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  1. Calleigh is recovering a 2nd time from an infection of some sort. She goes for an ultrasound on Saturday and I hope we can find out what could be going on even though currently her symptoms have subsided. Suspecting FLUTD which is supposed to be common in cats but in her case gets exasperated due to other issues. She busted my lip open 2 nights ago. She can be a butt. So I ignored her all day and she was all kisses and cuteness. ARGH.
  2. Ya? Awesome - please come to my presentation, I'd love to chat after to see what you thought. Do you use Reef Nutrition? I'm taking pre-orders for the show - show special 10% off.
  3. That will do it too - but will also add phosphates. If your biological filter is that efficient, it will be a while before you see an increase, and it might go back down quickly too.
  4. Congratulations on this lovely little tank winning TOTM.
  5. The canister filter is the central point of my presentation - so much is all about the biological filtration whether setting up a new tank or moving/upgrading an existing one. When I moved to my current apartment in May of last year - I had originally asked for a 10 day extension on my previous apartment lease so that with a 10 day over lap - I could move my tank inhabitants to my new tank. Then I thought - what if the tank delivery doesn't come on time or worse, it's leaking. So I changed my plan to have a 40B holding tank instead. Well! The tank arrived late and it arrived completely smashed - so that was good thinking.
  6. Happy Valentine's Day y'all 😍 This is my 2nd year as a speaker at FFM. Anybody attending? My topic is moving/upgrading and the disasters that happened to me and how to be prepared. I'm confident that there are many more things one should be prepared for but unfortunately you're not till it happens to you. I'd love your input on that - have you moved or upgraded a tank? What worked for you? What did not? What do you wish you had known or anticipated or prepared for before you did the move? Thank you
  7. He's active, doesn't flash as much as my McCoskers used to which isn't bad, means he is less stressed. He is mostly red and I don't have a red fish so he looks good.
  8. They're giving away a Red Sea Reefer at Marine Depot currently.
  9. Read through. Some other magnet cleaner suggestions are the IM mini magnet cleaner. But this one I really like, it's my fav for small tanks. The Nimble.
  10. Carpenters flasher wrasse. Not as striking in color form as the McCoskers but still pretty.
  11. Thanks Teeny. Getting a wrasse from DD today and some freshwater fishes! The 10G will be crowded and I like it like that. 😄