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  1. NanoRox

    nano dosing containers?

    This is perfect...yeah I can do this. Thanks!
  2. NanoRox

    nano dosing containers?

    I am close to pulling the trigger on switching to two part and am looking for dosing containers (I will be using nano dosing pumps by Coral Box) and really need smaller volume containers for my cabinet. Any suggestions?
  3. NanoRox

    New Tiger Pistol and Hi Fin Goby

    I found him! Well really my fire fish found him. I was feeding my fire fish and clown (they have become good buddies now) when during the feeding the fire fish, for some unexplained reason, swam into a small hole/crevice under one of the live rocks. I had not noticed it there but he swam into it like it was his home. All of a sudden I heard the loud "crack" that literally made me jump out of my chair. The fire fish SHOT out of the hole and looked like he had seen a ghost. He was pale, fins pulled back and he just kind of floated there for a few seconds...all the while the clown fish dart around him like a puppy dog. It was really kind of comical.
  4. NanoRox

    New Tiger Pistol and Hi Fin Goby

    I'm a helicopter reefist. 🙂
  5. So I purchased the above (later found the tiger pistol may be a problem but will see...I always seem to regret basing my purchases based off liveaquaria.com recommendations) yesterday. I have seen the goby maybe twice and the shrimp dug under a rock and have not seen him since. In fact he is not even maintaining the entrance so questions is...normal or can the shrimp just die under the rock? Side note...my fire fish has a good portion of his back fin missing but seems fine...tiger pistol's doing I fear but then again, like I said, have not seen him once since his initial digging.
  6. NanoRox

    tank reboot.JPG

    I am using the mixed reef setting on the lights, a photo filter on my phone and then backing off the global red by about 10%. I also apply a dehaze filter in lightroom to return the shadow... so there is post processing,
  7. NanoRox

    tank reboot.JPG

    © Duane Clark

  8. It's been a long time since I updated this. A lot of things have happened I will most likely post about later but for now...here is a pic of my complete tank reboot I did just last night. Took me 4 hours but everyone seems to be happy. looks like a completely different tank. Very pleased with it.
  9. so is this a design flaw? If they want more of the saltwater market (they are much more popular in fresh water) I wonder if they should know?
  10. great observation. Its hard to tell in the pic but the left structure actually leans back a bit (meant to allow water flow around the rock) so it has some angle to it. I also have some small ledges to help with placement. The thing is so small it kind of a balancing act in making it functional as well as pretty. Personally for purposes of scale I would just load this up with zoas and or palys
  11. This will just stay in place by weight alone
  12. The PicoRox will work on glass up to 12mm or up to most 45 gallon tanks (that's as far as I have tested anyway). Due to size and the fact they only hold one frag they are intended to be in much smaller tanks. The internal magnet is encased within the resin plastic and then of course the entire thing is sealed in tarbender epoxy. They are completely sealed from any water. Great questions
  13. It's not as porous as real rock. One thing I do to help is 1. make sure it has a lot of "man made" pores and indentations as I sculpt it AND 2. when I cure the final piece (this is weird) it is sprinkled with confectioners sugar which leaves microscopic indentations on the surface which increases the surface area for bacteria, The sugar is then washed off when everything is cured. I learned that trick from the company that makes the materials for use in public aquaria.
  14. Hmmm, I think @shaner014 said I was a one man show and that as orders come in I would be slower...not slow. I'm building an empire I tell you.
  15. @jbb_00 is right...EVERYTHING is on hold until I get this done. I am sloooooooow but I am making dreams come true. 🤪