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  1. Thanks! The fox coral gets really big. I took it to my LFS and had them cut it for me. I kept 1/4 and they kept the rest. Both pieces did just fine with the cut too. I saw it in their tank a few weeks was ginormous LOL. I can't remember if I got those from her but the coloring looks the same. Blastos have always been at the top of my favorite list. Mushrooms and blastos . And your pom pom crab chose the perfect little spot to call home! SO cute!!!!!
  2. Mine likes a fox coral (LPS) so I'm positive the porcelain crab would make do with whatever you have. I've never seen any interaction between my porcelain crab and the pom pom crab. Both keep to themselves. These two species are the only crabs I would consider keeping. Hermits are little punks LOL.
  3. Wow...gorgeous plate! And great price!
  4. I love the pom pom crab! Mine hasn't had it's poms for years, but he's still cool. He'll pick up little pieces of coral. Or I guess he probably breaks little pieces of coral off. Check out the porcelain anemone crabs. I think you'd love one of those too. The white ones are the prettiest. And if you get a rock flower anemone, it will probably hang out in it .
  5. I was talking about the Morphologic vice zoas . The others are nice too though .
  6. Thanks, Dave! I contacted Innovative Marine and they were super awesome. I explained that I got the floor model at MACNA and that I didn't even have a receipt and they still let me exchange it. I just had to send mine back to them...and they paid for the return shipping too. They know I advertise the tank a lot on Instagram which probably helped LOL.
  7. Still gorgeous! Does the one at your LFS look like the one in the video? Both are nice! I kinda like yours better. The color is incredible .
  8. How's that long tentacle toadstool doing?
  9. Hahaha...I wonder how many gallons that would be .
  10. Sounds easy enough :). I'll keep that in mind for my future blasto fragging!
  11. No wonder your bowl does so well and looks so good! And, thank you!!!
  12. I think you have enough miami vice zoas, to send me a couple .
  13. Thanks for the congrats! I was pretty excited. I have to run out to the post office today to mail off my first SOLD creation. Yep, evaporation will be even more noticeable and detrimental in a pico/bowl. It's crazy all the new gadgets that are out even from just a few years ago. And compared to when I first started's a different reefing world . Although what I had available back then would still work today just fine. Especially for a K.I.S.S. system.
  14. If I still had the big tank, I'd totally order another 5. But can't do it with this 20g. I see them at my LFS occasionally, so that's good for when I need to replace him.
  15. It's hard to know how old they were when we got them too. Was yours from the eBay seller or someplace else? I got like 5 of them from eBay, and they dwindled to just 2. Now I have the one left. I think I remember reading the life expectancy is like 2 or 3 years. Such a shame. They are great little fish.