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  1. If The Creep keeps eating all of mine I may have to hit you up for some. He ate all my Blue Hypnea the day I got it.
  2. In the movie he kills them and wears their skin.
  3. There is some disagreement on this. There are a few different types and some do sting corals. I currently have a different type than yours and I have been picking off as many as possible and sucking them up. Mine showed up as I was trying out new foods for the tank......coincidence?
  4. That's how he got his name.
  5. Looks like a hydroid.
  6. I like the mushrooms! I love yellow gobies..... those rosy cheeks get me every time.
  7. Hard to say but the Xenia is coming in hot!
  8. My weekend...... .....lots of husky piles.
  9. One aiptasia to rule them all!! im obsessed with this thing. lol
  10. The RFA crawled straight up the glass and then back down where it was before...... maybe it just had an itch? The Hulk sleeps......