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  1. They have been doing well, young heads on top getting larger - but the system really needed some overdue maintenance - I was having trouble getting a view of the blastos through the algae. Calcium reactor still down and now clogged with algae - result is increased flow in display and plenty salt creep; recently grabbed a Fluval 45g CO2 kit, will get it running quite soon. Scrubbed the display, poured out all vessels for a 100% WC - everything took aprx 20 mins - all cleaned up: Opting to get more coral in here asap so the algae has less room to thrive; I did add two itty-bitty blue leg hermits on the top floor - we'll see if they can keep up. Now to find some spare tiny shells...
  2. Thank you - that's what i am hoping It is a Mars Aqua 300W
  3. I couldn't resist. This is a fellow hobbyist's build purchased from Craigslist (moving); just got it running today with some tweaks to the original setup. Jump started the bacteria as much as possible; live rock, live sand, chaeto/caulerpa, copepods, and some water all from separate systems - also dosed isochrysis, starter bacteria and ammonia. Size is 68 G; the plan is macro algaes, corals, and many small fish.
  4. Don't worry about that algae - just keep the glass clear where you want; try a couple cerith snails (favorite pico snail - hardy). Good job responding to the GSP - everything's looking on track. Tagging along.
  5. It's sufficient, not awesome. The light does a decent job of reaching the other side of the tank; I did my best to position the rocks so that light would still slip through the features at the front of the tank. The pico jar's light on the right does something for the dark side of the ten; but been meaning to upgrade that light also. There's a leptoceris in the fire shrimp's tunnel that still gets enough light. The hammer from the stacking pico is kind of far from the light, but seems content. Again, the blue, sorry. I have have been approximating light intensity preferences. I have been trying to find a solution for more light, somehow; like maybe something with less actinic action.
  6. I also have been wanting to quickly document how approx every-other-day manual top-offs are done for this tank, so here: Nanno and iso right now; still deciding on a third species - the clear one is also iso at this point in time. I'll use RODI if a culture can't sustain dilution every once in a while.
  7. Added a dragon face pipefish as the first fish; a week after, a ruby dragonette from QT because she ran out of pods and dosing phyto wasn't doing it. Had a bunch laying around, so I added more rock to support more micro fauna... and frags. Also added 2 Randall's pistol shrimps. Also moved a handful of frags over from QT because I needed to QT not-reef-safe fish. Here's images of some of the changes: Sorry bout the blue da ba dee da ba daa.
  8. Starting to stock this thing again. Added a stomatella and little blasto to the display. Found that the nassarius I thought was hermit food is actually still very alive. Calcium reactor not running - switching to pressurized asap. Light hours switched to 12-7:10am refuge, 7am-12:15pm display, 12-7:10pm refuge, 7pm-12:15am display. NH4, NO2, NO3 all constant 0. WC >50% weekly until reactor up.
  9. I would make a custom neoprene gasket; or apply 3M 5200 Marine sealant if I really wanted it to be permanent.
  10. New temperature controller by Poniie up and running. Going to leave everything that I moved to the 10 in the 10 because they all (favia, favite, lepto + hammer) look semi-melted from the temp swings. The Nano Glo is working great; chaeto is dark green and getting dense. Thinking of putting it on a cycle timer so that it has less influence on temperature. Going to let things run for a couple weeks.
  11. You might be able to get away with putting it on an analog timer, having it run every other 15 mins - though you would need to monitor temp swings throughout cycles and the day again.
  12. Have been going through a diatom bloom since replacing the rocks and increasing the temperatures, but everything was still doing great until the Bayite temp controller failed - it's stuck on cool because the probe is reading over scale - the system reached almost 60F a few nights ago (snow outside), and the heater on its own accord (with the fans running) brought it to 88F... I put all the coral into my 10G - except the cyphastreas (encrusted to rock) and ricordia (tolerating everything fine). I have a different controller on the way. Running at ambient temps now.