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Found 23 results

  1. Acan species only tank

    Hi, I would love to set up a acan only reef tank that is 10 gallons or less.. ideally I would like an AIO tank.. also if it has a kit that comes with a light to happily support a variety of acans that would be great! If not some affordable light recommendations that would be compatible with the tank would be awesome! I would like to do no modifications to the tank and I was think maybe a cadlight 8 gallon or IM nuvo fusion 10 but have heard mixed options about both and the IM supposivly needs many modifications to get it up and running. Thanks and let me know
  2. Hey everybody! So I'm in the planning stages of upgrading My 17g nano aqua japan nano cube and could really use some feed back. Im planning on purchasing a Nuvo 30L because I love the way it looks and it will fit perfect on top of my dresser. Also my Allardi clown is getting bigger and i would love the extra water volume to add a another fish maybe as well as have a little more room for coral growing out. So my main question is how do I go about actually doing the upgrade?? Should I start fresh and run both tanks while cycling the new one and move everything over once the new tank is cycled? or will it be ok if I just move everything to the new tank right away. Thanks for the help guys
  3. Goal of this build was to build a nano 9 gallon with an AIO and sump that houses a refugium all while maintaining a very clean look. I selected a pretty big pump to avoid any power heads in the tank. I'm unsure the functionality of a fuge in such a small tank. If anything its for fun! Tank: Aquamaxx 9.1 gallon low cuboid Lights: Marine Orbit LED 24" Refugium lighting: LED grow light strip Pump: Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 357gph Skimmer: TBD Media Reactor: TBD Heater: Lifegard Aquatics Pre-Set Quartz Heater - 50 Watt AOI: DIY Acrylic SUMP: DIY Acrylic Livestock: TBD First renders of idea Basic plumbing diagram. First AIO is around 8.5"x10". It will be sitting on top of refugium that will be around 7"x15". The area where plumbing goes does not contain water and will house the air pump for possible future skimmer. Might T off the plumbing and run a reactor. Also will house power bricks for lights. Rough draft determining room and drain and return placement Aquascape Never too early to start the biological filtration on your tank. Adding dry sand in a couple days to also start growing bacteria. Used dry rock and dry sand and seeded with biospira. Next step is drilling the holes for plumbing. I have a 3/4 drain but might be upping that to a 1". My question is do i really need a bulkhead. If you look at the above the bulkhead wont actually support anything besides its own weight. It will just overflow into the AIO. The bulkhead requires a much larger hole than necessary since its not supporting plumbing. Ill be putting the drain 1/2 to 3/4' from the top. Does this sound okay since its 5mm glass and no hardline or even soft lines connected. Still required: - DIY acrylic aio and sump - Refugium light - Plumbing - Permanent oak stand Let me know questions, concerns and compliments
  4. 22 Gallon Long Aquamaxx

    Where do I start.. I’ve had a tank awhile back but due to time and work was never around so I gave it all away to a close friend. Fast forward nine years in my new place I’ve been looking to do something plus there is a hole where my kitchen is so I thought what better way then to stick a tank in. I was was initially interested in the IM20 peninsula tank and found one on Craig’s list for a great deal however the seller backed out for unknown reasons and I took the money to spend on other things. Sort of sucked but I was angry that I didn’t get the tank which in short made me go out to buy and replicate the same deal in which I spent more money. From the start I wanted to only pick up 2nd hand items as to make the build a little cheaper.... HAHAHA that did not work out so well. Right on black Friday I noticed the same (IM20) tank on sale from 250 down to 200 which was great and I almost pulled the trigger. The only reason I didn’t was the tank dimensions the counter I have for the kitchen hole in the wall was about 6 ft long by 12 in wide. so I thought the IM20 would not "fill" it out enough. So I didn’t purchase the tank, and started looking into finding a 4 ft x 12" tank (height I wanted was around 12-15") so it was going to be a shallow tank. The only place I found that would fill this kind of order was glass cages. The down side is their customer service sucks and that I would have to drive all the way to Tampa and pick up the tank, since they only ship to distribution hubs. Back to the drawing board I went and I’ve been lurking on bulkreefsupply as well as well as marineeepot for the perfect tank. On my odyssey I came across two tanks albeit it didn’t fit my length requirements I figure it was the only way to go: Mr Aqua 22 gallon or the aquamaxx 22 gallon both of which were rimless and both are low iron though the aquamaxx was 40 dollars cheaper. So aquamaxx was my choice due to price and the reviews were great on marine depot. As I’m sitting there late one night an email came in and flashed across my screen: marine depot sale aquamaxx 22 gallon low iron is on sale for 169.99... say no more shut up and take my money. From the the start since I was going to pick a 22 gallon long and that it will be in the kitchen , knew I would need an AIO setup in the tank since I have no where to put a sump etc, so oceanboxdesigns was a clear winner due to quality and worksmanship, so on top of purchasing the tank that night the 30 bucks I saved I picked up a Compatible pump for the AIO reef conversion and pulled the trigger and put the deposit on an oceanboxdesigns AIO. Total cost: $390.00 The tank came quick (though I had a processing mix up which was fixed by marine depot). The oceanbox on the other hand took close to 3.5 weeks to arrive(their website advertised 1-2 weeks max) though I would suspect the holidays for the delay. I received it shorty after the new years. With all items in hand I started out to start setting up the tank and sourcing out the other items needed. I purchased the following to start working on the tank all rough estimates as i tended to round up Home Depot $15: Command clips for wire management $10 1 tube of reef safe silicon $5 Walmart: $29 2 x 6gallon containers for water $24 (12 a piece) 1 roll of black vinyl ($5) Amazon: Total $80 (it was about 50 and change for the chemicals and supplies and 30 for the live sand) Chemi Pure Elite Purigen Filter floss Bio Spira Filter bags 40LB bag of live sand 2nd hand market: total $150 Current Orbit Marine 36-48" light (new) - found locally from someone who never used it $60 Dry Rock 50lbs worth for $30 Ghost Protein skimmer $40 Running Cost: $664 The only things i need to source after is a used WP10 and some live stock after it cycles. And now pics: Images: Tank the day i received it: Lighting: OceanBox AIO: Scape:
  5. Newbie Ian here, experienced wild betta breeder and rare plant grower. After months of research I went to my LFS and picked up a FLuval SeaEvo or whatever. Brought it home decided I was an idiot and went back for the new Cobalt C-VUE 18 AIO, which is GORGEOUS and great quality, at least for an AIO, though It actually doesn't come with all that much. Perhaps I'm old fashioned but when it says "All In One" I should get a heater, skimmer, and especially a light. That being said the tank is lovely 20"W 12" T 16 Deep with dual filter socks, and a Flow Rate of 165 GPH. So my first question is this, anyone else running one of these? 2. I am going to buy Live sand this week and water and stone in two (payday ya know?) how important is light and heat at this stage? Thanks in advance for the A's
  6. My first tank! Excited to start the nano reef hobby. Goal is to be 100% Aquacultured/Captive Bred with zero impact on actual reefs. Tank: Waterbox AIO 20g http://waterboxaquariums.com/product/waterbox-20-cube/ Lighting: Kessil a80 tuna blue with mechanical timer (currently on for 6hrs/day in the setting of diatom bloom which has now resolved) Heat Source: Cobalt Neo Therm, with electric thermometer for confirmation (currently set at 77deg) Substrate & rocks: Live Aragonite sand, 12lbs of BRS ReefSaver, 6lbs Real Reef Rock http://realreefrock.com/ Water: "Real ocean water" from LFS, top off with distilled water Additives: Initially began cycle with BioSpira; StartSmart Complete recommended by LFS for water changes Fish: 1 DaVinci Clown Corals: 1 Galaxea Coral Anemone: ?Green BTA (This guy came from LFS attached to my Real Reef Rock). Hoping he survives and can one day host my DaVinci Feed: PE frozen mysis and calanus Water Changes: ~20% change every 1.5 weeks with "real ocean water" from LFS, daily top offs with distilled water Current parameters: T 77, Salinity 1.025-1.026, Using API kit: Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate ~15ppm Currently approaching 1month mark! Plan to get 2 fire shrimp next week if water parameters look good. Any tips, advice, feedback is appreciated.
  7. Biota Aquariums

    Hello I was wondering any opinions on the Biota Aquarium. The biota aquarium is a saltwater kit that includes fish and optional coral. If anyone of you guys have one can you please tell me how you like it pros/cons of each plz? Thank you https://biotaaquariums.com/
  8. DVS 25 Lagoon

    Hi Everyone! I recently set up my 25 lagoon after tearing down my Fluval evo 13, and am thrilled to get it underway. I mistakenly posted it in the tank journal section, but would rather keep it updated in this section of the forum. So far my build goes like this. Right now all the corals in my tank are just jammed in there as it was getting late, and i just wanted to make sure things were alive. So far, so good, no losses. I thought i might have lost my Tailspot Blenny, but he showed up last night. I was really worried i may have smushed him under a rock. I'll post some pictures once things are glued down and looking good. Thanks for taking a look! You can see more of my build progress on instagram too if youre interested @dvs_evo13 is my user name. Also, if anyone else is interested in the 3D printed floss holders, i got the file here. They were built buy a user on Reef Central named twitchy. they fit awesome, and work great. i printed 2 holders for 10$ locally. Lots cheaper than the floss holders on amazon. Build List: IM Lagoon 25 100w Cobalt Neotherm Heater Sicce 1.5 Return Pump 3D Printed Floss Holders AI Prime HD BRS DIY Screen Top 20lbs Fiji Pink Sand Live Stock: Tail Spot Blenny Coral: Setosa Green Monti Cap Red Monti Cap Sunset Monti ORA Birdsnest Panope Birdsnest Miyagi Tort RMF Biohazard Red Robin Acro Red Mili Green Stag Red/Green Candy Canes Neon Green Candy Canes Blue Candy Canes Splatter Toxic Hammer Purple Octospawn Yellow Octospawn multicolor frogspawn Purple tip green frogspawn Green Pocilipora Blasto Wellsi BLasto Merletti Neon Green Toadstool Purple Gorgonia Utter Chaos Scrabled Eggs Sunny Ds Radioactive Dragon eyes Japanese Sunburst Zoas Red Chalice Miami Hurrican Chalice Green Duncans Blue Duncans Acan Lords (4) ASD War Coral Bowerbanki Superman rhodactis mushroom Green Fungia Plate ...i think i got it all.. Future Buys: 2-3 more fish (Clown, Royal Gramma, Not sure on the last one) Bubble Gum Digi Aussie Gold Torch Cali Tort Green Slimer Other lower end SPS 1 Trochus Snail (Planning to get 2 more) 5-6 Blue legged Hermits (trading in for small snails) Mangrove Pod
  9. Here is a video I made unboxing the fluval evo 12 if anyone is interested. I made the video over a year ago when they first came out then I just left it in its box and barely started it up in September. I will be posting another video soon of me setting up the tank once I get my computer fixed. Hope everyone likes it ☺️
  10. Hello All, Join me on keeping a journal of my small glass box of paradise. My goal is for a mixed reef consisting of soft, LPS and some SPS coral. I plan on keeping you guys updated on my tanks progress and additions. Current tank setup is as follows. Hardware •JBJ RL20 with JBJ stand •Aquaticlife Mini 115 Skimmer •Jebao PP-4 Pump •MarsAqua 120W Programmable LED •JBJ ATO (currently on order) •Intank Media basket utilizing floss/purigen Undecided on a controller for automation but more than likely will be going with a RKL. Livestock • Onyx x True Percula bonded pair • CUC ( 6 crabs, astrea & nassarius snails, mini brittle stars, etc.) Corals •Superman mushroom •Acan •Chalice •Encrusting Monti •War Coral Just added coral today and can’t remember the names to save my life. I just remember the guy at the LFS not really knowing the names himself. The goal is for a mixed reef full of color and variety. Please feel free to offer suggestions or simply enjoy this journey with me. Thanks!
  11. MINI All In One's

    The CAD Lights Mini Series is the perfect all-in-one aquarium for any level of hobbyist. Perfectly sizes to create a nano-reef or freshwater planted aquarium. Low iron glass makes for crystal clear viewing and intelligently designed filtration compartments will help you to maintain a stunning aquarium. 1/4" Low iron ultra clear glass with hand-curved corners Energy efficient LED clamp light Moonlighting Includes plumbing and pump Clean and clear silicone seams Comes with a single panel glass cover Specifications Dimensions: (12" x 12" x 13") Energy efficient Marine LED 3 Watt clip on light with moonlight setting 187 GPH return pump Cell cast acrylic filter wall Multi-habitat aquatic filtration system (Marine, Reef, or Freshwater) $210
  12. TANK SALE!

    Time for a Nano Sale! ALL of our AIO Nano tanks and Zen series tanks are 20% off!! SALE ends 10/1/17 https://www.cadlights.com Features: 5mm Low iron ultra clear glass with hand-curved corners Includes plumbing and pump Clean and clear silicone seams Comes with a single panel glass cover Specifications Dimensions: (16" x 16" x 17") 250 GPH return pump Cell cast acrylic filter wall Multi-habitat aquatic filtration system (Marine, Reef, or Freshwater)
  13. Tank Sale!

    Time for a Nano Sale! ALL of our AIO Nano tanks and Zen series tanks are 20% off!! SALE ends 10/1/17 Features: 5mm Low iron ultra clear glass with hand-curved corners Includes plumbing and pump Clean and clear silicone seams Comes with a single panel glass cover Specifications Dimensions: (16" x 16" x 17") 250 GPH return pump Cell cast acrylic filter wall Multi-habitat aquatic filtration system (Marine, Reef, or Freshwater)
  14. Hey everyone, I've been looking into this off and on for a while since I built this tank, but I can't seem to come to a head on which lighting would be best for me. I did skim through the led lighting section for similar tanks and looked at product details but they did not really tell me anything I needed to make a definitive decision.(they actually made me have more questions than solve) I have a 24" x 14" x 15" ~22g tank I built when I upgraded from a 10g a few months ago. without the back sump, the tank is 24" x 14" x 12" I think these dimensions are very similar to a IM nuvo 20g if im not wrong. My current lighting is two 20" finnex stingrays set to 9 hrs per day, I dont know if this lighting is really considered sufficient since at least in the FW side, it is considered a low-medium light with a par of around 30 I believe(par at the bottom of tank 14"). Well I thought I could find a light by looking at what people are using on their nuvo 20g tanks, and there seems to be a few options From what I've seen the options are; kessil a160 tuna blue 2 kessil a80 tuna blue AI Prime 24-36" current orbit marine My corals I currently keep are an acan, blasto, xenia, GSP, ricordia, and few zoanthids. afaik this is considered a mixed reef, I plan to shoot for a possible birds nest seriatoporia coral in the highest part of my tank, and/or possibly some sort of frogspawn/hammer. I would like to keep my options open so if possible I can use low-high lighting. another bit to add to this, but I notice at least with SW lighting, theres not really much attention given to red LED specifically 660nm part of the spectrum, is there any reason for this? In FW there is usually red added to the LED array for the second usable section of light by plants(440nm being the first and 660nm being the second) I dont quite understand the imbalance, do corals not use this? anyways, Any recommendations, experiences, or advice will be extremely helpful as Im still wrapping my head on this after quite a long time at looking at it. here is a pic of my tank for reference, and again thanks for anyone who can help or reply.
  15. Imagitarium 3.7

    I recently got a cheap tank at petco that I thought might be fun to mod, the 3.7 gallon imagitarium PRO delux. I drilled the false wall and fitted it with a bulkhead and some loc-line, replaced the stock pump, painted the sump section, and replaced the stock filtration with a filter sock and some chemipure blue. Display: Imagitarium PRO Delux Aquarium, 3.7-gallon Lighting: ABI 12W Tuna Blue LED bulb in some cheap desk lamp Filtration: Filter Sock and Chemipure Blue Heater: none so far, seeing how much heat my pump puts out Circulation: Eheim 600 Compact Pump Rock: BRS Reefsaver Sand: CaribSea Arag-Alive Future Projects/Equipment HOB Aquaclear Refugium Reef Glass Nano Protein Skimmer some kind of gravity fed ATO Stocking Plan changes weekly (if not daily)
  16. Hey reefers!! I'm headed down the chaeto route and I'm looking for suggestions on an LED for healthy growing a Billiard size chaeto ball in a media basket on my all in one. I see the JBJ and IM options. Can I get away with less than $60 refugium light or are these the best options. Clearly these are just little fixtures with 4 leds, seeming like a 6500k intensity. I don't need it to come with a magnet as I'm just going to tape it to the outside of the aquarium. Are there any DIY battery powered "tap" lights or regular soft yellow leds that will keep the chaeto alive? It's hard to find a small enough one however I see this one on Amazon that seems like it would work but a reviewer said it wasn't helpful and killed off his chaeto. The space in the media basket is one approx. 4"x3" I'm thinking I won't need a specific intensity. Thoughts and suggestions welcome

    Right now with any purchase of an Artisan tank get a FREE equipment package. 300w Heater 5G ATO Resrvoir Artisan Filter sock & holder 1 week only! The Artisan series of aquariums is the premiere line of aquarium packages By combining the finest materials such as Ultra Clear annealed Low-iron glass, Real Maple plywood furniture cabinets, extra-large multi-chambered sumps, and air-injected protein skimmers. This Professional Reef Package system will not only promote and maintain a thriving reef and aquatic ecosystem, but also the ability to stand the test of time with the patented high performance equipment and its smooth, polished, minimalist design. Match your home’s décor with the Artisan in sleek piano black or lacquered white gloss. Each Artisan Piano quality cabinets are built with professional craftsmanship out of real Maplewood and Oil-based painted finished for the most Durable and Beautiful aquarium furniture exceeding "Marine grade" cabinets in the industry.
  18. All In One 20g Long DIY

    Alright so here goes the ultimate adventure! Transfering my 15g tall to the new 20g Long I put together. Shout out to Cromag who cut the acrylic I needed for this project.
  19. Hooded AIO Getting Hot

    Any suggestions for keeping my hooded biocube cool this summer? I noticed it started getting warm yesterday (normally 79) it was 81.7 (it was 33 outside). I never thought it would be an issue since it's in the basement but there's no AC down there. I lifted the hood last night to allow more air exchange cooling through the night and it was back down to 79. But by the time I left for work it was creeping up again. Since I have a hood is it a bad idea to leave it open at night and closed during the day causing constant fluctuations? Any thoughts?
  20. Really want to add a skimmer to 17g AIO tank for some extra nutrient export. I know it's not necessary as I do a 5 gallon water change every week but it would be nice to just keep things extra clean and give me a extra day or two of wiggle room between water changes. Currently I only run floss and chemipure blue in a eggcrate media rack in the first chamber. I have an ATO so my water level is constant. My tank has three chambers in the back. The middle chamber I want to put the skimmer in is 2.5" wide by 5.5" long and 15" tall. I've been considering the Eshopps nano skimmer as I think it will fit. Or an air stone skimmer like the mame or reef glass. Any recommendations or skimmers I might be missing that would fit? Not it a big fan of HOB but I might consider it.
  21. 45 gallon zen SALE

    45 Gallon Zen Aquarium System SALE price for southern california residents only: $499!!!! reg. price: $899 Our latest ZEN aquarium system that is designed to be compact and still offer the perfect platform to build a highly functional and beautiful aquarium. The all-inclusive system includes a 45 gallon aquarium constructed of 3/8” thick crystal clear Low-Iron Glass with clear silicone. It is completely reef-ready with an internal corner over flow box, large diameter drain pipe and ½” return water line. The included three chamber glass sump gives you the flexibility to install high-performance filtration equipment and tuck it away under the tank. It comes complete with a 660 GPH return pump and necessary tubing to get water moving through the system. The heavy duty marine grade MDF cabinet with "soft close" doors is covered with a high-gloss finish which results in a contemporary piece of furniture to add to your home. The black plastic canopy houses a high-output 55 watt LED light system that seamlessly sets into the canopy with no visible wires or hardware. A small feeding port is cut into one of the two removable panels on top of the canopy to make feeding quick and mess free. A cut-out for cables and wires on the back of the canopy makes it easy to discreetly hide power cords or tubing. Specifications: Tank Dimensions: 31” x 16” x 21.5” Sump Dimensions: 23.5” x 12” x 16” Stand Dimensions: 31” x 16” x 30” Lighting: 55 watts total (45 watts of 10K White and 10 watts of 420nm Blue) 3/8" Thick Low-Iron Glass 660 GPH Return Pump
  22. This will be a tank thread for the IM Nuvo Fusion 25 I just setup on Saturday (10/8/16) This will be my third reef tank but my first time with a nano. Very happy with the quality of these IM tanks. My plan is to keep things simple on this bedroom apartment tank and reuse some stuff I have around from my old 60g cube. Going without sand or a skimmer for now. I want to stock clowns and BTAs probably with some softies like gsp or xenia. Equipment List: IM Nuvo 25 Jebao PP4 Radion Pro Cobalt Neotherm 100w heater Tunze Osmolator Using ESV salt and a Spectrapure 90gpd RODI Setup and week 1 pics: [/u [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url]
  23. Hi folks...at the Urging of Stellablue, I am going to start my Build Thread. We bought a JBJ AIO Bio Cube on the 14th of Feb 2016. So, We just have stock equipment. The Lighting is CFLs not the LEDs. The Aquarium has 30 lbs or so of LR and 40 lbs of LS. Here are some Pics of Day 1, when the Tank went wet. Day 2 Close up of the LR. Moved LR around and Added a Small CUC. Pic is Taken on 3/2/16 after adding a Feather Duster. Zoanthid and Clown Added 3/8/16 Close up. 2 New Corals. and Also Added a 2nd Percula Clown FTS And Just Because I like this Picture. Water Params as of 3/9/16 *Got some Calcium and KH to increase Tank's needs. Salinity...1.023 Nitrate 10 Phosphate .25 KH 7 Calcium 340. TY All. Mike