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  1. seabass

    Potter's "Engorgio!" 300ml micro-reef

    You sure set your Dad up with a nice setup.
  2. seabass

    Canister filters on nanos... who's doing it?

    Sounds like it's developed a cryptic zone. My sump is somewhat similar (no biological media though, just never clean it out). When I say keep it clean, I mostly mean the media.
  3. seabass

    Odd place for gha to grow...

    Some algae makes it into my overflow box on my 100 gallon. When it does, I put a snail or two back there. I'm sure they appreciate the meal. You could shut off the return (so that you don't spread it), take a toothbrush dipped peroxide, and scrub off the algae (keep rinsing the brush out in the peroxide). Afterwards, siphon out the water from the chambers (maybe even wipe it out with a paper towel with some vinegar on it). Then a quick rinse, and siphon out the remaining water before refilling the chambers.
  4. seabass

    Canister filters on nanos... who's doing it?

    I'm not a fan of any biological media (it's just another thing to keep clean). The live rock in the display should be more than adequate for a biofilter.
  5. Another test which I thought of would be to try and culture phytoplankton from our own tank water. Seeing the success that I'm having with a small number of cells, I would guess that it would be possible to start a phyto culture with just our reef tank's water. I'm not going to try this simply because I actively dose phytoplankton into my tanks. Therefore these cells are likely already present. However, it would be an interesting experiment for anybody who has a tank started with live rock, and has never dosed phyto before.
  6. seabass

    What’s wrong with my bubble gum digi?

    Not that this is the cause of anything, but it looks like you are using API's phosphate test kit. The target level is often: detectable but less than 0.03 ppm. So 0.25 ppm is about 10 times higher than you typically want. Therefore, that kit doesn't have the resolution that you need. This can be important if your tank's phosphate level is below 0.01 ppm, and the alkalinity level is higher (like 10 dKH). As lack of nutrients and high dKH can burn SPS tips. Also, if phosphate is actually approaching 0.25 ppm (especially in a newer tank), your tank can often experience algae blooms. Similarly, but not as bad, API's KH test goes up in 1 dKH intervals. While the range is proper, the resolution is lacking. This kit gets you in the ballpark, but isn't ideal for dialing in dosing.
  7. seabass

    New guy here

  8. seabass

    Tank Can ONLY Keep Euphyllia Coral

    What are your levels (in your tank and in a newly mixed batch of saltwater)? What are you dosing, two part?
  9. seabass

    Best Lab for water testing?

    I'm not sure about best, but: https://www.marinedepot.com/ATI_Lab_Test_Kit_for_ICP_OES_Complete_Water_Analysis_Water_Test_Kits_for_Saltwater_Aquariums-ATI-UZ21850-FITK-vi.html https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/icp-oes-testing-kit-triton-1.html
  10. seabass

    Canister filters on nanos... who's doing it?

    I don't use one, but canister filters tend to get an undeserved bad rap. I think most people just feel that it's easier to work with HOB filters vs canister filters. But if you keep them clean (and don't use biological media), then it shouldn't be a problem. I certainly get that visually, glass lily pipes should look a lot better than any HOB power filter.
  11. seabass

    Jaybird's 20G Reef Build

    If it's a good price, I think that would work pretty well on a this tank.
  12. The evacuation tank (Superdome) is quite full. Glad your dendro is doing good. Hope you don't lose power or have to leave. Best of luck to you, your family, and your Superdome.
  13. seabass


    If you can't positively identify it as a good guy, then yes.