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  1. Live Free or Reef, New Inhabitants!

    How exciting! It would be see cute to watch the fry grow. Good luck.
  2. Chris' Creative Container Pico!

    he thermometer you have will till you fluctuations. I would still check temp swings can be trouble. That bowl is so cute.
  3. Cambro Reef

    Sorry to hear about the snail. But good news on the coral.
  4. Cirque Du Reef

    What temp. is the water? Do you have a heater in the mixing bucket? If not try that. I can get away with just the heat from my pump but it is a large pump for just a bucket with 4 gallons of water.
  5. You Should Be Jelly

    So cool thanks for the video. It must be mesmerizing!
  6. Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Improvement

    It does sound like it should bounceback fine.
  7. Cirque Du Reef

    Sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family.
  8. Caribbean theme (now a 40B)

    I count two new rocks. Large on the left and small really white on the right. Looks good
  9. seabass's cookie jar

    That came out perfect
  10. Dawn's seahorse garden II

    Great news
  11. Dawn's seahorse garden II

    Oh No I hope he is OK
  12. Upside Down Pico Reef - Broken Jar...

    Happy that you are already up and running.
  13. You Should Be Jelly

    Is it wet yet!