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  1. Lula_Mae

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Space-Time Failures

    If you did get an apex or similar, you could always use it on a bigger tank later, right? I think "worth it" is somewhat in the eye of the beholder. If I had only one tank, even if it was a pico, I'd still consider a controller (And have lol). I'm considering it down the line for my IM14 and that's not much bigger than your 10, but I have no plans to upgrade further at this time (no space anyway!).
  2. Lula_Mae

    WaterBox 4g SPS Pico

    Very nice start! The scape is neat, reminds me of that place in Thailand with the tall rocky islands. If you find the heater to be too large, look into the Archea heater offered by Aqua Forest Aquarium. I posted size pics on the Creative Container Contest thread back in October or so. I've used one over a year, it's tiny and has an external thermostat that keeps it rock steady.
  3. What part of North Carolina? I'm about an hour from Charlotte and have lived in various parts of the state. That's some impressive bryopsis growth! Hope the fluconazole works!
  4. Lula_Mae

    Biospira and Dry Rock?

    I used dry rock, Dr. Tim's ammonia, Biospira, and Microbacter7, and also seeded with a small piece of live rock. Took about 3 weeks.
  5. Lula_Mae

    Black box LED lighting

    The Mars Aqua would actually probably work well for your tank, if spread is wide enough. Also look at the Current Satellite light. I can't see pics on my phone but the 3w clip lights would be all but useless, probably better for tanks without coral. Kessil A80 is definitely not enough, I wouldn't put one on more than about 10 gallons. Clown is correct that you'd probably need 2 of any pendant light.
  6. Lula_Mae

    search bar drives me craz!!

    Lgreen's guide someone has linked for you. I believe it's stickied in the beginner forum.
  7. Lula_Mae

    Beautiful Zoanthid and LPS WYSIWYG Packs!

    These are gorgeous! Any chance you guys might be having another sale soon?
  8. Lula_Mae

    how many drip acclimate?

    I use the drip method or a longer version of what you do for inverts, even certain snails like trochus. Some critters can be pretty sensitive to changes in water parameters. I especially do it if they were shipped to me.
  9. Lula_Mae

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Space-Time Failures

    I have to dilute some things at work. It's hard to get 0.06 mL of something otherwise lol.
  10. Lula_Mae

    Reefing On: Maria's Big Girl Tank!

    Will this tank face the bacteria of death?
  11. Lula_Mae

    IM Nuvo 10 help

    I mean, he might, but see my post above lol. Almost ten years and no ato yet, not even a hamster bottle. I'll get around to it one of these days. Probably. Maybe.
  12. Lula_Mae

    IM Nuvo 10 help

    You'll be fine without the ATO. I've almost exclusively kept picos (5.5 and under) for almost ten years, and never had an ATO. Would it be nice? Sure. But that's the sort of thing you can get by without for now. Being home a lot will be a huge help in this regard. But with what you want to keep, you should be fine. Sounds like you've got a good plan in mind. If you don't want to jump straight into a media rack, look into the InTank filter floss holder, I'm not sure how much it'll hold but it may suit your needs. And plenty of people run filter floss and either ChemiPure or straight carbon. to Nano-Reef!
  13. Lula_Mae

    Reefing On: Maria's Big Girl Tank!

    Yay! This is going to be great!
  14. Oh, yikes! Poor little guy! I don't have much in the way of stingy things (am actually more worried about him stinging things as he's the most tentacled thing in there lol). I'm really sorry about your little guy! Did the worm survive, at least?
  15. They are so cool! Mine's moved a bit again, still in the corner but in a different spot. Neat little critters.