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  1. Ugh, I have had so much personal / work stuff going on, I haven't even had a chance to look at the tank in weeks. Is it too late to add my December screenshot?
  2. Wishlist: non-aquarium stuff- -Overwatch POP vinyls, any (or anything Overwatch related, I guess!) -Boss Monster card game -Secret Hitler card game if you can find it cheap enough -Steam gift card Aquarium related stuff- -zoas or sps? -a cheap temp controller for my pico (like an inkbird) not sure, everything I need right now is very expensive! lol
  3. Oh man have I been busy lately! A few surprise work trips, and more coming up = a pretty dirty pico head. I will try to snag a picture, but there is algae all over the glass (none on the rocks though!). I am going to clean up the glass and do a full water change before my trip tomorrow. I have added a few different kinds of zoas, and they all look happy enough. Will also be switching out the powerhead for an air pump once I get my temp controller. The powerhead isn't able to sit anywhere without blocking light, or blasting the sand around.
  4. Oops, I forgot this sold. I will see if I can make another pack.
  5. Bottom-up flow with MP10

    Yupp, I did this on an ADA 30C! The build thread is here, but the photos were wrecked with Photobuckets greediness. I think @Christopher Marks has a way of retrieving these, so maybe he can help? The bottom line was that it worked, but was super susceptible to things getting stuck in it and having it grind up on itself. Sand was a no go, even after creating a few different protective holders for it. If you are going bare bottom, and don't plan on having any snails or anything small enough to get into the grate, then it works perfectly fine. Otherwise, yeah, go with a closed loop. My next version of this build will 100% be going the closed loop route.
  6. Hah, I have really wanted to try a Sony mirrorless. Idk, I'm torn. Another shot:
  7. Thanks! So I have two things going now. I am mostly using a Samsung NX3000 with the stock 20-50mm (junk) lens, and then an adapter to use my Canon 50mm 1.8 and 18-55mm. The most recent shots (except for the full tank shot) were with my buddies old Nikon D80 and a Sigma 70mm 1:2.8
  8. Thanks all! The lens is a Sigma 70mm 1:2.8. Here is a current FTS, and two more shots:
  9. I mentioned we were messing with Sammy's macro lens, here are some of the shots. For an almost 10 year old camera, it is still better than my NX3000....I really need to dump this thing. Bad picture, but one of my recent pickups was orange Setosa: Lunar Eclipse zoas: Another terrible picture, but I think it is Setting Sun Montipora? Green Psammocora: I did grab more, but wasn't able to get photos of them yet. Now just some fun stuff. Enjoy!
  10. I have never been able to find anything concrete for the minimum flow rate on the 3K, but I know it is supposed to be a little higher than the Maxspect Gyre XF-230. I assume with the max flow on the 2k being 2,000GPH instead of the 3,000GPH of the 3k, that this should be pretty tame on the bottom end. I guess we will find out! hah, I am sure I will have plenty of babies down the line for you! Thanks man, this is the main reason I even showed up to the meet. I had so much going on that day.
  11. Yeah, but I think toned down it should still be fine with both sides attached. I'm likely going to buy it and test it out regardless, I really want a gyre for this tank. I also forgot to mention that my good friend Sammy, and his fiance Alejandra, moved in with my wife and I for the time being! I was trying to help them with a GoFundMe to get them out of Puerto Rico, as they both owned their own businesses and have been unable to really do anything since Hurricane Maria hit. The journey has been very bittersweet for them so far, and they still have a lot to figure out before they are back on their feet, but we are happy that they have finally moved onto the mainland and have access to so much more to reach their potentials for their businesses. He was able to bring his older Nikon with him, which may be a bit dated, but has a nice macro lens! I didn't have a chance to get many shots, but here is one for the time being. I'll take more soon.
  12. IceCap 2k Gyre; thoughts?

    More info in case anyone else was interested: https://reefbuilders.com/2017/10/19/icecap-2k-will-be-the-first-gyre-pump-sized-for-nano-tanks/#
  13. Looking for help for an old member, sammy113

    Just an update for everyone! Sammy and Alejandra have finally made it to Maryland, and are all moved in with us. They still have a lot to figure out, most importantly getting his card up here and finding jobs. While we have connected him with the GoFundMe account so he could move the money over, they still have to somehow get Alejandra a car, so I was going to keep the page open. Thanks to anyone who may have donated or shared, it means a lot to help out these truly amazing people.
  14. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Anyone see this? https://reefbuilders.com/2017/10/19/icecap-2k-will-be-the-first-gyre-pump-sized-for-nano-tanks/# I can't effing wait!