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  1. I'll get pictures soon, but just wanted to get rolling on this to start selling some stuff off. ATO - $100 shipped sold! Koralia nano 240 - $20 shipped ABI 12W Tuna Blue LED Bulb Coral Reef Optimized Spectrum PAR38 - $20 shipped Fluval Spec V - $75 in person only
  2. Debating selling off these mushrooms together. Jawbreaker is about the size of a quarter, everything else is about the size of a nickel with the two babies being about 1/4" wide. I would prefer to sell locally, but may ship at buyers request / cost. I am not splitting these up, looking for $400 for everything. IMG_6196 by Sam Griffith, on Flickr I can get better photos if necessary, only have my phone on me at work.
  3. Tank, stand, media baskets and heater. I really wanted to let it all go as one package though. I will entertain offers for the baskets if someone is buying all 3. Hah, I bought a 2002 WRX project car with a ton of good parts on it, and then bought a 2005 stock STI to move the stuff over to! Selling the 2002 WRX soon.
  4. Sorry, I'll have to PM you guys when I can get a shipped price. I'll try tomorrow. For the time being, tank and stands till available, would really like this gone now.
  5. Light sold! Tank + Stand, filter floss boxes, fuge box, heater, and Koralia nano all for sale individually.
  6. I'm not really sure I want to split stand and tank just yet, TBH, but I will let you know if I change my mind. It will suck to ship, even if I break it down, so it is still probably worth buying new....
  7. I am pretty bummed too, but I will be sticking around a bit. I set up a Fluval Spec at work and am moving some of my pieces over, but I had an insane algae outbreak that took out almost everything. 😢
  8. Thank you! Dave makes some amazing lights, and I’ll be sad to part with this.
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