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  1. Lula_Mae

    first pico, filter question

    What kind of HOB is it? Will you have additional flow? If it's a small one like the Azoo one, you might consider upgrading to something with stronger flow, like an Aquaclear 20 or 30. Otherwise you may need a small powerhead.
  2. Lula_Mae

    LogicalReefs Nuvo 20 Black

    They also erupt from the sand like zombies when they smell food!
  3. Lula_Mae

    200+ Legendary Update! Pure WYSIWYG Goodness!!!

    Awesome! Crossing my fingers you'll have some of the stuff I want!
  4. Lula_Mae

    Can I Still Have A Tank?

    Ooh, good catch. Yeah, op, I'd do one clown or the possum wrasse. Three fish in 7g will lead to algae headaches and possible territory issues, and the wrasse may get picked on by the clowns in a tight space.
  5. Lula_Mae

    200+ Legendary Update! Pure WYSIWYG Goodness!!!

    Gorgeous! Will you guys be doing a Black Friday sale this year?
  6. I don't think the Kessil A80 will be enough for that size tank. Most any light will require some acclimation time. I have an AI Prime and like it. I'm not sure if the Hipergaro will be enough but you could look into it.
  7. Lula_Mae

    Can I Still Have A Tank?

    If necessary, you could probably put a small space heater nearby. That's what a lot of hedgehog owners have to do.
  8. Lula_Mae

    Desktop Micro Reef

    I think a nem would have to drape the edges outside the tank!
  9. Lula_Mae

    Dueling 80s

    Catch it on camera and it could go viral.
  10. Lula_Mae

    Desktop Micro Reef

    She was certainly a very unique pom pom crab... I think I'm afraid to name mine now because of her!
  11. Lula_Mae

    The Girlfriend's Pico

    A macro-centered tank would be awesome! Check out yoshii's 10 gallon, gena's 10 gallon, weetabix's 4 gallon and there are others I'm not thinking of at the moment, for inspiration.
  12. Lula_Mae

    Desktop Micro Reef

    I believe full salt is known to shorten their lifespans but they certainly are an ideal size for this tank. I love my little group of Opae ula. I would also suggest a Pederson's shrimp and maybe pom pom crab. The Pederson's will be out in the open and fun to watch. Most pom pom crabs hide a lot but not all of them. Some are like my Shelby and will eat other things...
  13. Lula_Mae

    Mother's Day! Slow dino recovery

    Sorry about the zoas. Hope you can beat this nasty stuff.
  14. Lula_Mae

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - No heat till Brooklyn!

    Good to know. Most of what I was reading said they inflate to 4-6" and I was like...I don't have that kinda room in this here tank!
  15. Haha it's what cannedfish calls his impressive garden of (shh) bubble algae.