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Katropora Owners Thread


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So my Katropora is now Brownopora. Alk spiked from 9 to 10.5 over 5 days before I fixed a dosing issue, now back down to 8.6 and I'm letting it fall .25 a day until 8, then starting to dose again. While the Kat browned my SSC is still gaining color. :blink:



Send it to me, maybe I can bring it around.....


At least your Brownopora isn't like my gawnapora. :(


Dayuumm.... I thought you were talikin' about some STD or somethin'.....

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My katropora still have its colors. Not as vibrant as kat's but it still looking very good. It has already starting to encrust on the plug and I see a bump where I'm guessing will branch out :)

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The frag you sent me is doing well so far. Nothing that I can see wrong with it anyways! I think it needs to color up a little after shipping but it still has the green/pink and what looks to be blue polyps? :o

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my bad if i missed it but what species is the katropora? i'm trying to source a frag of it down here and its turning out to be quite a b**ch

Might be called Tubs Pink Jadehttps://www.google.com/search?q=tubbs+pink+jade+coral&client=tablet-android-att-us&hl=en-US&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=HzpUVLWiHcevogSXl4Jw&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAg&biw=800&bih=1280


I would too like a frag from Zeph


I Dont get paid until friday.

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LA and DD are useless.


Everything is called branching, bushy, plating, acropora.



They use the names that the exporters put on their price list (aka branching, bushy, tabling, plating, fuzzy) lol it solves a lot of confusion on their part(pricing wise) AND I'm about 80% sure that everyone there are old school keepers that don't know the trade names of the coral.

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thanks mate. everything here is just called acropora, we dont even have tabling or branching or bushy for descriptions which makes identifying hard and your pretty much screwed if you wanna track down one particular species through any LFS


A. Katropora*



this is probably the best name for the coral since its looks the best in kats tank

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The origins of my colony.

So first off, this is an Acropora Subulata. The frag that Zeph bought came from Live Aquaria. They do still occasionally carry it he says, here's an old listing for it.



Now if you will notice, the guidelines say that it is difficult and requires high light and strong flow. I can attest to the difficulty, I did not give up on this frag even though it browned out within 2 weeks of getting it. This was due to high phosphates in my tank and also because I had PC lights.


2.5 years later it is the beauty that you see. I have had many many alk swings, this coral has withstood them all and I do not have an easy explanation why. It is just very comfortable in the tank and this is clear from the healthy growth. I fragged last week and the week before and within days the fresh cut on the colony heals over. It is remarkable.


DFS says this is a captive grown coral. I think they have halides in their grow systems if I am not mistaken. Regardless, this coral loves intense light.

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The frag you sent me is doing well so far. Nothing that I can see wrong with it anyways! I think it needs to color up a little after shipping but it still has the green/pink and what looks to be blue polyps? :o

Mark also got blue polyps, very curious.

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How brown I am. hic




I had this colored up once, so I would not label it difficult if I can do it. The ORA Plum crazy has yet to regain full color for me, that is what I would label difficult.


There are multiple reasons this may have browned. Too much light from my LED fixture (accidentally raised par from 320 to 380 by increasing whites and dropping blues). Slow KH rise to 10.5 and now a slow drop back to 8.0, where I want it. A rise in phosphates that I can't measure. Take your pick. :)

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Yea gonna have to raise mine up a bit, and put it in some more flow! Still looks good with nice pe but the teal/green has faded just a bit. Radion max is at 47% anyway

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New member of the club here! My katropora has been in the tank for less than 2 weeks and it's already growing. Thought I should get a pic up now before it changes too much. :wub:



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