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  1. You may have just solved it. Makes more sense than a bad rock.
  2. I definitely don't have high flow in this tank, so I guess we'll see if there's any truth to that. Specifically, I only have a 200gph HOB filter on this 20 gallon tank (or 10 times total turnover). There's unmounted macro in the tank that doesn't even blow around. So far I'm seeing signs of growth, so I'm not concerned yet. I'm attributing the die off to shipping stress.
  3. You wouldn't think so. But IDK, if it's been awhile, it might be allowing more light through and causing some photo shock.
  4. My favorite blenny was a blue-head combtooth blenny (Escenius lividanalis). You see them on Diver's Den every now and then. Here he was in my tank.
  5. I remember BibleSue.
  6. Just think how pissed you'd be at your friend if he "recommended" you setup that reef tank.
  7. There is a fair amount of die off, as you can see pieces scattered about. However, much of it seems to be taking hold. Interestingly, they "bleed" when cut. On the palm caulerpa, it looked just like long hair algae (green vs white). Some new growth on the palm caulerpa. New holdfasts growing on several specimens.
  8. I like how the tentacles on the green one are expanded. I would normally attributed that to good health. The tentacles on the one below are less so. I'm not sure if that means anything or not.
  9. Another reason I do that is also why I don't like selling a car to a friend. I don't care how good the car it is; if something goes wrong, they often blame you (consciously, or unconsciously) even if they never say a word to you about it. You risk it getting in the way of a friendship. I'd much rather help someone out that's already in the hobby. That said, I wouldn't talk someone out of the hobby, but I would try to let a friend know what's he's getting into.
  10. Yeah, they can be a royal pain in the butt (and not only do they irritate coral, but also fan worms and other anemones); however, I've always had good luck with them eating aiptasia. I simply give them away (or back to the LFS) after I'm done with them. I use multiple peppermints and try to keep them a little hungry. This is an especially good method since you don't have coral, fan worms, or other anemones to irritate.
  11. It's likely just diatoms and they will go away on their own as the silicate is used up. Yeah, now is the time to remove pests. It gets harder as you have more in your tank.
  12. Occasionally, friends come over to check out the tank and get their "Zen" on. But it's more typical that they just want to show their kids Nemo. I've probably done more to discourage non-fish keepers from getting into the hobby than encouraging them. Sometimes the cost is enough to change their minds. However, if they have at least kept a freshwater tank in the past, I'll take their interest more seriously. As others have stated, most people lose interest when problems arise, or they find maintenance boring, time consuming, and/or gross (and neglect it, and problems arise). A neglected aquarium is one of the more unattractive things someone can have in their home. Plus, it's hard on the livestock.