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  1. That's a nice crown so red I never see any that color at the LFS.
  2. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    Great looking forward to the next FJS!
  3. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    Wow was that added to the contest container?
  4. Happy tank birthday. Sounds like you have had a few small loses but for the most part the growth and colors are wonderful. Full tank shot looks different / better than just a few months ago. Overall very pleasing visually. I hope to see next years birthday update. Great job.
  5. Buck’s Reef

    Welcome to reefing. It is a great hobby. There is a lot to learn but that is part of the fun. The members here love to help so if you have questions just ask.
  6. Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: January FPS!

    Plants would be a great addition. Love the look of the whole coffee maker.
  7. Kessil h80

    I think it is the A80 for reef tanks.
  8. CSalt's 20" cube (former 20l)

    Oh no I hope the nem is OK. I like the new scape.
  9. My First Pico

    That light was used in last years 100 days contest. You can check a couple of those threads for reference if you like. I have one on my 20L tank. For the money it is a pretty decent fixture. For softies and LPS it is fine. I do not have SPS but people in the context placed some near the top. This light will support coral and some will grow but it is slow growth. So depending on what you are going for it may not be what you want. It works for me. I keep a very simple tank and do not want to have to frag every thing all the time. For me it works great. It is very sleek.
  10. My First Pico

    Two clowns would not live a happy life in 5 gallons. Cute tank. Do you know what light you will use? Welcome to NR.
  11. Raindog's 20 L Not So Cheapo

    I like the new scape. Always good to have a cave:)