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  1. Harry trying to sell my info to that Nigerian Prince for some MD swag. That's good news, I'm on product 673 now … lol
  2. That sounds to me like you already have everything you need to participate
  3. i could always just place a HOB on the tank for monthly photos, but I said from the get go that CM can't tell me what to do .
  4. do we actually need to own the product or just start leaving comments ?
  5. HEY ... Fish Nerds ... One of y'all prolly gonna need this @lilmatty5dimes
  6. One of the pico contest people need this !!
  7. I had a pretty good idea that it was going to be a no go from the start. LOL I enjoy build / design process way more than the long term upkeep thats for sure. Sometimes I think I tend to take things a little overboard in my builds. Thanks, I really like the look so far. I did, I dont even know how it works.
  8. I might do it on purpose to get the competitive edge on jankiness
  9. Still debating the exact Coral selection but I think I have narrowed down the critters that I plan to keep. Yasha / pistol Coral Croucher Pom pom crab
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