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  1. Yeah, it will be sorted by morning, it's moving slower than anticipated. A total bummer for me today. Forum attachments are back to normal, broken images embedded in posts are being fixed now. The bright side of this is that once this is done the site will start loading faster. What a day...
  2. I'm glad you started a tank journal! Looking forward to watching this progress. What other tanks have you had in the past?
  3. Oh good! Well, if they disappear in a bit, don't worry
  4. Hey @TinyOcean - Your broken images will return shortly, we're experiencing an issue with the image system that will be resolved soon! They'll return automatically, sorry for the trouble!
  5. Hang tight @Jrodinnola, those images will start working shortly, we're experiencing a technical issue with images that will be fixed soon
  6. I've always used Novus Plastic Polish, but that's probably what you've used in the past:
  7. Yessir, it's only temporary though, I expect it to be fixed within the next hour or so. There's an optimization process that's been ongoing today that unfortunately broke the images until it finishes - an unintended result of a process that has to be left to finish. It was supposed to have been run overnight, I've been mad about it all day
  8. Sorry for the trouble @flatlandreefer, our image system is being updated at the moment but should be finished in the next hour or so, your broken images should actually return once the process completes. This was an unexpected issue, but it will only be temporary. Our website uses an SSL connection now, and images posted on our forums are run through a proxy that ensures the posted images are also secure. Unfortunately this proxy is part of the update process that is ongoing, which caused your images to appear broken as well. Hang tight, I appreciate your patience while we get the new site finished up!
  9. I haven't quite decided yet, but I would like to! How about you @Six?
  10. They sure are, my apologies! Image files are being moved to a new server, we're just waiting on all the files to finish copying over. They're moving very quickly, but we've got 57GB worth! It seems to be working from the oldest to newest, I was expecting the system to move them in reverse to minimize disruption. It's an unstoppable process though, we just gotta wait it out unfortunately.
  11. I want to let everyone know that images uploaded to the site are temporarily broken while they are being moved to a new server. This should resolve itself over the next couple hours. Sorry for the inconvenience, this was unexpected!
  12. This is a great update! Glad to see she's doing well. That Watanabei Angelfish is gorgeous!
  13. Welcome to the community @Kristine92! It looks like your tank is coming along nicely and you're on the right track. Those early tank blues with diatoms, algae, and hitchhikers are real, but you'll get through it! Are you planning to get some snails soon? What's the LFS scene like there in Wyoming? As you get ready to photograph your tank with your Canon 7D, check out this article written by Jeremai, a great member of our community, may he rest in peace. It's full of great advice for photographing aquariums and composing shots.
  14. Welcome to the community!

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      Wtf? I never got the welcome wagon rolled out when I joined.... I'm mad at you, CM!

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  15. Do you have an air stone and pump you could add to the tank? Gills still looking inflamed?