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  1. Yeah, I lived in SC 3 years ago when it flooded (my town got 22" in 24 hours!!!) and this is just as bad if not even worse.
  2. Lula Mae reporting live from North Carolina here. Happy to say that we have made it through the storm unscathed. The creek a few hundred feet from our house overflowed and covered the road but it's downhill and posed no danger to us. My husband said we never even lost power or internet. Some family did but finally got it back. Lots of low spots still have water and the local rivers are up but we are fine and I am so incredibly grateful because I know it could have been so much worse. Watching footage of eastern NC, seeing how Wilmington is totally cut off by floodwaters, watching the utter devastation and loss of life... multiple spills of sewage or toxic materials into the waterway and the environmental impacts that may have...this is worse than the damage done by Floyd in '99, and that took years to recover from. I think the worst, for me, is the three babies who lost their lives. A mom and 8 month old baby when a tree crushed their house in Wilmington, a 3 month old when a tree fell on his house (his mother was holding him) and a year - old baby swept from his mother's arms by floodwaters. Florence's youngest victims. Atrium Health in Charlotte has deployed a mobile hospital to Pender County area whose tiny hospital (25 beds) had to be evacuated due to flooding. They're setting up where they will be the only hospital for a 50- mile radius (eastern NC is incredibly rural!) to provide desperately needed healthcare. It's the largest operation they've done since Katrina. The Cajun Navy rescued something like 143 animals from the Carteret County animal shelter. A restaurant cooked a meal by cell phone light so people could have a hot meal. As sad as I am about the damage and devastation, stories like this make me happy because it shows that people will still step up to help strangers. I'm incredibly thankful for the people who've come to help my state in this awful time.
  3. Yeah there isn't much space left on the sandbed! Last I spoke to my husband (around 7), we still had power and internet so hopefully it stays on. My parents lost power for a few hours but got it back. Haha thanks! And yeah, I was really excited about it lol. Thanks, so far, so good. I'm at work right now and left my husband with instructions to drop a pouch of chemi-pure in the tank if the power went out. Hopefully he remembered to put the airline for the pump in before he went to bed lol. Thanks! I hope so lol, and hope I didn't introduce any dinos from the jar residents. I'm starting to get hair algae on some of the macro so hopefully that means things are in a little better balance.
  4. Thanks guys! Yeah, I'm glad she's giving you guys a wide berth, Teeny, I expect southeast VA would face some of the same issues of eastern NC! I've seen some pics and video and man, eastern NC is absolutely devastated. The flooding is incredible. I'm attending a school in the region online and classes have been postponed for a while till they can assess the damage and figure out what's what. I took this pic at dawn yesterday morning, showing the clouds as the storm slowly makes its way inland. We didn't see rain till after 4 pm though. And took this video yesterday afternoon, trying to capture the fast-moving clouds and wind (probably blowing around 20 mph). This pic is from the other day: and when I discovered my dendro alive (cue squealing and happy dance lol): Last night, the tank is now the evacuation center! Dendro doesn't mind new friends: Refugees from the desktop pico and the little frag tank. Front left in front of the cabbage leather you can see the new blasto I picked up last week! It had bits of ORANGE in the outside edge under blues: Back corner with zoas from the former jar (I did rinse them with fresh saltwater first!). The Hermit is in the tank now too, somewhere. There was, sadly, no sign of the pom pom crab. And lastly, a real treat from the mystery man himself! The other night Merlin decided to not be shy and hammed it up for the camera, so I got a video!!! Leaving in a bit for work for the weekend, going to leave hubby with instructions. Got Violet a go bag packed just in case but hopefully it will be fine and there will be no need to leave.
  5. You know what? I looked in the tank last week after working a bunch of shifts close together (and mostly ignoring the tank lol), and THERE IS FLESH ON IT!!! Yayyyy!!!! I have a bigger problem right now though. This rude girl Florence has come to town and is totally cramping my style! Seriously, though, hurricane Florence is trudging her way through the Carolinas causing loads of trouble. We're expected to get tons of rain (which just started in the last hour), some wind, possible flooding, and so on. My state does not have a good history with F-named hurricanes--Fran and Floyd did a lot of damage years ago. Those F-ing hurricanes! Living out in the countryside, I'm really concerned about the possibility of an extended power outage. I made the decision last night to move all the corals I could into the big tank because I only have one battery-powered air pump--and I'm scheduled to work this weekend, so I'll be heading in to sleep in a spare room at work because making the drive in this weather would not be safe. All I have left is the zoas from the old jar which I will rinse in fresh saltwater as previously suggested and hope for the best. Pics if I get to upload them tonight!
  6. Pic from before treatment, moonlights on and light from the lamp on my desk illuminating. The upper right is the macroalgae which floats when the microbubbles get into it. Gets enough cyano on it that I considered taking it out. Dendro last night, it looks worse now.
  7. Yeah, I was surprised too but do recall reading on here that someone else had that experience too. It's definitely not like the dinos in the jar. It's deep red and likes to mat, and the only bubbles come from the pump sucking in air and shooting out micro bubbles. I did try adding Microbacter7 as well, and maybe Biospira too (can't remember). Not consistently, but every couple days when I'd think about it. I checked on the dendro while ago and it looks pretty well gone. It's moved, though, so at least the worm seems ok. Maybe it'll stage an amazing comeback like @fishfreak0114's does, but I don't hold out much hope. I guess in the scheme of things, one loss isn't too bad, but did it have to be one of my favorite things in the tank? I am super bummed right now.
  8. Thanks for that suggestion. I haven't actually done anything with the tank due to working a good bit of overtime, I've cleaned up 'mats' a couple of times of what could be dinos but it was on the stuff on the tank floor mostly,not on the rock structure. Tank is sort of just hanging out for now till I get energy and motivation to do something with it. Soon, I hope.
  9. Hi, ya'll. Long time no see. Sorry I've been away a while. I've been battling wicked cyano that won't go away and laughs at my attempts to get rid of it. Manual removal every couple days, by the time I get to do it again, there's more. Water changes make it worse. I cleaned my Koralia pumps from the 15 planning to use one to add some flow but I can't get them seated right so they don't sound ridiculously loud so I haven't used them. I finally broke down and ordered Chemiclean in desperation and last night I added an air pump and dosed it.... ...and now my walking dendro is super pissed and looks terrible. I'm not sure what to do, if I try an iodine dip it could kill the worm. I'm afraid to move it to the pico because I have ginormous pods in there that would have a field day (I am pretty sure they've been munching on my Christmas tree worm porites out of hunger). Maybe I could try to make room in my bitty frag tank for it? I don't know what to do but I'm afraid I'll lose him which sucks because he's gorgeous and so cool. I've been really discouraged with how bad the cyano has been getting and at my wit's end. With the inTank media rack I've had the intake chamber clog up several times and nearly ran the pump dry. Thankfully we've caught it each time but if it happened while we weren't home... I will probably try switching to either the IM version or just the inTank filter floss holder since I don't use a ton of media. If that still has issues I am not sure what to do but I've been discouraged enough to consider breaking down the tank and going back to the 5.5 or using the empty 10 I have on hand or something. I dunno. The upside is that almost 24 hours after dosing Chemiclean, the cyano is dramatically reduced--very few strings, the macro isn't just a stringy cyano jungle, tank looks a lot better, and so far only the walking dendro seems to be badly affected. So word of warning to those with these neat creatures--consider moving them before dosing Chemiclean! Merlin is taking the switch from flakes to pellets (in an effort to reduce phosphates along with Phosguard) like a champ. Being the only fish in the tank (I took Myrtle, the St. Thomas mushroom and the hermits back to the LFS a few weeks ago) has emboldened him and he can often be spotted swimming round the tank. If I ever get this cyano squared away I may try to take a video of him sometime (if I can catch him out, he's still shy and a bit sneaky). I absolutely love him and hope I can always have a small wrasse in my tank because he is just amazing. I have pics on my phone from last night before beginning treatment. Will see if my phone and Nano-Reef will cooperate or maybe try to upload them. tl;dr Cyano is the devil.
  10. Lula_Mae

    New Hermit Crab Species

    Sounds very interesting but after having an evil zebra striped hermit I dunno if I'll ever have striped ones of any kind again. Would love to see a pic whenever they decide to cooperate though!
  11. I got the Tunze pump and it is soooo much quieter. I'm quickly learning why so many AIO owners invest in an ATO--the water level drops fast! Annoyingly so. Today was a bit bittersweet, I took Myrtle to the LFS. She's been in a bucket since the transfer and that's not fair to her. I'll miss her but I think it was the right choice. Merlin can occasionally be spotted near the front of the tank, the little cutie! Although most of the macro isn't tied down and when the water level drops it makes microbubbles that cause the macro to float and tumble in the current lol. When it lands in the front of the tank, Merlin can occasionally be spotted staying stealthily in the front instead of just darting out occasionally. I do need to do a water change as I've got some cyano going on but it came back much slower than when Myrtle was in the tank. I also brought both the scarlet hermit punks to the LFS and also the St. Thomas mushroom as it's easily 4" across and likes to inflate on top of everything else. Legendary Corals has a sale coming up that I'm hoping to get in on and purchase at least some replacement Petroglyphs and maybe a few others. The remains of the jar got about a 4 day blackout a few weeks ago and so far the dinos do not seem to have reappeared. I'm wondering when I can consider myself to be "safe" to put them in the other tanks?
  12. Lula_Mae

    Lani's 20L

    Do you still have any of those awesome pink yumas? I always wanted one back in the day!
  13. Will you keep doing macrame? I've been wanting to get one of your pieces but haven't been able to yet.
  14. Sad to see it go but there are hopefully better things ahead!
  15. Lula_Mae

    Still Can’t help corals from dying

    Others have given good advice. If your corals don't show improvement you can try a Lugol's iodine dip. A couple of drops of Lugol's per cup of tank water for 3-5 minutes (can be repeated a day or two later if needed). It's not a cure-all, and it's no substitute for stable parameters, but it can help ailing corals recover.