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  1. Wonderboy

    Hi, new nano reefer

    They should be fine, they're tough; still getting used to the new stimulus. It might be time to get a better hosting option pretty soon.
  2. Wonderboy

    Sub-gallon stacking system .123G PICO

    Alkalinity was low 7 and moved the little anemone crab just in case - GH probably my fault; the calcium reactor isn't online full time yet, and I hadn't changed very much water out in a while (need to keep that up until the reactor is running all the time). The hammer is looking better this morning - I moved it down last night as much as I could to reduce some (if any) light intensity as well. Lastly, I finally, "what some might call", housed a full spectrum led array from the internet and got it running overhead:
  3. Wonderboy

    Sub-gallon stacking system .123G PICO

    New addition Lemon lime favia or sector 001 favite? FTS Here's the hammer; it looks damaged today... I don't recall bumping it or anything while placing the favite: Doing a big water change now and checking old parameters. Test fitting a new specimen (anemone crab); hoping it's not that.
  4. Wonderboy

    .25G Jar

    To begin a siphon, I just close the gate valve to the air pump to stop the air and use the syringe to start it. I can also syringe it all out pretty quick. the check valve allows RO DI (or saltwater) to be injected while the gate valve is open. Instead of closing the needle valve and hiding the line, I have just been leaving a syringe of RO DI on the line for even faster topping off lol, and I don't think the entire composure is too obvious in the end:
  5. Wonderboy

    Ten Gallon Nano

    HOB intake was getting clogged every other day - here's the upgrade I brought back from the future:
  6. Wonderboy

    Hi, new nano reefer

    Don't ask me - cursor was stuck in the highlighted name and I couldn't type... a few successive deletes and enters and deletes later, and now we're her lol. I was trying to mention that @AlexB could try increasing his aquarium temp a couple degrees to aid in metabolism and in turn immune system responses.
  7. Wonderboy

    Hi, new nano reefer

    I agree 99% lol. Ammonia dosing should not be a common approach; It is very easy for one to overdue it if not mathematically tracking and proving influences over time. I agree that the "left over" food approach is more than sufficient for 90% of systems (you can do this for dry rock startups too - it does the same thing that ammonia would do). **So basically most hobbyists should avoid ammonia because there's easier, safer ways. Regardless, I think that the OP has a good handle on things, despite losing a clown.
  8. Wonderboy

    My new Innovative Nuvo 20

    Awesome approach so far - sorry the wrasse couldn't do it - the zoas look quite pleased to be in their new home - I like the intensity of yellow face zoas; I just saw some like yours recently, too... might go back for them
  9. Wonderboy

    .25G Jar

    @Tuan’s Reef Thank you - I'd be content with smaller softies in this one. I have a couple mushrooms that I brought home for it, but I'm not entirely sure of all options yet, so the 10G is babysitting them right now. Update: I made a modification to the airline that makes water changes easier. It allows me to syringe and siphon the water out of the jar through the airstone without having to open the lid. This draining technique has the added benefits that most micro-fauna are left in the jar and that it can be drained to well below the sediment level. The jar can then be refilled through the same line by injecting column water from the 10G in through the airstone; this refilling technique has the added benefit of doubling as a top-off line - it has proven convenient to quickly inject RO DI without moving the jar at all to maintain water/salinity level. Picture ASAP...
  10. Wonderboy

    Half Gallon Reef Jar - Update and FTS

    Wow - that is not funny - I would have had something like a mini heart attack. It is so good to hear that most might have made it. The crab and I are very ready for the turnaround! @Tamberav Cats are the largest chaos factor in all of my micro-environments, too.
  11. Wonderboy

    Hi, new nano reefer

    I have found that monitoring and dosing the first stage of the nitrogen cycle has helped to prepare many systems for conquering fluctuations after new additions. If you are preparing to add 200 fish to a system, it is a gamble to just add them and see what happens. Any system (fresh or salt) can be and should be prepared for the new bio load by increasing the bacterial population; this can (there's many ways) be done with particular ammonia dosing and testing - at the rate your colony can convert things to nitrate anyways. This way, upon addition, there will be 0 ammonium spike. No, it is not necessary with live rock, but it maintains an ample bacterial population, and this essentially assures success. You do have to be ready to remove nitrate though (macroalgae!). Nitrogen cycle responses in aquaponics are identical to nitrogen cycle responses in freshwater aquariums in my experience, but not sure why this is a point. I was once taught that cycling saltwater is different than fresh also, but after retraining my practices, all of my freshwater systems glass sides now become covered with copepods and amphipods before I add fish or invertebrates, too. Sorry about your loss - it was likely distribution practices, but it could definitely be parasitic as brought up. If it were me, I would wait also, as previously recommended, a few weeks before a new addition, just in case it was parasitic. *Hoping the other one can pull through
  12. Wonderboy

    Innovative Marine 20 gallon Penensula

    Well, I think I'm going to have to try making a couple myself, too; I think movable shelves would be best for me. You could definitely make more use of that light if you end up doing a shelf again.
  13. Wonderboy

    Sean's 5.5 Gallon reef tank

    Blue coral banded shrimp are way smaller than CBS
  14. Yes - great option - after reading again more into these, I think now I am going to put a blue CB shrimp into my 10G reef as well