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  1. At first quick glance I thought you were going to be disqualified for external plumbing. LOL
  2. So glad things are returning to normal. Tank looks like it is back on track.
  3. Sorry about the bad news. I hope it turns out OK. Nice food mix. I used to feed a shrimp and scallop mix but now with less tanks and less fish I just use LRS.
  4. Welcome back. This contest is bringing a few back into the hobby. Your idea sounds interesting. Following and wishing you good luck.
  5. We can live with FTS from the front. No need to climb on any thing. A top down is nice but not required. Glad you are OK.
  6. So great to see this tank still up and running. Your doing some thing right.
  7. When I first saw it I was thinking it was from a river or the back yard. I was not thinking reef rock. It started off good judging from the before picture. I agree it may be worth seeing if there is a way to clean it. Like Clown79 said a sample pc. There are plenty of rubble pieces to try one.
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