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  1. RAP was a blast Your ric garden looks lovely, and I can't wait to see how all your zoas look when they open up!
  2. Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef *HI Snorkeling Pics*

    I took some pics, but ended up rearranging the macros later so I guess I need to retake some pics. I have more Red Grape than I know what to do with lol Yes, I'm just back in the bay for summer break
  3. jedimasterben

    Congrats! Finally got it Tank looks great!
  4. Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef *HI Snorkeling Pics*

    The conference was in Honolulu, at the Hawai'i Convention Center (Near Waikiki). We went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. I'm still waiting for my post-doc to finish up some field work in Maui so she can send me more pictures she took from snorkeling. Hm ok, good to know! Thanks!
  5. Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef *HI Snorkeling Pics*

    Come to the bay and I'll give you some Nice! Let me know how the barbata does, I've only had it once but I remember it being diffcult
  6. Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef *HI Snorkeling Pics*

    Currently airing out my house cause one little clump of Gracilaria didn't like being in a box for 4 days... But wow I forgot how big the portions are from GCE
  7. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - GBG's are here!

    Lol yep! So you got a new Nano Box?
  8. Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef *HI Snorkeling Pics*

    I feel ya there! I've been so busy I didn't buy anything new for the tank while I was in school. Although now that I'm home, I may have just ordered a few things from live-plants... LOL I should edit that! That was where I went! We just didn't go out beyond the reef flat as the vis wasn't very good
  9. Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef *HI Snorkeling Pics*

    Part 2. Maybe I should try to remember by Flickr pass do I can upload there Juvi turtle!
  10. Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef *HI Snorkeling Pics*

    HI snorkeling pics! It was a little choppy, so we stayed over the reef flat, but it was still fun to see the curious and friendly fish. The pics don't hae the best composition as there was a glare on the camera screen I couldn't see what I was doing Fun fact: The blue-line snapper is an introduced species meant to be a food fish, but it doesn't grow as big as it does in it's native range (Indo-Pacific). Also, can you see the blenny hiding in one of the pics?
  11. Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef *HI Snorkeling Pics*

    Thanks! Cool to see you still on NR It's actually not the full thallus I'm pretty sure it's the tips of Halidrys dioica, a brown kelp-like alga So from the top & going clockwise it's: Plocamium, Macroystis, Halidrys, Ulva
  12. Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef *HI Snorkeling Pics*

    Hawai'i was cool! I got to get dinner & drinks with some awesome post docs, deep-sea NOAA people, etc. And I got to go snorkeling & saw some cool endangered critters. I'll be posting pics soon, I need to get my post doc to send me the ones she took. But anyways, today my coworker gave me a "small" chuck of Dragon's breath, and I found some of the purple photosynthetic sponge I've been wanting! A good day back at work Surprisingly, my sister took good care of my tank, & didn't overfeed (like she did last time). So the tank is happy. however, it seems she didn't water my basil plant... Also, idk if I shared this, but this was my grad cap
  13. Maze

    Thank you, I used a Canon 60D, I think with the stock lens 18-55mm
  14. Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef *HI Snorkeling Pics*

    Thanks! Yeah it's great! I chose UCSD because of Scripps Lol nope, get it yourself!