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  1. Looks great, teeny! How do you like the new color?
  2. Eeewww. Dog shit in between your toes...post pics for kimber.
  3. .....its Monday. Got your light?
  4. Sounds like a great Day! We spent ours at the tide pools.
  5. Ya....Vivid has had them quitenoftwn up until a few months ago. Should have grabbed one.....like neon orange.
  6. Is that shroom really that neon orange? ....if so, I need one. Where did you get it?
  7. Unless it looks even bigger with the Ray Charles glasses......
  8. 3D porn goggles?!?!?!
  9. You beat me to it, oh wise one.
  10. Killer pics as always, teeny! Sorry and congrats at the same time on the light!
  11. I thought you were going to take up a little slower paced position......or am I totally off? Oh, Sancho....
  12. You should build a "reef wall"! How'd that skimmer perform?
  13. Well.....you got hosed, homie. I got mine for 30 shipped via Amazon. It's worth 30.......no way I'd pay 38.