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Found 25 results

  1. I cant stand the frags in my 20g any more they are driving me nuts and I just dont have room right now for the other aios I have in storage. I had thought about setting up my 2.5g with a canister again but I realy wanted the equipment contained in an aio system so I ended up ordering this tank. I have a few pumps laying around one may fit this to upgrade the 40g pump it comes with. I'll have to see what one fits it. The lights are not that strong but my frags are all softies and these will support softies and some lps corals from what I understand they should be fine if not I can upgrade later. I plan to plug the bottom intake if this verson has it some of the newer ones have gone to a single overflow. I'll run filter floss and chemipure with some extra carbon In the mix. Once the frags are gone I plan to turn this into a pico reef/ rfa grow out tank for a few of my nicer rfa babies that I want to pay special atention too with a few other corals probly zoa and shroom and probly a shrimp or something and/or possibly an evota or clown goby.
  2. kuririn986

    JBJ 15 gal Rimless AIO

    I have been put of the hobby for close to 7 years. I am starting up a new 15 gal tank from JBJ. Setup: Ai prime 16HD JBJ 15 gal rimless Eheim heater 75 watts Platinum DC slim 1600 wavemaker Aquamaxx dry rock and seed rock from LFS Coarse sand Brightwell Aquatics microBacter starter XLM Eventual livestock: Clean up crew Clownfish Goby - TBD Cleaner shrimp Eventual corals: Acans, and probably a lot of them.... Mostly softies A couple chalices Maybe Sps if I am feeling brave Now we wait for it to cycle...
  3. Jon-Paul

    JP's 3g Pico

    Current FTS *07/29/2019* 3 Gallon JBJ Picotope Date started - 11/13/2018 Equipment Tank - 3 Gallon JBJ Picotope Curved Glass Lighting - Hipargero 30w Aqua Knight A029 LED Circulation - Hydor Pico Evo-Mag 180 GPH Heater - Cobalt Neo-Therm 25w Filtration/Refugium - Aquaclear 70 Modified (Floss/Chaeto Macro Algae) Refugium Lighting - ACKE 12w Full Spectrum Grow Light Auto Top Off - Smart ATO Micro Salt - Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Parameters Temp - 80F Salinity - 1.025 PH - 8.2 NH3/4 - 2.0 NO2 - 0.0 NO3 - 0.0 Livestock Macro Algae: Chaetomorpha (12/18/2018) Inverts: 1 x Scarlet Hermit Crab (12/18/2018) 2 x Astrea Snails (05/09/2019) Corals: Zoanthids/Palythoa Brown Palythoa (12/18/2018) Scrambled Egg Zoanthids (01/03/2019) Eagle Eye Zoanthids (01/08/2019) Punk Rocker Zoanthids (01/08/2019) Nuclear Green Dragon's Eye Zoanthids (02/19/2019) Rasta Zoanthids (02/28/2019) Pink Flamingo Palythoa (02/28/2019) Chocolate Chip Zoanthids (04/07/2019) Pink Grey Zoanthids (04/07/2019) Pink Green Zoanthids (04/07/2019) Blue Eyed Blonde B***h Zoanthids (04/24/2019) Candy Apple Zoanthids (04/24/2019) Dragon Loops Zoanthids (05/18/2019) Utter Chaos Palythoa (06/29/2019) Soft White Clove Polyps (12/18/2018) Orange Florida Ricordea (01/03/2019) Rainbow Clove Polyps (02/19/2019) Orange Mushroom (04/07/2019) Blue Florida Ricordea (05/18/2019) Blue Mushroom (06/29/2019) LPS Green Duncan (01/03/2019) Bizarro Cyphastrea (01/08/2019) Green/Purple Micro Lord (01/24/2019) Orange/Lavender Micro Lord (01/24/2019) Purple Tipped Green Branching Frogspawn (02/19/2019) Orange Warpaint Scolymia (04/24/2019)-(06/20/2019) Red/Purple Micro Lord (05/18/2019) Yellow/Orange/Purple Micro Lord (05/18/2019) Green/Orange Chalice (05/18/2019)-(06/29/2019) Australian Purple Torch (06/29/2019) Blue/Green/Orange Micro Lord (06/29/2019) Background & Goals A little background on myself and the tank to this point. I began reefing when I was about fourteen years old, and originally started the hobby of fish husbandry when I was maybe ten. I quickly became obsessed, but in earnest I was too young and crashed my then 37 gallon "reef". Fast forward sixteen years and I'm thirty, and not using my parents money to support my hobby. I have been wanting to start a pico reef for many years, but put it off until now. I also, live in a major city with access to many awesome corals, so why not? I was most inspired by El Fab's Pico which is why I special ordered the JBJ from the USA (and paid a ridiculous amount to have it shipped to Canada). Also, another 7 gallon bowfront tank that I remember from many years ago (like 2002 lol). I have been curing some Pukani Dry Rock for over three months because they have been leeching phosphates like crazy. I can say I had a lot of luck with dosing Lanthanum during the cure process. If I could go back in time I would have dosed LC immediately following the bleach/primed water stage. It rips phosphates out of the water quickly. I would not recommend dosing in a DT though. I went for the bare bottom tank because of the horror stories I have read about sandbeds. Aesthetically speaking, the sandbed does nothing for me and the tank is actually sitting at eye level while standing so it would be hard to notice it anyway. I would rather have an easier space to clean and there is a lot that can go wrong quickly in a pico. There is no starboard on the bottom, just the glass. Lighting the tank currently is the Hipargero A029 Aqua Knight and as far as color goes I like it. I plan to run a 6-7 hour photoperiod starting when I add zooplankton/phytoplankton. The HOB AC70 Refugium will be running filter floss and chaeto with a 12watt ACKE grow light duct taped to it. The grow light will be run on a reverse photoperiod to the pico's lights. I'll be changing out the floss weekly or bi weekly. Another idea I have had is to occasionally use the "pico" filter included with the aquarium itself to run as a chemipure reactor? For instance, if something gets out of whack quickly and a water change isn't possible, just set up the pico filter with some chemipure blue and run it for a few days. Just an idea. I'm using Red Sea Coral Pro salt with distilled store bought water. I am currently dosing the tank with Dr. Tim's Ammonia and Dr. Tim's One and Only Nitrfiying Reef Bacteria to start up. Temp is set to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and I will be using API to test during cycle (and switching to Salifert or Hanna once corals are added). Once cycle finishes I plan to add copepods, phytoplankton and chaeto and to begin the photoepriod. Maybe a week or two after that I will add a part of or the entire CUC. I am open to suggestions regarding all livestock. As far as water changes go, I am thinking probably doing a 50% weekly change and upgrading to a 100% once the inhabitants begin to use minerals more quickly. Also, open to suggestions. Tank has been up and running for 24 hours and I'm very excited to see what I can do with this little tank! Thanks in advance for any replies/suggestions. This community has been great over the last four months and I have learned a lot while researching! Cheers
  4. Current FTS 8/2 7/2019: Past FTS pics: 7/2018 12/2018 Finally decided to start a tank journal. The tank is only 2 years old as of 2018. JBJ 28 stock equipment: 2x 266gph Accela return pumps Stock 89w LED Ai Prime HD media basket (a small amt of carbon & large micron sponge pad) Significant obstacles faced: 2016 Dinos -- had to scratch tank 2016 Moved tank to new house 2017 Heavy metal contamination (anchors for macro algae was composed of lead) 2017 Nitrate accumulation and nuisance algae from lack of maintenance 2018 Cyano outbreak 2018 Total light failure This tank was rebooted in May 2018: Small fan added to help cool down hood & installed Nest to adjust room air to 73 F when lights turn on (tank avg temp 82 80) Upgraded flow from a Koralia Evo 750 to a Icecap 1K Gyre Added significant amount of new live rock Added an Aquamaxx HOB 1.5 (slightly modified plumbing so I could prop hood open) Started testing alk, cal, and mag (dose seachem manually twice once a week if needed) - targets are 8 dkh, 420 cal, 1350 mag Performed a sand rinse on 95% of substrate and vacuumed out chambers. Change 10% weekly with Red Sea PRO/Instant Ocean/Tropic Marin @ 1.024 SPG (25% as it stabilized [about 2 months]) Added a variety of copepods and installed a micro refugium in tank. Inhabitants (fed everyday except water change day): 1 yellow watchman goby (first fish...survived all obstacles) 2 clownfish 1 tailspot blenny 1 springerii damsel 1 Royal gramma 1 Pajama cardinal 1 Fang Blenny 2 red legged hermits 2 turbos 1 strawberry conch 4 nassarius 1 tuxedo urchin 1 purple coral banded shrimp (stenopus tenuirostris) 4 trochus snails 3 ninja star snails 1 tiger pistol shrimp various hitchhikers like a mico serpent star, chitons, stomatella, spaghetti worms, limpets, and bristle worms. Coral & Macro Algae (coral fed twice a week, zooplankton and alternate frozen foods (capelin roe, mysis): caulerpa prolifera caulerpa racemosa dragon's breath halimeda Rose petal macroalgae Blue ochtodes Bottle brush Scrolling Codium Unconfirmed rhodophyte Identified as Fauchea Graciliaria forest fire digita (+2 years old, endured all obstacles; since monitoring alk, cal, mag, has colored up significantly, moreover growth has spurted) duncan (+2 years old, also endured all obstacles) balanophyllia (fed krill daily) big head dendros silver pom pom xenia 2 acans rock flower anemone birds nest neon clove polyps st. thomas mushroom green star polyps aquacultured flower pot trumpet coral gomezi acropora yellow polyped orange montipora capricornus montipora undata montipora palawanesis tubbs stellata digita miami orchid acropora red planet acropora fuzzy milli ice echinata rainbow montipora aussie cherry blastomussa some green with yellow skirt zoa pink digitata venom eye acropora red dragon echinata lavendar white acro setosa golden psammacora cerulean tenius mini Aussie Scoly Florida ricordea Emerald echinata Blue tort straberry shortcake acro Hawaiian PPE paly Daisy Dukes Pink Hallucinations Outcasts Sunny D King Midas Pinwheels Bam Bams Gatorade Fruit loops LFS: Coral Corral Marine Warehouse Creative Aquariums Corals and Fins Drysdale Fish and Other Ichthy Stuff Coral Bargain Warehouse Coral Reefs & Aquariums
  5. 3 GALLON JBJ PICOTOPE. No upgrades. I am using stock everything and only adding a small powerhead for flow. Only addition will be tiny amount of chemipure blue and chaeto in a small breeder box. Today is day 2 of keep it simple stupid. 3 pounds of live rock and 1 pound approx of old dead rock. THE CYCLE BEGINS.
  6. Hi All - I am rehabbing a JBJ 30gallon AIO and I wanted to know if there is any particular reason, other than design, that there is a baffle at the bottom of each chamber. It seems like a waste of space. That's space, if easily accessible, could be used for additional bio media. Before I remove it, please share your thoughts. Also - why the extra pane of glass on the left and right. Seems unnecessary...especially if I use inTank media baskets, which do not hang.
  7. Penguin Reef

    8 Gallon Peninsula

    Hey fellow Reefers, I'm Pedro but everyone calls me Chris! I've been in and out of the hobby for acouple years now and I recently got the reefer fever. I was looking for something small and bumped into the 8 Gallon JBJ Rimless desktop. The filter is moveable so I thought why not give a peninsula style reef a shot. JBJ 8 Gallon Rimless Desktop came with the Lyra Led Light, Removable Bio Filter, and Pedestal. Looking into upgrading the light soon. Any suggestions or tips?!?
  8. AyeNick

    Bay Area Nuvo 10

    Hi all, and hi to the Nuvo 10 community! For the past year or so, I've been wanting a reef of my own, and I'm now addicted. I decided on the Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 for the compact size and transportability, given that I plan to take it to college eventually. As of the moment I am writing this, I currently have put the rock and sand into the tank, after cycling the rock for about 3 weeks in a 5-gallon bucket using Fritz Turbo Start. The sand is Fiji Pink, and the rocks are Walt Smith 2.1. I have the tank on the 10 gallon white JBJ Nano Cubey Stand, which looks really great with the tank. Equipment List IM Nuvo 10 Tank 10 Gallon White JBJ Nano Cubey Stand AI Hydra 26 HD (Modified AB+ Settings) Cobalt Neo-Therm 50 watt heater (best heater on the market) Sicce Syncra .5 Return Pump Vortech mp10wqd inTank Media Basket (Running inTank filter floss, 2 chemi pure blue nano packets, and 1 marinepure cube) Tunze Nano ATO (Not running a skimmer, I'm running 4 MarinePure cubes in the second chamber) Aquatic Life 100gpd RODI unit Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt (mixes extremely fast) Tank as of August 16, 2019. No light or ATO yet. Tank as of October 2, 2019. Hydra 26 with diffuser has been added. Snails, hermits, and goby have been introduced. No corals quite yet.
  9. Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a long time, but am getting back into marine tanks after being tankless for many years after a move. I have an old JBJ Nano Cube DX, 12 gallon. It was retired, but I recently set it back up for a little mantis shrimp (who will likely be moving to a Fluval Spec V soon). The tank looks really nice, but I now remember why I retired it. The fans are VERY LOUD, and it runs hot without them. I'm looking to do one of two things: 1. Upgrade the lighting to LED in the existing top (retrofit), or 2. Remove the top altogether, find/make a cover (ideas or links to after market suppliers?) and put an LED strip light or gooseneck on top. I'm not looking for anything fancy. I'm looking to keep a lagoon type environment with zoanthids and soft corals, 1-2 smallish, hardy anemones (e.g., Florida flower anemone), small inverts/cleaners, may a couple tiny fish. I am NOT looking to have an SPS tank. I'm an experienced marine aquarium keeper, so I do understand stocking limits and won't be overstocking this tank. But I hate the lighting and the noise is driving me nuts. The canopy is ugly and dated too, IMO. I know this is the DIY forum, but I'd welcome suggestions for plug and play retrofit lighting for the hood OR a new top that I'll add an LED to. I have emailed Steve's LEDs, as they had an LED lighting upgrade for this system years ago, but don't list it now. All that said, I'm open to suggestions, so if there is a great build thread that is more FOWLR or LPS/Zoa tank, please post links. How I got back into the hobby: I have not had a marine tank since I moved in 2011 and sold or gave away almost all my tanks and livestock. Including 210. 44 pent, 55, several smaller tanks... I only kept a 29, 90, and the 12 gallon nano cube. I've been tankless since, about 7.5 years. I work at a mail order biological supply house (for educators). Our Florida Keys collector sent samples of live urchins for Biosmounts (museum quality preserved materials in a case) along with other living materials that department ordered. They couldn't use the two urchins, didn't want to just let them die, and came to me. I set up a tank for them in my office. Not long after, I sent our collector in the Florida Keys a request for THREE items for photography - yellow ball sponge, flower anemone, a mantis shrimp. He sent me a whole fish box of marine organisms, including five ball sponges and TWO mantis shrimp. I've had them set up in temporary tanks as I've found them homes locally. Some I'm keeping are in the simple 10 gallon setup in my office. But now I've got the bug again. 🙂 And would like to bring the 12 gallon Nano Cube (after upgrade) to work. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  10. Hello all! First time reefer here, this tank was set up January 3, 2018. Have a google sheet with water parameter logs that I will link tomorrow. Any help identifying corals/species with a “?” next to the name is welcome and appreciated. Please do not hesitate to correct my spelling as well ? SETUP ? JBJ Nano - 12g Purigen Blue 50w heater Retrofitted LED’s in hood (LFS owner added 1x violet, repositioned whites and replaced 3x blue with higher intensity blues, THX Joey!!) STOCK ? Fish; Firefin Gobi Bi-color Blenny Royal Gramma Rose BTA Rainbow BTA Coral (please help identify); GSP Acan x 2 Frogspawn x 2 Hammer Xenia Ricordia Mushroom Orange Monti Duncan Purple mushroom w/ blue dots? Leather SPS thing x 2? Purole flowery thing thay looks like Xenia? War Coral? Purple orange war coral thing? Starburst thing? Green-blue cabbage head looking thing? CUC; Emerald Crab Various Snal x 4 Varuoua Hermit x 5 Tiger Conch Red Starfish? RIP ? cleaner shrimp Birdsnest x 2 hermit x 2 snail x 2 falsw percula Water Parameter Log ? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-MroJEsQWxuuTMP-ADWmt6Cl2iZriLX8tywwJOJxZLw March 15, 2018 January 6, 2018
  11. Hello Everyone! Let me introduce myself, I've been a long time lurker, with an occasional post in Beginner's Forum and finally want to setup an aquarium journal. So here goes... Started this tank as a gift for my wife's birthday, I think I am doing way more with it, she says, "Yep you do the maintenance and upkeep, I just enjoy it." We (I) wanted a Saltwater tank for a long time, said we would get a fish tank when we get our own house so we wouldn't have to move it. We got moved in in March and bought this tank beginning of April. Back Story on the tank it was setup and running for six weeks at a local LFS so I bought it as a package that came with some credit for livestock. Pretty sure I overpaid and am kinda regretting not doing more research, i only did a bit of research ahead of time and talked with a friend that had a saltwater tank in his classroom where we both taught in Texas. Plus side I did avoid the long wait for it to cycle and those issues, although at same time that would have given me more of a feel for the tank. Anyway so here is the the setup. Setup: JBJ Nano-Cube 28g Professional LED - Running Stock everything in the back except took out the Ceramic rings and replaced with Rubble Rock. Hydor Koralia 425 - on advice from some folks on Beginner's Forum Finnex HMA 100W Heater - Not running in Summer 20 lbs of Live Sand 20 lbs of Live Rock with probably another 3-5 lbs on a Rockwall on the back of tank. Filtration: Stock with exception of Rubble Rock replacing the Ceramic rings as mentioned above. Chemi-Pure Elite in Bottom Chamber Fish: 2 - Clownfish (We believe Ocellaris, Wife picked out two that she thought looked cute.) 1 - Royal Gramma Want to add one or two more - was told could have ~5 Corals - All Bought as Frags Candy Cane Stylaphora (Told it was a Birdsnest) Brown Button Palys Frogspawn 2 Lord Acans 2 Florida Ricordea (1 Blue - 1 Orange(Multi-Color)) Miami Hurricane Chalice Green Star Polyps Green Rhodactis Mushroom Palythoa Grandis Zoas - 2 Different Kinds Pulsing Xenia - Came in on Live Rock, thought it had died but it came back, it's hidden in back for now. What I think is waving hand Xenia - Another that came in on Liverock tried to kill it by covering with another rock instead it's growing through the rock lol. CUC: Cleaner Skunk Shrimp - Not sure if he belongs here of with Fish (whatever) 3 - Nassarius Snails 3 - I think Nerite Snails 2 - Turbo Snails 1 - Conch Snail 3 - Hermit Crabs - Blue Legs 1 - Stomatella (Hitchhiker) Now what you all want, Pictures!!!!! FTS Current 7-8-17 6-1-17 FTS 5-16-17 FTS 5-3-17 FTS After Setup in House 4-1-17 Close up of some corals from 5-11-17 - More has been added Its a work in Progress, I really want some photosynthetic Gorgonians and a leather or two... Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  12. Started this tank on March 30, 2017 with stock pump and filter sock, koralia nano from previous tank, and 5 lb of LR, and about 8.5 gallons of saltwater to start. The tank is almost a year old now and some upgrades have happened. (will take some better pics with the camera later) Equipment -IM Ti ATO (going to tunze nano ato) -Ran a kessil a80 for 11 months before going to a radion (diffusion kit/rm -Jbj 1/15 hp Chiller with 1.0 return -Sicce 0.5 return - inTank Media rack with 2 filer floss on top, seachem matrix, bottom two filter flosses -inTank universal media skimmer -was running a IM desktop Media Reactor with carbon but since the RMS mount is fairly big i had to remove the reactor (don't mind that because its freaking study!) So in turn I have a Fudge basket that I might run with more matrix in it if the tunze 9001 doesnt work out (coming) -MP10 wQD -inTank Frag rock (2) - 5 lb LR -3 lb Sand (going to take down to less lb's till its barley covered probably -Cobalt Aquatics Neotherm 100w heater - 6.5 chemipure Live Stock: - Rainbow Acans - Duncans - Walking Aussie Duncan - Purple Tipped Frogspawn - Young Maxima Clam - Rock anemone -3 nassarius snails -3 Trochus Snail -3 Aussie young scolymia/s? LOL -Side plant is one of 3 succulents I got at a baby shower and decided to try to grow it under the XR-15 instead of my bedroom window lol, so if they switch out ever that why. Let me know if you have any thoughts on the tank! Plan on upgrading to a Lagoon 25 at some point this year I hope!
  13. I currently have the 28g JBJ Nano with the intermediate led kit and was curious to see if anyone has modded their's in the form of swapping out individual white leds for alternate colors? I have added 2 current usa truelumens blue strips and 1 white (which I have disconnected now), but it needs more spectrum I think. I grow sps, lps and softies like weeds, but the colors aren't stellar even though the water is quality and I keep up with the Red Sea 4 part dosing as well. Was thinking of modding the leds before just swapping it out for an AI Prime HD (no, not going the Kessil route thanks).
  14. drbegalke

    UV for nano?

    What UV sterilizer will fit in the filter compartment of a Cubey 20g? Thanks!
  15. Hi folks...at the Urging of Stellablue, I am going to start my Build Thread. We bought a JBJ AIO Bio Cube on the 14th of Feb 2016. So, We just have stock equipment. The Lighting is CFLs not the LEDs. The Aquarium has 30 lbs or so of LR and 40 lbs of LS. Here are some Pics of Day 1, when the Tank went wet. Day 2 Close up of the LR. Moved LR around and Added a Small CUC. Pic is Taken on 3/2/16 after adding a Feather Duster. Zoanthid and Clown Added 3/8/16 Close up. 2 New Corals. and Also Added a 2nd Percula Clown FTS And Just Because I like this Picture. Water Params as of 3/9/16 *Got some Calcium and KH to increase Tank's needs. Salinity...1.023 Nitrate 10 Phosphate .25 KH 7 Calcium 340. TY All. Mike
  16. michelangelo620

    Aquatop PV40-UV on JBJ 28

    Anyone have experience with this HOB UV? I got one for 40 bucks, and its reviews were just as good as ones that were a lot more expensive. Was also thinking of putting some kind of bio media in it, like Xport or something. This will hopefully be setup with my Remora S skimmer. Both of which are ordered but not here yet. Just doing some homework! Thanks.
  17. michelangelo620

    Remora S on JBJ 28 - how to?

    Got a great deal on a Remora S, and I know it 'can' work on a JBJ 28, but all I have seen is pictures and it looks to me like the pump has to go in the same chamber as the left side (facing the tank) return pump. I use both of my return pumps for filtration, and I use my basket. How would I go about getting this thing to work with my setup? Thanks.
  18. AshCom

    AshCom's JBJ30 [WIP]

    This thread is to follow the progress of my JBJ 30RL "Dorm Tank" and the lessons I've learned with an AIO system! I'm currently active duty military and moved into my new place in August but I had to move out of my confort zone and downgrade from my 93gl cube. Owning a nano tank alone is a full time job on top of the stress of military life! Latest update: 12/4/17 Current Equipment: Lighting - Maxspect R420R 20" 120w 16k Skimmer - Reef Octopus 90-HOB Heater - Eheim Jager 150w Controller - ReefKeeper Lite + SL2V2 + Temp/Salinity/pH Probes Rock - BRS Pukani Substrate - CaribSea Aragamax + Arag-Alive (Fiji Pink) Test Kit - Red Sea Marine Test Kit Wavemaker - Ecotech MP10QD RO/DI - BRS 4 Stage 75GPD PLUS RO/DI System Current Stocklist: 1x Mocha Clown 1x Ocellaris Clown 1x Pygmy Cherub Angelfish RIP [got too close to the CBS] 3x Rainford Goby RIP [Rainford Goby killed the other two!; 1 remain... for now] 1x Rainford Goby (in a time-out) 1x Tomini Tang (calm your sirens, he's going into a 125 after he's hit 4in) 1x CBS Assorted CUC Maxspect Razor R420R Lighting Schedule: Time - A channel (white) - B Channel (blue) 07:00 - 00% - 00% 12:00 - 10% - 30% 15:00 - 30% - 35% 17:00 - 09% - 35% 20:00 - 00% - 01% 22:00 - 00% - 00%
  19. Hello All, Join me on keeping a journal of my small glass box of paradise. My goal is for a mixed reef consisting of soft, LPS and some SPS coral. I plan on keeping you guys updated on my tanks progress and additions. Current tank setup is as follows. Hardware •JBJ RL20 with JBJ stand •Aquaticlife Mini 115 Skimmer •Jebao PP-4 Pump •MarsAqua 120W Programmable LED •JBJ ATO (currently on order) •Intank Media basket utilizing floss/purigen Undecided on a controller for automation but more than likely will be going with a RKL. Livestock • Onyx x True Percula bonded pair • CUC ( 6 crabs, astrea & nassarius snails, mini brittle stars, etc.) Corals •Superman mushroom •Acan •Chalice •Encrusting Monti •War Coral Just added coral today and can’t remember the names to save my life. I just remember the guy at the LFS not really knowing the names himself. The goal is for a mixed reef full of color and variety. Please feel free to offer suggestions or simply enjoy this journey with me. Thanks!
  20. What's up everyone? First post. This forum seemed most appropriate for what I have, and what I want to accomplish, so here I go... (to preface, I have done HOURS of researching before making this post, and previously ran a 90 gallon salt fish only tank) All I've done is prep the tank and put together the stand, no water or anything...Here's what I currently have to work with: HARDWARE: JBJ Nano Cube 28 gallon intermediate LED - stock everything JBJ stand (hey, it was free haha) Cobalt Aquatics NeoTherm 100w heater 2x Eheim Jager 250w heaters (from my 90 gallon) Ocean Pulse Duo wave maker (hooked to stock pumps) 1x MaxiJet 1200 power head (extra) 2x MaxiJet 900 power heads (extra) 2 small mercury thermometers FILTRATION/CHEMICALS: Aqua Advantage 2000 inline UV sterilizer, 15 watt (from my 90 gallon) Marineland Magnum 350 canister filter (from my 90 gallon - I have the basket + paper filters) Sera filter wool 3.5oz Chemi-Pure 5oz Purigen 100ml with small fine mesh bag Kent synthetic reef salt crushed coral substrate POWER: Belkin Surge Master surge protector 8 outlet (2 constant on) Titan Apollo 9 dual timer FOOD: Eheim 3581 automatic feeder (won't fit due to lid) New Life Spectrum Thera +A 4.4oz TESTING: API master test kit Coralife Deep Six hydrometer Instant Ocean hydrometer MISC: approx 40lbs base rock 2 small nets magnetic algae scrubber algae scrubber (wand style) 5 gallon water jug with cap + funnel to fill What I want in the tank: Fish mostly, as many as possible, with base rock and live rock with hardy, easy soft corals - just something that is fish based, but is also visually appealing and has areas to swim through and hide with good water current Things I'm trying to avoid: No sump, period... I want as little inside the tank itself and filter area as possible, so HOB stuff is preferable No chiller (I keep my place very cold, and winter is almost here) Not interested in buying a different media basket No additional pumps/hardware visible inside the tank itself (behind in filter area is OK) Things I want to try to achieve: Use the hood and stock LED lights (I have crazy cats) Re-use my UV light (if possible) Keep the media basket Everything added is either HOB or external - no additional pumps or hardware inside the tank As few water changes as possible (I live very far from anywhere I can get salt, and I ran my last tank with doing virtually NO water changes) SO! That all brings me to these questions... 1 - What would YOU do with all this given my criteria? I'm open to ideas, and if I have equipment that just will flat out not work, I am open to selling it if anyone's interested. 2 - Is it possible to re-use my UV light? If so, how? 3 - should I replace my factory return pumps with my extra MaxiJet 900's, or would there be much benefit? 4 - what am I missing? 5 - how would you setup the media basket with what I have? I'm sure I will think of more later. I know there are some VERY knowledgeable people on here, and I am open to ideas and want this tank to be successful. I haven't put a drop in it yet, and want to wait until I know everything is how I want it. Looking forward to some feedback!
  21. Hello all, first off I happy to become a member of the nano reef community. I inhareted a crashing cube that didn't make it. I cleaned the tank with vinegar added aragonite sand and some beautiful dry rock from reef cleaners (give them a look for dry rock it is gorgeous). I have learned a lot from the members on this site from lurking around and now have an idea of what I want to do with the 3 chambers. Thanks for any help in advance and I hope y'all can help. I have an idea I would like to do so I'll run past you experienced reefers. I pulled the sponges, rings, bioballs, and expired carbon and ordered an in tank media basket for chamber 1 a roll of filter floss, and purigen w/bags to use as needed. I also want to run two return pumps but I want the water to go through all three chambers so I will put a bulkhead in wall dividing chamber 2/3 put the 2nd pump in chamber 2 but plumb intake from chamber three with return nozzle out of chamber 2. To complete I want a skimmer/ato not to depend on, but for a neglect safety net (I have a weird work schedule) so at first I was thinking place the skimmer in chamber two like everyone else but then my need to experiment got the best of me and I wondered where does most surface scum end up so I added a cap of vegetable oil to my water only tank and noticed it stayed in chamber one for a few minutes then worked itself to chamber two where the heavier more condensed oil swirled around but the lighter broken down oil made it's way to chamber 3 where it stayed and did not make it's way back to the tan. That makes me wonder if I modify the return line to make the tunze fit would chamber 3 be a better place than two? Also would running two pumps make the flow in the sump so high it would render the skimmer useless? I don't want power heads cluttering the tank. Both returns would be 1/2 inch split loc line totalling 4 nozzles for random cross flow. Please tell me your thoughts even if you think it is ridiculous.
  22. bageezus

    JBJ Auto Top Off SOLD

    Selling a lightly used JBJ ato. Comes with lots of brackets. Works great. Has some old sticky pads still on the back of the unit from where it was mounted. $50 shipped! Paypal ready!
  23. For Sale: JBJ Nano-Cube with custom LED lighting, stand, heater, pump, and other misc. stuff. Lighting consists of 12 Cree XM-L U3 LEDs run at 1000mA each for a total output of about 5,500 lumens. While setup as a planted tank, this was more than enough for very light demanding plants and produced LOTS of pearling (I have a video showing streams of oxygen coming off plants). I have had this setup as both a planted tank and a reef tank and it worked perfect for both. Only issue with this is that the part of the hood that holds the little door on has chipped and so you can't flip it up and have it stay in place. It holds it fine while closed. Not noticeable if you aren't looking for it, but a minor inconvenience. Feel free to PM with questions. Local pickup in the Indianapolis IN area. $100
  24. Read disclaimer at the bottom. Most things will need a little cleaning. I'm breaking down my 28 gallon JBJ nano. Equipped with Jbj 28 nano cube hood with rapid led aurora puck with 4 drivers that are dimable( 0-10v) through the apex. Hood also has 4 fans and night lights. Led Drivers come with plugs that plug into the apex vdm( probably have to use apex to dim. Would need to buy 4 parts in you don't have an apex ). 375.00 dollars for entire hood with drivers and apex cords shipped. Good shape could use a good cleanig. The hood was upgraded 6 months ago. Ecosmart vortec has mp10 Es w (white controller). from 2011- 110.00 Needs cleaned but runs cool a quiet. Sat unused for almost 4 years. had it linked to the apex with the wxm. Apex lite with display, 8 outlet power bar,netgear wireless adapter, temp prob, ph probe.... ATTENTION!!!!!(display has some missing lines or rows of LEDs. Can still be controlled from display, setup on computer, and controlled from phone app)))))))275.00 OBO shipped. I have had this unit for several years without any problems. Neptune vdm-65$ Shipped Newest price, has the white label on the vdm controller Neptune wxm. 55$ Shipped Additional energy bar with 8 outlets105.00 shipped DIY breakout box. Has 6 female plug recepticles. 35$ Shipped It's very nice !! I used it for autotop off with the apex. Will include auto top off floats. All diy but very nice and perfect for the nano. The floats in the tank have dual float in case one went bad. Jbj Led refugium light-25$ upgraded filter box for the back of jbj. I think made by intank, llc. $35 shipped. WILL SELL EVERYTHING AT ONCE FOR 1000!! Shipping from Atlanta Georgia. Only take paypal. Most things will need cleaned
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