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On 12/25/2018 at 1:22 AM, Arquisto said:

Awesome please update us with the final product! Assuming a window can double to let light in and put macro-algae in there.

I wouldn't expect you'd be able to fit enough macro to make a difference lol. 

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23 minutes ago, WV Reefer said:

Don’t mess up! 😀🤞🏻

I have a Dremel, and will be using a template so I should be ok.  The hard part will be marking levels. I do not have the tank in my possession to see where the level drops to when the tank is off. I might just mark the max level before overflow for now, and mark operating levels once I have the tank back. 

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1 minute ago, waldoz said:

How did your figure out where to set the height?

My main concern was just keeping the heater under water, but I made sure to drill low enough to allow for extra water in the sump when the tank is off. 


one thing you can do is set the tank on the sump and fill the tank just until the water starts to drain into the sump. Then just fill the sump to a comfortable level. That will be the easiest way to get the level sorted out. I got 6 of those float valves on Amazon for $12. Ended up being a 1/2" drill bit to fit . 

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4 hours ago, Justind823 said:

Aluminum wouldn't be my first choice but I really like the layout. Its reflectiveness will give you great light distribution


Also good work on the ATO

@NanoRox sent an updated pic this morning of what is done so far. This is going to be pretty sweet. I can't wait to see the final product .  


The ato was a must have for me with my work travel. The site glass would work for someone who is home every day, but it ended up not being for me. 

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1 minute ago, spectra said:

Ok good to see figured the smashed baked potatoes were kind of ####ed looking.......

lol well I need to add here this is an early work in progress but I do like to work in mashed potatoes as a preferred medium 

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22 minutes ago, Christopher Marks said:

I like where this is going!

Thanks, I'm hoping to not let everyone down. 


I tend to like the smaller tanks a lot more. Not sure why I have a 65g to be honest. 

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22 minutes ago, Reefkid88 said:



 I don't think I have ever seen your 65g but I'm pretty sure this will not disappoint !! 

The 65 is a complete disaster at the moment, you aren't missing much

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