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  1. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    Who would have thought the chore of water changes could become such a joy? Thanks for all your work on the new article!
  2. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    A damsel could work great with the clownfish, so long as it's not an aggressive type. Have you considered a cardinal fish of some sort?
  3. 29 gallons video 11-22

    Wow that would be a big problem! Have you noticed a change since the replacement? More flow as well?
  4. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    I'd say so, but your water quality has a role as well. The water clarity in that last FTS is noticeable. I like this list! I feel like anything from this list will lead to heartbreak in the end. These are expensive and difficult fish to keep long term, especially in a higher bio-load system with the fish from the list above. They are undoubtedly beautiful, but better left to larger systems in my opinion. You may have touched on it earlier, but are you directly feeding the gorgonians in any way?
  5. Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Improvement

    A pom pom crab would be fun! Glad the polyps are starting to settle in. How has the temperature and salinity been on this coffee pot? Do you feel good about the circulation from the air pump in such a small space?
  6. cincyJames' Gumball Pico

    @cincyJames This is so cool, such a clever design! I would love to see more photos of the construction of the lower plumbing if you are able to share them . Is the glass permanently attached to the gumball machine now, or can it actually be removed in one piece during maintenance? The lower portion seems to act like a sump, right? Do you have any way to keep an eye on the water line down there to account for evaporation? The surface skimmer is brilliant. Did you clear coat the interior of the metal lid or anything like that? I'd worry about salt creep.
  7. 🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    Everyone must be consumed with their holiday preparations (and tending to kids home from school ) High five! ✋
  8. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    I love all those happy gorgonians, beautiful update @Patrick17! The yellowing leathers are a positive change, that's their original color! Yellow leather corals are lovely to have. Do you feel like these changes could be related to your addition of a UV sterilizer earlier in the month?
  9. JayPagi's 25 Gallon

  10. R65

    Any plans for it while you're home? Can your Nest cam make a time-lapse for you? It would be interesting to follow the urchin for a day.
  11. Bluewater's 1st Salty

    Welcome to the community @BluewaterBoof! The Fluval Evo is a pretty popular tank here on the community, I think you'll find some good advice from owners soon. What kinds of coral are you usually drawn to? Are there some you're hoping to keep? Hardy soft and LPS corals are well within reach with the stock light I'm sure. Lots of vivid soft coral are available: zoanthids, green star polyps, palythoa, mushrooms, ricordea, xenia, leather corals. Reach out to local or regional reef keeping groups too if you have any available, they can also be a great source of local support (and coral frags!)
  12. 2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    That's a great tank to swap over to, room to stretch out! Looks sharp with the light hanging too.
  13. Monthly Reef Profile Nominations

    Hey everyone, what tanks in the community have you been loving lately? I'm always looking for fresh nominations to be featured!
  14. Dorm Design finished

    How is the dorm reef coming along @nsheridan430? Did you end up getting a pistol shrimp and goby? How has maintenance been in the dorm? Hopefully you have some free time over the holiday break to update us