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  1. There's a lot of good swimming room for an active fish. I like that better; but really, it's about what you like, what's good for your livestock, and what's functional. One thing I insist on doing is having enough room to clean the glass. That usually helps with flow too. I typically end up tearing my tanks apart for one reason or another, and never get them back the way they used to be. So I've pretty much given up on creating that perfect scape. However, I still look at other aquascpapes and wish I'd have done something different.
  2. I like it. This is just a personal preference of mine, but I like a lot of sand showing. So I would probably try to move the two rocks from the center, to the bigger rock formation on the right. This way you would have a prime place for a fungia or other sand bed corals. But aquascapes are all a matter of personal tastes.
  3. Hopefully my experiences will provide you with some insight: If nothing else, it will tell you how to culture the rotifers needed to feed the larvae.
  4. Congratulations, that's awesome! Yes, this is normal. Although even with a clutch of eggs, the male eventually started eating a little for me (although not nearly as much as he normally would). Do you have plans to try to raise them? While I haven't been successful so far, I have some experience trying. It's quite interesting, but a fair amount of work. This is a must read:
  5. So it appears to have died. Sorry about that. I'd probably try to remove it versus letting it break down in the sand bed.
  6. That's not a good sign, but I suggest you wait and see.
  7. Luv the Spongebob figure on your tank!
  8. Damn Maria! Where did you get your live rock again? But this is a reoccurring problem, isn't it? Still, it seems strange that it might be something airborne.
  9. Hard to say for sure. Have you looked around in different areas? Sometimes they can leave their tube and reemerge in another area.
  10. That's good. BTW, I love your macros.
  11. You'll have to remove that shim. It'll put uneven pressure on the seams (eventually causing another leak). If you need to level the tank, you have to shim the stand.
  12. Looks nice. Yeah, it's leaning a little. Why is there a shim under the left side of the tank?
  13. Maybe sometimes, but you can't always support the things which you feel may harm them. Just as long as they know that you love them and care. Sounds like they are pretty lucky.
  14. Do you think the weight of the fuge caused the leak, or do you feel it was just a coincidence?