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  1. Battery backup is the easiest solution, whether it's a battery powered air pump, a circulation pump with battery backup, or a BIG battery pack like this, it all comes down to how much money you're willing/able to throw at the insurance. This big battery could probably power circulation pumps and a heater for quite awhile, but it's a pricey $499! Beyond that you're looking at a proper generator to get you through a multi-day outage.
  2. Great idea @micoastreefing! I'd like to memorialize @Asureef's incredible monti caps from his old 40 gallon nano reef. The way the red and green plates weave together...
  3. Welcome to the community @thespinningsadhu! It sounds like you are taking great care in planning your system with your livestock choices in mind. It sounds like you're interested in smaller pico reefs, have you browsed through some aquarium journals in our pico reefs sub forum? You should also explore some of the smaller reef aquariums that we've featured over the years: Sometimes it can be helpful to find inspiration in other member's aquariums, and learn from their techniques and problem solving. You can see what works and what does not, and create something just right for yourself. This will also give you some perspective on all the different ways to maintain a nano reef aquarium, there's more than one! Some systems can be high maintenance while others only require minimal effort, it's up to you and your system design and livestock choices. It sounds like you've read a lot about the fundamentals, see how people apply them in their tanks and maintenance routines, and what style might suit your lifestyle best. A 12 gallon tank makes for a great nano reef and gives you lots of options. Maybe the middle ground is an 8 gallon system? Don't be afraid to try a pico if your heart is in it, just know the limitations. Perhaps you could feature a shrimp instead of a goby? So many possibilities!
  4. WOW! Man am I glad I inquired! It turned out amazing, I love the open aquascape. I can't believe the monti-caps busted apart, how tragic! Next time you want to frag something there are more delicate options... You have the right perspective on it though, all the monti-pieces will have lots of room now to grow anew and get tangled up all over So I guess you'll have to use all that freshly cured liverock to start the 40G back up again, right?
  5. I hear ya! Don't rock the boat
  6. Hey @Asureef is the 40 gallon still going? Maybe that wasn't the last FTS after all? How's the new build coming along?
  7. I'm really happy to see this one is still up and running @Addinali! That toadstool leather is gorgeous. Do you have any more additions planned?
  8. One of these days I'll finally twist @markalot's arm and put him in the spotlight Keep those nominations coming!
  9. Welcome back @Superdave! I'm glad to see this is still going! Good call on the GSP frag for mushroom swap, GSP can really take over fast. It's almost 4 years old now, right?
  10. Beautiful rock work, this is going to be awesome to watch grow out.
  11. Great work so far, it feels good to build your own tank doesn't it? That first leak test... What kind of wood are you going to use for the canopy and base?
  12. It's also possible to install the Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire tablet, and then install standard Android apps, no rooting required. The apps run along side the FireOS apps and the FireOS launcher seems them as regular apps. It does take some technical knowhow, but there are many guides available like this: I do this personally with a Fire tablet that I keep by my stereo for streaming music. It's not officially supported by Amazon, and you may occasionally have to reinstall the latest versions to get it working again after Amazon releases system updates. For the price it's hard to beat, you just have to be willing to tinker with it a little bit.
  13. Here's @stellablue's great visual guide Find the photo/post you want to embed in your message. Once you find that photo, click the three dots at the top right of the image. Once you click the three dots, you will see menu options. Click Share. Once you click share, another menu will open. From that menu, click Copy Link. Paste the link into the post editor and your Instagram will automatically embed.
  14. Yup! On your smartphone, just tap the '...' icon in the top right of your Instagram photo, select 'Share' from the menu, and then tap 'Copy Link' (the URL is now copied to your clipboard). Return to Nano-Reef and simply paste that share link into the editor here and it will automatically embed. If you're viewing Instagram on a desktop, simply copy and paste the Instagram page URL into the editor here and it will automatically embed. Super easy!