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  1. Are these pods? It moves.

    If they look like little ghosts from pacman , they be flatworns . If they look like little bugs , they be pods. (That's what I say mine look like anyway)
  2. RO/DI Water System Suggestions

  3. whiskey is poured , now to start my reports for the board of pharmacy.
  4. It's so nice to get home from work only to have more work to do from todays work
  5. Perfect office song to end the day CRANK IT TO 11 !!
  6. We have huge stores . Specs is probably the largest
  7. Check this out : "Thanks to Texas' wonky alcohol laws, liquor stores will not be open on Monday, New Year's Day. In fact, they never are β€” the state bans package stores from selling liquoron New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. And if New Year's Day or Christmas falls on a Sunday? Liquor sales are also (oddly) banned the following Monday."
  8. Liquor Stores 12 -9 Mon - Sat (absolutely can not be open sunday or Christmas day) No alcohol sales before noon on sunday Bars must stop all alcohol sales at 2am every night. http://www.stateliquorlaws.com/state/TX
  9. The bible thumpers here make EVERYTHING worth having close on sundays. Can't even buy beer until noon
  10. Closest thing I could get last minute on a sunday night