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  1. Lula Mae's "Make a Wish" 15 long

    Sounds like a good plan. Looks like you're back on track.
  2. Great Job and awesome video!
  3. Wow, I don't remember seeing all those containers. Very cool! I hope we see a large percentage of these picos make it to the end. Thanks @Felicia! That's a ton of work dealing with all those pics and links for several months.
  4. SNG's new 20L...

    Oh yeah, that's right. Then a capful sounds right.
  5. SNG's new 20L...

    I'd probably use a half a capful for a 20 gallon tank. I've used to use Seachem Reef Salt when I could still get it from Amazon Prime. But it isn't available now on Prime, so I switched. Yeah, I know, I think people have a problem with the amount of boron too. BTW, I liked it just fine.
  6. NooB Introduction

  7. SNG's new 20L...

    What Prime does is temporarily convert free ammonia into ammonium (which is a lot less toxic). Eventually, it converts back into free ammonia (which is why you have to dose everyday). The nice thing is that the bacteria can utilize the ammonium just like they utilize free ammonia. At a point, dosing Prime will cause most kits to read positive for ammonia. Although I'm not sure that's what's happening here. I would keep dosing Prime everyday for another week and see what things look like. Then I'd do a massive water change (which will help remove the ammonia, ammonium, and Prime) and add fresh activated carbon.
  8. Is this a crazy Idea ?

    That should work out nicely for you.
  9. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    Looks great! I'm really liking how full your jar is. And thanks for the feeding pics. I really need to embrace larger feedings (prior to water changes). I know it's the right thing, but it feels like such a strange thing to do. I think I'll have to buy more food.
  10. Is this a crazy Idea ?

    In essence, it would be beneficial (as opposed to nothing). It would add a little oxygen (gas exchange), and should help balance pH. It will not skim protein, or crash your tank. It will, however, create salt creep. All in all, I don't believe it will help that much and probably wouldn't do it. If you really want to go down this road, I'd recommend a small airstone skimmer. They don't skim all that well (but do a little). However, it will contain the bubbles and still provide the aeration benefits that you describe. I'm not necessarily recommending that particular skimmer, but I used one many years ago and it's pretty cheap (not sure how it fits in your AIO). Really any protein skimmer will provide those benefits. With the cost of replacement airstones and an air pump, you might consider a DOC 9001 instead.
  11. 2 part dosing

    @TheBig053, my understanding is the elevated pH facilitates calcite precipitation which may cause it to cake/cement together. This primarily affects new sand without a bacterial film on it.
  12. 2 part dosing

    You might be able to drip in some Kalkwasser at night without weekly testing. You still want to spot check magnesium, alkalinity, and calcium levels; but Kalk won't likely elevate your levels enough to become problematic. Make sure your magnesium levels aren't low or you might experience more precipitation. However, I actually find dosing Kalkwasser to be a pain. Some people add the effluent to their auto top off. However, exposure to air makes it less effective. It raises pH, so it is often drip dosed at night. It can also affect your pumps and sand bed. You will need to research it, if you are planning to use it. I know people have used Purple Up without testing, but I wouldn't recommend it. The best way to encourage coralline is to make sure your phosphate levels are good, as well as magnesium, alkalinity, and calcium. If you have stony corals, you will have to dose two part and/or pick a decent reef salt mix.
  13. seabass's cookie jar

    Yeah, thinking about the monthly FTS, and considering that it's been almost a month, I figured that I should probably add the frags. I haven't tested for anything except specific gravity and temperature. And I don't plan on testing anything else.
  14. Looking good. I think that's going to fill in quite nicely.