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  1. Aiptasia vs. xenia like with The Creep? I had the pom pom formerly known as Shelby. That...was a BAD crab! BAD! Bludgeoning, Assaulting, Destroying. Poor Shirley the other pom pom crab lol. You just need a Shelby pom pom. She'll flourish as she kills everything she can! He was going on an adventure. Guess he forgot the perils of traveling in the wild! I did not! I probably should get the new tank up and running first (am finally leak testing lol) but can I hit you up in a month or so?
  2. Thanks, I will take them. Thanks, guys. I am doing ok, just sad. She went from running like a mad hog in her wheel to barely eating and moving in a few days and I couldn't get her into a vet in time.
  3. Thanks for checking in. It's plugging along, growing a bit and looking awesome. I haven't done anything else with the tank yet. I haven't even leak tested. Merlin disappeared shortly after I transferred everything into the 5.5. And this morning...
  4. How far out of date are they? Is it the API master test kit?
  5. Nice! I love 5.5s. Got a temporary one going right now lol. I would suggest the Archaea heater offered by Aqua Forest Aquarium, I used one in my 5.5 and am using one in my pico as well. I recommended them a lot in the Creative Container contest lol. It's tiny and unobtrusive.
  6. I can't really tell but they don't look like feather dusters. I'm wondering if they might be some sort of hydroids or something.
  7. I think it was! https://www.popsci.com/bioluminescent-dino-pet Looks like it's sold out everywhere. Wonder if we add these to our tanks will they outcompete the bad dino?
  8. A while back I saw a company selling as "pets" some sort of glowy things in a glass container, I wonder if it was these guys?
  9. That's so cool that they are still being made!!
  10. Is that the Nimble Nano that was made by a Nano-Reef member back in the day? I remember when those came about but was too broke to buy one back then. If I had bought one I'm sure it'd be lost right now lol.
  11. I'm fascinated by the coral snow helping pull out the dinos lol.
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