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  1. For some reason I didn't think you had a tank anymore. I hope you can figure this out!!!! I'd personally do a huge cleaning. Pull all of the rock out, scrub the tank down, clean the back chambers and all pumps really good. It's a lot of work but it does make a difference. Everything is pissed off as it is so a little moving around shouldn't make much difference .
  2. gena

    Gena's IM Nuvo Fusion 10

    Hi, everyone! Happy Friday to you all . Long time no updates 😊 I disassembled my pico jar and moved everything that was in there to this tank (minus the rock). It's all sort of willy nilly in here. I was able to save my giant stomatella snail from the jar. That took a little coaxing since you can't just pry them off of rock. I had him slither onto my gloved hand and then plopped him in the 10g. Easy peasy LOL. I'll get an updated photo soon. I haven't done a water change on this tank in geez...I'm not even sure how long it's been now. Have to look that up. Ok..well it's only been a month. Feels like so much longer lol. It's doing great!!!! I do dose alk/ca to keep up with all the LPS growth. Everything is looking wonderful. I wonder how long I can go without a water change????? Here's a little video from about 2 weeks ago.
  3. gena

    Polarcollision's Nuvo 24: Triton water test

    So pretty! I love your chalices, always have. Congrats on the certification .
  4. I've got the solution to all of your algae problems!!!!!!! Get rid of all fish No really!!!!! It totally works. Algae (cyano, dino) free and fish free over here Without a means to export fish waste in little aquariums, it's a losing battle. Get rid of the poop (fish) and you get rid of the water quality issues. That's my take away from being fish free for several weeks now. Unless you want to add a protein skimmer to your tank. That would probably really help. But I know removing fish works .
  5. gena

    Creative Container Contest - Final Results

    Awwwww....close but no cigar LOL. Congrats to teeny and fishfreak and everyone for a job well done!!!! And an extra special thanks to those that voted for my pico .
  6. gena

    Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    Everything looks wonderful! I didn't know you had a mandarin . He/she is perfect in there!
  7. gena

    A Journey in a jar.

    Oh you will . I stopped directly feeding my coral a couple of months ago and they are still growing pretty rapidly. I can't imagine what the growth would have been if I had continued with the mysis feedings. I'm not sure that would be an ideal thing in such a small space LOL. From my experience....after about 3 months is when the jar will hit it's groove (mature) and then it's smooth sailing .
  8. gena

    Kimber's Pretty Pico - New super short video

    Why are there so many Sanchos?????
  9. gena

    A Journey in a jar.

    Looks great! I like the scape! I see lots of platforms .
  10. gena

    Kimber's Pretty Pico - New super short video

    Walking distance is awesome . That's a decent sized lot too!
  11. gena

    Kimber's Pretty Pico - New super short video

    What's your house like? Do you have a decent lot or did you go subdivision? I'm hoping to get an acre when we move. Well, an acre at the minimum. I'm so over the city living . I don't mind having all the perks of a big city nearby...I just don't want to be in the middle of it again. Unless it's a brownstone in Manhattan or something like that...that'd be cool LOL.
  12. gena

    Creative Container Contest - Final Results

    It's getting worse with age .
  13. gena

    Creative Container Contest - Final Results

    I didn't even notice the 4,5,6. I guess I'm not too observant .
  14. gena

    Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    Thanks! You too!!!! The color you have going on in your jar is . So natural looking.
  15. gena

    Kimber's Pretty Pico - New super short video

    That's so close to where I lived...LaPorte! My mom and I used to take trips to Valpo often...to a health food store there that she liked. The memories . I'm so excited for you!!! Congrats!!!!