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  1. Welcome back @Maddie! You'll be able to get the tank back on track, sounds like you have your Saturday cut out for you. 🙂 Share some photos tomorrow if you can!
  2. Is the film algae on the glass fairly slow growing? I wonder if a larger snail population would help make a dent? Any reason to suspect your water source could be contributing? It sounds like the coral are all growing well, LPS are the best! I'm sure they'd benefit from an increase in flow, even on the lowest settings.
  3. How are things going this month with the dino battle @Andreww? Still doing PO4 and NO3 to overcome them? This situation seems to be happening to more and more reef keepers.
  4. How is your nano reef going this month with everything back on track @sadie? Stabilizing the temperature probably made a big impact!
  5. Somehow I missed your latest FTS @tmc13 / @tmc1313! Do you have any more photos you can share? I see a lot of growth in those frags that you placed last summer and lots of new additions too. How has the maxima clam been doing?
  6. It sure has come a long ways since then xellos88! A living masterpiece, it continues to get better with age ❤️
  7. How's the zoanthid rescue project going @Nano sapiens? Any signs of new growth? I'm glad you decided to move them away from their impending SPS encrusted doom, they didn't stand a chance!
  8. Feeling more settled in your new place @pfcjackson0716? How are things in the GSP reef? 🙂
  9. Hey @MarieH how's your little Spec V nano doing this month? I'd love to see 🙂
  10. How's the new tank project coming along @Redwhiteandink?
  11. Awesome progress @Rathje70, tons of growth especially in your sps corals! That's interesting to see the red montipora starting to plate upwards too. Is it colliding with the pocillopora in the back?
  12. Have you had a chance to experiment with the macro extension tube any more @blizzardscout2? I'd love to see how far the tank has come! Welcome back 😉
  13. How are the anemones doing after the division?
  14. Insane coralline algae buildup! I'm going to have to be careful with keeping my pico jar glass clean! What do you have planned first for the new system? Any additions in mind?
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