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  1. Christopher Marks

    The Fools Reef ... Back to a vase!

    I love all your photos @TheRope, so many amazing little vignettes in your pico reef! How is the pompom crab doing?
  2. Christopher Marks

    2 Gallon Pico Reef Jar - Amphipod Kingdom 💧

    The air bubbles breaking at the water surface combined with the curved edge of the jar seems to act as a crude protein skimmer, waste collects on the edges of the glass between cleanings. It seems particularly helpful in catching acan poo! One curious outcome is that over the last few weeks it has skimmed two small bugs that were attracted to the jar light and found their way inside. Unwelcome detritus, but at least they seem to get skimmed out quickly.
  3. Christopher Marks

    Flex Tank

    Welcome to the community @Tahoebound, an SPS pico reef sounds really cool! What was your 90 gallon system like previously?
  4. Christopher Marks

    On The Upswing 6.6g

    Welcome back @Brooklyngal! Your system is looking better all cleaned up! Were you able to get your new ATO system set up? How is it working out for you? It's easy to upload photos directly to your forum posts now, from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, just click or tap the 'choose files' link at the bottom of the editor to get started. 🙂
  5. Christopher Marks

    •The ‘Box

    Those clownfish are gorgeous, wow! I can understand the temptation, what a deal.
  6. Christopher Marks

    Lawn’s IM 10

  7. Christopher Marks

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    Good times hanging with @Sancho last night! We weren’t sentimental enough to take a photo, but I did get this creeper shot of him stuck in rush hour traffic! 👀
  8. Christopher Marks

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    Ouch! Belt sander?
  9. Christopher Marks

    Muffin's 2.5 Pico

    Great to see your pico reef is still going @Muffin, all those bounce mushrooms are awesome! It sounds like it has settled in after its first year running and really stabilized.
  10. Christopher Marks

    2 Gallon Pico Reef Jar - Amphipod Kingdom 💧

    I've thought about a heating mat of some kind, but most aren't meant to have much weight resting on them. I haven't looked too hard though, that would be handy. I think for the betta bowl heaters, they're not meant to run without being submerged in water, they can overheat and melt when exposed.
  11. Christopher Marks

    TJ's Bust'em Up Custom Reef - Back from the DEAD!

    Nice progress @TJ_Burton, I admire your patience in getting all the details right, it really pays off. Those Xaqua overflow and return fittings are a really slick solution, very trim. Who makes the check valve on the orange return line?
  12. Christopher Marks

    Pico's 50 gallon, new corals, not enough space!

    Hey welcome back @picoreef78! 👋 Glad to see your system is still up and running, despite the troubles! How long has it been since the crash? A RedSea system would really be a sweet upgrade! Since you've been away I've made it even easier to share Flickr photos, you can simply paste the Flickr 'share link' into the editor here, and it should automatically embed the photo. 🙂
  13. Christopher Marks

    The Not Always Bigger In Texas - MiniComplete

    👏 Nice zoanthids! It really does look better without all that rock, this is a good demonstration of why it's important to leave room for frags, and the rocks they come on, when aquascaping a new tank. The Mini Complete Tank just hyper-amplifies that notion 😅.
  14. Christopher Marks

    2 Gallon Pico Reef Jar - Amphipod Kingdom 💧

    Thanks @Tigahboy! I never imagined I'd have a pico jar of my own, but it was the Creative Container Contest we hosted last year that won me over. Just like regular nano reefs, new smaller lighting technology has helped make these possible, and so many reef jar pioneers here have learned the best maintenance techniques to sustain them long term, more simple than we ever realized. The tank got to 80.5°F by lights out last night, and the Inkbird thermostat kept the tank warmed to 77°F all night. It does appear to let the water cool 1 degree before turning on the heater, it was at 76.4°F early this morning before lights on, I heard it click on at 76°. I have the heater positioned higher up in the jar, I may try to hide it lower eventually, but the curve of the jar and the optics help it disappear when viewing the tank straight on. In hindsight that under gravel betta bowl heater would hide away quite nicely, but I think it's too late to wrestle one into the sand bed without disturbing my aquascape. I also haven't found a good way to stick the Inkbird temperature probe against the glass, it's hanging in the middle at the moment. I think I'll have to zip tie it to something else.
  15. Christopher Marks

    20 gallon long plan

    Welcome to the community @mtnbikeracer! 👋 You're off to a good beginning with your plans! It's possible to adapt them to most kitchen faucets, if you can unscrew the aerator nozzle that is likely on the end of it, there's a simple fitting that swaps out. If you have the counter space to place one you can make it work. Lugging bottles home might make more sense though, you can always change your mind and invest in an RODI later on.