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  1. seems the banners are still up but the sponsor page is taken down...I posted about it earlier in March
  2. New T-shirt design for a fundraiser I will be running soon. 10% of proceeds will go to the Coral Reef Alliance or the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. I haven't decided yet.
  3. I think you have the Troy Acan then if its the one Bana had. That was one of the first ones I made. I've gotten better since then. 😀 I have been working on some pico stuff lately but have some new things coming out soon for tanks a bit larger as well as some pretty off the wall stuff (Wrass dens, AIO conversion kits for standard 10 gallons w/build in NanoRox drop off, etc. )
  4. That's the plan. I just tested V.2 and it worked great but I have to make some adjustments. V.3 being cut as we speak. I'm getting there but its a slow process for sure.
  5. looking forward to seeing some corals on those NanoRox. Looks great so far!
  6. wow! and the zoas are opening well to boot!
  7. In case you own a minicompletetank
  8. really liking how this is coming out!
  9. dang that torch is 🔥🔥 The green monti is going to be sick when it grows on that back wall!
  10. what if you just reverse the nanorox and put the tall piece on the other side?
  11. looking forward to seeing the zoas fill in!
  12. just thinking out loud really. it may make things too cramped looking but wonder (for the future) how a magnetic (or glued) rock wall would look on the open area of the back wall? maybe even a fake arch on the back wall. gaaa….so many possibilities. :-) one thing that would look great though...put a thin opaque diffuser on the back wall of the tank (you can purchase 1/16 inch diffused/frosted acrylic online) and then line micro LEDS on the bottom edge of the back of the tank so a colored glow/backdrop could fill across the back.
  13. I almost think another very thin faux wall on the right side might be cool to give a little depth behind the short corner piece. really happy with the colors. I may have missed it but what corals will you place in it? and when its all set-up...can I have some good pics of it...marketing and all you know. 🙂
  14. This looks great! as good as any acrylic tank I have seen on the market.
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