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  1. I approve of this.
  2. sorry to hear that.
  3. Very nice!! Keep on reefing!
  4. Glad the plants survived the salt-mageddon. .
  5. Damn, I thought I had a shit weekend. I am house sitting for my dad and part of his roof blew off and has been leaking off and on ever since. Power went out there too and the big expensive generator he has blew up.
  6. Looks good so far. Hard to tell from that pic but kinda looks like a stomatella. Does it have a hard shell?
  7. I think so. It seems like the reefers on the coasts get together a lot.
  8. I just hope these live. In the beginning they always died on me but I've had some kedds reds for awhile so I decided to give the rastas a try.
  9. Again?
  10. Ive been sitting on my ass all day and now I'm getting ready to watch Game of Thrones.