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  1. A few nights ago we lost power for 6 hours, and everything was fine. Winter is when i worry, our tanks dont look good when they're cold. I fpund put the hard way.
  2. Doing great, planning a camping / trail drive trip. Also building a tank. So yeah, i has no money. 😔 You?
  3. 30Q

    Found an awesome camping / fishing spot yesterday. Will be planning an extended return trip very soon
  4. 30Q

    Its not horrible, it actually matches some of the colors in our house so its not as out of place as it probably seems. Need to get the light off of the tank, really don't want it on the glass.
  5. 30Q

    Lol It actually doesn't look too bad so far. I have a few days before other pieces show up, so I will have to see how I feel about it at that point.
  6. 30Q

    Think I'm going this route with the stand: Thoughts , Opinions ? I figure that if I end up not liking it, I can always paint over it.
  7. Dual fleshlight sockets ... nice
  8. I hope no one tells @Christopher Marks about this
  9. Jack gets off for no one ... except pickles . Jack likes him some pickles