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  1. All of my marine fish are babies still, so I am interested to see all the experiences of everyone else. The oldest freshwater fish I ever had was a pink kissing gourami named Big Pink. He was almost 10 inches when he died last winter at the ripe old age of 12. RIP Big Pink...... because of his size he is the only fish to get a funeral.
  2. Same here. It's nice, but just ain't right.
  3. The Creep built a new door. I bought some macro algae with hopes of making the tank look somewhat nice for the home of a killer worm. Within two days he tore it apart, ate some it and used the rest for his construction projects.
  4. New light and stand for The Creep's Cube. Dave made me a simple on/off style light for this tiny cube. It looks great! also bought a new stand online.
  5. Hope you are continuing to heal up! ive always wanted discus. They are so beautiful but seem like too much of a pain. I am trying to get myself re-interested in my Planted Tank but now I think my 75 Gallon will eventually transition to saltwater. I dont see see why you would have any problems with just the rubble in there. I am big on keeping it simple.
  6. I don't get to see this guy often..... he's so cool.
  7. 70 degrees in West Virginia today. What the hell is happening.
  8. Oh the possibilities of the new tank. can't wait to see how it looks.
  9. Just remember to leave plenty of room to scrape/clean the glass.
  10. @wvreefer
  11. I had a great experience with them and their packaging was top notch.
  12. Ewww
  13. It is looking very nice so far!
  14. Looks nice
  15. Sending good vibes ~~~~~~~~~