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  1. I cant stand the frags in my 20g any more they are driving me nuts and I just dont have room right now for the other aios I have in storage. I had thought about setting up my 2.5g with a canister again but I realy wanted the equipment contained in an aio system so I ended up ordering this tank. I have a few pumps laying around one may fit this to upgrade the 40g pump it comes with. I'll have to see what one fits it. The lights are not that strong but my frags are all softies and these will support softies and some lps corals from what I understand they should be fine if not I can upgrade later. I plan to plug the bottom intake if this verson has it some of the newer ones have gone to a single overflow. I'll run filter floss and chemipure with some extra carbon In the mix. Once the frags are gone I plan to turn this into a pico reef/ rfa grow out tank for a few of my nicer rfa babies that I want to pay special atention too with a few other corals probly zoa and shroom and probly a shrimp or something and/or possibly an evota or clown goby.
  2. SO! It has been about 6 months since my 6 gal 8x8x24 UltumNatureSystems peninsula reef has been "settled" and planted. Here she is: Obviously, after the initial photos were taken, I did a LOT of rearranging, rescaping, and *learning* about the best places to plant my corals. There have been many additions, many subtractions, and some unfortunate losses. Upkeep consists of a 70% water change every 2 weeks, I don't test anything, flying blind. I spot feed everything a reef roids/mysis mix 3x a week. CUC consists of an emerald crab, 3 blue leg and 2 scarlet hermits, a trochus snail, and a large resident somatella. I added a small fish to my system for a few months, and, combined with underfeeding on my end (and nutrient crash), decimated my copepod/amphipod population, and as a result, I suffered a massive Dino outbreak that I could not get through despite increased feeding and decreased water changes... until the fish disappeared (which happens to the best of us), and I noticed the bugs back on the glass, and the dinos disappeared in days. Lesson learned... Lost a lot of LPS and SPS, and it set me back months of stability and growth... Anyway, here are the before photos, I am not even going to bother to discuss differences before/after because I could write a book. And, of course, here are the after photos, and some glamour shots... Enjoy! I am very happy with this project so far! Feel free to ask any questions as well, cheers!
  3. I'd like to preface this by saying that I'm a DIYer at heart and I enjoy that process. I'm sure that much of what you see here could have been avoided by going with a small AIO tank, but I wanted to do something different. We'll see if this backfires as it's my first reef tank, but fingers crossed! Around 3 years ago I was ready to set up my first tank - a Fluval Evo 13.5. I was nearly ready to add water, auto water change configured, custom stand build, etc, but had to move shortly thereafter. My new place was going to be much smaller, meaning no place to put the stand I had built for the 13.5g tank. Fast forward a year.. having already been considering a jar, not only for the interesting aesthetics, but also the potential to rip clean and just generally less water to deal with. I decided to go for that instead as my new place had a little snack bar, perfect for such a tank! I ended up purchasing a Reefsmart light (intended for use with the Anchor Hocking 2g jar), and again was just about ready to add water. This was at the same time as the PG&E power shutoffs in Northern CA, which seriously put me off from setting up an aquarium of any kind. I told myself that if by the next year there had been no PG&E outages for a extended periods of time, I'd pick it back up. During this period of de motivation, I decided to implement a reef-pi and Kasa power strip in place of the Inkbird setup. Said to myself, might as well monitor temperature swings in my jar as my home insulation isn't the best. Sure enough, my little 10w heater wasn't keeping up in the coldest months and indoor ambient temps would get over 82 during the summer. This further demotivated me as I don't have central AC. After staring at the Anchor Hocking jar for literally a year I just could not get past the lack of clarity. I delved deep into Google trying to find a clearer alternative that would work with the Reefsmart light, no such luck. I came across a single mention of the extra large snack jar available at CB2 in a post over at nano-reef as a potential candidate. From the product photos it looked crystal clear, and slightly larger in diameter. Despite some lines visible from production and few other imperfections, the clarity was night and day in comparison to the Anchor Hocking in person. I resolved the diameter issue by designing a simple 3d printed reducer ring. I'm not very happy with the finish of the ring even after smoothing it out and painting it, so I'll likely to another version that will also extend down past the water line. Now to address the heating and flow. After extensive research, I decided to use a canister filter for both flow and heat, with no intention of using it for filtration (although I have that option, probably just carbon). I found the Oase Thermo 100 canister filter which has an option to install a heater directly into the canister itself - perfect! I liked this as it would clean up the display and would allow me to use a higher wattage heater. Ordered the Thermo 100 and quickly realized that the flow was way too much for such a small jar, its physical size would also make the whole setup very ugly. I stumbled on a post in the freshwater community stating that the smaller Oase 60 (and it's much cheaper clone the ZooMed 10) uses the exact same blanking panel as the Thermo 100! Meaning you can use Oase's heater conversion kit intended for the non Thermo 100, as long as you can find a heater identical in diameter to the Oase and short enough to fit in the smaller canister. Bam, problem solved.. well, almost. I am a paranoid person by nature, so the idea of using a canister filter sketched me out with their leak potential. After some brain storming I decided that a kitchen container to house the filter would kill 2 birds with 1 stone - leaks and aesthetics. Another step towards leak prevention/containment is ensuring all plumbing connections are made inside of the container. I hated how the stock hosing looked, so I ordered some acrylic tubing intended for PC cooling and bent up some custom lily pipes. Finally, I added a very simple leak sensor on the outside of the filter's container connected to the reef-pi. I was able to fit a 50w heater in the ZooMed, and the flow looked good enough for me. After running it through its paces, my water temps stayed pinned at 77 despite ambient air temperatures of 58 during the morning (for science!) I haven't had many hot days to address over temp issues, but I did add a small USB driven fan on a Kasa smart plug, controlled by my reef-pi. I did some short tests and it looks like it does drop the temp by a few degrees, which may be enough. This is something I'm still not confident on, so I'll have to adjust on the fly. I also ordered some 25c phase change material to throw under the tank as a test. Fast forward to Thursday of last week, my 3lbs of the Australian live rock from Unique Corals arrived and it's currently curing in a 5 gallon bucket! My rock is in quite a few smaller pieces, so I'll have to figure out what I want to do for an aquascape. I ordered a few sealed magnets from KJ's, so I might actually create a few live rock shelves. Still unsure what I want to do in regards to stocking, but definitely coral and inverts only, I'm thinking a RFA centerpiece with sexy shrimp would be awesome. I'm stoked with how it's coming out thus far, need to do a bit more cable management, but it'll be viewable from almost 360 degrees which I don't thing I could have achieved with a traditional tank. Finally, I just want to thank @brandon429 for constantly fielding my questions and guiding me and so many others, I probably would have given up without his help.
  4. HingleMcCringleberry

    Glofish tank to pico reef

    Starting up a new build and I’m pretty excited about this one. I finally pulled off a zero water change nano tank over the last year so now I’m going smaller. Starting with some skeletons from my display refugium. Light is lominie which the form factor I love (tank is 3.5 gal I believe. Litterally says Glofish on it but it was free so…. Just adding a little bacteria and growing a little macro algae the last few weeks. Maybe I’ll find some cool shrimps at the lfs to add in a few more weeks if all is going well. No inhabitants at the moment. This is week 3.
  5. [I moved the previous text block down to the second post] State of the Aquarium: December 2021 Abstract [I'll get to this after 90ish days of actual coral keeping] MATERIALS AND METHODS AND MADNESS <- Click on this to jump down to the core block of text
  6. drewdarling

    5.5 Gallon Pico Filtration

    I’ve just setup a 5.5G (standard starter kit tank with the top lip removed for a cleaner look) Pico Reef Tank. I’m currently running an Aquaclear 50 HOB filter for the filtration/flow of the tank. I have an extra MP10 laying around and was wondering if I can replace the Aquaclear 50 with the MP10 and rely on the water to flow through my rockscape as my main source of filtration with frequent, high percentage water changes to keep water parameters in check. I like the more randomized flow pattern of the MP10 as well the much cleaner look it would bring to the tank. All thoughts/opinions are welcome and appreciated!
  7. Welcome to my tank journal! I've been out of the hobby for a few years, life got in the way with living overseas and moving around quite a lot. Now that i'm staying put I've really caught the bug again! The purpose of this tank is a low maintenance, easy to care for pico tank that isn't going to bust the budget. I work away from home so time enjoying the tank is of the upmost importance. Initial set-up 10/11/2020 Latest FTS 14/03/21 : Tank and current equipment: Display: Refurbished bowl from opshop Lighting: Unbranded 12 watt Par38 (e27 fitting Bulb) with cheap desktop stand - Purchased on Ebay or Similar available on Amazon Heater: Marina beta (preset heater) - Similar available on amazon Circulation: Tetra Whisper 60 Air pump - Purchased on Ebay Top Off: Gravity fed bottle ATO - Purchased on Amazon Lid: generic acrylic lid (needs to be modified) Controller: INK bird ITC-306T temperature controller - Purchased on Amazon Salt: Natural salt water collected locally from shoreline Build Cost: AU $118 - (US $87.12 as of 29/11/20) Parameters: Temp: 25-26Β°C (~77-78Β°F) Salinity: 1.025 Lighting cycle: 6.5 hours on (2:30pm ~ 9pm) - analogue timer Current Stock: Soft corals: LPS: Macro Algae: Inverts: FTS Library: Maintenance Routine: Bi-weekly: - Scrape glass with nano magnet glass cleaner - check/refill ATO with distilled water Weekly: - 70% water changes 1-2 times weekly with natural salt water collected locally from shoreline - Top up ATO if required - Rinse airstone, wipe airline with paper towel - Wipe top of bowl with paper towel (skimmer scum build-up) - Rinse off acrylic lid - wipe external glass of salt creep/scum with warm water/white vinegar (50/50 mix) Wish list/Future Upgrades: - Lighting - AI Prime 16HD, Dymax spaceX LED, Asta 20 - Chiller/better temperature control - In tank ATO - Bottle looks a bit messy (Maybe more lines will too :P) - Black air lines (Aesthetic) - Limewood airstone - finer bubbles = lesser splash?, better skimming effect? - Dosing - as coral load increases - Controller? - (Reef-pi maybe) - Better Camera..... - Bigger tank ;) Thanks for visiting!
  8. So i ordered this mr aqua 3 gallon from BRS a few weeks ago with the intention of setting up a freshwater shrimp only tank... Well now I've changed my mind and want to do a pico sexy shrimp/coral only tank. The addiction is real! πŸ˜…. This will be a slow moving project since I'll need somewhere to put it. Any suggestions on filtration or refugium? Considering the tried and true aquaclear hob refugium mod or possibly a finex breeder box refugium. Definitely going to add an ato of some type possibly a gravity ato like the nano ome that screws onto a bottle. I'll probably repurpose one of my kingbo par 38 bulbs to light it.
  9. I told @DaveFason about this idea a long time ago, lets see if I can pull it off ... I need input : 1. should I paint / cover back wall ? 2. ATO ideas (smart micro?) 3. Coral ideas ? 4. Maybe a pom pom crab ? @Justind823 said no
  10. I figured there are several of us now with these tanks, so time for a official thread! Not familiar with a Mini Complete Tank? Check them out at: minicompletetank.com.
  11. Hello, I'm (finally) getting back to saltwater after a long time. Looking forward to share and discuss reef with all of you. I've just started a thread in the Pico Reef Journals. you can follow the journey on Instagram @Squid_reef. Squid.
  12. Chowder's Reef

    RDA's 1.2 Pico

    I have a confession; another pico reef is on it's way. πŸ˜… Life has been absolutely nuts for me right now, some would call it "chaotic"πŸ˜‰. Even still, ever since I tore down my 365 dropoff tank I've been on the hunt for a small replacement. To scratch that itch πŸ˜…. I've been eyeing Lifegard Aquatics' new "Elevated" series aquariums since they were announced earlier this year, and the smallest of the bunch really peaked my interest. (What can I say? I'm a sucker for small AIOs). With Marine Depot having their Black Friday sale and spending weeks trying to ignore a painfully empty corner on my desk in my office at home, I finally said to myself, "it's time." EQUIPMENT: Tank: Lifegard Elevated 1.2 gallon AIO Return Pump: Quiet One 200 (stock pump) Power Head: Micro USB fountain pump Heater: Topfin 20w preset Lighting: 2x Luminie Asta 20 ATO: AutoAqua Smart ATO Lite LIVESTOCK: Coral: Misc. Blue Tipped Acropora Purple Pocillopora Superman Digi Purple tip hammer (probably a "frammer") Gold Hammer Orange Rainbow Acan Watermelon Acan Yellow Brick Road Zoas Lilo and Stitch Zoas Scrambled Egg Zoas "Japanese Deepwater Zoas" Solar Flare Zoas GSP Magician Palys Madarin Polyps Fish: Baby Wyoming White Clown Fish Hector's Goby Inverts: Red/Blue Legged Hermit Crabs Cerith Snails Stomatella Freaking Acropora Eating Spiders. Probably some Aptasia somewhere FTS 08/16/2021 I've had a bit of time to think about how I'm going to go about piecing all of this together during a small trip my wife and I took up to Oregon recently (beautiful drive) to pick up our new furry friend, but I'm still on the fence about some things. I have several ideas in mind, but I think either way I'll be leaving the bottom bare to take advantage of the lifted glass bottom of this tank. I'm also scheming a new return nozzle layout given the peculiar design of this system. I was thinking about just getting an RFG nozzle, but heck I have a 3D printer; I've been wanting to try some return nozzle designs of my own so this will probably become a testbed for that. I've also ordered a dc650 return pump from Reefbreeders as I want more flow and more control; SPS coral is a curiosity for this tank. Although we'll have to see if the overflow can take it (hopefully a design flaw from the other crystal series aquariums that was corrected). I'll keep you all posted on how it comes together in the coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Apollo, our new Alaskan Klee Kai 😁
  13. I'm using a single thread to document all three of my bowls. Central concept: Simplicity. Reefbowl, 4 January 2017 Reefbowl, 27 June 2016 Opae'ula Brackish Shrimpbowl, 26 March 2016: Reefbowl 25 March 2016: Quick specs (updated 20 March 2017): Mossbowl (land picosphere) Tank: 1 gallon hand-blown glass bowl from Amazon.com ~$15 shipped Substrate: Random rocks and ceramic baby heads (now entombed by moss) Moss: Random moss from the backyard and from the pots my carnivorous plants grow in Inputs: RODI water once every week or so Light: East window + old Skyye LED fixture Shrimpbowl (brackish picosphere) Tank: 1 gallon hand-blown glass bowl from Amazon.com Substrate: White silica sand Rocks: Dry Marco Rock Water: Brackish SG 1.012 Evaporation control: Repurposed glass jar lid Light: East window + old Skyye LED fixture Stock: 12 captive-bred opae'ula (Hawaiian volcano shrimp, halocaridina rubra), 1 horned nerite snail, 1 brackish moss ball Reefbowl (ocean picosphere) Tank: 1.75 gallon hand-blown glass bowl from Amazon.com Substrate: Aragonite flakes Rocks: Dry Marco Rock Circulation: Airline, no airstone Heat: Betta Stik 7.5 watts with Finnex digital temperature controller Light: ABI 12W 50/50 blue & white Tuna Blue par38 LED from Amazon.com Fixture: Black architect table lamp from Amazon.com Light cycle: 11am-7pm with time switch; intermittent sunlight from east & south windows and LED light from shrimpbowl Filtration: None Dosing: None Skimmer: None Auto top-off: None Credit card debt: None Evaporation control: Repurposed terrarium lid; vinyl tubing added around rim to control salt creep Water change: Weekly 100% Feeding: Weekly before WC. Combo of: Reef Roids Coral Frenzy Rods Food Coral Blend Phyto Feast Fauna Marin Ultra Ricordea & Zoanthus + Ultra Min D Stock as of 27 January 2017: Pink goniopora Green/yellow gonipora Orange Rainbow goniopora Red Planet acropora Green slimer acropora ORA tricolor acropora valida Neon green nephthea Purple/green frogspawn Bubblegum montipora digitata Red montipora digitata Tyree sunset montipora Orange leptoseris JF jack o' lantern leptoseris Mr. Freeze leptoseris 2 misc. acan lordhowensis Witches' wheel acan lordhowensis Blastomussa merletti Duncanopsammia Captain America palythoa Meteor shower cyphastrea Traded in at LFS Mountain dew chalice Traded in at LFS Zoas: Petroglyphs (or something very similar) Utter chaos Blondies Supergirls Raspberry limes Solar flares Fruit loops Pink & golds Rastas Rings of fire Glitches Unique Corals fire hornets Gifted to Teenyreef Vamps in drag Ultra searchlights Morphed watermelons No-name green, purple and blue zoas ----------------------------------------------------------- So, this is my new project After several years of reefing, I wanted something extremely simple, minimal and low-maintenance so that I could have more time to do other things, like travel and painting. I learned about volcano shrimp or opae ula (halocaridina rubra) while listening to the Reef Threads podcast; Christine has a little opae ula tank and loves it. Volcano shrimp live in pools of oxygen-poor water in Hawaii. So this isn't technically a reef tank, in fact it's not a reef tank in the slightest, but it's brackish water and it has Marco Rock in it, and Nano-reef is fun, so...yeah Equipment list: -Hand blown glass 1-gallon bowl from Amazon -Leftover white sand from planted tank -Dry Marco Rock -Gorg skeleton -Brackish water from LFS -Old Skyye LED that I use to light my moss bowl All ready to get started (I was going to use that red pumice too but ended up wanting all white stone and sand) Gluing together the rockscape Aaaaaand it's wet! I have it in the studio next to the moss bowl. I like the contrast between the two. Try not to pay attention to the metal bars, that's an old tomato cage I'll figure out a more stylish solution eventually. I added a drop of Zeobak and the cycle is well underway. As soon as the cycle is done and I start to see some algae growth, I'll order the shrimp, captive bred from Petshrimp.com. I love my shrimp bowl already and it doesn't even have shrimp in it yet.
  14. Pico reefing isn't easy, so i'd like to create a space where people can find some help in one thing at least, scaping it. Scaping a pico reef (in my humble opinion) is a great challenge to take on. It should open up the tank and encourage it to look as bold and vast as possible with the intricacies that come with that, and so when looking in, you can't tell it's a teeny tiny tank....that's my pennies' worth anyway. Therefore, scaping can be an absolute ***** to do. I actually found this more daunting than my 30 cube. SO, why not start a thread for people to upload their styles and designs for others to take inspiration off? I hope it's popular and i hope it helps.... Here's my new little pico to start. Scape WILL be changed (which is why i need help 🀣) Current stock after this photo was taken: -x1 green goniopora that my urchin was consistently stealing and taking into darkness - x2 mushrooms, one Orange Yuma and a blue green rhodactis - x1 Galaxia -x1 pulsing xenia
  15. There comes a time where we all get a little bored of this hobby. Everything is running smoothly. You have all the gadgets and automation you could ever want. Your corals and fish are happy AND you finally got rid of that pesky emerald crab that was chowing down on your $150 zoas. You can't fit any more corals in your display and your frag racks have become part of the glass of your aquarium... I have not reached this point in my reefing career. Ironically, during this season of joy and happiness I have been a little down. It's been a bit of a hard time for me. So, against the advice of my therapist, I am drowning my angst in miscellaneous projects and doodads. You know the saying "if your life is busy make it busier." Wait no...hmm...how about "if you need to finish something, start something else." No that's not it...What I'm trying to say is... WELCOME TO MY SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT PICO REEF: UNDER 2.5 GALLON 6 GALLON EDITION A SMALL AMOUNT EDITION This is going to be my adventurous journal into the depths of diy, tiny reef tanks, and bad jokes. I won't be focusing on any tank in particular, but rather sharing my spiritual journey of cutting glass and gluing acrylic and maybe. MAYBE. if we're lucky, some sprinkles of 3D printing. I have to say this may be the first and last post of this here journal, but with any luck we'll be cooking with gas here in no time at all. So grab a gift bag on your way in, help yourself to the snacks there to your left and pull up a chair! -RDA
  16. Hi all, ive been looking into keeping coral and a fish in a 5 gallon tank. Is it safe to keep a fish in a tank that size? I tried to look it up but I keep getting conflicting information but I heard it’s good to have a fish with coral so that they can each benefit each other. Would it be better to keep inverts? Any info/advice would be appreciated 😁 Thanks!
  17. Catherine

    Hi fin goby in a 5g

    Hello, I’m looking into keeping a 5 gallon reef tank and I’ve heard people recommend single gobies in a 5 gallon. Are there any types of hi fin gobies that can be kept in such a small tank? Or would I be better off with inverts and a goby? I’m new to saltwater and have only previously kept freshwater aquariums so any fish/invert recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
  18. As I’m researching reef tanks, I keep seeing sumps and I’m not completely sure what they are. Is It just another type of filter? Do I need more advanced filtration for a 5 gallon reef tank than a HOB? I was planning on using a seachem tidal 35 since it says it has a built in surface skimmer but now I’m not sure if that’s gonna be enough filtration since I’ve seen people use sumps for pico tanks. My other concern is that the media basket is gonna be too small since I have it on my 20 gallons freshwater aquarium and it’s pretty tight but I don’t know if the next size up would fit on my 5 gallon tank. Plus I don’t want it to be an eye sore when I actually fill up the tank since it’s cube shaped with no designated spot to hide equipment. Also, for filtering I was going to use the bio bag and sponge that it comes with along with some carbon and filter floss. Is there any other and/or better filter media I should use instead? πŸ€” thanks!
  19. So... after being inspired by @jbb_00 and @WV Reefer I decided that I'd turn my newly bought Mini Complete tank into my first ever reef aquarium. I've done some research and am sticking with hardy corals such as Zoas and Mushrooms. You've all been super helpful and reading your threads have just been an immense amount of information and knowledge. I know that getting into this hobby with such a small tank (the Mini Complete is less than a gallon) is a daunting task but I'm going to take it slow and make this a learning experience. I've had the tank now for a week but all I've done is fill it up and check its temperature. I realized the heater that came with the tank wasn't going to do it, it never got the water temp above 70F, with @jbb_00 help i got the heater he had and for the last couple days now its been stable at 78F. Next thing I did was find a really small but passionate frag store in Toronto (where I live) and was hoping they could help me out. I found FrabBox and decided to bring the tank with me... they blew all my expectations. The owner saw the tank fell in love and started making the hardscape right there and then because he was just amazed at how such a small All in one tank could exist. He supplied me with live rock, live sand, and a bag of his water which was more than enough to fill it up and then do a water change. He basically said I got a transplant of his 1400 gallon system for his frag store. Anyone in Toronto should really check it out. I was excited when he told me the rocks had already a couple of mushroom corals on it and i promised him I'd come back next week for some Zoas. But needless to say I've spent over a few hours just watching the small tank and I've seen so many creatures now. Hoping some of you guys can confirm my IDs or help me figure out what they are. Here are some photos of the set up first, and then the creatures in question in the next post. I'll keep you guys updated as I progress but thank you so much for all of your advice and in advance for all of your help and guidance! Live Rock Live Sand - store gave me from an open bag they had of Carrib Sea.
  20. FTS 11/1/20 Current Tank Specs Established: 6/24/20 Display: Lifegard Aquatics 4.1g All-In-One Return Pump: Sicce Syncra Nano (110gph) Filtration: Filter floss, Chemi-Pure Blue, MarinePure Gems Flow: VorTech MP10 Lighting: AquaIllumination Prime LED Heater: 50w Hydor Theo Cooling: aFan Cooling Fan ATO: Innovative Marine HydroFill + Tom's Aqualifter Controller: Apex Jr Controller Current Livestock Cleaning Crew Limpet Dwarf Cerith Florida Cerith Dwarf Planaxis Nassarius Vibex Polka Dot Hermit Crab aka The Snail Murderer Fish Yellow Clown Goby ORA Sharknose Goby #2 ORA Sharknose Goby [Killed by Vortech] Coral Zoanthid/Palythoa JPS Mystiques RC Antivenoms LC Andromedas JPS Latin Lovers LC Rainbow Pixies ASD Atmospheres JF Insane Rainbows WWC Sweet Tooths UC Detonation Palys Gonzo's Citrus Coolers Rastas Bimini Pinks Sonic Flares Space Chaos Scrambled Eggs Rainbow Infusions Mango Tangos [Eaten by amphipods] Goniopora TCK Rainbow Flame Cyphastrea LC Blizzard Bizzaro Pink/Green Branching Purple/Green Branching [Eaten by amphipods] Gorgonians Purple Ribbon Pink Lemonade Golden Candelabra ORA Grube's Gorgonian ~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟 ~🐟~🐟~ FTS 11/1/20 FTS 10/18/20 FTS 9/10/20 FTS 7/25/20 FTS 7/14/20 FTS 6/25/20 Original Post Below ~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟~🐟 ~🐟~🐟~ After 5 years of ups and downs with my 3.4g Desktop Reef, it's time for a refresh! The goal is to keep things simple and minimalist with low maintenance. Ideally, I would like to avoid dosing, but I do have a IceCap dosing pump that has been handy in the past. We'll be using Hawaiian black sand and minimal island-style rock work using the main pieces from the current display. Looking to house most zoanthids/palys (my fiance's favorite), photosynthetic gorgonians, mushrooms, and maybe a few basic encrusters (monti, cyphaestra, psammocora, etc). Will eventually get a tiny tank-bred goby of some kind once I have finished making a mesh lid for the display. I love my VorTech, but the display on this tank is super small, so I'll be attempting to make do with just the return for flow. The stock return pump is weak as hell, but still manages to sound like a blender. I remember when Quiet One pumps were actually quiet. Anyway, I've ordered a Sicce Syncra Nano (110gph) and a loc-line diffuser, so we'll see how that goes. I ordered the Chamber One and Two Media Baskets along with the Filter Floss Holder for the Waterbox 7 off of inTank as they seemed to have the closest measurements the back chambers on this. Hopefully, with some tweaking I can find a solid combination of those for the back chamber set-up. Where the tank will be going once everything arrives (pic is from a few years ago): Some additional shots of leak testing:
  21. Daniel92481

    1/2 gallon micro reef

    Hey reefers, just wanted to share a fun project here. I’ve had my pico set up for a while now and decided to set up a tiny 1/2 gallon micro tank using the light spill from the 360X. I found this cool shaped bowl sitting on a little piece of carved wood and thought it would be perfect for this project. Super basic build using 10watt heater with an air stone for water circulation. I added a couple of zoa frags, ricordea, and a rhodactis mushroom. I quickly went from two to three tanks that I’m maintaining. I have a nano, pico, and micro now. Here’s a few pics.
  22. Hello everyone! I'm a college student (so that presents some challenges) and I've been interested in marine aquariums for a very long time, and am thinking about taking the plunge! I've been reading everything I could find, including El Fab's wonderful guide to pico tanks, and I'm still a bit lost. I'd like to do this as responsibly as possible. So I'm looking at doing an ~5gal pico reef only (maybe some inverts in a while, maybe a goby in a longer while) tank, however I am currently on a college budget and a bit confused about what exactly I need, and which specific things I should go with to keep costs down. I believe this is what I need, but if I can trim it a bit that would be nice. Please tell me what I'm missing as well and what I'm wrong about! Heater [Need assistance/recommendation] Thermometer [Need assistance/recommendation] Refractometer [Need assistance/recommendation] Reliable test kit [Need assistance/recommendation] Automatic timer [Need assistance/recommendation] Maintenance supplies and tools (I've got these already) 2 Β½ quart Mixing Containers 5-Gallon Mixing Bucket Turkey Baster Aquatic Forceps Airline Tubing Magnet Glass Cleaner Tank Just a basic 5.5g or similar, though if an All in one would be cheaper I'm also down for that light [Need assistance/recommendation] filter [Need assistance/recommendation] Saltwater [Need assistance/recommendation] 5 lb Live rock [Need assistance/recommendation] Live sand Probably gonna grab some Arag-Alive! Reef Sand - CaribSea Heater [Need assistance/recommendation] Powerhead [Need assistance/recommendation] Aquaclear refugium that extra volume sounds nice Skimmer I know it's useful but not necessary, what am I looking at on the low end of prices on this one and how useful is it? ATO Gravity fed like this one probably Coral as hardy and easy as possible, so like Zoas and mushrooms right?
  23. cheesesteak

    Cheesesteak's 4G Pico

    Hi all! Its been about 7 years since I kept a reef, but I decided to jump back into it after months of research during quarantine. I originally planned on a Waterbox 20, but ultimately decided on something smaller until I have a house and things are permanent. Tank: Enter the UNS 25C (9.84 in^3)! I had ADA tanks back in the day, and I can say that UNS craftsmanship definitely competes. The glass may be a little a greener, but the 45 degree edges and expert silicone work are top notch. I'm really impressed. Livestock: My plan is for this to be a simple zoa and paly heavy pico. I also really liked xenia and cloves back in my old tanks. I may also dabble in some of the less demanding SPS like birdsnest or monti caps. I've also always wanted to keep sexy shrimp, I think they're so goofy. And maybe a goby as well. Lighting: Fluval Marine Nano. Filtration: I have a small Azoo 150 I'll run with Purigen until everything is well established. (I may or may not actually run this...) Flow: hygger Mini for its small form factor. Jebao SLW-10 because it won't blast away my stuff. Things I still need to get: Sand Live Rock Heater Lid ATO Glass scraper Test kit Refractometer Some sort of coral dip Spare heater and pump for SW mixing Empty FTS 7-7-2020
  24. Hey everyone! I used to keep track of my projects on other forums years in the past; I figured I should try to document my tangents once again. I found there are several usb powered miniature water pumps on the internet and it squeezed my thoughts into reason of a similar ratio... put a mini-pump in a mini-sump for a mini-reef! So my latest experiment is a very tiny pico reef aquarium; the system is constructed from found up-cycled material and attempted-budget-purchased equipment. I plan to play with it while I setup other more sustainable systems. The tedious DIY aspects of it are complete; its success will depend on equipment application/reliability from this point. The empty "display tank" can hold .123 gallons. The system is very nearly sealed using multiple containers and a mini pump for movement, no airline or stone. My goal is to culture some type of really-small-polyp coral and micro-fauna. Obviously a few or more concerns: can the pump produce sufficient movement? Avoiding the inevitability of rapid temperature and PH fluctuations. Also, choosing the appropriate species of coral... I just filled it with saltwater not even a few days ago; I had been taking checkpoint pictures and hand-recording processes and will share them with details here as soon as I can. - Brant Here's a teaser photo for now:
  25. So, I currently have a freshwater shrimp tank that is mostly self-sustaining (walstad method) and I was hoping to recreate something similar that's saltwater. My end goal: 3 gallon tank (same size as my freshwater, for aesthetic purposes) Filled with Macros (I don't expect/want a large variety, 3-4 types at most.) Little maintance (Specifically glass cleaning & water changes. I know that I'll need to dose, trim, and top off.) Low tech? (Would love to just need a light. I know something that generates flow may be necessary.) Some fauna (Maybe like asterina starfish, not expecting to be able to support much.) Little testing (Hopefully once everything is stable I'll be able to do everything on a schedule and only test once in a while.) I already have some Macros. Specifically Gracilaria Hayi, and Red Ogo (I think, the store laballed it as Gracilaria Hawaii). I also know that dosing will be necessary in the long run (trace, iron, calcium). I have a few questions for the community to help me get started and hopefully I'll be posting some long term updates/data from my tank. Are there any current posts/websites that go in depth with Macro tanks? (I know tigahboy.h2o on instagram runs lovely macro tanks and responds on there, but I'm hoping to find some other sources.) What is the role of flow in relation to macroalgae? (Why do some need higher flow than others? Can some grow without any?) What are some easy macros that would pair well with what I already have? (ie What grows in similar conditions to Gracilaria Hayi?) What are the best micro fauna for such a setup? (I do mean micro, I'm down for brittle stars, isopods, and the such. I prefer inverts over fish.) How much does the ph in macro tank swing at night? And what would this affect?
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