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  1. I've had a horrible cold for a couple weeks and the tanks have all been pretty neglected, getting only some top-offs and feedings, but since this jar is on my desk I get to look at it a lot and I have to say that this little guy (the blenny) is absolutely wonderful, such a delight! I highly recommend bimaculatus blennies to anybody. He loves to perch on the granny apple smith palys (which have two babies forming!) and will dart around the tank and has been known to perch on snails as they climb the glass. The little milli frag did not make it. The birdsnest got knocked against the glass and by the time I noticed was already growing flat. Oops lol. Whenever I drop in some flakes, the hermit and the blue coral banded shrimp morph out of nowhere, ready to eat--they and the fish get so excited! It's hilarious to watch. The metallic GSP is making its way up the side of the jar as ell. Added a couple macros purchased from LA Reefs a few weeks ago. Haven't tried to extract the pom pom crab from the frag tank but he will go in here once I do. I just haven't had the energy to tackle things lately.
  2. Lula Mae's "Make a Wish" 15 long--pics!

    Well, after buying a new car, dealing with a horrible cold, missing lots of work and sleeping a lot, I am returning to the land of the living. PSW graduated from quarantine today! He is completely freaked out and last I saw was hiding in some red macro and all I could see was an orange eyeball glaring at me suspiciously. I am trying to decide what to do for my final fish in this tank. I will have the TSB, the PSW, and eventually will move the clown into here but am debating whether to get a second, smaller clown or a firefish or something different. I want to cap it at four fish as I think that will be plenty (or should I even leave it at 3?). I am open to suggestions!
  3. Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - January FJS

    It is blue lol I tried the 23w on the 5.5 for a couple days, the pop was nice but the turf algae loved it most.
  4. My first jar

    Once you've got corals in there, try an eight hour lights on time. That's what I use on mine.
  5. My First Pico

    Definitely no clowns in 5g, but if you want a pair of fish, look into green banded gobies. They're super cute little guys! The Current Orbit should be fine if it fits the tank, otherwise look at something like a Kessil A80 or AI Prime (can get used for reasonable price).
  6. Pico gift for co-worker

    I've gotten a good task lamp from Amazon for under $20. I may have it linked in my 5.5 or jar threads (in my phone at the moment so no handy link). 23w bulb will be super intense for this size tank.
  7. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    It's the Coral Compulsion bulb,I believe the 14k one. I liked it over my 5.5 but over this it's pretty meh. Not sure what the deal is lol. Maybe I just need to do some water changes. I've got the 23w Tuna Blue bulb and it was much too blue for my taste even if good for coral color. I didn't try taping over LEDs though.
  8. Healdsburg

    I'd probably frag the grandis and turn the lights up as even the ric looks like it's reaching somewhat.
  9. Code Blue Pico - 100% waterchange

    It has made life sooo much easier! I do have to turn/twist a little to get it to come out but not a big deal, especially with softies.
  10. Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - January FJS

    Your colors are so nice! Which light are you using again?
  11. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    They're just sort of browning, not sure if it's lighting/nutrients/what is may be but I'm not happy with the light over the jar, it worked better over my 5.5 as far as colors I think.
  12. My dream tank is a nano tank with anemone only

    Five gallons is really too small for a clownfish in the long run. Seven gallons is pushing it. They get big enough and are messy enough that it's really better to have them in a larger tank.
  13. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    I love those little orange-yellow zoas, so bright and sunny! Most of my zoas are not keeping their color in the jar.
  14. Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: January FPS!

    I know that feeling...why do you think there's no zoomed-out shots of any of my tanks?
  15. Kimber's Pretty Pico - Month 3 video posted

    Love the Groot! Your orange sponge thing is so weird lol.