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  1. i had that weird layout on my iPhone, but it disappeared after i logged in.
  2. just take it back to the LFS...mebe they'll trade you or give you a store credit...or see if there's anyone on here near you that would be happy to take it off your hands.
  3. indeed...however we're not leaving by choice, but because my Father In Law decided they don't need help, when it's far from the truth. we're afraid there will likely be an event that could require us to move back in a short time, so we're not going to do anything big until we see how things go. honestly though...I'd like a couple of long's...12 or 22 gallon and then a few smaller species only tanks, for the likes of Mantis shrimp and such.
  4. I got married and sidetracked...then we moved to help out my wifes folks as they're aging and have no space. we're moving into a place this month though, so I will be able to break out all the gear I have and start a small nano or a few pico's. I have the entire Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill jar collection...the 3 gal, 2 gal, 1 gal, 1/2 gal...so could have some fun with species only projects. :D
  5. hey Ethan, no worries man, you have more experience than I do...I don't have a tank yet...I've just been absorving information for the last three years. 😄
  6. tsk tsk Ethan...algae never stops...but when it gets under control and not so prevalent, they look to other things, leftover food bits and detrius...and you can feed them supplements to keep them healthy and happy 😄
  7. smaller one's...sand sifters and the like. check up on what's usually included in the average clean up crew. :)
  8. get more snails Ethan. and perhaps a brittle starfish.
  9. you could turn the AC50 into a refugium that you hang off the back of the tank while you use the AiO for filter and return pump.
  10. just tested with Chrome and it's got that one or two second delay in loading the box to paste the url into.
  11. hey Greg, did you look at the Innovative Marine skimmers?
  12. I'm running Windows 10 Pro, updated to the latest update/patch that was released on Tuesday. I also use FireFox, current version as well. I don't use Edge or Chrome much, so haven't tried on them...but will in a bit when I'm not so busy and see if there is any 'lag' using them either. I'll test on my iPad and iPhone with Safari browser too, to be thorough. My PC is powerful (i5-7600K & 16GB RAM on an SSD) and internet fast, 50Mb / 5Mb, so those factors shouldn't be involved.
  13. they look like the stuff nightmares are made of, LoL! so I'm guessing sponges remove easily then?
  14. hey DA, you can equipment known to work with the Flex 9, by going to InTank's Site Here. it has their media basket, pump, heater & wave maker recommendations, etc. :)