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  1. seabass

    100 gallons behind a wall

    Don't try this at home folks. So today at lunchtime, I noticed that I had forgot to turn on the return pump and powerhead on my tank yesterday. It must have been 16 to 18 hours without any heat or circulation. The skimmer and heater in the sump were still on (which didn't help the display), but supplied instant oxygen and heat to my tank when I turned the return back on. Surprisingly, I don't see any evidence of anything abnormal. Dodged a bullet there. I guess under stocking has its advantages.
  2. seabass

    Caribbean theme (now a 40B)

    Thanks. I had my eye on chalk bass for a year or two now. But I'm never in much of hurry. They look pretty small in my 40, they might look tiny in a 75. Although I suspect they will grow another inch. I was impressed with just how curious they have been. When I first put them in, they went right to the sand bed (but I've seen videos of them swimming around, so I wasn't worried). However, shortly they were out and about swimming around the tank. They aren't constant swimmers like angelfish, but still pretty active. I kind of wanted a group of fish, versus a royal gramma (which I was also considering). I've read where they are fine in a small group if introduced ate the same time. So far I haven't noticed any aggression. My guess is that they've been together for a bit at Live Aquaria. I noticed that after my order, they were sold out. One of them was playing with bubbles from my heater yesterday. Pretty happy with them so far.
  3. Sure. They prefer to attach to a solid surface (rock, or even glass). With care, and a plastic scraper, it's even possible to remove them from the glass.
  4. seabass

    Caribbean theme (now a 40B)

    Haha, I didn't think of that.
  5. seabass

    Caribbean theme (now a 40B)

    A trio of Chalk Bass.
  6. seabass

    I can’t keep any clownfish alive!!

    They could be. Internal/intestinal parasite a relatively common and fish can often live with them without too much trouble. However, if the fish is stressed out for some reason (water quality, bullying, nutritional deficiencies, etc.), the parasites can become more problematic.
  7. Wow, that's quite the trip with livestock. Glad everything worked out.
  8. seabass

    Minimum height of sump?

    I'd set the water line at a minimum of 10". Then the sump needs to be able to handle the back flow from the display when the return pump is shut off. This additional volume can vary greatly depending on the size of the sump and location of the return nozzles.
  9. seabass

    Distilled water question!!!

    Walmart's purple cap (at least that's what they were when I used them years ago), gallon jugs of distilled water are fine to use.
  10. seabass

    AI Prime on 5.5g

    I don't know. But assuming no PAR or Lux meter, I'd start a little on the low side and slowly increase it. Montis don't typically require super intense light.
  11. seabass

    Saltwater from well usability

    Welcome to Nano-Reef.com. Not knowing the quality of the water, I'd think you'd need to filter it at the least (maybe even run through a UV sterilizer). I know a number of people that live on the ocean that insist on using purified water and salt mix, to ensure consistency and quality.
  12. seabass

    I can’t keep any clownfish alive!!

    Designer clownfish are still just either Amphiprion ocellaris or Amphiprion percula; their needs should be the same. Designer clowns are captive raised, so you would hope that they are free from disease (not that they couldn't be exposed to something before you get them). Then there's the possibility that they are getting infected by a parasite in your tank. As HookedOnAquariums stated, there are food treatments designed to treat for internal parasites. It would probably be prudent to try treating, even if that's not the problem.
  13. seabass

    I can’t keep any clownfish alive!!

    Some veggies might help. I'd like to see you add some better nutrition; maybe like Rod's Food, pellets, or even flake. I like to feed Ocean Nutrition Formula Two to introduce some algae into their diets. Not really sure why they stopped eating. It seems intestinal (parasitic or otherwise). I'd definitely try adding some alternative foods.
  14. seabass

    Caribbean theme (now a 40B)

    I assume that my hermit crab finished off the ceriths while searching for food. So over the holidays, I moved the hermit and my conch snail into my 100 gallon tank so they would get more food. And now you can see the red gracilaria algae has turned white due to lack of nutrients. The RFAs are fine and reproducing (they are like cockroaches, or bunnies or something). I've been putting a little food in this tank several times a week. All that's left seems to be bristle worms and RFAs. It really needs more food. But feeding more would probably just produce cyano. So a shipment of snails, crabs, and fish are on the way. Future plans consist of gorgonians, Caribbean zoanthids, and hopefully a few sponges. I'd really like this to become more Caribbean looking.
  15. seabass

    I can’t keep any clownfish alive!!

    Ever notice white stringy poop? Maybe an internal parasite? What are you feeding them?