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  1. Hey pretty lady - are you recovered from Aquashella? I'm sorry about your little fishy. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  2. I LOVE IT! If that is a magnetic rack, you could cut it where the colony has not encrusted it and make it part of your aquascape - you could then hang it from the back wall.
  3. Pics or it didn't happen
  4. Of course I wanna! But I just tore down my 2.5g freshwater to make room for a FW upgrade. (I have an addiction problem can you tell)
  5. You got all the points perfectly. Also acclimate livestock before putting them in whatever tank they will be in.
  6. Thanks Snow. I have a Red scooter and now also a Target Mandarin in my tank. They both eat prepared foods. I do throw in pods and live black worms as well but not with any frequency. I did not know if the scooter would eat prepared foods so he spent many months in a small fuge picking on pods till I hand fed mysis a few times and he gobbled it up. The Mandy was eating mysis at the store when I got her.
  7. Yeah - your first frag was a beast Wow, post a picture?
  8. It tends to do that to gain surface area and will then shoot up. How long has it been since it started encrusting?
  9. Hi there - it was great to meet you too!! Stay in touch.
  10. Congratulations, love the fluffy gorgonians. And the cat, what a cutie.
  11. Will miss you. And the Santa hats on the clownfish.
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