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  1. Welcome to NR. Yes we love photo's so anytime you want post pictures. How long has the tank been wet?
  2. Why do you think it won't work? Well good luck anyway. Are the tanks in different rooms? I guess with the two of them you can give some equipment reviews or comparision.
  3. Welcome back good luck with your tank. Looks so cute. I still have one that I use for a QT when needed. I hope things go well for you this time. Just take it slow.
  4. Congratulations on being asked to talk again. I am sure you will be great! Is someone going to tape the entire presentation for those of us who can't make it? I hope you get answers for Calleigh and she is OK. Paws crossed.
  5. I am so happy for you. This is well deserved because this pico is stunning. Your continued caring for this tank is an inspiration for many. Congratulations!
  6. I hope your problem is resolved quickly. Lighting is so expensive it is a real set back to have it not working. It is nice to heard the local store is going to help you troubleshoot the problem. Good luck.
  7. Why wait ship the coral you hope loses to me. I'll pay shipping. It's a shame to just kill it. Or can you put a pc. of plastic between them or the really old fashioned idea of moving one of them. HaHa yes move one to tiny and dirty!
  8. Welcome to NR. Just over 2 weeks and your going to double your tank size. I love it.
  9. You will probably never know for sure. Most people recommend putting the most peaceful or timid fish in a tank first so they can establish their territory. Unfortunately clown fish grow to be very territorial and bully's. Fire-fish are very peaceful. Sometimes rearranging the aquascape before putting in the new fish helps because the previous territory no longer exists. Other wise you may need to consider a less peaceful fish that can hold it's own with clowns.
  10. Please do not make a lot of changes. Every thing looks wonderful. I am sure the bags are carbon and that should be changed but do not change both at the same time. Other than that I can not say enough times as others have said if it isn't broke do not fix it. You have done a great job and it is working. All we ever want is healthy livestock which you have. Also great big thanks for answering all our questions and posting the pictures. You and your tank are rock stars!
  11. Check out Aussie Aquariums. They make some hang n the wall aquariums not sure if they need a hole in the wall.
  12. I love this tank. I wish I had one. At 9 months and no losses I would have to say things have gone extremely well. Except for rehoming the yellow fish I would not change a thing. Some LFS just want to make a sale but not all. At first it seemed like the one you went to may have been doing that. Now hearing how successful this tank has been I think they know what they are doing for the most part. It must have been very high quality live rock. Very few people cycle a tank with a fish any more but your tank may have had a very small cycle and the fish sounds fine. I am happy for you and the fish. Please update this post from time to time. Oh yeah welcome to NR.
  13. Welcome back to NR . I really like both of those rock pieces. Good luck with your new tank.
  14. I would not trust it at all. A standard 20 L is $40 at Petco. If you get lucky and it's the $1 per gallon sale $20. Either way a small price to pay for piece of mind. JMO