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  1. here shrimpy shrimpy
  2. Needs a species only tank and live prey.
  3. prolly liking your water
  4. I just emailed them today about the status - hadn't heard back after that automated email 9 days ago. Also I needed 2 additional cut outs for wires on the back of the lid.
  5. Peechurs The original Phoenix Montipora Fields of Katropora [/url] Oregon Tort Smudge the 3rd Scissortail Dartfish Zoa island The new NPS starting to shed
  6. Sometimes I live under a live rock too...... Pax Bellum is pretty rad, and until recently they did not make smaller versions of the reactor.
  7. @Groot Groot, I misled you. The socks are 12 long, the opening is 6 wide. Split on both sides to fit the O ring.
  8. I made my own magnetic dong, I can make more.
  9. I'm not just ghetto, I'm ghettofabulous.
  10. Good Q. It's black glass so prone to getting coraline like the back and the drop off cliff. I might have a picture of what it looked like before i added the sand somewhere. Yeah, the wispy branching coral look would be nice. Will take time but eventually it might start to look like an underwater grotto.
  11. Well. Alright so let me explain what I've been thinking. I decided on a laurel-wreath look for my tank - thanks to the sketch that NolaBear did for me, and also Xioali. So as I'm working on the scape, my viewers are giving me feedback. And pretty much most of it has been that the center straight line which defines the top shelf is jarring to the eye (and I agree). What I've been trying to do is to black-out that line with a black piece of acrylic and I might (might) take off that top lip that is holding the sand altogether so there won't be a straight white sand line. Granted that my vision is in my head - making it a reality is taking some time. I was trying to show what a rock wall looks like (thanks to Maria for putting that image together). And now the photoshopped images are showing a crawling coral scape that covers the center line. - This was the other feedback - huge black hole int he middle - whaaaaat - kill it, etc.
  12. Hmm Thanks Kimber. What do you think of the photoshopped images?
  13. HEY YOU!!!! How are you?
  14. So here are some photoshopped FTS that a few folks were awesome enough to do for me. Original first