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  1. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    Is that for me or for the furball?
  2. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    This week was a warm get together with Nano-Reefers. @Christopher Marks and his wife Courtney were in town! Such a treat! It has been a long time since some of us met him at MACNA 2016. #fishnerdsunite @Mariaface @sabrefencer @holy carp @NYfishies
  3. The Girlfriend Pico: Getting Creative With Dongs...

    Hello Hello. Pico is coming along. Our challenge right now is lighting. We have burnt through 2 bulbs and are using a temporary one ATM. I think @Mariaface if the bulb you still have right now doesn't work out we might just need to switch to a CFL - that's allowed right? Peechurs!
  4. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    Ha! That is too cute - thank you for thinking of me
  5. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    She was appropriately chastised. The next night however she "walked" on the lid again. So now I have indentations in the netting. She is lucky and I am too that she did not fall in. If you need another reason to get an Artfully Acrylic lid - that is one.
  6. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    So this happened. Thanks Calleigh.
  7. The Girlfriend Pico: Getting Creative With Dongs...

    That would streak, the salt wipes off easily enough. Just being lazy.
  8. The Girlfriend Pico: Getting Creative With Dongs...

    HOT MESS FTS For November, we decided to show that we really are dirty girls. Hairy Dongs. Salt creep. But it's real. Every day is not a pretty day. The airstone bubbles splash on the dome causing the salt creep or salt splash. And the algae forest is quite something. Since the tank is very new and we went through a mini cycle, it was okay to let it ride out and do it's thing. Ignore the lavender essence oil in the back, it isn't my secret dosing regimen We also have cyano. It's a hot mess
  9. Hi PJ, what makes the eggs magnetized? Can any brand eggs be used?
  10. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    She has tried twice to jump UP onto the tank. And she has gone behind the cabinet about 10 times already, 3 times yesterday. I'm trying everything I can to block her access. The wires back there are dangerous and I can't reach her unless she decides to come to the edges. It's worrisome.
  11. The Girlfriend Pico: Getting Creative With Dongs...

    Got some snails from @johnmaloney. These are zigzag periwinkles. For size reference, that sand grain is Fiji Pink. The description says: Eats Diatoms, Algae and Detritus on the rocks and glass in your tank. Extremely hardy under normal water conditions. This smaller snail only grows to about 2/5-3/5 of an inch. The Zig Zag Periwinkles will consume algae, detritus and diatoms on your aquarium's glass and rocks. They are small, growing to a size of only about a 3/5 of an inch at most. They should only be kept in a tank with a lid, as they have a habit of staying just above the water line. <---- true We have found them to be extremely hardy, the hardiest aquarium species that we know of, and an excellent addition to the aquarium that focuses on diversity.However, they are very small, and have little impact on algae. They are very good for certain applications so we keep them, and they make a good feeding species for mantis shrimp since they spend most of their time out of reach of the shrimp, allowing the aquarist to feed their mantis easily.
  12. Icecap ATO ?!?!??