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  1. Any time for an update or invert selection?! I have had 2 sexy shrimp in my jar for about 2 years they are wonderful but they havent mated! I keep looking for them online but they arent cheap. I would really like to have a large group of them they seem like a very small bioload. I havent had any issues with mine but I do wonder how many would be pushing the limits of the jar.
  2. I have always kept mine at 100%. It does very well at the level zoas take a little while to adjust because it is bright and the par climbs quickly as it gets closer to the top. Par meter shows 100 at the sand bed, 400 in the middle of the tank and 600 in the up quarter. I have zoas growing all over mine even at the very top where it is 600+ they do stay very small up there and at the bottom the polyps get much larger but no reaching which is nice.
  3. Glad she liked it! And a thought-full gift that will last for years. Looking forward to following the growout!
  4. That is a very good idea! And it would be hardly noticeable with 2 small tubes.
  5. That acan looks very happy! I've got quite a few pics going back to 2017. The last 1.5 years has seen very good growth. Especially considering I've made at least 20 frags from the hawkins echinata. My tank does not run with a heater and the temp usually fluctuates daily from 73-80 for the last 2-3 years. The lowest it has gone is 71 degrees and the highest has been 84. The circulation is provided with a 2w airpump which seems to provide adequate circulation and gas exchange. As far as maintenance I have never missed a weekly 100% water change I have also never tested the parameters in this tank except salinity.
  6. Yup I would say that will become impossible very soon. One thing I highly recommend is a pair of long surgical grade forceps usually found on ebay cheap. They will help you pick up and move frags around that fall to the bottom and also to clean the glass. Take a small piece of mr. clean (original) scrubber pad and clench it with the forceps and you can polish the glass really quickly that way and get around all the edges of the rocks easily. Mr. clean is all called melamine sponge and is available cheap in bulk also on ebay. I use it for everything it is incredible how well it cleans.
  7. Looking good I really love the magnification effect of the jar it makes everything pop so much better than my other tanks. Looking forward to seeing some coral action!
  8. Looks awesome Chris! Glad to see you back in the pico game!! I just hope it doesn't interfere with some of your netflix bingers. I'll definitely be following.
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