happy spot and return to it regularly?


(No--did not receive msg from you and have presumed you didn't get my msg before what I think may have been your honeymoon (?). So maybe there's something I need to know about pm's. Was thinking of asking on the feedback forum...)


Anyway, I was glad to see you're back. :)



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I have 3 pom pom (aka boxing) crabs, LOVE them!




how big do these grow?


and would a 15-20g nano work?


about 1.5 inches, and yes, even a 6 to 12g would work.


Also I have a pretty big emerald crab will they bother each other?


They shouldn't.


Until I rearranged my tanks, I had 2 pom poms in with an emerald and a few hermits. No problems.

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So is a 30gal too big for a Pom Pom?


Diane, I tried to send you a PM but this is what it said:


There is no such member - please check the name entered and try again.


This personal message has not been sent


I checked the name 3 times and it was correct, so something funky might be going on. Can you PM me another email adress? I got your first PM just fine.

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RE tank size: where did you hear that pom poms don't do well in big tanks? It's hard to imagine why that would be, unless big tanks are more likely to have big predators, or maybe it's just that such a secretive guy would be that much harder to see given more hiding places. Anyway, if no one else has any thoughts about it I'd go ahead and try it if I were you.


Thanks for the info on the PM glitch--checked my settings and they look ok. PM'd you but then could find nothing in my "Sent" file. Sigh. I don't feel like a non-member. :(



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hehe, your not even close to a non-member!


Anyway it says in this thread that pom poms do not do well in bigger tanks because it's harder to find them to spot feed. I am just afraid that I will put him in and never see him again. I guess my question is, whats a bigger tank? 55? I just want to make sure that 30 is still okay I don't like killing things. ;)

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