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  1. I have not found that to be my personal experience. Hate you had a bad experience.
  2. NanoRox

    Desktop Micro Reef

    It would. I am releasing these single frag rocks tomorrow on the website www.nanorox.com
  3. Haha well I had to cover my bases considering all the sickos here. Lol
  4. This will be my first dirty Santa with this group. Looks like I just signed up with a bunch of freaks! lol 🙂
  5. I am starting a project I am cataloging on Instagram (@nanorox1) where I will be converting a standard 10g tank into an AIO peninsula reef tank. I can make the conversion myself (have never done it) but am also looking for a pre-made conversion kit. Anyone know of such a thing?
  6. NanoRox

    Let’s see some hungry corals

    That is very cool. What a way to go though. ?
  7. NanoRox

    Let’s see some hungry corals

    What? It ate a hermit crab????
  8. NanoRox

    Happy accidents

    I had to take out a piece of live rock and in doing so exposed a cave with some sponges and a few “trash” palys stretching for a single ray of light. Makes me imagine exploring the caves as a diver. What are some other happy accidents you have had?
  9. NanoRox

    Help me pick Wavemaker

    I have an Aqamai kps in my 14 and love it
  10. NanoRox

    Let’s see some plate corals

    Love the color. Don’t see orange that much
  11. NanoRox

    Let’s see some plate corals

    My clown just hangs out with a rock. Stupid fish
  12. NanoRox

    Let’s see some plate corals

    I need to look for these. Looks like an anemone.
  13. NanoRox

    Let’s see some plate corals

    Probably one of my favorite corals. These never seem to get much attention on the coral forums so if you have one...let’s see it.
  14. NanoRox

    Let’s see some hungry corals

    I’de say...wow!