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  1. Progression shots! WWC Orange Passion
  2. I added a second gyre so the corals needed to be moved ASAP to save their flesh. So the scape is in re-do mode ATM
  3. Thanks Mark. Yeah Benny mentioned those.
  4. So I'm not getting an email with every new reply to my thread. I've likely screwed up my settings somewhere.
  5. Sent Markalot a message and Benny is probably out flying his drone, Dave texted me back something about a steak when I asked about a light I'm looking to add a strip to my ATI - certainly one on the back of the light but possibly one on the front as well. Looks like BML stopped making the strips for aquariums, perhaps I can find a used one somewhere. But any other suggestions for a strip light that can be mounted to the ATI?
  6. Re-checked PAR - I was right they are higher than previously reported. Rim 475 Yellow Porites 505 OT 460 Austera 325 Goni 505 Duncan 110 Slimer 185 - ** (needs more light for sure) Kat 425 Echinata 115 - ** (Coral fell towards the back) Frag rack 210 Digitata 335 Lantana 350 Cali Tort 390 Pink lemonade 270 Sand 285 SSC 475 PC 425
  7. Orange Tree 12 ATM - Still have one lonesome cardinalfish from the group I got 2 years ago from POTO. I had 3 till about 4 months ago. Thank you
  8. here shrimpy shrimpy
  9. Needs a species only tank and live prey.
  10. prolly liking your water
  11. I just emailed them today about the status - hadn't heard back after that automated email 9 days ago. Also I needed 2 additional cut outs for wires on the back of the lid.
  12. Peechurs The original Phoenix Montipora Fields of Katropora [/url] Oregon Tort Smudge the 3rd Scissortail Dartfish Zoa island The new NPS starting to shed