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  1. jbb_00

    Vortechs on Back Wall?

    I did it with mp10s on a 36x20x21 and it worked pretty good but 40s would have made it perfect.
  2. Is he even tall enough to get in it ?
  3. jbb_00

    Are T5's being phased out?

    Thanks The pivot canopy has been a huge success. It makes working in the tank extremely easy. Also makes bulb swaps very easy. I can also raise / lower it to get the exact height that I want. Lighting is 250w phoenix 14k MH 2 x 39w T5
  4. One single dose . I purchased the capsules and emptied the powder out of them. I removed all filtration, removed skimmer , and completely stopped water changes. Took around 8 weeks or so for it to really work.
  5. Renting currently, will probably look to buy in a year or two. Dont have a garage to hide in . Not much public land to explore in the jeep, and people in texas are always looking for an excuse to shoot at someone on their property. the ohv parks are only open on weekends so thats out too. And yes, you're the only one with a ps4
  6. With lady jbb in nursing school, i have a lot of time at home with nothing to do, and I already ran out of cheetos
  7. Ordered an Xbox One S today, what games are you nerds playing ?
  8. I sent Ben a text and never heard from him. Dude who bought the light filed a claim due to no response / no light . Not sure what came after that
  9. I have a few hematology / oncology clinics that I service . I do ok until i see a kid getting treatment
  10. Anyone else keep the straw to keep track of how many youve had ?