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  1. Great looking frags, not a bad price either. A wise move to test the waters with a few frags before investing in more too! Love the photo of the family
  2. Very unique bridge! What kind of corals are you planning to keep?
  3. Pretty cool to see a cycle charted out like that! Are you using digital probes, or did you just input the data somewhere?
  4. Wow how cool, matching plumbing and all! The Nanobox light turned out great, very eye catching.
  5. Welcome to the community @Dprosser4! I love the tomato clown hosting in the anemone. It looks well rooted in the rock, did it move around for awhile before settling there?
  6. Sea hare eggs! Whoa That's incredible, how bizarre looking. Check them out on Google images: sea hare eggs
  7. Nice and easy! Have you been importing all the equipment from the US, or were you able to get the tank or anything else locally?
  8. Looking good! Did you have to do anything special to get the Nano Box Reef Mini to be compatible with 220v power? Just a simple plug adapter?
  9. This is a good looking stand! I'm surprised you didn't put some wood putty over the screws before you painted it. That's my OCD coming through The wall anchor is a good idea! You should keep an eye on it when you first fill the tank, the added weight plus the carpet may cause the stand to lean forward just a little bit.
  10. That's really great news @seabass! Have you continued to raise the salinity? What is it at currently?
  11. It could be a bacterial or fungal disease. Check out this clownfish disease ID page, particularly the Viral & Infectious Disease section: Do you have a quarantine system going at home?
  12. Slippery slope! You'll be painting the walls before you know it
  13. Dual metal halides, nice! Did you silicone HDPE cutting boards down on the bottom to give your rock work a more stable base?
  14. Nice new shrooms, great color. The zoanthids look like they're a bold coloration too, orange, purple and green? Those will be a nice splash of color once they're all opened up.
  15. Were you able to get your money back?