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Christopher Marks

2 Gallon Pico Reef Jar - Amphipod Kingdom 💧

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23 minutes ago, Wonderboy said:

The porcelain anemone crab in my pico jar is particularly fun to spot feed reef roids to (once or twice weekly) - the small area makes it easy to find - I would recommend for the interaction. I also have a feeling that you could easily get away with both a pom pom and a porcelain.

What are your temp swings like? 

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It actually is on the high end of tolerable - 75 to 83 sometimes - it's kept in the same room that has a space heater running almost 24/7 so our naked cat can bask when cold.

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Yay! Found your tank thread 🙂 Glad to see you guys finally have one up and running and doing great! Those tweezers are great. For a long time I told myself I didn't need them, then finally bought some and now I don't know how I'll keep small tanks without them.


I loved to feed my acans mysis, easy to do with tweezers. The only thing is you'll go through frozen mysis cubes super slowly since it's a tiny tank


Excited to see more growth and what you'll be adding next!

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Any time for an update or invert selection?! I have had 2 sexy shrimp in my jar for about 2 years they are wonderful but they havent mated! I keep looking for them online but they arent cheap. I would really like to have a large group of them they seem like a very small bioload. I havent had any issues with mine but I do wonder how many would be pushing the limits of the jar. 

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What a busy month it has been!


Thanks for the porcelain anemone crab advice @Wonderboy, I really think that’s the winner for me. I haven’t been able to find one locally just yet, but I haven’t called around to some of the shops further away. 


Glad you stopped by @yoshii! It’s great to finally have a reef tank again, I love this little jar!


Perfect timing @ReefSmart, I was just working on an update for today! 🙂 Sexy shrimp seem really ideal for a pico jar, but I’ve been surprised to hear of a number of hobbyists finding them to eat some of their coral polyps. I don’t remember that being an issue years ago, it gave me pause. 


Day 101 of the pico reef jar: Cleanup Crew! I am awaiting the delivery of a snail-based cleanup crew from our amazing community sponsor Reef Cleaners! @johnmaloney has been a long time supporter of Nano-Reef.com, I couldn’t imagine shopping anywhere else for my cleanup crew.


In preparation for their arrival I wanted to run a nitrate test on the system, particularly because it has been 6 weeks since the last water change! Much to my surprise, the nitrates read zero. 




With such a low bioload I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but after six weeks I thought something might register. I last fed Coral Frenzy powder a week ago, but otherwise I cut back on feeding. There is a little algae on the sand bed and after five days or so you can sense some buildup on the glass, it’s probably using the available nitrates in the water?


I was about to change the water last week, but after my 5 gallons of premixed Oceanic saltwater had sat in a jug for a few days, it seems to heavily precipitate out calcium and other minerals. I hesitated to use it, and the pico is no worse for the wear. I’ve just been adding distilled water to top off evaporation every 5 days or so. I plan to get fresh saltwater soon to try again, I may stick with Catalina seawater so it stores better long term.




The yellow zoanthids have been really loving the light reduction, and probably the lack of water changes too, they’re wide open and growing quick. The turquoise ricordea seems to be working on a second mouth, I see a spot of yellow appearing near a swollen nodule on it, hopefully it splits soon. The neon green favia also looks to be dividing one of its mouths in two.




The acan is happy as ever and growing fast too. The new heads are starting to fill out. I suspect it will enjoy the next water change to replenish some essential elements for growth.


Unfortunately the little purple and orange ricordea polyp I had introduced with the turquoise one didn’t survive the bleaching. It detached from its rock and slowly withered away 😞 


More updates to come after the cleanup crew arrives!

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