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  1. Window units. It is the landlord's responsibility to repair/replace appliances. It is mandated in the lease agreement. My unit is working, seems to be underpowered according to the guy that wants to earn money from a sale transaction. I would get my own unit but it won't be larger than this one, so then I would be running two to cool the one room. More bills. Yeah, I've got 2 tower fans running. My apartment is hot in the winter too, I get more direct sun. I leave the windows and balcony door open to keep it cool during the day.
  2. A lot of fun! Sure. I was getting advice directly from Reef Nutrition, I was using their pods. I've kept tisbe quite successfully so I was hoping Tiggerpods would be similar.
  4. Alright, I will come clean and not be a ninja anymore. I was experimenting with copepods. Specifically Tigger pods. Growing them (or trying) in a betta bowl. I thought I gave it all the care but I am clearly doing something wrong because they perish. I've gone through 2 cultures now. With an air stone. Without. With phyto. With spirulina. Nope. In sharp contrast, I put a small tuft of chaeto in the same bowl (after the pods died), it wasn't a healthy tuft to begin with. But 2-3-4 weeks later, with this beta bowl sitting close to the windows and doing absolutely nothing - no top off, no feeding, nothing. The chaeto grew. So maybe the experiment started out as a copepod culture and turned into "chaeto is an alien"? Aww. Hang around, and hope to see you in another contest.
  5. Thanks guys. Got a question for you renters out there. It's been brutally hot. My airconditioning has not been keeping up, I'm not alone in this. My apartment is around 78-79 degrees with the a/c running 24/7. My electric bill is lovely. I have southern exposure but I keep blinds and curtains drawn all the time. When I cook or use the dryer for laundry, the apartment is at 81. I had it cleaned by the super and it did not help. I had an independent approved contractor come in and he said it was underpowered for my room size. So the a/c is working but it is underpowered. Naturally replacing it is expensive and the landlady has refused. This isn't a make or break deal for me as far as renewing my lease when the time comes. But her reasoning is that her last 3 tenants have not complained. How is that a good reason when I don't know how long ago she had tenants in here, and how old this a/c is. I'm ranting now I suppose.
  6. Quick and dirty FTS. Don't be hatin' on my towel and magnet cleaner. And seaweed feeder.
  7. Fishy news. I now have 2 reactors. On the left is an Aquamedic brine shrimp hatchery that I repurposed to be a phyto reactor. It is currently brewing spirulina. I crashed my first culture, the lights run hot and I was running them 24 hrs. I've reduced the photos period and put it on a timer. Let's see how this second batch does. On the right is the Aquamaxx DIY algae reactor. This is week #9 or 10. It grows chaeto and it catches detritus. My nitrates and phosphates have recently been higher again. I have that new male Anthias which is hiding and I was throwing in a LOT of food in the hope that he would eat. He is but he's still scared to come out. /facepalm
  8. @TJ_Burton might be able to help
  9. Thank you Miss M. So glad I am able to type because I totally suck at conversations about Bogi, almost 6 weeks later. I went to a pet bereavement support group the other day and I was a complete disaster. I was shocked at myself! Then the vet tech that was home with us on his last day sent me a card - she has donated 5 trees in Bogi's name. I submitted an application to foster. The lady at the shelter showed me the kitten room, gosh they were so little. I don't want to fail at fostering though. I may be ready for another cat, or dog, in time, I don't know. Right now I just need time with my memories. I haven't processed his last few days, it hurts too much. I'm just frozen in that moment when he died in my arms. I'm working on a few things though. Can't remember if I posted about it. This is his water bowl
  10. It certainly sounds like the redfield ratio issue. You could try phosphate Rx which is lanthanum chloride or similar - it rapidly reduces phosphate. Melev's Reef has many posts and videos about it. I have used it also. At the levels you experienced, the phosphate binds to the rocks (as Seabass mentioned). Water changes help but it takes a while. To see if your rocks are leeching, you can pull one out and place it in a bucket of fresh saltwater (test PO4 before) with a small powerhead and test the water after 24 hours.
  11. Holy cow!! I had no idea! Are you alright?
  12. Was this the one that made you cookoo in the head or is this a new accident?!
  13. You're right about many things. Bogi was an utterly pampered little guy. He was the boss of me, he had trained me to wake up at 4am to feed him and go back to bed. I still wake up at 4. I know I gave him a good life, I know I made the right choice to let him go when I did. It still doesn't make me feel any less bereft. It takes time. I know this.
  14. You're just saying that because I know where you live. I don't know Roger, hard to see the light about Bogi being gone.
  15. Thank you Stinky. You and M have always been there for anything, I truly appreciate that. Thanks Roger. The last 3 days were really bad but today is a better day.