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  1. metrokat

    Canister filters on nanos... who's doing it?

    You can use Brightwell Xport cubes in the canister. Extremely porous. If you use the NO3 and/or PO4 cubes you also get nitrate and phosphate control on top of biological filtration. ^^ This. I didn't clean the canister for 2-3 months - there is a nutrient build-up for sure which is excellent for doing a tank transfer so that the livestock is not going into a sterile environment.
  2. metrokat

    Katropora Owners Thread

    Or salinity change. Although I think with a PO4 change or Alk - you start to see STN.
  3. metrokat

    Katropora Owners Thread

    @markalot Those are 2 show colonies! wow. Are they differently colored or is that just a camera thing? Higher light makes those tips branch out and show the pink. I agree- the colors look great Teeny.
  4. metrokat

    Katropora Owners Thread

    I would check for pests immediately.
  5. metrokat

    WV Reefer

    Pepper is too cute! And thank you for your kind words.
  6. metrokat

    WV Reefer

    Congratulations! I love how simple this tank is. Your bookcase is just amazing and a good foil for the tank. Love the picture of your cat next to it.
  7. metrokat

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    You're good people Rachel. ❤️ I beat Ray with my stick over text.
  8. metrokat

    MetroKat's Reefer: Need About Tree Fiddy

    Thank you - I love how vibrant it is Thank you so much It's cool Seabass, no worries Thank you CM. I think the RSM article got a few likes and shares so I'm happy about that 🙂 No worries - I'm sorry about your carpet surfing tang 😞
  9. metrokat

    MetroKat's Reefer: Need About Tree Fiddy

    My new blog post https://blog.marinedepot.com/2018/09/turn-your-ato-reservoir-into-a-refugium-and-4-other-easy-modifications-for-your-red-sea-reefer-350.html
  10. metrokat

    Zoanthids are not growing well

    You might have pods irritating it - you could do a quick swish or a dip with 50% peroxide and tank water. 3 minutes tops. - swish it around or turkey baste it. The colony will be pissed off for at least a couple of days after but it looks already pissed. Notice what if anything falls off in the dip.