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  1. Christopher Marks

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10

    I wonder if you could wrap a short shield around the AI Prime somehow, something to reduce glare for you and keep light from spilling beyond the tank as much. Velcro tape along the entire edge to mate with a thin opaque plastic sheet a few inches tall? Like a DIY mini lamp shade.
  2. Christopher Marks

    Planning a saltwater mixing station in a closet

    Thanks for sharing your project @RickyMcG, welcome to the community!
  3. Christopher Marks

    After 9 years away...a 30 gallon cube begins

    Welcome back to the community @Privateer! πŸ‘‹ That's a sweet deal on your new tank, nice work on the build. Very clever use of Simpson ties for the tank stand, I had never considered that solution before! You should make a little post in our DIY Project Forum to share the advice πŸ™‚
  4. Christopher Marks

    ADA Zero Equipment Build - First tank in 6 years!

    Impressive system you've built @Frag Factory, I love the minimal design. The canister filter and inline heater are a tidy choice as well. Can't wait to see what you build in it! Welcome back!
  5. Christopher Marks

    701 Classroom Tank

    Great video update @701@BankStreet, the new anemone and clownfish are a nice addition, it's cool to see both clownfish hosting their own anemones. That bit of xenia will surely spread in no time, glad some survived! Melted xenia smells pretty wretched, was it just poorly packaged/shipped?
  6. Christopher Marks

    Lorekeeper's 3 Gallon "Shallows" tank!

    Great to see another pico jar coming online! Your macro algae plans sound really cool, looking forward to watching this one grow!
  7. Christopher Marks

    Gena's IM Nuvo Fusion 10

    Denver Colorado is pretty lovely, and a lot less humid than Austin πŸ˜„! I was just in the New England states a few weeks ago, I can see the appeal of Connecticut. I picked the west not too long ago though, so I'm still a little biased. The end of an era! Thank you for sharing in the journey with us, and for all your contributions to the community! You've helped inspire so many people. Perhaps once you're all settled in somewhere new, a little reef jar can brighten up your home again some day πŸ™‚. No matter when you hop back in, it will be fun to start fresh. We'll be here for you, don't be a stranger! πŸ€—
  8. Christopher Marks

    Evo never want to leave yo

    I like the aquascape a lot, great layout for a peninsula tank. Any plans for sand? That's awesome that you will get to share it with so many people in your school!
  9. Christopher Marks

    Lani's 20L

    That's exciting news @Lalani, we support you!
  10. Christopher Marks

    Helen's Koenn Park - 42g reef

    Welcome back @helen2! It sounds to me like your cycle is indeed over, you could begin to add some life after you do a water change. The live sand is what gave you the shorter timeline, it's pretty effective! If you're still uncertain though, you could always dose a little more ammonia and watch it filter out in your tests. Two weeks isn't unheard of though πŸ™‚
  11. Christopher Marks

    Danny Tran's Reef Adventures : IM Nuvo 30 Long Journal

    Welcome to the community @dannyhaitran! It sounds like you have some equipment on order for your IM Nuvo 30, what do you have so far?
  12. Christopher Marks

    Drew's IM Fusion 10g Mixed Reef Tank!

    You can easily share videos that you have uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo, or Instagram, it's as simple as pasting the 'share link' or URL for the video right here in the editor, and then it will automagically embed itself into your post.
  13. Christopher Marks

    MetroKat's Reefer: Need About Tree Fiddy

    Good to hear from you Kat! Safe travels back ☺️
  14. "It's a dry heat" - Phoenix, AZ A huge Safeway grocery store west of here burned down today durning a monsoon storm, details not yet clear. It's pretty crazy to see, lots of clips on Twitter.
  15. Christopher Marks

    "Tree of Life" 12gal zoa tree

    Very unique, I like it! Thanks for sharing @jaywong04! Could you theoretically take the whole tree out of the tank in one piece for maintenance? This will be so cool to watch fill in.