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  1. End of Summer Sale!

    They got out just in time.
  2. End of Summer Sale!

    Thank you! I am going to start boarding up tomorrow.
  3. End of Summer Sale!

    Thank you!
  4. End of Summer Sale!

    Summer is ending and soon the winds will be picking up and ushering in fall. Fall brings murky water and rough seas, so this will be a good opportunity to stock up before selection is limited and sales become infrequent. Use the code "summer2017" to save 15% on everything in the store today except rock. Tank Cleaners | Cleaner Packages with Free Shipping | Macroalgae
  5. Am I a Saltwater Snob?

    There are some things that carry over, especially patience, but there are definitely somethings that do now.
  6. Am I a Saltwater Snob?

    PLanted freshwater tanks can be amazing. Forgot the name of that Japanese guy that makes the craziest aquascapes you have ever seen, will try to track that down...
  7. turtle tank for kids...any basic advice?

    The wild in Canada? That must be rough. Do you guys have native reptiles or is it too cold there? Excuse my ignorance, I am from FL. I have never kept them, but I assume they are like lizards...you need to clean out the cage/aquarium pretty often sort of thing? Probably more so with turtles since they do their business in the water.
  8. turtle tank for kids...any basic advice?

    They do get smelly.
  9. Super Glue in a Reef tank?

    I have always been a fan of the gel super glues. The watery stuff gets everywhere.
  10. Am I a Saltwater Snob?

    I have one of those laying around too... I really want a FW tank now. My warehouse has a drain I can't use now for much, (can't drain saltwater out of it for dumping reasons), but I have a drain...in a fish warehouse just open and on the wall easy to access....could be so easy...
  11. Quick Sale Today

    We have a lot of cleaners in stock, so I have the cleaner packages we call Quick Crews on sale for 15% off with the code "cleaners". You can find them here: https://www.reefcleaners.org/cleaner-packages-with-free-shipping
  12. Am I a Saltwater Snob?

    If I had a freshwater tank still I would hook it up to an ro/di, and then a drain out of the house. It would be great to do water changes whenever you want by just turning on the ro/di water and then turning it off at some point later. You would still have to vacuum (gravel, not sand, lucky!), but that would be so nice to be able to do with saltwater. Salt is too expensive to use that way. Freshwater snob.
  13. am I ready for livestock?

    Just to be free of damsels would be worth it. I like the fish, don't get me wrong, but when they are your first fish in the tank they will fight newcomers. Beau Gregory damsels may be the most territorial. I was diving the other day, and one tried to fight me. I am about 5000 times his size. He wasn't scared at all. I have seen them peck nurse sharks that hang out above their homes. Tough as nails.
  14. Am I a Saltwater Snob?

    I thought I was bad. That is a pretty sweet aquascape.
  15. Any experience with Tegula excavata?

    Tegula species snails are all reef safe. They eat film algae, algal detritus, and finer hair algae.