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  1. Clowns typically aren't so stubborn with food. Maybe he still needs more acclimation time....just not comfortable yet in the new home. He looks healthy so hopefully everything will work out .
  2. stubborn. One of my least favorite things to deal with is a fish that won't eat . Do you think turning the flow off would help?
  3. Get some coral cutters. Marine Depot sells them, that's where I got mine. But all the reef retailers seem to carry them. They work great. Definitely a necessary tool for this hobby, IMO . That and scissors for the softies.
  4. This is so awesome! Congrats on all the painting success . Take video or pics of your booth at RAP!!!! I'm in the mood for reef shopping at a reef show LOL. Wish I could go!
  5. The brain looks great! The fishy looks cute . Glad he's eating for you now!!!!
  6. Thanks! I'm totally into finding my own material. So far I've been able to get free Sycamore branches and free bamboo from my own yard. I'm going to plant a birch tree in the next couple of weeks so eventually I'll be able to use that as well. It's funny, now when I'm out walking, I'm always checking fallen branches for something interesting/unique that I can use for my art .
  7. Yay!!!! Congrats kimberbee!!!!!
  8. Thanks! Oh I know about the smiling..they just make me smile . The wood branch is from a California Sycamore tree. They are a very pretty creamy color with interesting bark. But messy as heck. We had big winds last week so I made my way to a local park that has a bunch of these trees and picked up quite a few branches that had fallen. I love free materials for my art .
  9. Thanks! My tank is always my creative outlet in the beginning. I'm not adding anything anymore, I can only watch it grow, so gotta let the creativity flow from another outlet LOL. I did get the plant hanger made. Took me two days to complete since I ended up getting a late start. I love how it turned out though. I'm going to make another to sell. I also made these . I just like experimenting. Trying to find something new that no one else is doing. I've always had a thing for pompoms....whether it's fiber or saltwater crab LOL. Sorry . Jackie and I were talking on Instagram. She thinks it could ship Priority mail just fine. I'm not ready to hack at it yet, but probably this fall. If you still need one then, I can hook you up! Thanks! I think they are hit and miss. It really depends on who is in charge of your store's fish department. As long as the guy we have sticks around, it should be good .
  10. SPS is a mystery to me lol. I say if it hasn't started peeling yet, you are ok. Unless it's a slow process. It's always been fast for within hours.
  11. I hope yours does a zombie imitation like mine did . I also hope the interview went really well and the job is right for you!
  12. Oh birthday coral shopping sounds like fun!!!! Yeah, Petco!!! Check one out if you see one. They carry ORA corals, which is what this one is. I recognized it as soon as I saw it. I'm constantly experimenting with new macrame ideas. It's addicting!!!! I'll be making a double plant hanger, hopefully today, for myself. The fun thing is, I love to do it so much, and if I sell some of my creations, fantastic. If not, no biggie. I just love creating. I may eventually need to try some local art and craft shows. I picked up some vintage macrame books that are a ton of fun to go through and get ideas from. I really love my new creative outlet . Yeah, when they are happy, they really take off! Lots of nutrients and lots of light seems to be the key to success. Thanks, Mark!
  13. xenia is a weird coral. I bumped a small section of mine while cleaning one day. A few days later it started to disintegrate. I cut it with scissors to get it out of there. Now what flesh was left of that small clump is growing new little tiny heads. If you love it, I'd try it again after your tank is settled from the move. I loved your Violent/hot dog story . Hedgies are too cute.
  14. I love your photos . Maybe get him when he's admiring his reflection LOL. Do sixlines do that? I can't remember. I know my pink streaked wrasse does it all the time. Too funny. Oh, I have a succulent addiction too .
  15. aren't the white tips just growth? From my experience, when a birdsnest starts to go south, the flesh will start peeling from the bottom. Yours looks great to me .