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💟 Pico Project (3 gallon JBJ Cubey)(blues wuth orange filters fts and update.)


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Ordered multiple new zoas for the tank may add 2 or 3 more varietes later but that's it.  I also have added some sunny d pallys from my other tank just 3 polyps. All that's left is grow out room if I get too many more I wont have much of that. I've got mostly relatively inexpensive zoas in here incase there is some varietes that will take over others it wont be a total loss. Still waiting on a crinoid squat lobster...

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Corals curently in this tiny tank

1 grandis pally.

2 snake polyp(protopalythoa)

3 yellow polyp coral(paraxiantus)

4 scrambled eggs zoa

5 ? Pale Pink paly

6 ? Blue and green zoa

7 pink spatter zoa

8 ? Light Green on green zoa

9 emeralds on fire zoa

10 fruit loop zoa

11 brown button paly

12 watermellon zoas

13 frozen apple zoa

14 bambam zoa

15 Rasta zoa

16 twizlers zoa

17 Sunny d zoa

18 seduction paly

19 belladonna zoa

20 green and yellow zoa

21 blood sucker zoa

22 ultra pink diamond zoa

23 red ring purple heart zoa

24 speckled fire and ice zoa 

25 mary Jane zoa

26 true blue zoa

27 blue mushroom green rim

28 yellow green mushroom red rim

29 orange mushroom

30 tricolor ricordia 

31 blue ricordia 

32 conjoined twin rfa

33 yellow blade gorg

34 grubes gorg

35 silver spiny gorg

36 ? Gorg

37 ? Montipora hitch hiker
38 ? Leptoseris sp.


Snails in tank

1 Coloninista 

2 stomatella varia

3 dwarf cerith

4 nassarius snail



evoita atriventris (black bellied dwarf goby)


Macro algae

Gracilaria hayi 


Other inverts.

Micro brittle starfish.


Want for tank

Crinoid squat lobster.

One or two more high end zoas.


Most corals are still mostly frag sized all but the newest have all grown some since adding except the seductions seem to be struggling a bit for some strange reason.

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Finaly got to order a squat lobster I got 2 this time just incase. If they both make it one will go in the 20 peninsula. Should be here Thursday. Realy excited this species comes in a few colors black and white is the most common but also brown and white or yellow and white or orange and white. It wasnt wysiwyg so idk what color they will be.
Just hope im not at the dentist when it arives I have to have a filling fixed oh joy...


Last time I ordered one from somewhere else. It came in very clumsy, missing legs, disoriented and lethargic in the bag. It started loosing more legs and claws during and after acclimation and then died. 

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Crinoid squat lobsters not a true lobster actualy rather closely related to porcelain crabs who are also not actualy realy crabs...reefs4less has them right now. I Wasnt happy about a $9.99 "packing" fee . They also went up from $25 to $30.99 each I think they are asociated with saltwaterfish.com.  Last time I got one from reef cleaners also.dont get them often sometimes live aquaria and one other place i think gets them they usually only get a few at a time.


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I have squaties! Acclimating now. Aparently a bypyrid isopod is affecting the yellow one :(. As I understand unless I'm wrong these need an intermediat host a type of copopod that is very uncommon in marine tanks for the larva to grow before they can infect a perminant host crustation. They dont affect fish and spread to aditional hosts in the home aquarium is very highly unlikely due to not having the needed intermediate host. In some cases a crustation can shed the isopod and it dies. Look to be a male and female of 2 types. The yellow one molted in transit. These are both way more active than the first one I had that died.
Aparently it's the same thing that causes the bump you sometimes see on peppermint and cleaner shrimps.20220915_163317.thumb.jpg.4d2117aa8a840997c7f7928452ab859b.jpg20220915_163227.thumb.jpg.a83b46b23f76cb8838e977880c9912a7.jpg

Shipping irritation.
The package was suposed to be here at 12pm. I was like ok. Then I get an update for end of day delivery at about 2 pm...ok...then at 3:45 I get an update for an attempted delivery at 11:30 am that no one was home so it was sent back to facility and you can pick your package up there. I was livid. I called fed ex and told them I had been home all day and no one had come no one attempted any kind of delivery & I got an update saying no one was home & they sent it back to the sorting facility. The guy at the facility then told me it wasnt at the facility but was still out on the truck pending delivery & that tracking showed the driver hadn't even been to my area and they would call and tell him to deliver it asap. 5 min later I get a message it's been delivered....its not here...10 min after that I see the fedex truck literaly running away.  The package was suposed to be delivered to me they left it on the back portch on top a giant shoulder high movie prop crate on the back portch not even by the door they never nocked or anything  Just snuck off....I hate fedex...

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  • LazyFish changed the title to 💟 Pico Project (3 gallon JBJ Cubey)(new squat lobsters!)

Idk I see no agression I'm keeping a very close eye for now. Any harassment and one will be moved. Ive seen some things saying they can be kept only singly but somethings say can be kept in pairs. Also seen some say groups are fine if you have a large tank. Theres not a lot on keeping these guys. They are closely related to porcelain crabs and some squattie species live in huge groups.

I thought I lost them both this morning then found them literaly right under my nose chilling together. I had been looking all in the rocks, gorgs and corners not I front my face lol.  Neither was bothering the other. Both have all the legs theres no dammage both fine and crawling around. Both seem aware of the other the black striped one touched the yellow when it went by. The black striped one went back to the gorgs after a while and the yellow one went to the macro algae.

These things eyes intrest me the yellow one has yellow orange eyes the black striped ones eyes are speckled black and white. If you zoom in on the first picture I took of it in the bowl you can see it.


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The yellow squat lobster was acting a bit odd this morning it's not moving a whole lot and I iddnt see it eat last night. I wonder if it's got to do with that isopod weakening it after the shipping and all. The other ones still not bothering it and looks fine.

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So the yellow one is dead this morning. No visable injuries. It must be freshly dead only one snail was on it. Not too sure what happened. The isopod was still in it. Inside a black sack looking thing I guess the crabs body made like a cyst around it. Gross.

The other squat lobster is hiding in a crevice this morning but looks fine. It ate some food last night but I ordered some smaller hikari crab/shrimp food sticks for it. The anemone shrimp and the porcelain crab is my other tanks will probly like it too.

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I finaly got the timer put on the light. The remaining lobster isnt comming out as much after the other one died.

New zoas are in but....theres too many...I got extras and also a freebie lps. Not sure what it is yet perhaps favites or leptastrea polyps are very small. Anyone wana guess? I'll see what it looks like when it fluffs up. This shipped out just infront the storm in florida. Glad there was no issues.20220928_131633.thumb.jpg.7356868cc268e257bf75462983414952.jpg20220928_131606.jpg.8c1f1def3fdd83b65488910ee11f4c2b.jpg

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May need some ids on some of the zoas after they open. I do know I have kaleidoscope, candy apple (reds), radioactive dragon eye, and some very spotty magicians in this bunch.

My reef superglue tube exploded. It's on both hands...curently picking it off...feels realy gross.20220928_152027.thumb.jpg.49ce7814065f340f0700a14ca9cdea71.jpg

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  • LazyFish changed the title to 💟 Pico Project (3 gallon JBJ Cubey)(new zoas!)

Two of the new ones that that I wasnt sure of the name for. I've noticed alot of zoas realy take a few weeks to fully color up after I first get them I think the first one will look great it's super bright. If anyone knows names for these let me know I'll post more as they open.

I can conferm the lps is a leptastrea.




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  • LazyFish changed the title to 💟 Pico Project (3 gallon JBJ Cubey)(new zoas! IDs?)

Your tank looks great! Couldn’t help but laugh at the superglue incident. I always get tangled up in superglue and vow for it to never happen again…but always does lol

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So I'm not the only one. 🤔Lol. It made a hole and squirted everywhere it was all on me before I realized it was leaking. I pulled it off with my other hand and it got glued too then I got it in some of my hair by accident so...yea....fun.

I ordered a brighter light to use for the blues. I'll pull off the one that's on it now when it comes. Or perhaps leave it if I can squeeze the other in with it. Sometimes I just  let it cycle all the colors and look at the tank in diffrent light spectrums.

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  • LazyFish changed the title to 💟 Pico Project (3 gallon JBJ Cubey)(new blue light!)
  • LazyFish changed the title to 💟 Pico Project (3 gallon JBJ Cubey)(blues wuth orange filters fts and update.)

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