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  1. Lula_Mae

    20G High Mushroom Meadow - New Arrivals!

    Nice haul! I love the button scoly, I've looked into getting one eventually. Gonna wait till I get the new tank going and ready, etc. though.
  2. Haha it's usually the same for me, I think it helps that I've been thinking about this for months. I still have to take the tank all the way down but that'll have to wait as I'm working this weekend. Thanks! KPA, Gulf Live Rock, and Tampa Bay Saltwater are all great choices, I just want something easy and delivered to my door as the airport is an hour away through city traffic lol. I'm feeling the same way, I never had dinos or cyano before with live rock, and bubble algae and hair algae were pretty easy to control. I think live rock has a certain je ne sais quoi that hasn't been identified that really helps with balance. Thanks! It really is, it's just a little bigger than the 5.5 is and so pretty! It's one of the tanks I considered back in the spring before I realized I had a coupon I could use on the IM14. Had it not been for the coupon I might've gone for it sooner! Me too, it's a pretty tank and I was hopeful it would be my tricked-out dream tank, but it wasn't to be right now. I'm undecided on selling or keeping it yet, if I keep it I can set it up sometime in the future, if I sell it, I can buy nice equipment sooner. Decisions, decisions... My husband's on his way back from the emergency vet with Violet since I have to leave for work shortly. She was making sort of wheezing noises when she breathed and loud squeaky noises when I picked her up, and I was super worried about her having a respiratory infection or something. Thankfully she checked out perfectly, nothing wrong that she could see and the vet said she seems to be just vocalizing for whatever reason. So glad my Princess Pricklepants is ok! Although it did cost a pretty penny to be seen...
  3. Welp, tank is down, sort of. I treated the top left rock for bubble algae and set up the 5.5, put the right hand rock and the top left rock in there and moved everything over. I'd picked up a little drawer organizer made of plastic and filled it with sand for the walking dendro. Merlin may not forgive me for the shock of being awakened so rudely and moved over lol. I need to finish emptying the tank after I sift through the sand for snails. Then I can rearrange things in here and make it more workable. Final FTS: 5.5: I'll probably remove one of the rocks, but one has a cabbage leather attached and one has gorg frags attached so I'll have to remove those. RIP IM14. Thanks for the memories.
  4. Lula_Mae

    Mini Complete Reef (NEW NanoRox scape update pg8)

    Nice FTS. I like the use of negative space.
  5. Lula_Mae

    WV Reefer’s Teeny, Tiny and Dirty

    I think you should replace the light with a Hydra or Radion or something small and subtle like that.
  6. Lula_Mae

    WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    I can only imagine what I'd be told if I was as blunt over there as I am here.
  7. Heard a knock on the door. Went to investigate. Oh, it's UPS! Box on the porch! That's a big box! Hmm, what could it be? Oh, it's a tank! Hooray!!! It's so nice looking! No cracks that I can see, either. It's a Mr. Aqua 7.5 gallon bowfront tank. Gonna do leak test tonight and then figure out where to put it- currently working on reconfiguring my office/spare room, where all the tanks are.
  8. Lula_Mae

    WV Reefer's 12 Gallon Long and Dirty.

    I'm about to rearrange my entire office/spare room which is where the tanks are. And do something about the IM14. One step at a time lol.
  9. Yeah I had some I kept in a bucket for awhile. When I moved up north and wasn't taking it with me, I finally pulled it out to dry. I'm looking forward to critters and hitchhikers again. Would be just my luck to get a mantis or something lol.
  10. Thanks, me too. I think going smaller is the right call for me right now. And it looks like KPA now sells their live rock shipped overnight in 5 pound increments, starting at 10 pounds, so I may go with that to preserve as much life as possible. Otherwise just working on pulling together equipment for the new tank! Hopefully I can beat down some of these pests and not have to deal with them in the future, or at least not have them be a problem like they are now.
  11. Lula_Mae

    Mushroom ate clown fish WOW!!!!

    If the clown was sick or injured and unable to get away, it'd be pretty easy for the thing to eat it. Usually healthy fish are able to get away from corals who can eat them.
  12. Lula_Mae

    2 gallon cookie jar pico

    I've never used one, sorry.
  13. Lula_Mae

    KG's Fusion 10 - A Rare Update

    That little grin is irresistible!
  14. Lula_Mae

    ADA - the 2 island reef

    Rather than dry rock, I would suggest live rock if you can (cure it in a bucket or something) to add better biodiversity. I suspect dry rock use may play a role in the proliferation of dinos in the hobby in recent years (and in my own tanks). Also look into live phyto, I've gotten pods and live phyto from Algae Barn before to try to help battle dinos.
  15. Lula_Mae

    Distilled water question!!!

    That's the same price as the purple cap distilled and not as pure. Purple cap distilled is a better option.