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  1. I have two of these things. They are in separate well established systems and both insist on frequently hanging out in the corner half way out the water when they are not eating on the back wall. I kind of wonder if they are trying g to get out and make a break for it or something but the gaps in my glass lids are too small for them to escape. Is this normal behavior? They don't seem to be bothered that they are half out the tanks. I hope they are not like some of the suicidal snails I've had. I have lots of the tiny white chiton but usually they stay well in the water.
  2. LazyFish

    Anyone know what this is?

    Hydroid of some kind....
  3. LazyFish

    Hitchhiker ID please

    Thought it was a fleshy limpet of some sort at first but... I think its some kind of anemone... What's it look like fully open?
  4. LazyFish

    White zoas

  5. LazyFish

    Red strings

  6. LazyFish

    What chalice is this?

    I found a 10 eye chalice with some nice color today. I know there are at several kinds of chalice in different families and genera but I'm not sure what one this one is or what this color would be called.
  7. LazyFish

    10 gallon IM Nuvo fusion

    I put the eco+ 130gph pump in mine. I had a 120 gph no name I found in my parts pile on it. I think it was more like 100gph 😝. This thing was actualy a little too strong for some of my my cynarina and it also blew my zoas a little too hard when wide open and I had to turn it down. I have another eco+ on another tank it's been running over a year no problems. The coral really perked up with it and it has a ceramic shaft and is bottom draw so I like that about it. It's also really quiet not silent but I can sleep with it running no problem and it's in my bedroom. Idk about that led have not used one.It looks like a good light. I like ai primes on my nanoreef tanks. I also use a spin stream corals seem to like it better than just straight flow in one direction bit it does block some of the flow.
  8. LazyFish

    Free coral need help

    Looks like a almost dead candycane to me.
  9. I have several pairs of Ocellaris clowns in different tanks. One of the pairs the female has been ill for several weeks. The female is not getting any better or worse & I still cant exactly pinpoint what is wrong with her. She is very lethargic & hardly eats. She is thin but other wise has no signs of disease. Its a mixed pair the female is a frost bite & male is the black storm. I do not want the male to become female. I like this particular pairing if I loose female I want to be able to replace it with another large frost bite to be the female. I don't know how long this illness could last. I don't want to keep the male alone for a prolonged time & have him turn female or get too full of himself & start a fight when I put him back with this female when she is well or a new one if she dies. In the wild they live in groups an established pair & a bunch of juveniles. I know my established pairs will probably kill him if i just put him in the tank with them. I'm wondering if I can try placing him in a clear container in the tank with the established pair so that he can not establish a territory & the females threats from the other side of the container will hopefully keep him submissive. The male shows none of the females symptoms after several weeks I think it would be safe to try it. Any one know if this could even work?
  10. LazyFish

    Live rock thingamajig

    Some of my rocks have skeletons on them I like them.
  11. LazyFish

    Live rock thingamajig

    Is it in that last pic I can't tell with that one. A barnacle will open and close and has these feathery things it feeds with does it move at all? If it's a sponge you should be able to squish it a bit with your finger. Most of the time it has some give not like a skeleton.
  12. LazyFish

    Live rock thingamajig

    Coral skeleton not alive.
  13. I'm reading some pretty mixed reviews about it with its use as a salt water aquarium additive kind of TX for parasites. I wonder if soaking the food in it would be more benificial. I have to. Look into it more.
  14. It was OK with the corals I'll have to check it out.
  15. She is eating much better today and seems more active. Fingers crossed.