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  1. I haven't quite decided yet, but I would like to! How about you @Six?
  2. They sure are, my apologies! Image files are being moved to a new server, we're just waiting on all the files to finish copying over. They're moving very quickly, but we've got 57GB worth! It seems to be working from the oldest to newest, I was expecting the system to move them in reverse to minimize disruption. It's an unstoppable process though, we just gotta wait it out unfortunately.
  3. I want to let everyone know that images uploaded to the site are temporarily broken while they are being moved to a new server. This should resolve itself over the next couple hours. Sorry for the inconvenience, this was unexpected!
  4. This is a great update! Glad to see she's doing well. That Watanabei Angelfish is gorgeous!
  5. Welcome to the community @Kristine92! It looks like your tank is coming along nicely and you're on the right track. Those early tank blues with diatoms, algae, and hitchhikers are real, but you'll get through it! Are you planning to get some snails soon? What's the LFS scene like there in Wyoming? As you get ready to photograph your tank with your Canon 7D, check out this article written by Jeremai, a great member of our community, may he rest in peace. It's full of great advice for photographing aquariums and composing shots.
  6. Welcome to the community!

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      Wtf? I never got the welcome wagon rolled out when I joined.... I'm mad at you, CM!

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  7. Do you have an air stone and pump you could add to the tank? Gills still looking inflamed?
  8. Nice shot @glennr1978! Welcome back my friend
  9. I see. That's tough, all other systems seem to be wifi based, but if your power is out, your wifi router will likely be out of power too. Maybe if those are on a battery backup there would be enough time to send an alert over the web? 2G networks are being shut down in the US as well, causing some issues for old 2G cellular notification systems. As this becomes more prevalent, hopefully some new LTE based notification systems are released.
  10. The latest one uses a 3G network it looks like, is service poor in your area? I haven't heard of the iSocket before, pretty neat device. There are power failure sensors and alarms like this one: but you'd have to be present during the outage to know. This is the only other device I can find that will send out SMS alerts, it's tied to Verizon's service for $49/ year:
  11. Looks like a great solution to repair the shield, thank you for sharing with the community! What glue did you use to hold it in place? If you do decide you want to polish out the haze and scratches, I've had great luck with Novus plastic polish:
  12. That's exciting! Will this be a new tank or a future replacement of the Nuvo?
  13. Welcome to the community @ZackToren! I agree that 3 gallons is too small for a clownfish. A small goby would be a good possibility, Lula_Mae has the right idea. Have you considered no fish, and just keeping an interesting invertebrate like a cleaner shrimp instead?
  14. Oh bummer! We had a little Nano-Reef get together and everything. One of these days we'll cross paths in person!
  15. It looks like I'll be able to make it default to the 'Condensed View' in an upcoming software update, but that might be a couple weeks away. In the meantime, you can change your activity stream to the more familiar looking 'Condensed View' that only lists the topic titles and not the post content, by using this toggle in the upper right of your activity stream page (both desktop and mobile). Once you've clicked it, the preference should be set in your browser so it's still condensed when you return to that stream again. You'll only have to click it again once if you log in on a new device or browser. With this toggle you don't actually have to save a custom stream to keep the condensed view.