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  1. Testers have gone quiet recently, lol. Hope things are still on track.
  2. You or whoever was at home is not bright enough to plug things into a generic power bar? Im confused...
  3. Sounds like you were uncooperative. If you bought it from marine depot, you need to return it to marine deoy. Why should you buy it from marine depot, but demand your refund from Neptune? Noob.
  4. Use hand. Push water toward coral. Cyano comes off. Tada!
  5. If you haven’t gone into calibrating.... care to share how close the results you’re getting from the Trident are to Hanna/Salifert/ICP?
  6. Ahh okay 🙂. Did they figure out the Calcium issue? Was it involving a calibration solution or using your existing test kits to make an offset?
  7. @Scorched are you sure they are okay with you disclosing the solenoid/pump/drift thing? 🤔
  8. Would that be twenty cents? Unusual use of the expression... but okay.
  9. For the perpetually-under-construction fixture? 🤪
  10. fdfghjkjnbvfgtyujnbvghjhg so this is where the cool kids hang out?
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