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Found 19 results

  1. So... after being inspired by @jbb_00 and @WV Reefer I decided that I'd turn my newly bought Mini Complete tank into my first ever reef aquarium. I've done some research and am sticking with hardy corals such as Zoas and Mushrooms. You've all been super helpful and reading your threads have just been an immense amount of information and knowledge. I know that getting into this hobby with such a small tank (the Mini Complete is less than a gallon) is a daunting task but I'm going to take it slow and make this a learning experience. I've had the tank now for a week but all I've done is fill it up and check its temperature. I realized the heater that came with the tank wasn't going to do it, it never got the water temp above 70F, with @jbb_00 help i got the heater he had and for the last couple days now its been stable at 78F. Next thing I did was find a really small but passionate frag store in Toronto (where I live) and was hoping they could help me out. I found FrabBox and decided to bring the tank with me... they blew all my expectations. The owner saw the tank fell in love and started making the hardscape right there and then because he was just amazed at how such a small All in one tank could exist. He supplied me with live rock, live sand, and a bag of his water which was more than enough to fill it up and then do a water change. He basically said I got a transplant of his 1400 gallon system for his frag store. Anyone in Toronto should really check it out. I was excited when he told me the rocks had already a couple of mushroom corals on it and i promised him I'd come back next week for some Zoas. But needless to say I've spent over a few hours just watching the small tank and I've seen so many creatures now. Hoping some of you guys can confirm my IDs or help me figure out what they are. Here are some photos of the set up first, and then the creatures in question in the next post. I'll keep you guys updated as I progress but thank you so much for all of your advice and in advance for all of your help and guidance! Live Rock Live Sand - store gave me from an open bag they had of Carrib Sea.
  2. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    Dear all, This is my first aquarium and it happens to be a pico reef! Hopefully everything ends well, but today is still a mystery for me. I was triggered to start with this hobby after visiting a lfs and seeing your beautiful creations in the contest. My equipment is: - Ada cube 8L - Aquaclear 20 - Chinese e27 bulb, advertised as 36W but actually 12W - Real reaf rock (the brand) - A pet drinking bottle as ATO. Bought the wrong one. - Ikea lamp - Seachem ammonium alert I have coral pro salt and a RODI unit. I will do a 100% water change weekly. First I plan to cycle it with the shrimp method, because I don't have live rock and sand. As for livestock: - Hammer. Is this possible? - Maybe a mushroom - Snail - No fish - As for coral, does somebody have a good suggestion for a beginner? Is it possible to skip the cycle? Thanks for reading!
  3. This is not a cute little 'all in one' aquarium, this is a Frankenstein, a diy monster that is going to offend some with its lack of interest in traditional reefing. This is a hands on, built not bought reef. Most of you won't respond or comment, it's expected, but you will look because you must, it's your nature. So here for your enjoyment (quiet, unresponsive enjoyment) is a reef tank that has undergone changes, that has evolved since the first post and is flourishing. Here is the beginning, if you can make it to the end you might find that you enjoy it instead of skipping to the end now and not understanding what you are looking at... ... So this is my current Pico... 2.5 gallons... (this is a crappy picture that I murdered even further with a photo editor...) 6/26 new tank fts 9/20 fts Fts 10/12 Fts 12/3 And things are starting to get cramped, when the Duncan is fully extended he really takes up a lot of space on his own, not that he cares. He's just like that, but is also my favorite coral in the tank. (he's also growing 2 (maybe 3) new heads. I also want to spread out the zoas, move the Kenya tree further away and put the xenias in their own area. The anthelia I mowed down already but know it will come back which is fine. So enough of the why, let's get to the point. The new tank is going to be 6.5 gallons. (it's gonna be huuuge). I'm currently working on the hood and stand. I will be using my sump and canister filter from the smaller tank still. It's a semi hex and it was a gift. The wood is rough cut cedar I had left from a gazebo I built for a customer. So here are a few things I'm planning to do differently this time, because I have been paying attention : Better flow! I mean way better, turbulent! alternating! flow flow flow! My entire scape will be mounted to a removable background to make it easier to add new corals, move corals, treat algae or pests (should they appear from thin air or awaken from hibernation). This will also allow me to dip the entire scape if the corals require it. I will be adding violet and turquoise leds to my lighting and switching out my 10k whites for neutral whites for a better blending of color and spectrum. Ok, so here are a few things I want to do but won't really know how they will work until I get it set up. I plan to have a set of return lines behind my Live rock scrap and a set up top facing down. These lines will be powered by separate pumps that will alternate via a wave maker. I'm hoping that will be much better for keeping detritus from settling. My canister filter will be a sort of closed loop set up. Two returns coming up from the bottom with heads/nozzles designed to sweep the bottom of the tank and the drain mounted in the bottom as well to (theoretically) catch any debris. I plan to hollow out two small pieces of rock to hide these nozzles. Will my green star polyps hate this constant flow? They will be spread out on the bottom of the tank. I still have a lot to do and decide on, like most things I will probably change my mind about a dozen times before it is all said and done. So this is the beginning, I post pictures as I go, maybe you will find it interesting or maybe you won't (boooo) if you have tried any of the things I've said please let me know how or if they worked out for you. Thanks (fingers crossed I don't just screw this up :p)
  4. *Updated 11/18/2018* How's it going everyone? I'll make this my video journal for everyone to keep up with my first nano (pico?) reef build. Hope everyone is entertained and finds it informative. Tank setup: 01/08/2018 -Lights are stock, looking to put the AI Prime from my Lagoon 25 on it when I upgrade that light. -Swapped out return pump for cobalt MJ 606 -DIY media basket-running filter floss to carbon, to bioballs that came with it. I’m also running additional ceramics under the basket in the empty spot. -I went with ~10lbs of LS and ~6lbs LR -Weekly 1gallon waterchanges (Fritz RPM mixed by store to 1.024, but I keep my tank at 1.025) -Temp fluctuates between 78-79 using a hydor Theo 50w and ink bird. Livestock: -Wheeler Goby (killed by emerald?) -Tail Spot Blenny (Jumped 6/6/18) -Sexy Shrimp ? -Pistol Shrimp ? -Azure Damsel -Purple Lobster ? CUC: -2 Red-legged Hermits (lazy af lol) -2 Astrea Snails (slow af lol) -2 Blue-legged hermits (also lazy af) -1 Tiger Conch (? af) -Emerald Crab (possibly killed wheeler goby) Coral: -Bunch of zoas (Fruit loops, Green Bay Packers, Radioactive Dragon Eyes, no names) -Candy cane -Mushrooms [ricordea (Yuma, Florida) , rhodactis] -GSP -Pulsing Xenia -Palys -ORA Vargas Cespitularia -04/04/18- After losing the torch in this tank I really reconsidered things in here. (Big changes coming). -I’d like to get another filter feeder, probably a coco worm, since I’m already feeding phyto every three days. -This tank will now be low maintenance, housing corals I wouldn’t sob about dying. Including xenia, cespitularia, zoas/palys, mushrooms, GSP, clove polyps, and when I upgrade the lights I’ll get a RFA or two. Heres what were looking at until I get things stable in here as far temp control and bringing up my nutrients goes. -6/6/18: Completely rescaped the tank while doing some good scrubbing on the GHA that grew over the rock work.
  5. Started on the 27th of august 2017 It's now one year old! Equipment: -Seapora 2 Gallon 8x8x8 - * NO LONGER AIR PUMP DUE TO PERSONAL PREFERENCE* I'm currently using the Aqua clear 50 (modified) running chaeto and live rock (and a xenia frag) -50 watt heater (Via aqua quartz with heater guard) -par 38 tuna blue led by abi (12w) -Ikea desk lamp (it's 13w so be sure to use a stand that works well with your bulb's wattage for safety) -Zoomed digital probe thermometer -Abi Refractometer -Inkbird thermostat (temp controller) Other: -switched to bare bottom and loving it -live rock (pre cycled at lfs) from indonesia -Red Sea Coral Pro (love this so far, mixes super well, never problems with parameters, corals accilmate instantly and do great with 1-2 water changes a week) Current live stock: -skunk cleaner shrimp -a lot of colonista snails -3 cerith snails -infinite hitchikers -3 blue leg dwarf hermits -turbo snail -infinite feather dusters -copious amounts bristle worms Frags: -Red acan -"Christmas" favia -Orange Rhodactis mushroom -Pulsing xenia (in my hob) -Papaya cloves -Duncans -Various zoanthids -Pink monti digitata -Hammer coral -Montipora spongodes -Frogspawn coral -Yellow discosoma -Red spotted marbled discosoma -Bounced interstellar discosoma -*not coral but...Gracilaria macroalgae* Maintenance: -Water changes 1-2 times a week (between 50% and 90%) -10 hours of lighting -test specific gravity every other day -top off with a drip system when necessary -closely monitor heating (fluctuates between: 79.6-80.1) -scrape and 3% peroxide any unwanted algae growth (do with caution and research before hand) -remove bad hitchikers whenever i spot one (harmful nudibranches, flatworms, other worms. Important to see what is beneficial in your tank, but if ever youre not sure remove it anyways. If theres one theres more, so youre better off getting rid of it while you can) -stare endlessly into a 2 gallon jar because you cant help yourself. I have an instagram: fools_reef August 28th ...the beginning: nov 24th 2017 Dec 13th 2017 January 17th April 21st May 31st July 7th
  6. cincyJames

    cincyJames' Gumball Pico

    I have always been more of a lurker than a poster online. After reading through EVERYONES contest tank posts, I decided it was time for a new challenge. I didn't even know about the contest container group until Nov. 1, so obviously that was out, but I also liked not having any limitations. I found myself drawn to the gumball tank that @Farmboyreef was doing so I figured I would try to do something similar. Imitation is the best form of flattery I have heard... Ha! I found a gumball machine for $10 on Craigslist and broke out aluminum separator between the glass dome and the section where quarters fall down. I picked up a container from Hobby Lobby that fit perfectly in the base of the gumball machine. I figured this would be a good area to put a return pump, heater and maybe some filter media. Red really didn't go with the color of our living room, so I repainted it with Krylon Chalk Paint. I then enclosed the glass dome with a piece of acrylic and cut a hole in it for a bulkhead. To keep the display as minimalistic as possible, I used 3/4 PVC and ran the return pump line directly through the center with 1/4 tubing. For lighting, I bought an LED clip light off Amazon. Oddly enough, the light fight perfectly inside of the gumball machine dome! After waiting two days for the silicone to set up, I managed to crack the original dome on the gumball machine so I ended up buying a new one. The dome is slightly smaller, but I was still able to use the same acrylic piece, bulkhead, etc. Between both the dome and sump area, I am at roughly 1 gallon of water. When I added sand and live rock, it ended up being just about 3 quarts of water volume. And top down shot of the drain/return. My plan is to wait to add coral until next week. My LFS is having a Black Friday sale...
  7. Utahpico

    5.5g ADA Reef

    Tore down my 3.7g reef and replaced it with a 5.5g ada "mini m" low iron glass tank.
  8. Hi everyone. Picos are awesome. Not sure on how to use forums. This is my new build. Will keep updatimg here and would love input. I just started to read about saltwater tanks and saw this whole world of picos and became enamored with the idea! Never done saltwater but did manage to maintain a nice 90 gallon mangrove biotope brackish tank of archer fish for about 5 years. im thinking im in for an adventure. Heres where im at with it. I bought arag alive bahama oolite (on accident grabbed the wrong bag, was wanting special grade, but oh well). I have about an inch and a half to 2 inches of substrate. Concerned i have too much... i saw a thread on here with a fellow that has a beautiful pico running for 5 years and eventually ditched substrate alltogether... do you think this is ok as an initial substrate set up? Should i remove some now or do so gradually over the course as it becomes more stocked? Filled with petcos Imagitarium Sea Water (no lfs around me other than this). I cant mix my own now as i have horrible well water and no RO. Plan on getiing a filter later so can at least drink our water too! I have a tiny heater that is auto set to 78 degrees: Aqueon preset heater 50w I put this in the chamber with the pump making sure no electrical wire was resting on it which wasnt as easy as it sounds. A digital temp monitor: imagitarium Running stock pump and filter with carbon removed. Plan to upgrade to the 404 i see eveyone seems to be using later. I also picked up the API 5 in 1 test dip sticks.. ph, no2, no3, kh, gh and then realized they dont test for amonia until i got home, so i plan on taking them back if theyll take um. Ill keep them if i need them... suggestions? Been running tank with light off for 4 days now. Figured id check to see if the thermometer and digital temp are reliable and doing what they should before i start buying anything else... so far so good. Been holding at 77.8 - 78.4 the whole time. Sooo... On order is 4 lbs of Reef Saver Live Dry Rock, Penso and Co , Salinity Refractometer for Aquarium, Fish Tank Seawater ATC Hydrometer Dual Scale (1.0 to 1.070 S.G.) , the API Master Saltwater Test Kit and ARC Reef Coraline Algae + Nitrafying Bacteria in a Bottle. Plan on adding the Coral Compulsion Par 30 LED about a month from now once my dry live rock has cured (seller BRS suggested leaving lights off for 30 days so i dont see the point in buying a new light today). Do not plan on doing any water changes through the cycling of the tank which im planning will take at least 30 days from when i add the rock. Sound good? In place of an auto topper i drew a fine line on the side of tank with a sharpie where water line is and top of with distilled. It seems to be about 1 or 2 ounces per day which i know cause i use a baby bottle to measure. I used two of the dipsticks... shhh i dont think petco will notice... 1-12-2018: gh > deep purple 180, KH: 240, Ph: 7.5-8, NO2 and NO3 0 1-15-2018: GH > 180, KH: 120, Aall others the same Where'd the KH go and why? Here's my other main questions: is it pointless to use the ARC Coraline if im not running lights? Is this stock light of any use to a coral tank? So thats where im at. Would love any suggestions or input from anyone! Picture are pretty uneventful at this point. Will update when i aquascape. Is it normal to have all this salty foam at the top?
  9. Started this tank March 4, 2018. The tank itself is a 5 gallon Fluval Sea Evo 5. I have tried small saltwater tanks before but this is my first attempt going by the book (cycling/patience). Any criticism, tips or advice would be great! Equipment: -water pump upgraded to AQ600 (doubled flow to ~160 GPH) -50W heater -10W LED with 37 11000k day and actinic lights Stock: ~3.5 lbs of live rock -6 line wrasse -CUC of 4 hermits -GSP (purchased a week ago, looking very healthy so far) -supplemental phytoplankton Filter: -sponge filter -Phosgaurd -activated carbon -ceramic filter rings Notes: -Tank cycled, but only a month old so still waiting for some new tank syndrome (bryopsis, hair algae, coraline algae and possible diatoms sighted) -Most likely adding mushrooms and pulsing Xenia, and possibly a small clown ~20% changes about twice a week so far to keep water parameters in check -Eventually adding wave maker for extra flow and upgrading light
  10. Kharsin

    So There's This Jar...

    Well, we (my children and I) finally threw everything into this jar this past Sunday. We'll see how everything goes. We're following the plans laid out in the Jan/Feb 2018 Coral Magazine on Pico Reef Jars as our first foray into salt water. We'll be throwing in a small live rock to seed this jar tomorrow and allow it to mature for a couple of weeks... Well, three actually, as we'll be out of town for a bit. At any rate, this should be a fun experiment with some hardier corals and probably a tiny hermit crab. For now, it's sitting in darkness for the first 48 hours.
  11. Bruno Campos Gouveia

    Picoreef Brasil Água turva no meu pico 8 litros

    Há 2 meses montei um pico reef, coloquei alguns corais moles e dois peixes palhaços, mais depois de uns dias de colocado um palhaço pulou e morreu, coloquei a tampa, se passam algumas semanas e eu decidi ontem tirar as mídias comuns e colocar Matrix e Purigen a Seachen, hoje fui colar algumas mudas em suas bases com super Bonder gel, depois de algumas horas minha água estava turva esbranquiçada e o meu Último peixe estava morto! A dúvida é foi a troca das mídias de filtragem ou foi o super Bonder gel que utilizei?
  12. RealReefer

    Real Reefer's 5g AIO DIY

    Helo fellow reefers! Hope you are well. Long time lurker here on nano-reef. Some awesome setups here. True inspirations. I would like to share with all of you my new 5g AIO DIY build. The Reef : 300mm (l) x 350mm (w) x 300mm (h) - Water level 270mm AIO box: 300mm (l) x 80mm (w) x 300mm (h). 1. Overflow chamber: 50W heater and some filter floss 2. Filtration: Seachem matrix , purigen and carbon 3. Return pump: 230gph / 880lph 4. ATO: 0.32g / 1.2L with DIY double mini switch or single switch with optical sensor. Circulation: Return pump for now. Still trying to figure if a MP-10 or Jebao SW-2 will work. Maybe way to big? Light: DIY 54W led build Substrate: Caribsea Seafloor special grade Rock: Single piece of dry reef rock Cabinet: DIY MDF Rock and sand cleaned in a RO / bleach solution for 24 hours. Rinsed with RO and then soaked in seachem prime for another 24 hours to neutralize the bleach. That's about it for now. I'll post a few pics of the progress so far. Thanks for following!!
  13. skibum513

    Joe's Icy vase

    Hey everyone pico reefs are one of my favorite aspect off reefing. I love how simple and unique they can be. When I saw this contest I had to enter. For my entry I decided to mix it up and do a temperate tank (I know using a chiller instead of a heater isn't on the equipment list but it still just controls temp). Anyways I located this nice flower vase and decided it would be a good tank. This vase is made of acrylic which helps insulate better then glass. I added a 12 volt pump and have attached some acrylic water block to the back to allow the chiller to work. The chiller is going to be another DIY peltier chiller similar to the tank i brought to Kuwait. With the acceptation that it is directly attached with the pump inside the vase not exterior and plumbed. For life in this tank I am going to add some green surf anemones, aggregating anemones, some inverts and maybe a Catalina gobey and keep a pacific cost type biotope. Temp should be around 55 to 60 and regular water changes will be the only filtration. As far as light the anemones dont need much and I will rely on a par bulb placed further away. **** Edit no chiller instead this tank will be placed in my basement over winter to maintain mid 60' temp hopefully. Thankfully Utah gets pretty cold. ****** Current Tank Shot Current StocK Fish - Catalina Goby (Lythrypnus dalli) Inverts Snails- Margarita Snail 2 Anemones- Green Surf (Anthopleura Xanthoframmica) Aggregating Anemone (Anthopleura elegantissima) Starburst Anemone (Anthopleura sola) Vase with some peanut butter and a shot of the chiller attachment point.
  14. Would a 15W Par30 5 LED Full Spectrum bulb be sufficient light for my 3.7G pico reef? I could also go a 27W bulb but didn't know if that would be to much? Peppermint shrimp and beginner corals are all thats housed. Thanks!
  15. I want to begin cycling a new reef tank today, however, I will be going out of town for 3 weeks and do not yet have an auto top-off system in place. I do not plan to put any fish/inverts/live rock/ etc in it right now but live sand, so my question is if I have an ammonia source in the tank, should I cycle it with proper salinity knowing water will evaporate over the three weeks and the SG will rise or can I cycle it as freshwater then add salt to make it marine when I return and can have a proper setup in place? I really want the tank to be cycling while I am gone so open to any suggestions. Thanks
  16. Harlequinn

    Cirque Du Reef

    Major Rookie alert! First reef ever, first pico ever, first contest entry ever! Over ambitious? Maybe scared I'll mess up? Hell Yea! The hobby caught my interest around a year back, thanks to @Shean and I've only learnt as much in theory about it. Super excited to get my hands dirty and learn more. Equipment So far: • my 2 gallon oddly shaped jar that looks like a circus tent • Power head for flow and movement • No heater needed considering I stay in India. Need I say more? • Hoping to receive our ABI tuna blue 12W lights soon since we had to get it shipped from the United States Concerns: • Getting our hands on equipment and corals since the hobby isn't as wide spread and supported in the country. • Clarity of the contents inside the jar due to the lovely shape I've chosen impulsively • Temperature control • Water Chemistry Will try and keep the updates as frequent as possible. Suggestions, criticism and tips more than needed and welcomed! P.S: fav condiment? Maggie tomato ketchup because it's different
  17. 10/8/17 - Tank has been moved into a new setup, link to new journal is here: New Tank So here is my little Pico reef. Including the AC70 filter mod the tank is right around 2.7 gallons. When I first started it this was my first attempt at saltwater and the tank was a plain glass aquarium and a cheap 6 X 3watt led fixture I bought off ebay. I had to remove the optics because you could clearly see the blue and white light in the water. I knew when I started this I didn't want a tank with a light hanging high above it or I would never be happy. The LEDs are currently about 2 1/2"s above the water level, it works, the tiny zoa Frag I first added has grown considerably from 10-12 heads to over 30. One of the two hammer corals I first added is still there, the other was eaten by a peppermint shrimp. It of course was the more attractive of the two. The remaining one was also torn up pretty good but is slowly coming back. I spent days reading forums from all over the net, anything to do with picos and decided that like a lot of others I wanted the tank to look like a piece of furniture instead of a glass box full of water. So after some measurements and several bad cuts I had the basic frame work finished. I had to empty the tank into a bucket and then paint the back of the glass and attach the wood to the framework. Everything survived in the bucket for about a two days while I worked. Here are some pictures of the original tank and some variations of the rockwork that have changed over the past couple months.
  18. Hello everyone, its me Hammerlover. Although cookie jar reefing is a joy and great experience for me, I wanted a fairly "bigger" setup where I can keep more shrimps, crabs and snails which i cant in my pico jar because only very few and small shrimps/crabs are allowed (they can irritate the corals, or even die in starvation). So after reading the thread of the legendary pico reefer, El Fabuloso and seeing Sandeep's awesome AIO pico tanks I decided to plunge myself into this new journey and start myself this new project! ---TANK SPECS--- * 5 gallon standard tank modded to a 5 gallons AIO setup (4 gallons DT and 1 gallon sump) * Pump rated for 10 gallons as return pump * Sand from beach (washed twice and sundried for a week, then washed again before using) * 3 kg of liverocks fresh from the sea (My LR has amazing worms, pods and tiny feather dusters plus a hint of coralline algae) * DIY LED lights by Sir Florencio * Polyfilter (from my 12 gal fowlr), TGR HPP (local version of Seachem Matrix) and some liverock rubble for the sump. There is another section where Im planning to add some macros soon * DIY gravity fed ATO from my dog's old water dispenser inspired by Nano Sapiens So here is the obligatory cloudy shot The tank after one day, it cleared up nicely but my phone cam is way too crappy it still doesnt look nice ignore the reflection of my face, the gate and our car A top view of my sump, the green plastic thing is my DIY ATO A closeup of my LED lights. Its nice how the violet and blues mix together ---PLANS--- -longevity, regular cleaning of my sandbed, sump and medias is a must! -turn this setup into a mixed reef (softies, some lps and sps) -lots of shrimps and crabs -Keep It Simple -Have a fully stocked reef even in a budget Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this setup and new journey will be a new adventure for me. ~Aaron
  19. My reef tanks, one biocube 29 and two pico reef tanks. Powered by two controllers. First one inside the bc29 stand, other one mounted on wall, with touchscreen display