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Found 5 results

  1. Chowder's Reef

    Mini Complete Tank: Tiny Skimmer!

    Through a series of events I came into the possession of a Mini Complete Tank. Having an affinity towards small aquariums, I've always wanted to give these tiny tanks a shot. The packaging was neat and the bonus of a MCT sticker and a bamboo tray from TankMods was a great surprise. Putting the tank together though I wasn't crazy impressed with the sump, infact it bothered me so much that I decided to make a tiny custom sump, then a media basket, and later a stand to give this tank a little more pizzazz and enhance the functionality of everything. Anyways, this all led me down a rabbit hole that seemingly has no end. So buckle up and join me for a tiny adventure. Equipment: Tank: Mini Complete Tank Light: Stock LED Sump: Custom DIY Stand: Custom DIY Return Pump: USB fountain pump (80gph) Heater: Aqueon 5W with Cobalt Neostat ATO: AutoAqua Smart ATO Lite Corals: TBD Inverts: TBD FTS: 9/11/2021
  2. I told @DaveFason about this idea a long time ago, lets see if I can pull it off ... I need input : 1. should I paint / cover back wall ? 2. ATO ideas (smart micro?) 3. Coral ideas ? 4. Maybe a pom pom crab ? @Justind823 said no
  3. I figured there are several of us now with these tanks, so time for a official thread! Not familiar with a Mini Complete Tank? Check them out at: minicompletetank.com.
  4. Hey everyone! This is going to be my very first build thread here, and probably my only for the next 4+ years as I will be in university and the dorms only allow pretty small tanks. Anyways, let me explain this build. I went with the Mini Complete Tank as I thought it was super cool for such a small tank. The total water volume is around 1 gallon, so that is what I will be basing most of my info off. The coolest part is it has a little sump that also works as the stand for the tank. The sump is super simple, white cotton filter, 2x black bio filter media, a heater and a return pump. I will attach a picture of the assembled sump. Once I got this tank in, I assembled it as the product instructions described. The sump had a little warp when I first received it. After a bit of research, I found that the sump is made out of ABS, a common 3d printing material. I also found out this material is super simple to unwarp. I filled it with some boiling water and let it sit for awhile with the tank on top in order to 'lock' it into place. That worked somewhat, but not perfectly. However, the baffles that separate the different filter media ended up doing the trick to keep the sump in a perfectly stretched position. Now with a little bit of force, the display tank fits onto the sump perfectly. One other issue I didn't see was that the stock heater was not even close to hot enough for my needs. I live in northern Ontario, and nights get pretty chilly here. After running the tank for a day or two, I realized that overnight the tank was dropping from 79 all the way down to 69. This would obviously be super unhealthy for any coral and will not cut it. Thanks to the help of @jbb I ordered in the aqueon 5W flat beta heater. That should come in the next few days, so hoping that it heats up my tank a little more consistently. Final big thing that I've done is begin my cycle. I stole some 3 month old sand from my girlfriend's 55 gallon tank, so that should help speed along the cycle. Additionally, I seeded my tank with dr Tim's One and Only. Hoping that dr Tim's along with the pre established sand will seed my rock and cycle the tank nicely. In terms of plans, I know I am relatively restricted because of the size. Once I see some significant algae growth, I plan on reaching out to my LFS and seeing about some sort of a baby snail, maybe relocating to my girlfriend's 55g once it has grown a bit. Along with that, I'd like to run a few nice zoa's, maybe an acan or two, possibly a mushroom and something to fill in space later down the road like a pulsing xenia or green star polyp. These are just ideas though, and really stocking will be based on what's available and what is in the budget at the time. The biggest challenge is going to be transporting the entire tank to university and home once or twice every year. I have some plans in mind, using a large bucket, fresh saltwater, and good insulation, I am hoping to make some sort of a 'temporary' tank for the 5-6 hour drive. We will have to see how that goes when the time comes, anyways. If anyone has any experience with a similar situation, let me know! Finally, here are some pictures of the sump, tank, and the stock light (which is really bright, I'm super impressed) Hopefully some of my progress can help someone else if they decide to buy one of these cool little tanks! I will try to share everything I learn. I will definitely keep this thread updated, hopefully for the next 4 years if all goes well! Can't wait to stock this up and hear from everyone. Let me know any stocking suggestions or tips with the whole transportation situation. Would appreciate any advice since I am only really 3 or 4 months into this awesome hobby.
  5. So... after being inspired by @jbb_00 and @WV Reefer I decided that I'd turn my newly bought Mini Complete tank into my first ever reef aquarium. I've done some research and am sticking with hardy corals such as Zoas and Mushrooms. You've all been super helpful and reading your threads have just been an immense amount of information and knowledge. I know that getting into this hobby with such a small tank (the Mini Complete is less than a gallon) is a daunting task but I'm going to take it slow and make this a learning experience. I've had the tank now for a week but all I've done is fill it up and check its temperature. I realized the heater that came with the tank wasn't going to do it, it never got the water temp above 70F, with @jbb_00 help i got the heater he had and for the last couple days now its been stable at 78F. Next thing I did was find a really small but passionate frag store in Toronto (where I live) and was hoping they could help me out. I found FrabBox and decided to bring the tank with me... they blew all my expectations. The owner saw the tank fell in love and started making the hardscape right there and then because he was just amazed at how such a small All in one tank could exist. He supplied me with live rock, live sand, and a bag of his water which was more than enough to fill it up and then do a water change. He basically said I got a transplant of his 1400 gallon system for his frag store. Anyone in Toronto should really check it out. I was excited when he told me the rocks had already a couple of mushroom corals on it and i promised him I'd come back next week for some Zoas. But needless to say I've spent over a few hours just watching the small tank and I've seen so many creatures now. Hoping some of you guys can confirm my IDs or help me figure out what they are. Here are some photos of the set up first, and then the creatures in question in the next post. I'll keep you guys updated as I progress but thank you so much for all of your advice and in advance for all of your help and guidance! Live Rock Live Sand - store gave me from an open bag they had of Carrib Sea.
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