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  1. So I'm in. I went to half a dozen stores and saw probably 20 likely candidates. I liked the idea of a hole in the tank to run cords out for a completely clean look. This was being sold as a cheese dome but thus one was missing its cutting board so I got it for half off. $18 with tax. My math says it's just under 2.5 gallon total volume but it didn't look that big to me. The internal diameter is 7.5" and the height is 16" total. I have a plan for a stand and perhaps an integral light fixture. Question: would you do a small pump of say 70 gph or an air pump with lift tube for this size tank?
  2. I’m in! At last, I’ve found a suitable container. I visited Value Village on the weekend and came away with exactly what I was looking for—a coffee maker. I’m kind of nervous to be trying a pico, but I think it’ll be a fun new experience. And what better time to try it then alongside tons of fellow NR members! I’ve really enjoyed following along with everyone’s builds so far, but I can’t keep up! Before I go any further, a big thanks to Felicia, PJ, and Christopher Marks for putting this contest on! So without further ado….. PA141286 by orb1915, on Flickr For $7, who can complain? It’s about half a gallon I think. I had originally planned to use an old gumball machine, but after I sealed it I realized it only held 0.1g of water! Instead I’m keeping some freshwater amphipods in it. PA141289 by orb1915, on Flickr I already have numerous air pumps on hand, as well as rock, sand, and a tetra preset 50w heater (overkill) from Walmart. It’s kind of a chunky heater, but it’ll work I think. I’ve found them to be decently reliable. I’ve ordered this 15w bulb, which is scheduled to arrive between the 20th and 30th. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/E27-LED-Full-Spectrum-Coral-Reef-Plant-Grow-Light-PAR38-PAR30-Fish-Tank-Aquarium-/292207851134?var=&hash=item4408f1f67e:m:mSlN4W588ku9jHKwxx33pfA As well as this hanging socket https://www.amazon.ca/Electop-Hanging-Lantern-Extension-Pendant/dp/B074DTPKLL/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1507216630&sr=8-5&keywords=e27+lamp I figure I can use the coffee machine to hide the light and cords. I’m still waiting on the light and socket to arrive, so I’m not sure when I’ll get it set up with photosynthetic life. I hope to get it wet in the next day or two so that I can figure out what evaporation will be like. If I think the water volume is too small, I plan to get an anchor hocking jar. I saw one today, and holy cow they’re big! I’m thinking zoas, macro, and maybe another softie or two. I might put in some GSP because I love that stuff. I want to keep it simple since this is my first foray into picos. I put some dry rock in the back of my bc29 a week ago so hopefully it’ll be insta-cycled with that and sand from the bc29 as well!
  3. @Christopher Marks, @pj86, and I are excited to announce the next official Nano-Reef community tank building contest... The Creative Container Pico Contest! Sponsored By We've listened to the community's requests for a pico container contest and now we want to give everyone the opportunity to get their creative juices flowing to create unique pico container reefs! What do we mean by containers? We mean any container with a volume of 3 gallons or less (before displacement by rocks and sand) that is not a traditional tank or aquarium. Bowls, jars, and vases are all wonderful options, but your imagination is the limit in terms of the type of container! It just has to be 3 gallons or less in total volume, and not traditionally sold as an aquarium. For this contest, we want to keep things simple and focus on creativity and the wonderful husbandry skills of the Nano-Reef Community. Everyone can choose their own equipment, but we are limiting the allowed equipment to the following items: 1 Container totaling 3 gallons or less in total volume that is not a traditional aquarium. Note: Built from scratch or custom built containers are not allowed. Containers must be purchased and maintained intact with only minor modifications to seal the container, accommodate qualifying equipment, to allow ventilation, or to create a lid allowed. 1 Heater of any wattage. 1 Air Pump with accessories (airline, valves, air stones, etc.) and/or 1 Powerhead Pump for flow. 1 Single PAR LED bulb or Fluorescent bulb with an E26/E27 socket screw type in a light fixture of your choice. Your single bulb may be of any wattage or any color temperature. Note: This rule has been modified to allow a single fluorescent bulb that fits in a standard household light fixture as an alternative to a single par LED bulb. Auto-top off systems and controllers are permitted, but optional. Sumps, mechanical or chemical filtration (internal or external), skimmers, auto-dosing systems, etc. are not permitted. All-in-one modifications and plumbing of any type are also not allowed. We want to keep the equipment simple and focus on husbandry. You do not have to use all of the allowed equipment (i.e. having a sunlit tank instead of using a PAR bulb), but you just cannot use any other, unapproved equipment. Many of you may already own these items or have them available around the house. Your container and equipment do not need to be new, but they must be DRY at the beginning of the contest. There are no rules or budget limits in regards to stocking of your pico container, but use your space wisely! Have fun and let your imagination run wild! Note: Your entry must be a saltwater aquarium. No freshwater entries are allowed. Contest Timeline: How To Enter Official Start Date: October 2nd, 2017 The contest is open to any and all Nano-Reef community members starting today! In order to formally enter the contest, you must begin your pico container build by the end of the month on Halloween! This means that by October 31st you will need to have done the following tasks: Sourced your qualifying pico container and equipment. Started a new build thread here on Nano-Reef.com in our Pico Reefs Forum. Shared a photo of your dry pico container in your journal with your favorite condiment inside. Sriracha anyone? Posted an announcement of your entry into the contest here in this thread with a link to your build journal. Contestants are required to post at least one monthly update to their build thread that will include a full tank shot in order to remain eligible, at the bare minimum. Your build thread must also include the tag "Creative Container Contest", so that they are easy to locate on the forums. There's even more incentive to maintain a detailed build thread because one of the winners will be chosen based on the best pico build journal. More details on winning categories and prizes is below. Qualifying contestants will be asked to post a final synopsis and full tank shot in their aquarium journal within the final two weeks of the contest, which will be used for voting purposes. International entries are welcome with the disclaimer that the sponsors may not be able to ship prizes internationally due to customs and increased costs. In the event that an international contestant wins, we will do our best to see if its possible to ship the prize internationally, but we make no guarantees. Also, additional shipping costs may need to be paid by the international contestant if it is possible to ship their prize(s). The contest will officially end on March 31, 2018 at 11:59:59 PM. This means a 6 month contest from start to finish. We wanted to give everyone time to get their tanks going and headed on the path to maturity before choosing the winners. Community Voting will begin on April 2nd, 2018. Contest Prizes There will be three winning pico containers chosen at the end of the contest by community vote. In the event of a tie, Christopher Marks will cast the tie-breaking vote. The winners will be chosen for the following categories: 1) Grand Prize – Best Overall Pico Container Seneye Reef Monitor Boyd Chemi-Pure Blue Nano (5 Pack) Aqamai KPS Wifi Controllable Wavemaker Pump Reef Glass Nano Protein Skimmer Valued at over $400 and sponsored by: 2) Most Creative or Unique Pico Container Custom Nano Box Pico Tide Light Fixture Sponsored by: 3) Best Pico Contest Build Journal $50 Gift Certificate to Reef Cleaners PJ Reefs Latest Product - Mini Seahorses Kit - Valued at $350 Sponsored by: Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors for their generous support of this contest! Monthly Full-Tank Shots (FTS) We will be starting a topic/thread within the pico forum that will contain the monthly FTS's throughout the competition and will be locked for editing so it won't get cluttered with discussion. I will make a post for each month and will post all of the FTS's. Each photo will be linked to the tank thread so you can easily go find more photos and get involved in discussion. For each month, each contestant will get ONE FTS in the FTS thread. In order to make sure your FTS's make it into the thread each month, you will need to PM me your FTS and a link to your build thread sometime before the end of the month each month. The end of the month will be 11:59:59 pm on the last day of the month. Please try to get your FTS and build thread link to me by that deadline each month. However, we will provide a couple days leeway as needed since we know people may have travel or other extenuating circumstances throughout the competition. Resources So you want to enter, but don't know how to set-up a pico container? No worries! Community member @pj86 has written a new library article detailing the set-up and care of a pico container based on his extensive experience keeping pico jars. This is a great place to start for guidance and ideas! Here's a wonderful article that Gena put together about performing a water change in her contest container. Need even more ideas and inspiration to get your creative juices flowing? Read through our collection of featured pico reef profiles! Here are two just to get you started, a bowl and a vase: Please keep in mind our wonderful sponsors when purchasing your equipment, supplies, and livestock. Links to appropriate equipment from our sponsor MarineDepot.com are provided for you below. Heaters Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm 25 Watt Aquarium Heater with LED Display Lifegard Aquatics Pre-Set Quartz Heater - 25 Watt Cobalt Aquatics Easy-Therm Submersible Heater - 25 Watt Air Pumps Aqueon QuietFlow Air Pump Tom Aquatics Stellar Air Pump Air Pump Accessories Powerheads/Circulation Pumps Hydor Koralia Nano 240 gph Cobalt Aquatics MJ400 106 gph Hydor Pico Evo-Mag 4W Circulation Pump 180 gph Auto-Top Off Systems Auto Aqua Smart ATO Micro Tunze Osmolator Nano Innovative Marine HydroFill Ti Controllers Neptune Apex System JBJ TrueTemp Digital Heater Controller Hamilton Digital 24 Hour Digital Timer Good luck to all the contestants! We can't wait to see what you all come up with! Contestants Follow along with all of the builds throughout the contest in the monthly full tank shots thread. One FTS per contestant will be posted each month throughout the contest. All photos are linked to the respective build threads. Gena - Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build vlangel - Dawn's shrimp chalet Lula_Mae - Lula Mae's Creative Container Pico Contest Jar kimberbee - Kimber's Pretty Pico Harrisonbored - The Angler fish...maybe? (pico contest thread) tanacharison - Tana's Pico Tower schgr.cube - Brain Coral Pico - schgr.cube's creative container contest entry Tamberav - Into the Shallows - Tamberav's C. C. Pico Clown79 - Clowns Pico contest build seabass - seabass's contest pico Orangutran - Orangutran's excuse to reef at work Sharbuckle - Sharbuckles Creative Container Pico Contest Tank Farmboyreef - The Joker: Creative Container Pico Build GraniteReefer - Live Free or Reef, a CreativeContainerContest tank GunslingerGirl - Slinger's Ghetto-Rigged Cookie Jar JoeR - Joe's 0.5 Gallon Post-Modern Pico Jar Merthynia - 2 Gal Pico OldManSea - OldMAnSea's Pico Shallow Reef Creative Container Pico Contest Tank Boggers - Boggers CC contest tank Coral_chef - Coral_chefs Mr. peanut C.C. Contest pico Nickmcg - Nickmcg pico Creative Container Contest cnseekatz - Chris' Creative Container Pico! Droy008 - Droy's C.C. Pico Jar-o-nonsense flatlandreefer - Flatland's Pico Contest Tank duderubble - DudeRubble's Test Tube of Rubble, a Creative Container Contest entry dmw913 - Denise's Skull Pico Creative Container Contest Entry metrokat and Mariaface - The Girlfriend Pico: Getting Creative with Dongs... skibum513 - Joe's Icy vase lobster876 - Lobster876's Contest tank TFish77 - Upside Down Pico Reef - Pico Contest Entry fishfreak0114 - Fishfreak's C.C. pico aio.tankhere - Aio.Tankhero's mason-pico-stein ChristopherDido - Midwest Industrial CC Pico Reef SaltyBuddha - SaltyBuddha's Floating Islands Pico Friendly - Cam's Coral Condo Contest Pico Tom@HaslettMI - My Pico Wants to Kill Your Mama reefcrimp - reefcrimp's contest pico teenyreef - Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar jahnje - Cambro Reef alprejean - Try not to Wine natalia_la_loca - Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build spec33 - Spec's Spec Sized Tank New_Here - New Here's Pico Tank MedievalITGuy - The Mad Science Experiment hinnenkm - Classroom Pico ajmckay - Cephalapico - ajmckay's Creative container damianita - Classroom Pico -Creative Container Contest MrNanoReef - Phuong's Micro Atoll 1.5 sofrinat - Lava Lamp Pico "Lover's Coral" Allaboutcorals - Allaboutcorals pico reef boyscountrickybobby - light bulb CCPC
  4. tanacharison

    Tana's Pico Tower

    What an amazing contest! @Felicia I'm excited to see what everyone does. I think the simplicity and water volume will make for some creative reef tanks. Every time I go to a public aquarium I always left wanting to do a tall cylinder tank and this finally gives me the excuse to start one nano-reef style! I found this 18" vase at Michael's and it comes out to be 2.75G filled to rim. Nano Tower by
  5. MainelyReefer

    Live Free or Reef

    Display: 1.75 gallon handblown glass bowl slumped onto Driftwood Lighting: AI Prime Lighting Scedule: 7am-9pm(see photo) Heater: Cobalt Aquatics Minitherm 10w Air Pumps: Phantom Ultrasonic Airpump 8gph by Cobalt Aquatics. DC Air pump with battery backup by Cobalt Aquatics(single port) Controller: DA Reefkeeper Lite Basic, for temp control, light control, and air pump control(feedings, WC’s, etc.) Rock: Dry pukani that I acid washed, KP Aquatics rubble that was later removed after it seeded the pukani Sand: Natures Ocean Samoa Pink Salt Mix: Red Sea Coral Pro mixed to 1.026 Glass Cleaner: BettaMag by Two Little Fishes Refractometer: Milwaukee MA887 Lift Pipe: Clear rigid tube from a gravel cleaner Lid: Repurposed glass from a candle melter with aquarium silicone applied to create a seal Current FTS: AI Prime Settings:
  6. Below is my entry sitting on a bench in the garage having its volume measured. It is an old terrarium that my mother had plants in many, many years ago. When thinking of a tank for the contest I thought of this as a possibility and called my brother to see if it might still be in the attic - it was! As it is shown, there is exactly 2.0 gallons of water in it (the tank has an inside diameter of 12 inches and the rim is 7.5 inches high. The water line as shown is just under 6 inches). It holds just under 2.3 gallons to the rim. This morning I was feeling brave and drilled a 3/8 inch hole in the rear a couple of inches above the water line to have a place for the heater cord and airline tubing or pump cords to exit. For lighting I have a PAR38 tuna blue bulb and a PAR38 10k bulb. I will try to use the tuna blue but it may gross me out too much in which case I will use the 10k. Since this is supposed to mimic a shallow reef the 10k will likely be more along the lines of what shallow reef creatures experience. For heating, I ordered a Cobalt Aquatics Electronic Neo-Therm heater, 25 watts. I would like to have a small circulation pump and have several of the tiny Hydor's that I use for my 5.5 gallon tank - they are sort of under powered for that tank so may work well for this one. If the flow seems excessive, I will go with an airstone and use mini-tubing. I plan to use live sand from my 170 liter tank and will pick up some rock. I should have it cycling by this weekend. My thoughts are for a shallow Florida/Caribbean reef dominated by Caribbean zoa's and ricordea's and accompanied by Caribbean anemone shrimp that naturally live in ricordeas. I will think of some other tiny inhabitants. I hope to source all of these from Florida divers although the recent hurricane disasters might make that challenging.
  7. Hi everyone, The Creative Container Contest has officially come to a close! Its amazing how quickly 6 months flew by! After 6 months of steep competition, we've got 20 amazing container reefs that have made it to the end to compete for the three prize categories! Voting will open in a few days, and we need the participation of the Nano-Reef community to choose the winners! The contestants have each put together a write-up of 250 words or less and selected three photos to summarize their container reefs. Please peruse the below post to see all of the contestants' final summaries and decide how to cast your vote in each of the below categories. Click on any contestant's photo to be taken to their build thread to read more detail about their journey during the contest. Also, head over to the monthly FTS thread to see each of the contestants' monthly photo updates throughout the 6 months of the contest. Voting will open tomorrow, Monday April 2nd at noon (PST) and will remain open until noon (PST) on Monday April 9th. Make sure to get your vote in so that you can help in selecting your favorite builds to win these amazing prizes! In the event of a tie in any of the categories, @Christopher Marks will cast the deciding vote! Thank you to @Christopher Marks and @pj86 for all their help hosting the contest! Thank you to all the contestants for participating and putting together such creative and inspiring builds! We've all learned a lot following along with the contest, and its been wonderful to prove that such tiny, simple reef set-ups can be successful! Thank you again to our wonderful sponsors for their generous support of the contest! 1) Grand Prize – Best Overall Pico Container Seneye Reef Monitor Boyd Chemi-Pure Blue Nano (5 Pack) Aqamai KPS Wifi Controllable Wavemaker Pump Reef Glass Nano Protein Skimmer Valued at over $400 and sponsored by: 2) Most Creative or Unique Pico Container Custom Nano Box Pico Tide Light Fixture Sponsored by: 3) Best Pico Contest Build Journal $50 Gift Certificate to Reef Cleaners PJ Reefs Latest Product - Mini Seahorses Kit - Valued at $350 Sponsored by:
  8. Brian's Cookie Jar Current FTS: taken 03/27/18 Equipment: Tank: Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill 2 gallon glass jar $12 Lighting: 12W ABI PAR38 Aquarium Light (Royal Blue 450nm + Cold White 10000K + Actinic Blue 425nm + Blue 470nm) $25 Heater: Deep Blue Professional Bettastik 7.5-watt heater $10 Air pump: Tetra Whisper 40 already had Live Rock: Reef Cleaners dry rock unused, but already had Sand: CaribSea Fiji Pink already had Livestock: Aquacultured Purple Blastomussa (Blastomussa wellsi) $30 LA Diver's Den Aquacultured Purple and Green Duncan (Duncanopsammia axifuga) $40 LA Diver's Den Maricultured Starburst Polyps (Briareum sp.) $60 LA Diver's Den Table of Contents: p1: Shot glass reef p2: Contest entry pic, heater, light p3: Drilled hole, water p4: Live rock p5: Bayer coral dip, magnets for mag rock p6: Coral frags, glass drilling video, mag rock project, fragged the coral frags p7: Algae on coral frags, initial peroxide dip p8: Additional peroxide dips, second frag rock project, coral added p9: November FTS, December FTS, January FTS p10: February FTS, final contest summary, final pics before taking it down Summary: This is a low cost pico that contains 3 cultured coral frags that I purchased from Live Aquaria's Diver's Den. The equipment is minimal and includes an air pump and airstone, 12W PAR38 LED bulb, and Bettastik heater. The jar was drilled, and I made a couple of DIY mag-rocks. I hope you enjoy the journey.
  9. My official entry! This was a really hard decision, so many awesome containers out there to choose from. The possibilities truly are endless, I want to start like a hundred different picos now all uniquely aquascaped haha. I ended up going with this cool modern candle holder with a concrete base from Hobby Lobby, it's gonna look awesome on my nightstand. The glass just sits on the concrete bottom, although I debated switching out the top. It does have some extra space underneath the glass that I’ve used to my advantage with the heater and lazy Susan gear. TANK SPECS CONTAINER: 0.5 Gallon Concrete and glass candle jar -$12 FLOW: Koller Craft TOM Steller mini aquarium pump rated for 5-10 gallons, Airstone & Check Valve -$8.21 LIGHT- ABI 12watt Tuna Blue LED bulb in grey IKEA Architect lamp -$35.95 HEATER- Yankee Candle Wax Warmer -$0.00 EXTRAS- Lazy Susan Turntable gear- $3.50 GRAND TOTAL: $59.66 LIVESTOCK -Pink Margarita Snail NOTES *Continents were painfully hand made using lightweight concrete dyed with charcoal concrete dye coated in clear epoxy resin to make them fish-safe. *Airstone attached with suction cup to back of tank hidden behind globe. Provides good flow so far. Hidden below tank is the heater and a turn table gear used to view more of tank with a little swivel motion. *Tank runs at roughly +/-2 degrees at 82 with lights on from 9AM to 9PM, with three blue LED’s being shaded out. *No noticeable cycle occurred? FTS as of 10/7/17: FTS as of 12/26/17: 1/29/18 3/3/18 3/28/18
  10. Hi everyone, usually I am not one to enter a contest but I do remember thinking, "what a cute idea" when I read Gena's suggestion of a pico contest. I probably still would not have entered except that I have not really liked the utility looks of my feeder shrimp tank. It was so bare bones next to the seahorse DT so I hid it under the cabinet. Out of sight out of mind as they say and the last order of shrimp were sickly, which is what started Ruth's decline. I decided a change was in order. This contest fits right in with what I have been thinking...setting up a more attractive shrimp tank but still keep it simple. I do not expect it to be amazing but it will be much nicer than they have had in the past, (hence the chalet). After all, they should live the high life before going into the seahorse Coliseum (I mean display tank), LOL. Oct. 3rd Set up with 1 piece of LR and 2 pieces of dry rock with seachem stability added to kick off the cycle. Oct. 5, 2017. November FTS (settled on final scape but not coral placement) December FJS (still moving some coral due to stinging) January FJS, (all the coral are in and placed, finally) They just need to grow! February FJS March FJS April FJS after the end of the contest! Jan 2018 the start of the 5.5g aio build. Finished and ready to get wet. Temporarily houses Whiplash until I found him a new home. April FJS, with rock and attached from jar after the creative container contest ends (page 20). ..................................................................... My bowl is a 3 gallon glass cookie jar from Target, $14.99. I will spray a matching mural on the back of the glass to hide electric cords and to match the seahorse display. Flow is furnished by a rio 90 powerhead and a whisper air pump with an a open airline (which I already have). Filtration will be live rock, macro algae and water changes, (LR and macro algae I already have). I am using Instant Ocean Reef Crystal salt. The light was an LED par bulb, 8 white and 4 blue diodes, and hanging fixture, ebay $19. Well the 1st bulb burned out in just 5 months, so I ordered a coral compulsion par 38 bulb. It is much bluer than the prior bulb. It has 5 white diodes and 10 blue. I do not plan to use a heater or ATO. I will keep track of what I buy here in terms of livestock: Presently the coral are: 2 acan frag and 1 blasto, $69.98 1 yellow polyp frag (dying), 1 mushroom frag(died), 1 yellow zoa frag, 1 sinularia frag, and 1 Idaho grape frag(died)..5 for $50 but $15 credit for macro algae so final price, $35. I already had 3 gorgonian frags(removed 1 and put back into seahorse display), 1 tiny mushroom, 1 kenya tree(died), palys,a merletti that was doing poorly in the pony tank, a piece of photsynthetic purple sponge, gsp, some sort of green cap that grows in a scrolling fashion and a xenia frag. I was given a rose coral and 2 other unknown coral by rene(of which 1 died). I got a 1 head hammer frag, a 1 head frogspawn frag, an orange monti and an encrusting sps from a local reefer friend. I traded lots of macro algaes from my sump for a blue green candycane, a neon green candy cane and a striped orange sps. I added cabbage leather to the jar from my sump. Macro algae: Seeded the jar right after cycle with cheato loaded with pods. Eventually removed cheato because it clogged rio pump intakes. Halimedia Red titan Dragon's breath Inverts: A pom pom crab and about 20+ ghost shrimp.
  11. jahnje

    Cambro Reef

    So... the back story. I've got more planted tanks than I know what to do with and want to try my hand at reefing. Always looking for family projects for me and the kids, this seemed perfect. So two of my girls opted in to this project. We looked around and decided that some of my 6 quart cambro containers might make a good pico reef. I already have a bunch.You generally find them in commercial kitchens and can get them for about $6 to $8 a piece. I'm really curious about the idea of combining a recent coral mag article about using them as fish QT system, and combining them with @natalia_la_loca 's pico bowl. The idea being can I use small pico reefs as coral/invert QT system for a larger reef tank, while at the same time giving my girls a chance to really be involved with creating something. After much deliberation: We decided that the ultimate condiment was chocolate syrup. ps. Also using this as an excuse to stop being a lurker....
  12. I started reef keeping with a 3g Pico tank in a lemonade jug and currently have a few Pico tanks running, so this contest is right up my alley! For the contest I'm going to be using a rectangle glass vase. I have a small ebay power head which I have used in past picos, they're cheap and small. I'm going to try not using a heater in this tank. My current 1g Pico aio stays around 76 degrees with just the power head. Lighting will be a coral compulsion par 30 18k led. Stocking plans are green star polyp on the rock work surrounded by rock flower anemones. Possibly some sex shrimp later on as well. Equipment : -14 x 5 x 3.25 glass vase -eBay powered -coral compulsion par 30 18k led
  13. The TeenyCookie Jar retired on June 13, 2018 after almost eight months. Thanks to everyone who followed along! Jar Journal Index: Initial setup with light, heater and air pump: page 1 First wet Full Jar Shot (FJS): page 1 Gluing the rocks: page 2 First corals : page 2 First algae : page 2 Video of pods in the jar: page 3 PAR38 light socket extender: page 3 Detailed coral pics including the incredible reglued bubblegum monti that I broke again the next day : page 4 Link to ABI Tuna Blue bulb on Amazon: page 4 Giant bristleworm, more new corals: page 5 My only video of the jar so far (I hate doing videos): page 5 More new corals: page 6 Black Friday - bunches of corals bleached and dead overnight due to the light staying on: page 6 Emergency backup corals to the rescue!: page 7 Final contest FJS: page 7 More coral pics and contest write-up: page 8 Detailed water change write-up: page 8 Ugly post-water change picture: page 8 Contest Winner!!!: page 8 Jar retired: page 9 2018-06-13 Final TeenyCookie Jar FJS: 2018-06-13 Final TeenyCookie Jar Top Down: 2018-03-31 TeenyCookie Jar FJS: 2018-03-31 TeenyCookie Jar Top Down: 2018-02-27 TeenyCookie Jar FJS: 2017-12-25 FJS: OK, I'm in! Here's my super simple super cheap creative container contest entry, a 2g cookie jar from Walmart. I'm still planning the details, but my main goal is to put this together using only things I already have, as much as possible: Light: ABI Tuna Blue PAR38 LED Light Heater: 50w Finnex with external controller Circulation: air pump and stone, exactly which of the five air pumps I own is TBD. I'm hoping not to use a powerhead. Update: the cheapest one, the Whisper 10, works fine. No air stone. And ummmm....I guess that's it for equipment I'm a little behind getting started on this because I've been busy at work, but my goal is to get all the equipment selected and put the jar in place this weekend. I plan to use rubble rock, glued together into one or two "big" pieces that can easily be removed, or held in place with one had, so I can dump all the water out at once for a 100% water change every week. That means it will be bare bottom too. For now, I've put the rubble rock in the back chamber of the 40g tank so it can start to get seeded with bacteria. As far as stocking goes, no fish. I've thought about getting a sexy shrimp or pom pom crab, but since I'm trying to do this with stuff I already have, I may just grab a small blue leg hermit from one of the other tanks. Or maybe just go corals only...something I've never done before. Likewise, I'm hoping to just use corals I have from my other tanks already. My main goal with the jar is to experiment with keeping a coral reef while spending as little time and money on it as possible. Although the on-hand equipment won't cost me anything, I'm going to keep track of what I originally paid for everything so I know what budget would be needed to duplicate this jar. The next big task is to figure out where I'm going to put the jar. You'd think that would be easy since it's so small, but nothing seems to be quite right. As of now, I'm thinking I'll put it on my desk, on the other end from the 10g tank. Which means I have to clean off the desk for the first time in about a year Maybe in the little alcove below the shelf in the left side of this picture, where the scissors are?
  14. Hi ya'll! Just a quick post before work to get my thread started but here's my pico jar for the new creative container pico contest. Nine years here and my first N-R contest, hooray! Coffee add-ins count as condiments, right? Will edit as needed when I get equipment, etc. together. Equipment: 2 gallon Anchor Hocking cookie jar ($11 or so at Walmart) task clamp lamp 12w bulb from Reef Radiance (subject to change) 1 inch Fiji pink sand 3 pieces dry rock, epoxied together 25w heater from AquaForest Aquariums Whisper air pump from Walmart airstone Livestock: yellow dwarf feather duster astrea and nerite snails 3 types GSP zoas/palys: Blondies scrambled eggs king Midas strawberry wines pink zippers Sunny D's granny smith apples botryocladia brown/purple macro
  15. Alright All, we live in a Pretty Historic Industrial City so we have decided to go an industrial/reused idea for this time setup, as much as can be accomplished anyway. Display: 1 gallon handblown glass bowl slumped onto Driftwood ($30 find on sale) - Deep Blue 2 Gallon Cube ("upgraded" 5/17/18) Lighting: ABI 23W Tuna Blue PAR38 Bulb (had it from the original setup for the classroom tank - So no $$$ Spent) Heater: Aqueon Mini Heater 10W ($17) Air Pump: Marina 75 Airpump ($11, i think this may be overkill and will probably downgrade, it's splashing water out of the tank.) - Eheim 300 Compact Pump $5 buy (Upraded 5/17/18) Rock: About 2 pounds of LR from an LFS ($3.50, only charged me a pound) Sand: 1 Lb of Dry sand from LFS ($3.50, I think its aragonite not really sure) Salt Mix: Reef Crystals (buying 2 gal at a time from LFS $1/gallon) Thermometer: Zoo Med Digital Thermometer ($10) Light Stand: Will update this when it's built, probably ~ $30 Am I missing anything I am supposed to Add to my build thread? Gonna experiment potentially with Rock Flower Anemones and grow a "Garden of Flowers" in here, hoping the flow will be ok, still need to get a regulator to lower it a bit. Here's our Entrance to Contest tank shot with my wife's favorite Pizza Condiment 🙂 Here it is performing a Water Test - I'll add Pictures of the rock, sand and display stand when I get it all together tomorrow 🙂
  16. My entry into the Creative Container Contest. Container: 2 gallon bowl/vase from Tuesday Morning $9 Light: 14W PAR30 LED 18K Vibrance Reef Light from Coral Compulsion $59.99 Flow: Hydor Koralia Nano 240 Heater: Archaea Mini Aquarium Heater (25W) Ultra Slim from Aqua Forest Aquarium $28.99 ATO: AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro - $0 I had this on hand. Coral: Sunny D's Frag Unnamed Acan Frag Unnamed Zoa Frag x3 Yellow polyps Campfire Zoa Frag Green and blue spotted mushroom x 4 Merletti x 2 Trumpet Frag Small Hammer Frag Small Leather Frag Photosynthetic Sponge Livestock: Blue legged Hermit crab Tiny peppermint shrimp Snail x1 Tiny Brittle Star Tiny Feather Duster Tiny Bristle Worms x lots Full Bowl Photo: 03/31/18 02/25/18 01/30/18 12/31/17 11/28/17 10/7/17
  17. Okay, I’m IN more to come, but let’s start with this
  18. I was so excited to see that Felicia posted and is hosting the next Nano-Reef Contest! The Creative Container Pico Contest! I went out and found 4 containers to choose from: A 1.5 gallon giant "brandy glass" vase A 2 gallon terrarium with wooden base A 2.5 gallon Anchor Hocking jar A 3 gallon "fish bowl" sphere Based off the the quality of the glass, I knocked out the brandy glass and the big bowl pretty quickly. The glass seems rather thin, and I know I'm clumsy. I also decided not to risk it, because both of those have curved bottoms, while the terrarium and lidded jar are flat bottomed. In the end, I decided to go with... The terrarium with wooden base!! I wanted something unique as well as eye catching, so that I won't mind having it up for 6 months and beyond. I'll have to be careful not to drip saltwater onto the base. I also may polyurethane it to help seal it. Tomorrow, I'll be cleaning out my office, so I'll be able to find it a spot!
  19. This will be the build thread for my classroom pico reef! I already have a Nuvo 20 running and when I announced to my kids that we would be participating in the contest, they were super excited! Please keep to appropriate comments as some of my students may or may not be doing the writing involved with this thread, thanks! So, onto the reef... It took forever to decide what to use for our container, but the decision has finally been made and I realize some other people have gone with the same terrarium, but I loved the look of it and know that if I don't keep this running as a reef, it can be used for other purposes after the contest. Equipment: Terrarium No name powerhead (came from a different 2 gallon tank I had set up) Galaxyhydro 12W LED Bulb
  20. I'm officially announcing my entry into the Creative Container Pico Contest Build Pico jar established October 5, 2017 My container is a 2 gallon glass Anchor Hocking "cookie" jar with lid. Equipment list: Lighting: KINGBO 18W LED Aquarium Light Bulb PAR38 Heater: ARCHAEA MINI AQUARIUM HEATER (25W) ULTRA SLIM Filtration: Natural (weekly water changes) Circulation: Fluval® Q.5 Aquarium Air Pump with air stone I used dry rock and sand that I already have leftover from other tanks. Here's my empty tank with my favorite condiment inside, per the rules .
  21. Skull Pico Creative Container Contest Entry Build Thread Theme: Halloween in a reef! Container: Skull beverage container (glass) from World Market $25 Light: PAR30 14w 22K SUPERBLU Reef Light from CCompulsion $60 Mount: RapidLED Gooseneck Mount from BRS $35 Heater: Archaea 25w heater from Aqua Lab Aquaria $25 Flow: Homasy 80 gph fountain pump from Amazon $8 Control: MiniWIFI Smart Plug Outlet timer from Amazon $18 Therm: Coralife Digital $10 Rock: BRS Pukani $0 (had some at home) Sand: Carib Sea Hawaiian Black (1 cup from office tank-live) $0 Supplements: Microbacter7 from Brightwell Aquatics 10/15/2017: Skull acquired. Soy sauce pic posted! 11/25/2017 - 1 month in.
  22. Clown79

    Clowns Pico contest build

    Here we go into the journey of pico's!! My first ever entry into a contest and my first Pico...2 new experiences! This Pico is going to be centred on some of my best memories...snorkeling. During my travels I started snorkeling, it was the most relaxing and amazing experience. It was like being in my own personal heaven? When I travel, my days are spent exploring the ocean. I will be adding seashells and dead coral pieces to my Pico which I collected during my explorations. I have been waiting for a perfect opportunity to use these items and now I have one. My memories in a jar! I decided on a 1 gallon cookie jar. Nothing fancy but I like the lid which will help with evaporation and contain temp. I will be using an aqueon 10watt heater controlled with a light timer...for now Par38 10k 50/50 24 watt- due to the wattage the bulb is being placed higher up than normal. Hydor Pico powerhead for flow Here's my jar with my other favourite condiment More to come, stay tuned.
  23. Final FTS: IMG_20180331_235916 by aaron M, on Flickr Back story: I've been considering building a pico from one of the OXO Good Grips 4qt. containers (with the pop lids) but they're expensive for what you get. One day I saw these commercial food containers at Panda Express and found a good deal on them at Sam's Club for 6qt. square ones. I asked a friend to buy it for me last week but when I got it unfortunately saw that the graduation markings were molded into the plastic and I couldn't remove the ink completely! Bummer! In a last ditch effort to enter the contest I stopped by a local restaurant supply and found a container that has only printed markings (which I will remove using isopropyl alcohol)! It's round - which may actually work better but it seems that the plastic scratches easier than the square. Anyways here's my entry! photo by aaron M, on Flickr Here's the container I wanted to use but I don't like the markings: photo 1 by aaron M, on Flickr
  24. MedievalITGuy

    The Mad Science Experiment

    In honor of the Halloween deadline, i have decided to create a new pico with a "Mad Scientist" theme for the Creative Container contest! So here is my official entry, containing my favorite condiment, garlic (with a side of my second favorite, BBQ sauce, just to have an actual condiment in the pic). My original idea was to try and turn this into a pico with a built in skimmer, but as the contest rules don't allow for filtration, I am just going to be running a regular air line, and hamming up the mad scientist theme. So there should be lots of purples, and greens, and other rediculious colors in here once the tank gets going. I'm actually running another (real) experiment to see if I can grow corals in a sealed container using only xenia as the water movement source, and if that goes well, I may end up taking the air line out of this, to see how it goes. But for now I'm just going to assume that the corals I want in here can't handle that little flow and run it with an air-stone for current. More updates will follow, once I have my equipment in hand. Sadly I couldn't find any PAR bulbs I liked without getting them from China, so now the wait begins.
  25. So I figured I'd join in on the latest Pico container fun. I've always liked the idea of a jar reef, so now I've decided to give it a shot. Not completely sure on anything else yet, but I'm sure it'll be fun! So far here's what I've got. Also, seaweed snack are a condiment right?!
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