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  1. Yeah she does ... mmmmmm
  2. 2012 Ram CV work vehicle. Only 181k miles so far.
  3. He doesnt have a real SSN to apply for the loan so he just rents them.
  4. Drug dealer car
  5. Nitrates? How old is the tank ? Any recent changes, maintenance, etc. ?
  6. YOU should do the same to said neighbor
  7. So my reading of 3 is no ueno i take it .
  8. Is it Friday yet?!?!?!?
  9. I wouldn't sweat it, the structural part of the joint is between the 2 pieces of glass, not the areas youcan physically touch. I constantly chip that part with scrapers and haven't had an issue yet.
  10. Massive pain in the ass
  11. Drilled some glass, and didnt inspect the finished product. Got ready to paint and was brushing some debris off of the glass with my bare hand and caught the sharp edge of where the glass scalloped. Took a nice chunk out of my right ring finger. Been bleeding for a few hours, need to clean again and glue it shut.
  12. Blood and sweat went into my reef today, tears came when i spilled my beer
  13. Good Lord ... PLEASE NOT ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE, we have plenty