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  1. xiaoxiy, thanks! I had not heard of this option until now. I was thinking of buying MarinePure bio blocks/slates and then glue/putty them together to create what I was after. speaking of which, are there other brands/options that provide a product like MarinePure?
  2. hey everyone, what options are there for rock or artificial rock, that can easily cut to shape without breaking or crumbling along the edges cut? thinking about an artificial aquascape for the aesthetic properties it would bring.
  3. Friendly

    better pump & wave maker for Spec V

    found an old thread about the micro jet 606, which is disco. what else is there to consider for a pump?
  4. Friendly

    Fancy a swim?

    no. I'm much to big for it.
  5. with the BF sales, I'm thinking I should upgrade the pump on my Spec V and add a wave maker. however, I'm debating whether I should get a wave maker or with the more powerful pump, get the IM spin nozzle. thoughts? edit - oh yeah, the brand will be Sicce for both, if I don't go with the spin nozzle. so what pump would you recommend for hte Spec V? the .5, the 1.0 or 1.5 maybe? for a 5 gal tank, I can probably safely assume buying the smallest wave maker would be sufficient.
  6. there are a few variables for aquarium construction now: - standard glass or low iron glass (this is almost a no-brainer for low iron due to the crystal-like view) - tempered or non-tempered (depends on whether you want your tank drilled for a sump) - rimmed or rimless (the clean, asethetic, modern look of rimless is all the rage, so seems a no-brainer as well) - square edged vs. 45 degree edge (45 degree edge doubles the cost of aquarium construction...is it worth it?) - silicon sealant colors like white, black or clear (makes a statement, creates atmosphere, modern 3 dimensional look/impression) what other aspects did I miss? what are your preferences based on the options listed?
  7. very cool. is there anything that will host with a RFA?
  8. dino invasions? I've not heard about nor seen any T-Rex, Raptors, Dilophisaurus, or others running around? I'm confused...
  9. hey everyone. thank you for your input. Nart, i can understand why something like storm/lighting might not be wanted, especially as so much livestock is aqua/mari-cultured, so could come across as potentially unnatural. also, KISS works best. I would want at least sunrise/sunset & lunar cycle plus the ability to control brightness/intensity wirelessly, via remote/Wifi & Bluetooth. however, I suspect for the WiFi/Bluetooth, it would require app development, which would drive up costs, so a remote is likely the most economical. that said, let's talk more about LED and T5 spec's: - what color spectrums are a must? - which are preferred? - which are superfluous/unnecessary? - what would be the best physical layout for the LED's and T5 bulbs? we want to place them to remove spotlighting, shading, etc. let's talk about ergonomics: - what is the optimal height? - what mounting/placement options would you want? - integrated or external power brick? what else is missing and needs to be considered?
  10. yes, what features and functions do you think the perfect marine aquarium light would have? let's say these features are standard: - sunrise/sunset - storm/cloud simulation what color spectrum do you want? is it an LED and T5 hybrid? Wifi or Bluetooth? Both? Just one? ability to work with peripherals? ie. wavemakers with storm simulations other? please share!
  11. Friendly

    Silvertoe's Pico finally taking final form!

    I like this. what tank?
  12. Friendly

    IM Fusion 20 Stand smaller then the tank

    the top is too small, it must be the same or larger than the aquariums dimensions. like Lula mentioned, some people have put another plank of some sort to accomplish this.
  13. Friendly

    And the battle begins... GHA

    clean up crew, like recommended. fixes the problem and adds a new variety of life, interest and humor to your tank!
  14. Friendly

    Spec Reef

    if there is any pico tank that can house a clownfish, I'd say it's the Spec V or Evo V. being peninsula style, if the rock is put down the center as a long ridge, the fish would have a distance oval to swim through and stay trim...theoretically.
  15. Friendly

    Help me Stock my 10 Gallon

    pictures of this hasn't happened.