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  1. I think the new crab lost her nems, too!! Probably my fault. I kept lifting the container trying to view her privates to sex her and the nem mostly shredded itself in the bag. A colleague is calling the worm Nessie after the Loch Ness monster....
  2. The feather duster came out of its tube during shipping. It has been moving around the tank and was lifting like this before the crab got there so I don't think it's in response to it even though it looks like that.
  3. Soundman is right, it's a shish-kabob skewer. I'll probably end up using the MP10 because I'm finding alot of low current spots that I didn't expect.
  4. Rock is a ceramic Vidarock from Cerameco; the little one on the right is live rock. The Ice Probe was a challenge to install because you're supposed to drill the tank. Instead, it's sitting in an Aquaclear 50 HOB; got a piece of plexiglass cut to fit over the filter w. a hole for the probe that keeps the fan part dry. Works perfectly & very effective at cooling the water, although as you can see it's overlarge and uncenters the light.
  5. Ice Probe mounted on Aquaclear 50; Picolight off-center. Zoa frag on the Vidarock on the left. Ric on sand in the center. Small piece of LR on right. The other objects are empty shells.
  6. Got the rock - it's called Vidarock - from Cerameco; they're online. Thank you, I like the shape alot, too, although I think it would look even better in a slightly larger cube tank. I'm adding Microbe-Lift Special Blend and Nite-Out.
  7. The rock is ceramic, and all 1 piece.
  8. Initial setup.
  9. Ringo, my ceramic petrock from Cerameco