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  1. Monthly Reef Profile Nominations

    Lots of stellar recommendations so far, thank you everyone!
  2. PAR 38 Bulb hurting my eyes when looking into tank

    Welcome to the community @RubenZ! You may be noticing the 'strobe' of the LED diodes, they actually flicker on and off many times per second, and if it's a cheap bulb it's something your eyes may perceive. Try to wave your hand underneath the bulb while it's on and see if you notice a strobe light effect.
  3. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    That should help quite a bit!
  4. The "my wife doesn't like fish tank furniture" build

    Nice addition! You should shoot a little video to get some before and after clips with and without the LED shimmer! I bet it will really sparkle
  5. 2.7 gallon Pico nearing one year mark!

    Welcome to the community @SavaS! This is a neat little pico reef you've built, it looks like quite a journey so far. I love that purple gorgonian! That really does look like it could be a tiny pagoda cup coral starting there by the palys. Has it grown much since you first found it?
  6. Gena's IM Nuvo Fusion 10

    Hopefully that jar won't have to be dry too much longer...
  7. Welcome back to the community @Aggie05, it’s great to see you! Your old nano reef was beautiful!
  8. Cool aquarium toy! Cleaning robot + camera

    It's a neat idea no doubt! We were discussing it just the other day
  9. My very first aquascape

    Great to see you back @aerotiy! The hurricane didn't give you too much trouble? You should be able to clean that fine dusty sediment off the glass by wiping it with your fingers, or a clean razor blade makes easy work, since it's durable glass.
  10. That super sucks! eBay has a pretty good policy in place to protect buyers, they will step in if you're not able to find resolution. Does it seem like it uses standard parts at least? Is this your first RO unit? They can be pretty confusing to set up unless the builder used nice color coded fittings.
  11. The hits keep coming, that sucks @HarryPotter! Is there any way to program it by directly connecting it to a computer?
  12. Goniopora Ill - thoughts?

    Glad it's not progressing, the localized damage seems that much more likely. Keep us posted!
  13. Robotic Tank Cleaner (seen on Kickstarter)

    Something kinda like this, but with scratches instead...
  14. jstj0sh's Newbie Nuvo - New Gorgonian!

    Welcome back @jstj0sh! It's understandable to have neglected your tank a little, it's not every day a hurricane comes through and floods your entire city. How are things around town? That's a nice looking gorgonian, I'm impressed it's polyps are already out! How cool.