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  1. No.....Florida was already a sinkhole in the process of swallowing America.
  2. Crazy, right?!?!? All this and they're still better than cats! Oh boy.......waiting for the punchline.....
  3. Birkenstocks. .....maybe Crocs.
  4. Just get the mens....your feet won't know the difference. Bill Cosby has a pretty nice line of socks....might be worth checking out?
  5. LOL. All of us Commiefornians will be one state closer to you if that happens.
  6. Great videos, kimber....tanks and inhabitants look amazing! Is this part of "Kimber does stuff"? Maybe shoot them in different outfits. For example, the next one could be ...............Elsa?
  7. You have a point......but, you feel like you've earned that weight-loss after all the pain.....like running a marathon. Puking does suck though.....not sure how models can do it.
  8. But the weight loss is absolutely amazing!
  9. I know, right? Butt.....it's Sancho. We still love him.
  10. Maybe she's into that.....the Dirty Sancho.
  11. I thought this was the most active it's been in quite awhile.....more than a single page. At least it's not hard to keep up anymore.
  12. Well, this is the charm of Port Jack.
  13. You know the "magic carpet ride" is slang for........