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  1. Glad it looks like you got rid of most of the GHA! Once the macros really start flourishing, it shouldn't be a problem again. What do you have planned next for this tank?
  2. Yeah my boss is pretty cool. I've known him for several years, from before I started working for him Got a K-Nano today, man it is tiny compared to my K1. I was surprised this tiny thing costs $30. I'll plug it in tomorrow and probably plug it into my light timer, so it will turn off at night. Sad news, they say my phone's motherboard is a goner They want $150 to replace it. But my mom called Samsung and she wants me to send it in to them cause they might replace it or fix it for less. So I'm going to call them this weekend and see if I need to ship it off to them. Sigh. It's hard to live without a phone nowadays! So many of my friends have texted me and thought I ignored them
  3. Glad you're back!
  4. Sleeping Reefing Nail art Netflix Reading Things I like to do but haven't done much recently: Photography Hiking/camping
  5. Sucks that you had to start over Hopefully this time around things will go more in your favor! Are the clowns the only fish you have now?
  6. Pics under just the PAR 30 bulb (mostly blue/purple color) I still haven't re-placed everything from the move, obviously I moved the AC back to the left side of the tank, but I'm still not really happy with the flow. Next LFS trip I'll probably pickup a small powerhead. I should head back over there soon, cause my phone is at a fix it shop nearby
  7. Looks beautiful Mark! Stunning colors and placement I'm interested in seeing how the Cousin It frag does in the lower PAR
  8. Tank and livestock made it safely back to SD last week! Before I left my boss gave me a bunch of yumas and acans so I have a bunch of frags on the sand I haven't placed yet. I went to my 2 local LFS yesterday and picked up a little orange Fungia plate coral (despite my lack of space on the sand lol). I've always wanted a little one and finally justified the purchase since I know I won't be moving the tank again for another 5-6 months. I also picked up some plants and tetras for my little betta tank. Pocky the clownfish is still doing good, and is still as cute as ever. I thought about getting him a fishy friend, but idk if he would steal all the food away from a goby. The 2nd LFS had a bunch of very healthy-looking gold neon gobies. The only sad news, my Nass snail died I know he's just a snail, but he's been with me through at least 3 tank transfers over the years. He liked hang out on the glass in my old 10g, and liked to be hand-fed in my old 3.7g. I noticed when I moved the tank back to SD that he wasn't moving around much at all. At one point I thought he was dead, and went to go wash his shell in the sink but he proved he was still alive, just barely. Yesterday I checked his shell again and found the bristleworms were cleaning it out. I'm going to keep his shell as a memory of my past tanks. I changed the position of my AC filter, from the side of the tank to the back, but I think I might change it back, or get a small powerhead. It's providing great flow to one side of the tank, and the other side is barely getting anything. I have a K1 sitting around, but it's a bit big for this tank. Maybe a K-nano would work? I was going to take some cell phone pics for a quick update, but my phone decided to stop working It's at a fix it shop over the weekend, hopefully they can fix it for not too much $$$ cause my mom just finished paying it off (she got it for my 21st birthday). Maybe this means I have to actually use my DSLR I'll try to get some pics of the new frags
  9. Hi Dawn, I just finished reading through this thread, what a gorgeous tank this is! The tribute to Adam is really beautiful and touching. And I love all your seahorse decor around the tank itself Sorry to hear about Boaz It's so sad to see Eve's and Ruth's reaction to his passing. Congrats on the grandchild!
  10. I made it through finals week, and everything made it through the 8hr drive on Saturday! (Made pretty good time!) Finally it's Christmas break so I can relax and play with my tank more
  11. His name is Pocky (yes, after the delicious snack) It's finals week and I'm sick in bed This quarter has been extremely busy, but I'm hoping next quarter won't be that bad. I'm also going to be doing an independent project in my lab involving corals reefs in Hawai'i and algae, so I'm pretty excited for that. The tank overall is kinda "meh". Monti and Purple Deaths haven't been too happy and have lost much of their color. Probably because I was barely touching the tank. Saturday it all gets packed up and driven back to the bay for my Christmas break!
  12. Isn't he? My roommates are trying to come up with a name, but so far they've only come up with weird stuff Yeah, the guy is really nice and give me a nice discount!
  13. Hi all! Sorry for the super late replies, I've been really busy lately. Currently I don't have a heater in there, so it varies from 76-79 I haven't really tried out the pellets much since I didn't have a fish, but my acans liked them haha Thank you! It's great to see other college reefers So today I took my roommates shopping. At our 2nd store I dropped them off and went to the LFS down the street I scored this cutie for $12!
  14. Could be Enteromorpha (aka Ulva)? But like Allenspidey said, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just pluck it out
  15. School started! I'm been super busy but I need to post my MACNA pics, hopefully soon! Hi, currently I don't have a heater because it's been pretty warm in San Diego. During the winter months sometimes I use a small heater, probably 6 or 7"