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  1. I like these a lot! my favorite pic is top left.
  2. oh no! I say keep your eyes peeled on the crack while figuring out your next move. Positive spin: Maybe the tank just got too perfect.
  3. I do have an RODI but I'm just loading up for the "big fill" this week and want to be front loaded. lol
  4. Not many updates yet.... I'm still working on the scape. I can't quite settle on the rock to tank ratio. Gratuitous "rocks in a tub" shot: and since not not much is happening, here's a shot of my jugs just to keep things interesting:
  5. I feel like it's harder to scape a larger tank. I can't find a rock to tank ratio that I like yet. I ordered extra rock so I would have more options but I still haven't quite found my flow with it yet.
  6. He's still around. I see his name pop up in the list.
  7. Sadly I usually buy online just for the guarantee because the one place anywhere near my house has zero guarantee. If it dies in the parking lot you are out of luck.
  8. The RFA settled back down again but I had to do some rearranging. It was reaching for the Goniopora so I moved it to another spot. Nemo attacked me for the first time today..... little bastard. I chased him back. I always heard they were biters but he never showed any signs of aggression before. One of my Jebao's died today.... not sure what's up with that. That end of the tank looks nice without it...but I think it needs the flow since the tank is so long.
  9. That's so cool!
  10. You should never supplement unless you know what you have and know what you need.
  11. Your colors are looking great. I love those red mushrooms.
  12. I was trying to take a pic of mine to show you but they are so "wispy" they don't show up in pics. The info I have seen is that the brown ones are the worst. These kind come and go. I started picking them out and there are only a few left here and there.
  13. But the beer bros are fun! im nine pages in with no tank yet.... let's party!