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Official Pom Pom Crab (Lybia Tesselatta) Thread


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Add one more to the club, I got my little Oscar today from the LFS. He's small, body is only about the size of a dime but he has two nice big anemones on his claws and seems to love his new home. I will try to post a picture as soon as my water clears up a little more (calcium additives really cloud up the water).

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Try spot feeding it. Mine learned to come to a pipet containing Cyclopeeze.




The best lfs in my area will order what one requests. Have you thought of trying that? Like many things in this hobby, these crabs seem to come and go in availability. Don't you suppose the suppliers/retailers build demand that way? Plus, it would be awfully hard to carry everything, all the time.




I hope you get a positive reply, but I don't think the specific pom pom anemone is available by itself. My crab started with two lovely anemones and is now down to one tiny one. I've read that it is common for the crabs to lose their anemones in captivity...

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I fed my fishes Formula 2 (i believe that is correct, its the meatier one) and what did I get to see my little pom pom crab. Well he still has his 2 little anemones on his claws. I will tell you this though as soon as he was done eating boy did he disappear in the rock work. I will try to get a pic as soon as i can.

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lol my tank is doing fine. nitrates down to 0 and i do have a clam and its doing great. with pc lighting.


6 hermits and a halloween hermit

pom pom crab

8 turbo snails

fighting conch

crocea clam

camel shrimp


royal gramma

1 clown

lawnmower blenny


7 mushrooms


6 sets of button polyps




nitrates - 0


so there!!!

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The only way to really replace the nems as far as I know is to add another crab with theirs still intact... They'll then share and split them until they both have two.

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The only way to really replace the nems as far as I know is to add another crab with theirs still intact... They'll then share and split them until they both have two.



That's fascinating! Jared, do report back and let us know if yours do this and if so, how quickly.

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Here's a picture of Oscar, he did the funniest thing today. He decided to clean one of his anemones so in order to free up the other claw to clean with it, he put the anemone that was on that claw on his head. I also found out he's a big fan of krill.



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yesterday my son saw a pom pom at our LFS. he asked for it, but i didn't know anything about them, other than occasionally seeing posts on here. came home and this afternoon i did a search. after reading these posts, i went right out and got one...what an awesome little crab. mine has a red and a white anemone (although the white one is much smaller than the red). i acclimated him and put him in the tank a few mintues ago...he's just sifting through the sand right now.


edit: here's his picture (ignore the fact that i was lazy about scraping the glass this week):



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a few more pics. I’ve kept pom pom's in a 75gal they just live off of detritus and i see them once every 3-4 months. The ones in my self sustaining tank has split its anemones 3 times in the past year.


The first pic is a pompom with eggs.



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How do you take picture like that! I can never get shot on the spur of the moment like that. Does anyone have a UK site that sells these little marvels? I SOOOOOO WANT ONE! :)

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I looove my little pom pom "Cheme". I'vd had her about 5 months now and she still has both her anemones. I like it so much that I'm thinking of setting up a nano just for pom poms. She's never caused an issue and I keep her in my 55 gallon.

I'd say I catch a glimpse of her about once every couple of days.

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anyone have problems with the pom pom's anemones stinging and harming other corals? i just went through an annoying battle between some of my corals and dont want any more fighting in my tank...

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