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Official Pom Pom Crab (Lybia Tesselatta) Thread


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Just thought Id post a pic of my pom pom... I have only been able to spot him once during the day... he comes out every night though. This pic was taken at night.






Super pic! Look at the detail on those mouth parts! He has two nice looking anemones as well. I love these guys! I think part of the fun is not being able to see them all the time. Although mine has gotten pretty bold and will join the rest of the clamoring crew when I feed the tank.



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Wow, great pic reefman23, one of the best ive seen on this site. I think your right c est ma, part of the lure of this speciese is only seeing them from time to time. Although mine reappears in the same spot like clock work every time i feed the tank. Hes definitely my favorite amongst many favorites in my tank.

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Argent, another great pic! And more lush, lush anemones! I love the way the eye markings on these guys appear to give them such droll expressions. And of course their other markings are just stunning.




IME they do become less shy over time. Mine doesn't exactly gallivant around the rocks when the lights are on, but I can usually find him peering out of a crevice, and if I put a pipet of Cyclopeeze anywhere near him he comes running, waving his anemones. Sometimes I do notice him strolling around the backside of the rock before lights out. I should add that I don't have anything large or threatening in my tank, just a pair of green-banded gobies, some hermits and snails, some mild mannered brittlestars, etc.


IME these guys totally refute the "no crab is a safe crab" saying. Plus they're gorgeous and fascinating.



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just got mine a few days ago at the place I work at.. he has both his anemones - one light red and one darker red, pretty good size too. Hopefully I'll add another soon! :)

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I have to hold my hand up over your avatar so I can read your thread.


I love my pom pom. He came out of the rocks the other day and started juping on the hermits backs after being shy for a over six months. He cruised around in broad daylight for about five minutes. Very cool!


His name is Pep.

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can i add two of them in a 20g that has a cleaner, peppermint, anemone crab, 4 hermits s maroon and a dwarf angel ? or should i get rid of something first to make some space?

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I will be starting up my 1st tank soon. After it is well established, my wife would like one of thse. My question is will it live nicely with an emerald crab, shrimp, false perc. and a blenny or goby of some sort? I also will have mostly softies and a few SPS. Will everyone live happily?

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