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  1. NanoRox

    Let’s see some hungry corals

    I want a sun coral so baaaaad!
  2. NanoRox

    Let’s see some hungry corals

    Ive been using coral frenzy but think I will try reef roids next.
  3. NanoRox

    Let’s see some hungry corals

    Dang! My Ricordia is getting pretty big but it never really seems to eat what I feed it
  4. NanoRox

    Let’s see some hungry corals

    Man those as nice. I need some of those
  5. NanoRox

    Let’s see some hungry corals

    Beautiful Acans!
  6. My candy canes are ready to eat!
  7. NanoRox

    Banasophia’s Biocube 16 & IM Nuvo 10

    Uh, what is that?
  8. NanoRox

    General help with Acans

    Awesome. Will do that tomorrow. I’ve beem feeding them pellets up to this point. Thanks you!!!
  9. NanoRox

    General help with Acans

    Ok. Good info. I think my flow is ok but I really do think they might need to be fed. Will see how they respond.
  10. NanoRox

    General help with Acans

    I was broadcast feeding but then had a horrible vermotid snail issue so I am having to starve them out which has brought me back to spot feeding. I think that may be what’s required here. I hope because they seem to be languishing fairly quickly.
  11. Ever look back at old pics of your tank and go "wow...that coral really looked much better back then"? I had that moment today as I was looking at older pics of my tank. Universally all of my Acans are failing to progress and in fact some are gone or are on the way out. My other corals (monti's, Euphillia, other SPS and even zoas are looking great). My Acans not so much and as an aside my pipe organ coral is not well either, My thinking is that my nitrates and phosphates are too low. They have always been low since I added my chaeto reactor. Neither register in at home testing and mail in testing shows almost zero for both. This is despite the fact I dose Nitrate (10 ml every 2 weeks). Can that be a cause? I also got lazy and stopped feeding my Acans like I used to so I have recently started back but their feeding response is not nearly what they used to be. I could really use some Acan words of wisdom. Thanks!
  12. NanoRox

    Help me ID this coral

    This guy is really starting to spread Over the rock it came on. Can someone help me ID it please? I’m not sure of it myself
  13. You can have my key hole limpets. 🙂
  14. I’m in. Sending PM wish list: coral food super sculpy medium blend trial kit of Dragon Skin NV silicone by Smooth-on ( no I am not being kinky). Surprise me