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  1. yoshii

    Filter feeding sea cucmbers?

    I did, that was years ago and probably not the best decision on my part. But it also depends on the species and tank care. The little yellow ones would be fine with good feeding and water quality. The bigger ones might be difficult in a 10g. Unless it's hooked up to a larger system. They just need a lot of food, and variety is better
  2. yoshii

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    The potters were so cute and tiny! They all looked really healthy too. I was looking to see if they had any nano-sized fish, but they didn't, just damsels and some SA clowns. I might have to start a tank at work, although offices are being moved so it might be a awhile. But I want to get a small pick/nano going at home. I might either go the fancy planted Betta route, or the limu (macro) route. I went to some tide pools last week and saw so many awesome macros! It seems they only have regulations on the macros commonly used for food, like Gracilaria and Asparagopsis. You collect them as long as you don't take the holdfast or take ones that are reproductive. For other macro, I don't think anyone cares, but if I collect those I'll just follow those guidelines to be safe.
  3. yoshii


    Beautiful!! Love the softies and how much this tank has grown. A well-deserved TOTM 🙂
  4. yoshii

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    Life updates and Hawaii LFS Visit! My Master's defense was great, actually a lot less stressful than I thought it would be 🙂 I can now put a M.S. on my email signature lol Aloha from Hawai'i Moved 2 days after my defense! I'm in Honolulu on O'ahu. I've been busy running around doing paperwork, DMV stuff, and work, but I got a nice beachy pic for you guys I recently moved to my new place (I had been staying in a temp place while visiting apts in person) and it's so beautiful! I have a beautiful view of the mountains and Pearl Harbor. It's also very close to a LFS. I couldn't keep out of a fish store for long haha Unfortunately they didn't really have an assortment of nano tank options available, just the Fluval 2/5g tanks, which I don't really like that much. But this makes sense since it's illegal to keep coral in Hawaii (except things like zoas and anemones). So people just have fish and some inverts. I don't even think you have have live rock, you have to get dry rock and seed it with bacteria. The store I went too seemed pretty nice, they had a lot of fish, both saltwater and freshwater. The prices were of course much different than the mainland. Check out the prices of these Green Chromis vs any of the Hawaiian fish. Potter's Angel for $26 anyone? 😛 And most of the tangs and angels were so small and cute! Sizes I rarely saw in California.
  5. yoshii

    Budget 5 gallon pico *Six Year anniversary*

    Congrats on six years! That is quite an accomplishment, especially for a pico! Can you share more about the system's history?
  6. yoshii

    MetroKat's Reefer: Need About Tree Fiddy

    Wonderful to see you again Kat! How's Callie? And how's the tank? No vacation troubles? 🙂
  7. yoshii

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    MACNA was such a blast this year! I was glad I got to meet up with great Nano-Reef friends again 🙂 I also really enjoyed being able to meet and network with amazing scientists and industry professionals, loved the choice of speakers this year. I also got to present a poster of my research (and then forgot to take my poster home lol whoops) Tank news - I took down my tank the day before MACNA. And the NR crew who were there already know why: I got a job! Specifically, a job in coral growout/restoration in Honolulu Hawai'i So obviously I can't take my tank with my for logistical and legal reasons. But I can't really complain...I'll be snorkeling and diving as part of my job. I'll also be defending my Masters thesis at the end of this month, right before I leave for Hawai'i.
  8. yoshii

    Dawn's SH garden. Yet another new scape!

    Wow she's almost 5 now? Amazing 🙂
  9. yoshii

    2 gallon Pico jar help

    It depends how you're transporting everything. How far will you be moving the tank? For example, for two years moving my tank back home with me (during summer/winter breaks) involved an 8+hour drive, so I had to pack everything as if it was being shipped (in insulated containers with ice packs). But when I've moved it to much closer locations, I just sorted the corals into Tupperware containers (softies with softies, stinging coral wrapped with pieces of plastic fish bag). But a 5 gallon would also work, especially if you don't remove the corals from the rock. Then the only thing would be to pack it so the rock wouldn't move around and smash the coral (you can literally shove bubble wrap in there).
  10. yoshii

    2 gallon Pico jar help

    Hi Sean, welcome to Nano-Reef! I also took a nano to college (4g, then 5g) and moved it around like crazy I found it helpful to take out as much as I could when moving it. You can break other things, but you don't want that glass to break. If you want to glue the rocks, that's fine but just make it so you can pull the whole structure out of the tank/jar. When transporting you can leave the sand in the jar. But you'll want to pack the rock/corals separately. Like other people said, cleaning jars is a often a little different compared to a regular tank. Looking forward to a build thread! 🙂
  11. yoshii

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    Thank you! Welcome to San Diego, there's a pretty active reef community here. The main club, SDMA has meetings every month and special events too. They have a Facebook page and a website which both lists meetings/events/etc. Everyone is really nice and chill, you don't have to be a member ($30 I think) to attend any event. There will also be a SDMA meetup at MACNA if you're going (plus people are organizing ride share)
  12. yoshii

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    Yeah I wouldn't think it would make much of a difference since I use Prime, but maybe! I'm going to put one of my (very sad looking) toadstools in a container with fresh SW and see if it makes any difference. Although I might be breaking down this tank soon...but for a very exciting reason!! It's not officially-official yet, but for now I'll just say it might involve a one-way plane ticket to some beautiful tropical islands
  13. yoshii

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    Thanks Dawn! I did an almost 100% water change, left for a week, and came back to the tank looking even worse than before?? I don't know what's going on 😕 I wonder if it's my top off? I've been using tap water to top off since I moved to San Diego and never had any problems (yay for macros), but this summer I moved to a new apartment complex, I wonder if there's something up with the water? That's the only other idea I have. I know it's not the NSW I use, because I use it in tanks at work and they are fine. Maybe I will do another large water change and not top off for a few days, see if that makes a difference.
  14. yoshii

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Every time I visit this thread I'm always in awe of how filled in and beautiful this tank is, keep up the amazing work!
  15. yoshii

    Lypto's Jellyfish Project

    Wow this is such an interesting thread! I can't wait to see more updates! 🙂