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  1. Yeah. The other side has more light so I might get algae, and also it would hinder access to the electricals and I'd need longer tubing. It's a huge picture. It's actually teeny. I have cat food around it right now, I'll post another pic when it doesn't have company.
  2. The Innovative Marine Hydrofill Ti reservoir is quite amazing. Don't know where it has been for all of my life, but considering they literally JUST came out with it - where has this concept been all of my life? My cabinet doesn't have room to fit this and still be able to open the drawer to fill, so I had to put it beside the tank. If you've read the article I wrote for Marine Depot just before they were released, you know that cool drawer system for filling the water. This is 5 gallons and my largest ATO reservoir in history. I can see for myself how cool this concept is. Wonder if they are coming out with a bigger reservoir with the same concept for folks like @veng that like more water. But considering how simple and easy it is to refill, with the ability to fit it inside the cabinet, it should suffice for most smaller systems.
  3. What are you planning to do inside the stand?
  4. Pictures please
  5. Isn't the new tank deeper?
  6. You will get back there Arce. I know you will.
  7. Awww man, why you gotta bring up that sick tank? I was reading the articles we did together for Marine Depot which had your pictures.
  8. So what are you NOT planning on moving over?
  9. Linneatus also
  10. Apollo has become JAWS. After messaging with Kenny @ POTO, Apollo is flashing and possibly changing into a super male. He appears almost black with a yellow body and puffs up like a baboon. He also changes his shape when he is Jaws mode. This guy is a proper transformer. It's quite fascinating to watch his theatrics - I'm quite entranced at the chance to witness his changes.
  11. Thank you. Bogi had a good week. He's been extra cute and cuddly. I find myself working in the tank and then come away with realizing I hardly did anything.