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  2. I've used the Salifert kit in the past. Randy Holmes Farley had a nice article on silica. You're going to get diatoms with it. If it gets too much cut back on dosing, you can also employ rowa phos to remove the excess silica. I've also suspected that silica in some cases fuels dinos, and this is anecdotal from my own usage of silica (I have a lab grade one too) and eventually goes away. I learn something new each day, usually with experimentation and observation.
  3. Nice update. The light makes the sponges and rock colors look very good. I think it has a couple of red bulbs in it, right? Sponges like silica I think. I use SpongeExcel. It's pasta night at least once a week. My niece and nephew come over or I go over to their place to make it. I turned them on to Rigatoni recently, before that it was penne and nothing else. They still like fettucine but prefer Rigatoni now. I make it in alfredo. Sometimes I serve Chicken Parm with it, other times I serve it with meatballs. I've tried making chicken parm from scratch and they always complain that the chicken is too tough to eat. They still have wobbly teeth and all. So I do not-from-scratch version which tastes just as amazeballs.
  4. Love love love!!!! It arrives tomorrow. Imabe so upgraded!! That thing is so star trooper. Star wars. Star trek. Anti Darth Vader.
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  7. Sorry to hear about the damaged shipment but hopefully you got the replacements without too much delay. Have you heard back from Current to ask for your shipping address and such?
  8. Looks good Stella! Errmahgerd what's that brown stuffs.
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  11. You are late to the party. Please feel free to join in as a pseudo contestant. We have several of those too! Seriously, the code for the tank bundle should still work, join in the fun, we love pretend contestants just as much. Yep. All livestock is part of the $500 budget. That doesn't sound good. Please contact Ike if you need troubleshooting or replacement. PM me if I can help in any way.
  12. Nice start!!!
  13. LPS seem prone to polyp bailout in times of stress. What causes that stress could be anywhere from a bacterial infection, predator or pest, being in an unhappy spot or similar. Keep it in lower flow to see if it will do better, iodine dips may help but may not.