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Found 7 results

  1. Hope someone has experienced something like this and the clam has survived ....? I brought this clam a few months ago. Seemed to be doing well extended nicely, showing beautiful colour etc etc couldn't see anything which could tell me the clam wasn't doing great. Brought x3 red legged hermit crabs on Saturday. This morning noticed my clam turned other way and when closer looked half the mantle has been removed and the exhalent siphon has been removed just leaving a gaping hole. My question really is Has anyone experienced this or similar for example mantle damage and the clam survived ?? Water parameters are in check, phosphates correct etc Just would like to see him through it if he will make it 😞 Added a 'before' photo of the clam so you can see how much is missing, the certain 'red legged'hermit is on top of it, have only ever seen the hermit clean the outer shell previously but now probably will finish him off i guess with the state that he is in
  2. Noticed this morning clam tipped to his side a little and noticed 2 Strings coming from the bottom where his foot should be I have seen a little type spaghetti worm waving near him and thought it could be a worm trying to get near his foot ? his foot is obviously not attached as you can see in this picture is it a worm ? is it something to do with his foot ?as I gently tried to brush them off thinking it was worms and they are very strong ? any help and advice would be great otherwise clam fully extended doing great as far as I’m aware
  3. Got my first clam today 🤗 the shop has said its a cross between Crocea and Max came from a clam farm where they are all mixed ? Anyone seen this before and can offer any advice on care? Grooves look very Max....?
  4. A Conversation About Clams With James Fatherree We discuss writing, diving, clam care, and more! Â
  5. So I have a strange question for everyone. I’ve noticed what I can only call a strange organ or possibly some kind of worm that has been coming out of my maxima clam right at the inlet siphon. It has recently been coming out later in the evening when the lights start to dim. I’m just wondering if anyone knows what the heck this is and if it’s something to be concerned about. I appreciate any help you guys can offer with figuring out what this is. I took a picture but it’s not the best...
  6. Hi! Due to a nasty hair algae and bubble algae problems I've been battling for over 2 years I decided to take the plunge and start all over again with new cycled rocks. I've been cycling these new dry rocks on a bucket for 2 moths. Anyway, during the transition time, I'm planning on transfering all my corals to a quarantine tank and peroxide diping them on a 3:1 saltwater to peroxide 6% solution in order to avoid the algae contamination to the new system. The question is: Is it safe to peroxide dip a crocea clam on a diluted solution? How much diluted is safe? There is some algae on the rubble its attached and on clam shell. I'm afraid that only spot treating the shell will not avoid contamination. Thank you!
  7. Not really sure what to make of this. The clam has been happy for almost four months now, but I just noticed yesterday that part of his mantle is retracted. These pics were taken last night and really no change today. Certainly doesn't look like PM, but I really have no idea what else it could be. He still reacts well and besides this part of his mantle, expands well. My other two derasas have shown no symptoms of PM either, leading me to believe this guy is possibly being irritated by something. Yet on that side of the shell, there is just some rock. I stared at him for about an hour last night, no parasitic snails, nothing picking on him, and I couldn't see anything inside the shell that could be irritating him. I'm really at a loss. Anyone ever seen anything like this before?