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  1. debbeach13

    ATI 4 bulb retrofit

    The legs that come with it are about 3.5" and the water is about an inch below the rim so 4.5" The light is just T5 x 4 no LED in the fixture. I do have a pc. of glass over the tank and will be trying a nanobox duo that is being built and I could have as early as next week.
  2. debbeach13

    ATI 4 bulb retrofit

    You may have to jury rig how you mount the light. tank is 30" and light is only 24" so 3" extra on each side. I can not use a hanging mount so I just cut 2" x 2" wood to fit inside the rim and painted them black. I guess you could even try an old glass top to cover the tank and set the fixture on top of that (maybe)
  3. debbeach13

    ? About yellow polyps

    Yes they can be invasive. I think even more than GSP or xenia. But on a small rock by themselves can add some color and movement in the flow. I liked them in a tank with a carpet anemone because If they got stung they would bounce back.
  4. debbeach13

    Sharbuckles 40 - One Year Anniversary

    That frostbite Rhodactis is gorgeous. Tank looks fantastic. Congratulations. I have always loved 40B's miss my old one. Yours is an inspiration.
  5. debbeach13

    .5 gallon Pico Reef AIO (Sort of)

    Welcome to NR is this your first tank?
  6. debbeach13

    5.5g ADA Reef

    Very nice upgrade.
  7. debbeach13

    Caribbean theme (now a 40B)

    I like it. Where is the FTS
  8. Oh WOW Congratulations. Well deserved.
  9. debbeach13

    NanoBox Mini Basic : On/Off Nano/Pico Light

    ^ the above tank 30" x 12" x 24" is the reply no because the tank is 24" Deep?
  10. debbeach13

    NanoBox Mini Basic : On/Off Nano/Pico Light

    This sounds so good. Plug and play is what I need. Sounds like 2 would cover an old fashion 20L tank (measures 30" across) or if successful will you consider some of the larger fixtures?
  11. debbeach13

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

    Such a sweet tank. I hope your fish get better soon.
  12. It is very unlikely that a carpet anemone would eat a tomato clown. I had a carpet for 21 years. It hosted 3 different pairs of clowns. oh and a domino for awhile.