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  1. Butchy21

    Congratulations!!!! Oh, and those mushrooms .
  2. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    Thank you sooo much Haha....thanks a bunch . A while ago I thought I saw a stomatella snail in this jar. But it was small and not moving so I wasn't positive. WELL.....flash forward to this last week. I was looking in the jar before the lights came on and saw this giant beast LOL. Confirmed!!!! I have a stomatella snail and he's doing quite well judging by it's growth. So, I officially DO have a living creature in here besides coral (and pods) .
  3. cincyJames' Gumball Pico

    Oh wow <3. I don't think I could love this more. So whimsical and fun. It looks amazing! It just keeps getting better .
  4. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    Thank you both very much! @fishfreak0114 I have 5 different blastos in there now.
  5. Cambro Reef

    My pink goniopora is a goner too .
  6. I love that fish <3. So how is he doing in the jar? I wonder if you are the first to add a fish?????
  7. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    January update time. Nothing new . Just a little growth. Still no snails or crabs or shrimp or anything but pods. I'm growing quite a few tiny feather dusters which are cute. I could see them getting out of control though. I'm growing some algae too but it's easy to control with my toothbrush scraper and some peroxide. So basically everything is just chugging along. I'm doing one water change a week, sometimes I go over a week without a water change. Now that the jar is more mature, it can totally handle it, which is nice.
  8. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    Thank you . Happy New Year to you too!!!!!
  9. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    Happy New Year, @Christopher Marks!!!!! Pico jar is well. I have sorta kinda neglected it for a week . But no worse for the wear. I'll be doing my water change today . I think it's much more stable now and can handle some neglect now. Time to experiment more on that . Gorgonians have been an issue in my 10g tank. I don't have any in this jar. But things are much better in the 10g now. Algae in this jar is minimal. Easily brushed off with my handy dandy algae brush (aka, toothbrush). Yeah, they were awesome. I'll check my LFS maybe this week to see if he fragged them. And if so, maybe I'll buy one LOL.
  10. Dawn's Reef Jar

    The nice thing is if something like that happens you can easily correct it...just a 100% water change . And thank you for the compliment .
  11. Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: January FPS!

    Sooo nice. What a happy little coffee pot .
  12. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    I was able to make a couple of frags of the pink and blue merlettis but nothing else. I would have needed a saw for the purple and green blastos and I really didn't need a frag of those that badly. They were unique though. I don't think I've seen them anywhere, since I got them a few years ago. I'll have to see if my LFS fragged them up yet.
  13. Lula Mae's "Make a Wish" 15 long--pics!

    The fox is cute . You can feed it mysis or pellets...they love to eat!
  14. Dawn's Reef Jar

    That's interesting. Was the leftover mysis refrigerated or had it been sitting out overnight? Latest pic of jar is .
  15. Lula Mae's full circle 5.5--new pics!

    The bulb color is so nice!!!!! I think it's a great combo of white and blue .