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  1. Droy's C.C. Pico Jar-o-nonsense

    Nice! Looks like an easy escape route for critters too LOL. Hermits?
  2. Chris' Creative Container Pico!

    Give me a fricken break!!!!!!! Me slow down???? This looks AMAZING Nice work, Mr. Pico That's it. I'm out. You win
  3. Ty-ron and Precious' Crib- CC contest

    There's always a bright side! Feel better .
  4. Sharbuckles Creative Container Pico Contest Tank

    oops! kimberbee had that happen too.
  5. Ty-ron and Precious' Crib- CC contest

    Yeah, I asked because usually the older ones no longer have the poms. But they will pick up other things. I have an old one in my 10 (although I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks now) and he grabs pieces of other coral and carries them around. It's pretty neat.
  6. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    You guys are funny!!!!! I got some really nice stuff at RAP! Plus I pulled a few things from my 10 gallon so it just looks like it's months old. It's really only like 11 days old . You'll see.....these jars don't take much to make them look like adults when they are really just babies .
  7. Lula Mae's "Jarden" of Enjoyment

    That squat lobster is way cool!!!!! You guys made me get up and go look for the "line". I never even noticed it. Mine ended up on the right side where there is pretty much nothing because of the shade from my ledge. Thank god! My typical luck would have been for it to be right in front, in view .
  8. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    Was it you that had those amazing bright yellow polyps but you ended up losing them? Maybe in the seahorse tank and it was determined that it was probably too cold for them? That sounds really familiar. I'm glad you have some again, if that was you .
  9. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    Hahaha...you have nothing to worry about . I've seen your build so far . Ok, I will do that. Thanks for the suggestion .
  10. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    Yep, it's a lithophyllon. I got that from Legendary Corals. It's my first. I don't think it will grow very fast, but we'll have to wait and see . It seems to really love the jar so far. I haven't glued it down yet and have already knocked it over a couple of times, but it's still happy. I think I found an ideal spot for it where it's at now.
  11. It's soooo sciencey . It looks really cool but all I see are dongs when I look at it. Like 3 of them. And the hairy is just too much LMAO.
  12. Orangutran's excuse to reef at work

    You'll have more control with a cup. My siphon pulls water out SUPER fast. Makes for a quick water change I suppose LOL. It's a little difficult holding the tube while trying to mix up the water to get the detritus and not banging into corals .