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I say it's sort of a penensula because I have it arranged to be viewed from the long side like a regular tank. I built this chonk of a stand from 2x4 and it weighs a ton. I moved all stock from my I'm nuvo 10g into this tank. It's running x2 ai prime hd lights with 3d reefing printed shades. The Curent fish is a davinci clown that I've had probly close to idk 5 years. I'm hoping to add another clown maby a mocha davinci or a mocha storm and probly a 6 line wrasse or a royal gramma later on. On the back side it has this rough textured cling on window black out plastic stuff that I velcroed to the back of the tank quite effectively. It actualy looks quite nice. I added a neoprene mat under the tank even although it came with one. Eventualy I'm going to have a custom top on it. I have the in tank filtration cover over the filter section. I took the skimmer from the 10 and my old style intank media basket. This tank is running the mighty jet pump it came with. As you can see everything is still angry with me and the tank is still a bit hazy.






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Most corals are starting to settle. The cabbage is still mad but it gets easiky annoyed  anyway so I expect a few more days of sulking. Looks like its shedding too. I still want another clown but Instead of a 6 line im seriously thinking about a pink streak or a Tanaka instead. I want a green cabbage for sure and more zoas and lots of shrooms. I killed all the aiptasias 😋. My zoas thank me I'm sure. I havent seen any more but I'll keep an eye out. Maby I can catch the tank lights full on monday when I'm off they are prety low by the time I get home.20210402_200443.thumb.jpg.5b95ca2e28b7e30b15b001eced13acbd.jpg20210402_200538.thumb.jpg.195bff83d871b7c9c2b90aaed58a1be9.jpg20210402_205812.thumb.jpg.e06d51baad8d955d14339a50204f20f1.jpg

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Post waterchange pics from today...toadstool is mad also got my clown a boy friend! Cute little orange storm! I ordered some stuff for a cuc should get it next week and ordered an intresting invert I've wanted too. Still looking for macros to add to this tank every where is sold out of the ones I want....







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So the new clown was doing great then up and vanished. No agression no noted illness...after issues with bad test kits possible stn from cold dammage and possible all swings killed off some of my trachs in the other 20 I moved the remaining 2 in here with the 2 chalices. I got some pompom macros in and added to both stystems. The clam and the tube worm seem to be doing well. I have some c prolifera comming and want to add another chalice more zoas and shrooms. I have a pink streak wrasse ordered and I  am waiting for it. Probly add another clown last.






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I noticed my clam seems slightly larger than when I first got it. I thought it was my imagination. I made it pull back the mantle a bit and took a look. It seems to have a good bit of new growth! Super happy first time trying a clam. I know derasa are one of the faster growing clams but wow! If it continues doing well I may get a second one late this year maby one thats a bit more fancy.



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This link is to the thread about my previous 10g

I ordered some more zoas orange bambams scrambled eggs and tubs blues and a small intresting "favia: that also looks alot like but not quite 100% like a platygyra. "Favigyra" hehe. The plants are starting to grow in dosing some cheato grow sparingly right now dont want it to get out of controll. They should be in sometime this week. I'll get some pics when they are settled.


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I caught an asterina munching my not so healthy bowtie blaster zoas last night....literally the only one that has not exploded in growth in this tank the polyps bleached when I put them in hard to beleive because they were under radions before. They stay tiny and they are hardly spreading even after regaining colorfor some reason. Notlw it seems I know why they wernt recovering they are being eaten. They are small and weak and probly dont pack as much of a sting as the more robust ones so they are an easy target. Those asterinas have never bothered anything before. I'll have to start removing them.

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Fts 20210528_103045.thumb.jpg.baf7910b8a62a5c488abdac62ad7aa60.jpgand some pics if new corals. The tubs blue zoas have not opened yet unfortunatly. I LOVE the scrambled eggs and bam bams.20210527_131119.thumb.jpg.b1870b75b821ec55633f7e177309ae39.jpg20210527_131255.thumb.jpg.cb67d1797d1b9f36de3664b12e99dfbc.jpg New favia color is hard to capture the centers are super  right green and the polyp wall is 2 shades of this purple a d pinkish purple color the purples in the first pic are prety close to its actual color but the greens are. Brighter in person. I caught it with feeders out this morning too.20210527_131631.thumb.jpg.e3cbcb152bcbfec09806fdfc83a57640.jpg20210528_102950.thumb.jpg.b5194067b1c96a135272017a0e3958ec.jpg


I'm prety sure my toadstool was flipping me off after the waterchange.





Maby because I started mixing my own salt again? 20210526_180541.thumb.jpg.5383f4ae4e37c63ec93a4b4a2100ca02.jpgI'm still useing rodi for salt mixing back in the day I used tap from our well system with no real issues but I only was keeping macros and softies then. I still sometimes top off with tap if I dont have rodi readily avalable. Nothing has seemed to mind. Chalice and acan frag seemed to like the new mix they were super fluffy.

.....I have an old icecap ato I should probly hook it up but I'm prety paranoid about overflows and worried about it running dry If i could find a good nano ato with some redundancies would be nice.

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The top offs are bad on the penensula it's like a cup a day. In the other tank is like once sometimes twice a week but the other tank has a glass top and partly covered filtration section. It runs cooler than the other tank also be cause of this I want to put in a heater. I found one that will fit in the pump chamber but the water level fluctuates too much I was going to hook up my ancient icecap ato with a 2.5g tank as a reservoir but last night my snails started getting on the inlet and blocking the flow partialy causing the water level in that chamber to drop. They do this routinely so it's a big risk of triggering the ato to dump water into the tank. I may have to just squeeze the darn heater in next to / below my skimmer pump in chamber 2 and forgo the ato...atleast the temp would be more constant ....ugh guess I'll have to get a top made I actualy kind of liked the one that's on it...

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The favia looks great havent seen feeders but it did eat last night.  The other not so much the water was s little cloudy and didnt smell great in the bag when I got it but it was still intact looking so I thought it was ok. It didnt react at all yesterday during acclimation and never puffed up or anything after I put it in but it looked ok otherwise. Now it appears sections of tissue are sloughing off today. It was sent with a cold pack in the box but the water was still prety warm when it got here. Dang it. I had a sillilar problem with a war paint scoly years ago when I ordered from Austin aquafarms its actualy the reason I havent ordered from them again untill now. The live arrival is only like 2 hrs after you get it too. Atleast it was on sale and I didnt pay that much for it. Hopfully it stops sloughing tissue and turns around.

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Ok sooo cleaning the garage and storage shed and I just found a 3/4 full bucket of instant ocean reef Crystal's that I aparently misplaced and forgot about. I thought it was empty or had something else in it at first.  I havent seen it since probly 2010....its dated to 2009...is that stuff even any good lol.  It's still sealed and it's not a brick soooo dose this stuff even go bad? I guess I can keep it for a back up for emergency if it's ok to use...realy I have no idea it's one of those big buckets too. I would hate to toss it but....and I just bought that bucket of tropic marin bio-actif salt too lol.

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Picture dump! Tank is doing well just killed some anoying glass anemones again they keep popping up. It takes sevral aplications on the larger ones by the time they die I find another one somewhere 😖





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I dont yhink I've ever mentioned my muscles I have 2 and they are mottled brown and green they are slow growers came as hitchhikers and they came as the size of marbles but are now about 2.5 inches long. Even tho they are nps filter feeders they seem to be doing fine I've had them sevral years now.





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Oof the gorg is shedding! Ew! The new Male clown is not eating after a week. He was at the store like 4 months so I know he was eating at the lfs. I have tried many many foods and I'm trying garlic extreme and something else that smells like bananas I think is made by seachem cant think of the name if it right now.

Also...he bites>:(

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