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  1. jacks cube -an unfinished story

    She's a real mess, huh?
  2. jacks cube -an unfinished story

    I approve of this method. Any progress on the bikes?
  3. jacks cube -an unfinished story

    I had the same last night.....Mrs Jack put beer in the chili.....in the Instapot.....realized the alcohol might not have cooked out as it's basically a pressure cooker. The chili tasted like a can of beer and the kids slept great!
  4. jacks cube -an unfinished story

    Why does that not surprise me?
  5. Perchy's Place

  6. jacks cube -an unfinished story

    Sounds/looks like a great house! Loved ready the site.....so similar to here....yet just a little different. Thanks for sharing, buddy! .....what car gets parked in the garage?
  7. jacks cube -an unfinished story

    Let me know if you want the Radion...gonna put it up for sale I think.
  8. jacks cube -an unfinished story

    Yep....Im stuck with this cube for awhile as it fits the only available space in the house. An addition is coming in a few years (fingers crossed) then a new tank and setup.....Hybrid most likely as well. Your property cost sounds close to what we have over here. I like all your ideas.....especially the school going in.....your equity should rise pretty quick. Nice investment for sure. How many square feet on the house?
  9. jacks cube -an unfinished story

    No....went with the Maxspect Ethereal. I'd still like a Hybrid....T5/LED. I know I'll slack on bulb changes......
  10. jacks cube -an unfinished story

    No....went with the Maxspect Ethereal. I'd still like a Hybrid....T5/LED. I know I'll slack on bulb changes......
  11. jacks cube -an unfinished story

    Well.....yes and no. I like the fact that I can adjust it with my phone. The app sucks giant assholes.....but, I'm figuring it out enough to keep it. Probably wouldn't buy it again or recommend it until they make the app easier and fluid. The Radion I ran at 25 - 35% ..... this thing I'm running at 85%....... Color-wise, I love it. Super slim. Mounting arm has a better design than the Radion, IMO. All that said.........50/50 on am I happy with it or should have I gone another route or should I have just kept the Radion as it works really well....
  12. jacks cube -an unfinished story

    All completely valid points.......but I still feel the need for both.....especially the Roo farm. I've been patiently waiting for Jase to smuggle me (I mean, transport) a little Joey ........
  13. jacks cube -an unfinished story

    Hmmmm........still quicker than California! Looking forward to some pics and the progress! How much land did you get? Can I start a Roo farm there? Probably just turn it into a booze cellar....
  14. 🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    No reply from hairball. Pretty sure it's safe to get that he died from metal shards to the face. I call dibs on the perv-copter!