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  1. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl

    guess you need to start a snail farm now!!!
  2. I may have missed this, if it was addressed...but can we have more than one entry?
  3. WV Reefer's 12 Gallon Long and Dirty

    I haven't been following this thread for a bit. do you still have the HOB filter on it or did you go back to the KISS with nothing but the lights, wavemakers and water changes?
  4. Loss of Power

    1500VA comes in several flavors...as in the wattage they support. if I take the most powerful model, PR1500LCDRTXL2U, it will also support up to 1500w. here's a link to the runtime chart: https://www.cyberpowersystems.com/product/ups/pr1500lcdrtxl2u/ at a full 1500w consumption, you're looking at about 8 minutes backup. however, if you cut everything but your air pump and perhaps (depending on the size of your tank) a wavemaker, you'd be consuming less than 20w. the runtime chart shows that at 50w, you'll get about 300 minutes or 5 hours of battery back up. it would be interesting to see how a homemade battery system using marine/motorcycle deepcycle batteries with an inverter would compare to this in runtime and cost. that unit linked to is $750CDN...so probably somewhere between $400 - $500USD. that said, these are expandable units as well, so you can add batteries for more life. further to that, you can get one with a network card, or add one yourself at a later date, and be able to control the power system remotely. of course, this would mean your network hardware needs to be on a UPS, but if you're protecting thousands or tens of thousands in marine equipment and livestock, this is a pittance in comparison.
  5. Tank upgrade

    yeah, when you said shallow, the Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 25 gal came to mind! http://www.innovative-marine.com/nuvo-aquarium/fusion-lagoon-25.html
  6. light for a Fluval Spec V?

    someone's got the Orbit Marine and Orbit Marine Pro on sale and there's about a $40 difference between the two for the 18 - 24" models. I'm thinking the Pro, because it has a much tighter 60 degree lens spread and the Spec V is a narrow tank. If I get just the Marine, it's got a 120 degree spread, so I fear there'll be a lot of wasted light. is my thinking on target or are there more factors to consider? I plan only on softies, as this is a tank at work.
  7. Oceanbox Designs® is officially official :)

    congrats! but onto the more important things...like...when do the specials and sales start?
  8. Jazzmik's Fusion 20 Build

    that's looking AWESOME, jazz!
  9. Lumini Asta20 LED Light Initial Impressions

    wouldn't it be awesome if someone introduced a $100 semi-controllable light for pico reefs? by semi-controllable, I mean having the channels while providing sunrise/set. I know there are similar options from the likes of Aquamaxx...but those are bars, not bulbs.
  10. I'm in...I just had to run home early to receive delivery of my freezer. in doing so, I forgot to bring my pieces of kit home. that said, I need help finding an affordable floor lamp for my ABi 12w LED bulb. right now, all I'm finding are Ikea options...the Hektar or Ranap, Format or Arod. I might try that Global light again...I realize it might work for a pico jar. it definitely was a NO GO for my Fluval 5 gallon.
  11. Boggers CC contest tank

    anything is a condiment, if it's secondary/add-on to food!
  12. Jazzmik's Fusion 20 Build

    washing machine and drier...for cleaning your coral? a bit extreme don't you think?
  13. hey Seabass...yeah, I guess it would be similar to an undergravel filter. my question was in regards to removing the risk of the bubbles in the tank...reducing the possibility of harm to any creature like crab or snail.