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  1. yoshii

    Steph's 13.5 Invert Haven

    Glad to hear the algae is going away, hopefully that trend continues! Love the new frogspawn
  2. yoshii

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    FTS from last week! Don't mind the text, we had a show-and-tell with the local club, so I put some tank info up there I'm pretty happy with how the tank is filling in since its most recent move (Jan) Some acans and other small frags died during the move, but mostly everything was ok
  3. yoshii

    William’s Red Sea Reefer nano

  4. yoshii

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    Gave the tank a nice cleaning, pruned back and rearranged some macros and also moved some corals around (finally glued down some SPS). The Tyree toadstool is probably going to be mad for a few days, but I'll try to get a proper FTS in the next few days I didn't do it today, but I'm considering ripping out some of the Cladophora (the green turf-looking alga) to make more room for coral. Then again...maybe I should think about tuition instead! It's almost the end of Feb and now I'm starting to wonder what's going to happen with this tank once I'm done with my Master's. I guess it depends when I finish my degree and if/when I get a job I'm hoping I don't have to get rid of it, I've always had at least one sw tank for over 10 years now, I don't want to break my streak haha
  5. The tank looks great, glad to hear about your current success with the dinos! Also, the cardinal looks awesome, I love the name! I kinda forgot they existed until I went to the LFS to the other day and they had a bunch. Very underrated
  6. yoshii

    Steph's 13.5 Invert Haven

    Sorry to hear it's growing like crazy, Steph. Is the tank still cycling? I wonder if it will bloom then die off later. Fluconazole works, but if you use it, just don't add in other macros, they won't like it either.
  7. yoshii

    Steph's 13.5 Invert Haven

    Lol Steph I started following this thread a little while ago and somehow didn't realize it was you!
  8. yoshii

    Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    Wow it looks great Dawn! I love how natural it looks
  9. yoshii

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    Oh very cool! Will/have you a build thread here? I was planning on going to Reefers Garage, but I could only go to a certain amount of shops along the way in order to make it to all before closing time, and unfortunately one had to go! ASD I can go to any time so I didn't include it.
  10. yoshii

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    Haha if only I didn't have to drive between them! But yes essentially it was lol
  11. yoshii

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    I did, I wrote it down somewhere lol...I'll see if I can find it again The purple brush/feather gorgs Pseudopterogorgia are beautiful and easy! Happy New Year Chris! Thanks I need to get some actual pictures of the tank/macros up soon Meanwhile, I got some goodies from my LA LFS trip! These are all the stores I visited on Sunday: 1. Shipwreck Cove Custom Aquariums - they had some nice named SPS! 2. Ocean's Tropical Fish 3. Coral Oasis 4. Seaside Tropical Fish (still one of my favs, although they carry a lot of fish that shouldn't be in the trade. And refused to sell me a piece of pretty macro and I was sad ) 5. Tong's Tropical Fish 6. 405 Tropical Fish 7. Age of Aquariums - LOVED this place! The FW displays were beautiful, the coral was pretty and cheap, I got an acan colony for $45 and a plant for my FW. I was super tempted to get this beautiful white polyp leather for only $50, but it was too big for my tank 8. Aquatic Fantasy - I couldn't trust a place that was this clean and fancy looking lol. Hardwood flooring with saltwater tanks? 9. LAX Aquarium - I was hopeful, then disappointed by this place. The lights on the corals were pure blue which just washed everything out. I couldn't even tell what color the SPS were supposed to be. 10. Rubens Aquarium Co. Here are some pics, Age of Aquariums beautiful Discus display, cool macro (speckled rose), and cool plate at Tong's
  12. yoshii

    Brad's ADA 60f Mangrove Tunnel

    Another clean tank Brad! I loved scrolling through this thread just watching them grow! It looks very clean, do you keep the closet door open, or have any issues with humidity in there? Do you do water changes?
  13. yoshii

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    I do, however it hasn't kept its cream color It's the tan gorg on the lefthand side of the pic above. I recently noticed Birch has the same one, which is also tan, so perhaps the cream color just wasn't meant to be!
  14. yoshii

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    Hi guys, time for another sporadic update! Happy New Year! It was nice to see NR peeps at RAP! Felicia and Gena, it's always nice to see you ladies I hope I can make it to MACNA this year This tank is still chugging along, although I'm getting really tired of moving it all the time. I can't wait to finish school and not have this back-and-forth tank moving. Especially because I keep losing my small pieces of macros. I hope to be done and defend my thesis by June, however I realize that pushing into summer is probably more likely. I'm also starting to volunteer at Birch Aquarium, so that will be fun! Tank-wise, I added another small clown, a regular orange occy, which got along with Pocky (the Darwin) for a little while but now Pocky is really starting to be too aggressive with the orange clown (named Peppero for now, which is a knock-off brand of Pocky). I think I might have to take Pocky out for a time-out. Quite a few of my newer corals (from summer) were killed/partially killed a little while ago when one of my yumas decided to walk around the tank But I did get another green toad, and a finger leather with white polyps. Oh, Idk if I mentioned this before, but a while ago I changed the light fixture to a Kessil A80! It's so cute and easy to use, I like it. I'm doing a LA/SD LFS trip tomorrow, so I'll be on the lookout for cool softies and macros We'll see what I stumble upon! Here's a pic of Pocky I took today (from the side of the tank). My old cellphone died and I got a new one, but its camera is potato quality
  15. yoshii

    Sancho's old ass Solana sprung a leak

    Aw man that sucks Sorry to hear that. At least your wife was home so you didn't end up with gallons of saltwater on the floor!