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  1. Cephalapico - ajmckay's Creative container

    No idea, would be interesting to study! Oh, that's interesting! The last article I read said few months ago, and what I'd always heard, was that they didn't live independently, so it's neat if they've been found apart from the crabs!
  2. Hapa kiliona o Melelana [UNS 25c]

    Very cool! (I know no Hawaiian unless "aloha" counts ). Looks like a nice setup, is it a cube, or rectangle turned peninsula style? What's the gallonage? Reminds me of my little 2.3 I had back in the spring.
  3. Cambro Reef

    Try those little hot hands things you find in sporting goods sections like at Walmart, I used them on a wintertime move to Texas a few years ago. Wrap in paper towel and don't have it touching the bag/container, or do like several companies I've bought from have done and tape to the lid. I just used them to keep things from getting too cold.
  4. seabass's cookie jar

    The first thing I thought was, "That looks like Cookie Monster! Or Kermit the Frog!"
  5. Hapa kiliona o Melelana [UNS 25c]

    Is the title Hawaiian by chance?
  6. Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - It's Wet!

    Haha I solved this by epoxying all three rocks together so I can lift the whole thing out. Be interesting to see how it works with corals glued on.
  7. I was hoping for an announcement like this! Want to replace my purpleberry fantasies I accidentally killed and finally get some petroglyphs, I hope! Can't wait!
  8. Lula Mae's "Jarden" of Enjoyment

    My stuff from Cultivated Reef came! Got it dipped and in the jar. Will try to get pics up tomorrow!
  9. Lula Mae's "Make a Wish" 15 long

    Yeah, I'm hoping to do it tomorrow when I get home, didn't get to it this morning as my stuff came in from Cultivated Reef and had to get it in the jar. Should be sleeping right now lol.
  10. Lula Mae's "Make a Wish" 15 long

    Ammonia is 0 this morning. Nitrites still 5+, nitrates now between 10-20. Corals for the jar arrive today! New bacteria stuff should be here today too. Not sure if I'll have time for water change today as I've been called into work tonight.
  11. Oh nooooo! Do you have any Lugol's iodine on hand? A dip may help. A cup of tank water, 2-3 drops of Lugol's, 3-5 minutes. It may help. The saddest trumpet is a survivor, I have faith in it!
  12. Katie's 1st SW nano!

    I was going to say that I think it was Bulk Reef Supply has IM tanks on sale at the moment but it looks like you got a tank already!
  13. 14g Nano - new beginning *NEW - my first corals

    It's quite possible they closed up due to the salinity, though zoas can be finicky too sometimes. I top off every day or two to keep salinity under control. Have never had an ATO lol.
  14. Lula Mae's "Make a Wish" 15 long

    Ammonia this morning was 0.25, nitrites were at least 5. Didn't test nitrates since I know they are there lol. I didn't end up getting to the store yesterday for water (car battery died and had to wait for someone to come jump me and ran out of time) so no water change yet. Biospira and Microbacter did not come, why Amazon, why? Stuff from Cultivated Reef is on its way!