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  1. debbeach13

    🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    CM so sorry about your grandfather. I wish peace for you and your whole family and that you all keep the wonderful memories of Grampa in your hearts.
  2. debbeach13

    Newbie here

    Old salt is so wise. A local club might be one of the best resources for any reefer. Well second best NR is first.
  3. debbeach13

    Newbie here

    There are some great local fish stores out the there. There are also some that are so motivated to make the sale that their advice is not accurate. Also some have employees that really don't have any experience. Some just have not kept up so the advice may be out dated. Like using live fish to cycle a tank. Although used for years it is cruel to the fish and no longer practiced. Check the prices at the LFS and compare with on line. I like to support the local store but if they consistently offer bad advise I look for a different store. But I buy certain consumables on line because you easily save 30% and of course selection at a local store may be limited. No worries about asking questions we enjoy helping. Have you decided if you are going to start with dry rock and use an ammonia source or are you going with live rock which will be wet.
  4. debbeach13

    Newbie here

    So what if the tank is old. Have you leak tested it? If not I would put it on the kitchen counter. Put a gallon of white distilled vinegar in there fill the rest with water if no leaks in a couple hours plug in the pump so you can test it plus the vinegar can clean the pump. After a couple more hours scrub everything with a toothbrush, rinse a couple times. Fill with water and let it run again for a bit to make sure everything is rinsed well. Do not use any soap or cleaning solvent on the tank or any equipment. Vinegar and some elbow grease. Do not worry about an RO/DI unit yet. Buy pre made Salt Water from the local store like you said. In other words GET IT WET. That's just me no rush. A couple gallons of distilled for top offs. You mentioned sand and live rock are you ordering that on line or getting it at the store? Are the lights compact florescent? If there are any bulbs in there I am pretty sure they will need to be replaced but have you plugged them in to see if they work?
  5. debbeach13

    My first saltwater build

    That is a very nice looking set up. You don't fool around. I certainly would not think you were a newbie if you hadn't said so. Welcome to NR. Do you have a decent fish store near you? Did you make a lot of the purchases on line?
  6. debbeach13

    20 gallon long FOWLR journal

    Yes live rock can be dirty. Did you keep it wet on the trip home when you bought it? I thought you used pure ammonia already? If your testing 7-8 ppm of ammonia why do you want to add more ammonia?
  7. debbeach13

    20 gallon long FOWLR journal

    Welcome to NR. We all love to help new people in the hobby so if you have any questions please ask.
  8. debbeach13

    Pico Aquascape (3g)

    I like the less rock scape better. I have always been a fan of the picotope. Following to see what you do.
  9. debbeach13

    Nano Sapiens 12g - Ye 10 Yr. Olde Mixed Reef

    Congratulations on 10 years and TOTM absolutely deserved. So colorful.
  10. debbeach13

    need just a rock or two of Walt Smith 2.1

    Yes I will. Headed out right now but I will pm you later today.
  11. debbeach13

    need just a rock or two of Walt Smith 2.1

    I have an 11lb box of this rock sitting in the original box. Some of the rock has never been in a tank. Some was but has been back in the box over two years. Any way you can have it just cover shipping cost. I have no plans to ever use it. My zip code is 34761 if you want to get an estimate on shipping. I can go to the post office Saturday. The large flat rate box should be about !9.00 using 63005 as your zip
  12. debbeach13

    Marina 20 gallon setup

    Hi again I hope things are going well in your tank. I just wanted to mention that buying test kits and equipment on line can save you a ton of money. Two great companies that sponsor this web site are marine depot and BRS. Actually check out the sponsor forum for a complete list. When you are ready feel free to ask on here. Lighting will most likely be the biggest expense if you upgrade to have coral and there are probably a thousand to pick from. The good news is you can take plenty of time to research lights because you are not ready for coral. Members will be happy to tell you what works for them. For now get some test kits so you can verify the cycle. IMO you need more live rock. Maybe another 10 lb.'s. LR is your biological filter IMO 6 lb.'s just isn't enough. Get more rock and let the tank complete the cycle testing to be sure before any more live stock. Have you heard about CUC? That stands for Clean Up Crew a variety of snails and maybe hermit crabs to help maintain your tank.
  13. debbeach13

    Marina 20 gallon setup

    Cycling with fish is no longer practiced because it often kills the fish. You need to research about cycling your tank. Tap water is usually not clean enough for our tanks. Just removing the chlorine is not enough. Distilled or RO/DI is better. Test the tap water and you will probably find nitrates, phosphate, and TSD's your tank is so much better of without these. For just fish your equipment is ok. That light is fine for fish and will not support coral. When ever possible ask here before buying. The fish store sounds like many in that they want the sale and your money. Although they have a small interest in your success they often unknowingly give bad advise to make the sale. There is a lot to learn and some times things that work for one tank do not work for a different tank. Please take the time to read some of the articles here and else where on setting up and cycling your tank. Then ask some more questions. I know I am repeating myself but it is so important. In the long run it will save you so much money and let you have a beautiful full of HEALTHY livestock. Nano reef members enjoy helping new members. Welcome and Enjoy!
  14. debbeach13

    Fish & Corals Dirty Water

    "Back in the old days" over 35 years ago. Many reefers did 10% every other week or 20% once a month.
  15. Those fish are beautiful! I hope they do well. At least you found some food they love!