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  1. You can use the code "Taylor" until tomorrow, it is part of our President's day sale. 

  2. Glad you liked it! Good things come to those that wait sometimes.
  3. We are having a Valentine's Day sale this week, because nothing says "I love you!" like snails. Cleaner Sales Save 12% on cleaners and our quick crew packages with the code "valentine" Algae Sale Macroalgae will go further than roses and last longer. Save 25% with the code "macroalgae" Rock Savings We have larger rocks than you will find at any jewelry store. Save 10% with the code "rocksale" You can find the website here: Only one code can be used per shipment. No retroactive application unfortunately. Sale Ends 2/17/2017
  4. You are welcome!
  5. I still have tanks full of algae. Some really nice pieces too. Use the code "algaesale" to save 30% off any of the items in our algae section. Sale ends Friday, December 16th. Some species will not last though. Here is a link to that location - Macroalgae at ReefCleaners Thank you for 9 years of support! We really appreciate it.
  6. Glad you like it! Nice aquascape.
  7. Finally starting to get some algae back. It has been a rough few years! Then it dawned on me, I know people in the business - I can just have them go to their spots that are still producing. Now I have tanks full of algae. Not the same variety we had back in our heyday when we had 40+ plus species in stock most of they year, but I have 9 which is better than usual. Some really nice pieces too. Use the code "algaesale" to save 30% off any of the items in our algae section, which means the penny algae sample is now an unbeatable $.007. What can you buy for $.007? An algae "frag", that is what. I am so I will even give you the link to that location - Macroalgae at ReefCleaners
  8. You can use the code "blackrock" to get $15 off our 50 pound rock boxes, and the code "blackfriday" to save 15% on anything in the tank cleaners section.
  9. It is back, we will be resuming Saturday service again. However, there are some exceptions. To be eligible to ship on Friday, you have to order with Express Mail and live in a next day location. Otherwise it will arrive on either Friday or Saturday. Additionally, for now there is a $5 surcharge, to cover the cost of the guy who will be packing and shipping orders. This will drop off as soon as there is enough interest in the Saturday service. Going to have some big sales for Black Friday. If you want to know about, or take advantage of them early, let me know. We can do some of the sales now, rather than wait. Just post a reply here saying something to the effect of "I don't want to wait!" And I will post some codes for you to use.
  10. It is a good product. I hope to bring it back some day. It is hard to get all the ingredients in at once though.
  11. I want to, but it may be awhile unfortunately .
  12. You are welcome!
  13. Free Gifts and Eerily Good Savings. Treat yourself to discounts: Use the code "rockmonster" to save 10% on rock orders. You can also use the code "halloween" to save 15% off any other product, except Quick Crews. Need a cleaner package? Use the code "spooky" to save 12% off quick crews, and any other product, except rock. Plus: Leave a note to the effect of "Send me a treat!" in the comments field during checkout, and we will send a free item of our choice worth at least 10% of your order. Cannot ship with rock though. It will be a surprise. Hope you have a safe and happy holiday! BROWSE THE SHOP Discounts cannot be combined retroactively. Free item offer cannot be sent with rock orders. Offer Expires 11:59 pm October 31st.
  14. Thank you! Everything went well, no damage. No power loss. The hurricane sped up at some point and through off our schedule, so we were all running around boarding each others homes up. Sorry everyone there was some email delays, and we were sold out and closed for a day. If you have an email that was not responded to, let me know.