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  1. Christopher Marks

    Horrible AI Prime HD experience. Kessil A80 is amazing

    If you think your combative behavior here will be tolerated, you are sorely mistaken. I agree, @letskeepcoolpeeps is going to be taking a break.
  2. Christopher Marks

    Deeper Well - An Acquasole 60

    We have an image cache proxy that will keep a local copy in place, so they will remain even once Flickr takes them offline. πŸ™‚
  3. Christopher Marks

    New Community Sponsor Reefsmart!

    Please join me in welcoming our newest sponsor ReefSmart to the Nano-Reef Community!ο»Ώ πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ ReefSmart is the creator of Aquadomes, a clever dome shaped frag mount particularly well suited for SPS, LPS, and zoanthid grow out and mounting. ReefSmart is also preparing to introduce the PicoPro 2.5 gallon reef jar with integrated powerful 2 channel 24W LED lighting system and lid. Learn more about the PicoPro and Aquadomes at www.ReefSmart.com πŸ‘€! Thank you for supporting the Nano-Reef Community @ReefSmart! πŸ’™
  4. Christopher Marks

    coming back to the hobby after 8 years

    Sounds pretty groovy! I can see why you'd want to refresh the whole basement πŸ™‚! Share some photos of the whole project once you start your journal, it's cool to see reef rooms!
  5. Christopher Marks

    120 Lt Rock Garden

    Welcome to the community @Anzus, congratulations on your first nano reef setup! While you wait for the cycle process to complete, what types of coral and fish are you hoping to keep in your new aquarium system? Your english is great! πŸ™‚
  6. Christopher Marks

    coming back to the hobby after 8 years

    Welcome back @Halligan! πŸ‘‹ Can't wait to see what you create! What do you have planned for the remodel?
  7. Christopher Marks

    5gal Frogfish Pico (Pic Heavy)

    Welcome to the community @Capt_Rick_Dixie! It's great to see a new dedicated frogfish tank, they are such fascinating predators. What do you feed yours?
  8. Christopher Marks

    Drain noise question

    @vlangel Does your hoffer gurgle buster use airline tubing? I wonder if shortening the tubing would help improve airflow and quiet it down? If that doesn't do the trick, removing the center and enlarging the intake holes might be worth a try. Is yours PVC?
  9. Christopher Marks

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Check out Kona Reef in north PHX on 32nd St & Shea Blvd, it's one of the nicest LFS's I've ever seen.
  10. Christopher Marks

    Harry’s Recovering Reefer 350

    πŸ‘ That's awesome, now nice!
  11. Christopher Marks

    ADA - the 2 island reef

    It's a really beautiful one @Andreww, best of luck with it! We're getting closer to the 1st anniversary of your tank, it's come a long ways πŸ‘
  12. Christopher Marks

    Sharbuckles 78g Starphire Cube

    Seriously! It looks amazing on the new tank, its filling out so nicely. Do it! I think xenia would really compliment the corals that you have in there and fill in some spaces. Did @dpoltsdsu's nano reef inspire you? I love how the xenia flows in his system.
  13. Christopher Marks

    Custom 20g Zoa Garden

    Wow I can't believe it's almost been 4 years since it first began! It has really recovered beautifully since the setback, I can't believe you're to almost 100 different variations! 🍻
  14. Christopher Marks

    JayPagi's 25 Gallon

    I was finally able to see one of those demonstrated when I was a MACNA, so slick! Good to see you @JayPagi!
  15. For October 2018 we're featuring community member @dpoltsdsu and his 42 gallon Pacific & Caribbean Islands nano reef! Click the photo above to check out his featured reef profile article! You can also find Dpolt's aquarium journal in our Aquarium Journals forum to learn more about the history of this tank. Please share your questions and comments for dpoltsdsu in the comments section found at the bottom of the article!