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  1. Keep a close eye on it it can start to spread usualy u will see the ilttle bump first like in your first pic a scalple or razer can be use to scrape it off prety well but if it keeps spreading u may have to do what ray said to get rid of it or boil the rock. It all depends on the tank what is good in one may not do well in another or it can take over. Get rid of the glass anemone asap they are baaaaaadddd! I super glue over mine when i had some. Also they can walk so watch it near that acan. Never just scrape them off they can come back from bits left in the tank then you end up with more.
  2. Depends I have the same stuf in my display and some in each tank I've had sinse it poped up in my first one more than 10 years ago never had an issue myself. I like macros in my display. When managed they can be quite nice but in a system overburdened with nutrients it can spread and become a problem. Mine were never a problem but they over grew another tank in 2 years when someone grew out a frag of mine. They can over grow corals. Its best to keep them in there own corner on on there own rock with frequent pruning if you keep it. I like that they help export some nutreants from the tank when pruned and I just like the way they look.
  3. LazyFish

    8G Bio Reef

    That looks so nice. Macros dont the get enough love. I love macros in the display. All my tanks have had some kind or another or sevral macros in them. You could add some dragons breath or some other red or purple for contrast with the green they are not so calcium dependand as what you have probly wont compete for the calcium. Its nice and simple and has a very natural feel to it.
  4. LazyFish

    Eek! Orchid dottyback fell into soda!

    Im so renameing rhis fish mr. Pepper or sargent pepper now lol.
  5. LazyFish

    Eek! Orchid dottyback fell into soda!

    I was reading something today about fishermen useing coke. The carbonation causes vaso constriction when applied to an injured area it can supposedly save some fish that have been gill hooked by slowing or stoping the bleeding long enough to start clotting. Of course thats running it over an injured area not them taking a bath in it. Also if thats the case vaso constriction in the gills could probly sufficate the fish if it could not get enough blood flow in the gills...perhaps thats why mine wasnt breathing when i pulled it out the soda.
  6. LazyFish

    Eek! Orchid dottyback fell into soda!

    Ok hes still alive and looks quite happy in the 8g actualy almost smug I would say. No clowns to invade his turf in here I guess lol He is the bully not them but they stand up to him and then he slinks off. He keeps peeking out of holes and then running out at me and ducking back in trying to show how bad he is. I was worried his eyes woukd get dammaged from the acid inthe soda but he is obviously not blind looks like he will be fine. Ill move him in a few days.
  7. LazyFish

    Eek! Orchid dottyback fell into soda!

    Lol no I dumped it only way to get him out lol it was a very narrow cup too i was like how even could that happen ive had this fish about 7 or 8 years. I havent seen him yet this morning. I dont want to pull the rocks and stress it out more i hope it comes out on its own. I just lost my 10 or 11 year old darwin clown for no apparent reason i dont want to loose this one too.
  8. LazyFish

    Eek! Orchid dottyback fell into soda!

    I hope he dosnt die. That could have seriously dammaged its gills.
  9. A fat chance bulls eye. The fish went plop right in my dr pepper when I was moveing some rocks and cleaning the tank. It took me about 10 seconds to get it out. It looked dead when chunked him in my unocupied 8g I tried draging it backwards to pass water over the gills and flush them out. It started breathing and lay on its side about five min then lay upright about another five before it took off writhing all over the tank and then hid....I saw it looking at me once then it disapeared again. I think i am going to keep him in there for a while to make sure hes ok. He is still alive so far.....i cant beleive this happened i cant beleive its still breathing has this ever happened to any one before?
  10. LazyFish

    cant get overflow bulkheads to stop leaking

    Ok well I spent 7 hrs on this today but the beast is now running ..mostly....still have some equipment to hook up. All kind of mess later We managed to find some wider nuts and got some unexpected but much apreciated help to slide the tank partialy off the stand then lift and lower it back in place but even with 2 dudes it took 5 people to move it safely....also theres no way this is tank is 150 its definantly larger than 150...I think all our backs agree on this...
  11. LazyFish

    cant get overflow bulkheads to stop leaking

    On and the tank is large 130 or 150 not sure so putting the bulk heads on and then lowering onto the stand is not realy an option we dont have enough people to pick it straight up. And clear the hole also we are girls so...yea not happening. This tank man just this tank everything its murphys law I swear.
  12. My friend just got a tank I was trying to help set it up. The whole things been a total cluster you know what. We finaly found the missing gasket for thr bulkheads but they are very difficult to access. Once in place I tightened them hand tight with much difficult as I was contorted under the stand with the sump and equipment. The stand has a solid top so the bulkheads and pipes go through a hole on the top so it makes them basicly recessed and harder to access. I cleaned out the inside of the over flow and made them as tight as I could by hand then tried to tighten with channel locks and had a very hard time to get them any tighter because of the closeness and being recessed the nuts are very thin and narrow I had great difficulty with them. I thought they were tight but when I put a little water in it all driped came out. The nuts are not upside down and the gaskets are on the wet side I just dont think it was tight enough the overflow pipes still wobbled quite a bit if you shake them. I think a thicker wider nut would help alot to give something to grip on. I may try a strap wrench. Are there any other suggestions that may help me out we spent 6 hrs fooling with this thing last night we are all exhausted and the poor fish are still in a big barrel.
  13. Fragged things and thined out a lot of stuff. The grandis pallys got huge have about 20 heads moved too my 20g. Added more zoas. Everything is still alive. Stock that seems to have disappeared has been fraged or relocated. I separated the clowns the male was getting aggressive and large.I put him with my larger more aggressive female and put the little miss bar she was harassing in with this one. They are all getting along fine now excuse the bad cell pi tyre hopefully I'll get some better ones later.
  14. I have two of these things. They are in separate well established systems and both insist on frequently hanging out in the corner half way out the water when they are not eating on the back wall. I kind of wonder if they are trying g to get out and make a break for it or something but the gaps in my glass lids are too small for them to escape. Is this normal behavior? They don't seem to be bothered that they are half out the tanks. I hope they are not like some of the suicidal snails I've had. I have lots of the tiny white chiton but usually they stay well in the water.
  15. LazyFish

    Anyone know what this is?

    Hydroid of some kind....