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  1. Thank you for sharing the news @atoll. I'm greatful for his contributions to our hobby, and for the time he spent here with us. Rest In Peace Albert.
  2. That thing is a beast! It's like a battle for territory with aptasia vs xenia, who will win?
  3. Haha I just saw how the 15 nested quotes look on a phone, whoopsy!
  4. Please join me in wishing the Community a very happy 16th birthday! Our community has grown a great deal over the past year, we are now 86,081 members strong with over 5.4 million posts of collective knowledge here in our database. Our incredible next generation website launched just this past February, after two years in the making, bringing innovative new ways to share your aquarium photos and videos with ease, a fully featured mobile friendly interface, and a robust new notification system to keep up with your friends on the community. All of this sets the foundation for our future growth together, with many new features and refinements still on the way. It's all of our members, like you, that make this place great! We have so many brilliant minds here in this community, working together to help fellow members find success and friendship in this hobby. I am endlessly amazed by the outpouring of support and kindness here, thank you all for your dedication! Cheers to another great year! As we look back at our past 15 anniversaries, please share one of your favorite memories in the comments below! 3422 members later, here we are at year two. Things sure have changed since was first born. Nano Reefs are being discovered and created by more people than ever before. For all those who said it couldn't done; look at us now! Thank you all for being part of this great community. I still believe there's something special about this group!
  5. It's currently unavailable on the new site I can however process premium membership donations manually, in the meantime, for those interested (just send me a PM). I'm waiting for some bug fixes before I can roll out the new system.
  6. A sweet 'I Support' badge that appears when you post, along with extra storage for uploads and a larger PM inbox limit.
  7. This is going to be an interesting 100 days of memes Best of luck in the contest @SeaFurn!
  8. This is going to be awesome!!! Thanks for all your hard work in setting this up @metrokat and @jedimasterben, you rock!
  9. That's great to hear it's doing well again @Justind823, I'm looking forward to seeing the new 'scape!
  10. So..? The tank is really looking spectacular! I love the contrast that dendros bring to a tank.
  11. Another awesome video update @KuruptPixel, it really captures the shimmer. All the corals are looking great. I love those two rose bubble tip anemones hanging out by the overflow, how cool that you got to watch it split. Does the crab hang out in them most of the day?
  12. I think the idea is that if you can't get to 20%, and thus a traditional mortgage, then the higher closing costs and PMI associated with a smaller downpayment are still present, and the extra 10% down doesn't make enough of a dent in those numbers. PMI is based on a % of the total loan, not just the 20% down payment portion. If you get a mortgage that allows you to cancel the PMI once you reach 20% equity, it may still make sense to put more down, but you should consider the value of keeping the extra money available for unexpected expenses, or investing it elsewhere. Lenders may also want to see that extra 10% to just sit in your account to appease their loan requirements, they'll want to see that you have a safety net.
  13. @adinsxq is an aquarium ninja, you won't even see it coming
  14. I'm still blown away by it all. The backlighting is just a cherry on top Do you just turn the backlight on when you're home, or do you have it set to cycle through colors or something like that? It has one of those little button battery remotes with colored buttons, right?