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  1. 70 degrees in West Virginia today. What the hell is happening.
  2. Oh the possibilities of the new tank. can't wait to see how it looks.
  3. Just remember to leave plenty of room to scrape/clean the glass.
  4. @wvreefer
  5. I had a great experience with them and their packaging was top notch.
  6. Ewww
  7. It is looking very nice so far!
  8. Looks nice
  9. Sending good vibes ~~~~~~~~~
  10. Screw that, I say double down and call it something like Sancho's Tacos and Black Chicks. ..... just riffing here.
  11. Have they checked her mouth and throat? I had a cat a few years ago that had a tumor in his mouth that we couldn't see and he stopped eating but not drinking. He wanted to eat but it was too painful. Good luck. I know it's stressful with sick pets.
  12. The pics do look similar.
  13. It looks nice and healthy. Maybe snap a pic next time pumps are off.
  14. its hard to tell with that much flow on them......could be GSP or Pipe Organ.
  15. I think it looks great!!