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  1. Or wood ... definitely wood
  2. My guess is hickory palm cypress oak
  3. B's Gorgonian Playground

    Sun 8/18 Revive dip / Restor dose to tank Mon 8/19 Day 2 of restor treatment .
  4. What happens if it picks up sand , does it stop or keep going just carving a path on the glass ?
  5. B's Gorgonian Playground

    Thanks, Me too. Only small gobies in the tank, and none that could take bites that big. I feel terrible, Lawn grew it from just a baby. 1 tiny hermit 1 emerald crab 1 fighting conch Tons of pods / few bristle worms. The only thing that came off in the bath was amphipods. No pest type creatures. Also trying brightwell restor , hopefully it works.
  6. B's Gorgonian Playground

    Woke up to this Not sure what or why . Gave it a revive bath, hoping for the best . 🙁
  7. B's Gorgonian Playground

    Thank you. I am really working toward being able to update more frequently, but getting things situated in the tank and happy enough for it all to be open at the same time is delaying that a bit. I am making a fish store run today and hope to have some more goodies to share. Also will be stopping to pick up some epoxy because I had a couple of things fall over last night that need to be fixed.
  8. B's Gorgonian Playground

    Thank you, but I cant take total credit for it. That is the huge toad from @Lawnman tank. He kept it for a couple years, Ive only managed to not kill it for 2 weeks so far It is getting bigger / more fluffy by the day and is one of the nicest toads I have seen .
  9. I'm not trying to be argumentative just trying to understand where you're coming from when you say modify. Do the washer and dryer belong to you or do they come with the unit? If they are yours, adding the splitter is the same thing as screwing on the line from the washing machine. You aren't actually modifying anything it's just an adapter between the two fittings. If they came with the unit then the term modify now makes more sense because you would be taking apart something that doesn't belong to you
  10. Unless they are inoperable I see shut off valves on every fitting in both pictures. I have the exact same valves on my washing machine. Where the cold water line connects to the valve with the blue handle I have a splitter, the washing machine goes off of the right side the Rodi goes off of the left side. And then the Wastewater line goes into the same drain as the washing machine Wastewater.
  11. You guys act as if you're removing a wall or something. If you run it from where your washing machine is at you are not modifying their Plumbing at all , it's just a simple splitter you connect the washing machine to one side and the filtration system to the other and you run the same risk of a leak there as you do just by hooking up your washing machine. The under sink mount I can understand why some are intimidated by it but if done correctly you should never have any issues. I have hooked up both ways in rental properties, been through multiple inspections and no one has ever said anything about it.
  12. I rent and hooked up a spetrapure 90gpd rodi / aquatic life booster pump like i own the place. RODI hangs above the washing machine gets supply from cold tap in laundry closet and dumps waste water down same drain as washing machine. When i leave , no one will ever know it was there. Under sink mounts are ideal in apartment situations. Never understood why its always made to be such a huge issue.