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  1. Owls speak of an impending death. -I had a pet crow when I was younger. Strong winds blew him out of his nest as a baby. Fed him with an eyedropper until he was able to eat solids. Kept him as a pet for a year or so. Finally let him go. He learned several words and phrases. Name was Mr Jones. He'd reply back, "Hello Jones" Years later he would fly over our house yelling "Hello Jones" and as time passed so did his vocabulary....only "Hell" was heard for awhile. Probably scared the shit out of the neighborhood people. He was awesome.
  2. Tank is looking great, buddy. Love the new z's!
  3. Yeah, I can send you some SE, Ultra Rare, LE larva if you want?
  4. Looks great man, love a zoa dominated tank! BTW, you like the black.
  5. I was harrassed..... entrapped.
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