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  1. Christopher Marks

    Can I DIY a blue light filter?

    You sure can, one easy way is to repurpose light filter gels, generally used for flash photography: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=filter+gels. This kit is pretty cheap: https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Universal-Photography-Speedlite-Balance/dp/B00QN48X0Q/
  2. Christopher Marks

    I can't get Nitrates down!

    Yeah, your saltwater test kits for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates will work for freshwater too. You can test the water direct from the dispenser. 🙂
  3. Christopher Marks

    Mark's Nanobox Powered 40B

  4. Please join me in welcoming our newest sponsor Aquarium Care Center to the Nano-Reef Community! 🎈🎉 Aquarium Care Center Live has an incredible selection of coral colonies, frags, anemones, saltwater fish, and inverts, with tons of WYSIWYG options to choose from! AAC Live has been importing exotic fish and coral for over 20 years, they offer an impressive 14 day guarantee on their livestock, as well as a true color guarantee on all their coral. For members in the New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania tri-state area, Aquarium Care Center's store is an easy drive located in Ocean Township, NJ! Check out all they have to offer at AquariumCareCenter.com 👀! Thank you for supporting the Nano-Reef Community @Aquarium Care Center! 💙
  5. Christopher Marks

    The Aquarium Extravaganza - Chicago - October 13 & 14

    Welcome to the community @TankItEasy! Please add your event to our Community Calendar.
  6. Christopher Marks

    Nanoreefz IM Fusion 10

    Hey, life gets in the way sometimes, that's ok! Congrats on the new house! 🙂
  7. Christopher Marks

    Asureef's Red Sea Reefer

    Sorry to see the anthias didn't make it through the storm @Asureef 😞 What an epic view! 😲 Congrats on the first year, it's really spectacular, I can't wait to see the FTS! You should be very proud 🙂
  8. Christopher Marks

    New to the forum

    Welcome to the community @Reef45! The refugium is a great addition for your nano reef, you’re off to a good start!
  9. Christopher Marks

    Tsinguílev's nano reef

    Wow @Tsinguílev, your nano reef is gorgeous now! 😍 I just saw all your updates and additional photos that you've added, incredible! It's great to see the progression over all these years.
  10. Christopher Marks

    ReefCap’s Nuvo14: Diatoms and a MIA goby

    That lil nepthia is adorable ❤️ Nice first additions @ReefCap, green banded gobies are rad 👍
  11. Christopher Marks

    Snow's Mantis Mayhem - Reloaded!

    That glow! 😲
  12. Christopher Marks

    Vegasgundogs 120gal Planet Aquariums...Plumbing complete

    Putting that sticker to good use ☺️
  13. Christopher Marks

    Tsinguílev's nano reef

    Welcome to the community @Tsinguílev! Thank you for sharing your 5 year old nano reef with us!
  14. Christopher Marks

    E/V Nautilus finds Gulper Eel - Underwater exploration!

    It's really quite soothing! 🤤
  15. Christopher Marks

    ATTENTION all NW ohio and surrounding area reefers!

    Exciting! Share some more photos once you get them all settled in 🙂