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  1. It was something I always carried because I liked the supplier, but he is getting older now and I don't think he has the resources to keep stocking it. If he does, I will carry it. He was the original supplier of cleaned rock, dry rock used to come uncleaned or from the ocean. I have a timestamped thread on NR for all doubters. 🙂 He is the first supplier of this particular rock too. Nice guy, sad story, he took the wrong partner and that guy ran off with his business when he had a heart attack. Now others also sell a version of it. I am not sure if they know the real secret behind good vs bad dry rock. I may drop this knowledge one day if my guy decides to retire. As a hint, it is not phosphates that are the real leaching concern. I think we were his only remaining customer when he got out of the hospital. He has been hobbling along ever since. He had a super premium rock for a few months, we carried it as "Caribbean Rock" that was hands down the finest rock in the hobby. I like our regular rock, but this was something out of this world. It was so porous and brittle you could mold it by hand. If I had capital I would put it behind him, but I am just not in that position. If someone else in this business is, contact me and I will put you in touch with him. (sorry for the open letter nature of this reply, it just grew after 10 edits)
  2. At least. I may not carry it anymore.
  3. Shoot me your name and I will check it out.
  4. If not algae, it may be a bryozoan. Brittle, stiff and white tends towards bryozoan. For some comparison: https://www.backyardnature.net/yucatan/tangled.htm They are very diverse animals, those guys ^ are related to sea pork as odd as that is.
  5. Good luck keeping coralline spores out of your tank once you start adding anything. Introducing coralline may be a good idea if you want one particular species of coralline to be dominate or present. Otherwise encrusting species tend to dominate in captivity and will always find a way in.
  6. Milk Conchs get huge, like pee wee football size. Yes, he eats meat you can drop it in for him. He will find it, just like nassarius but a bit slower because nassarius have to eat and run before the Crown conchs show up in the wild. 99% chance your Crown conch is from FL. They don’t really get bigger than fist size here. Some variations can get larger, but ours do not. Fun fact - Crown Conchs were sold as Fighting Conchs for the longest time in FL, and still are by most wholesalers. The largest online retailer sold Crown Conchs for years as Fighting Conchs. Even had a Crown Conch in the picture. Conchs even had a bad name in the hobby for being predatory at one point, despite all Strombus being grazers because so many of their number one predators in the wild were being sold as them.
  7. Starting next week the post office is (yet again) raising prices on Priority and Express Mail, about 8%. As if it weren't fun enough. 🙂 To celebrate this horrible occasion for our hobby, we are offering a 15% off sale today for Express Mail orders that will ship tomorrow, the last shipping day for 2018 pricing. Use the code "inflation" at checkout. Rock excluded. Sale ends 1/23/2019 at 11:59pm your time zone, Visit ReefCleaners.org
  8. Things should be improving according to the host. Things seem to be acting normal. Found out the spam block was because I sent too many emails from our tracking email software too quickly. I kind of thought that may be the issue, but preferred blaming it on my hosting provider. If you encounter any errors let me know.
  9. It is acting up. Thank you for letting me know. We aren't getting emails now. Time out issues there too. So much for an upgraded server. Having them work on it, thank you so much for letting me know. We are getting some, so it just seemed like we were slow. Worst error ever!
  10. Our host was working on some server side things yesterday, that may have been it. Still having the issue?
  11. Put them on it and pluck out what you can and it should be gone fast. Sometimes they are slow to find things.
  12. Nice to hear that. Now that the holiday backlog is done with that hopefully that will be the case for everyone else now too. 🤣 🙂
  13. That pistol shrimp knows he better not step! 🙂
  14. Aahhh you beat me to it. +1 on the ID. Easier to get rid of than Byropsis species is the good news.
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