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  1. HarryPotter

    Harry’s R.I.P Reefer

    Thanks peeps. I’m going to move some stuff to the 300, and continue to do 2x 25% water changes weekly. I’m done with tank being my main focus and concern, as it has been for the past few weeks. Just let it ride. I know there is still hope, because look at the green millipora- no growth tips and pretty brown, but doing fine. Corals are weird. Same story on the encrusted rack- zero color, but PE. So things will come back, or they won’t, but no use beating myself up for it, or stressing about it. What’s done is done. The big tank will without a doubt get an apex trident when that comes out. @markalot any rexcomendations for live rock? Definitly did not have diversity here,
  2. HarryPotter

    Harry’s R.I.P Reefer

    Drat, I’m tearing up and typing on my phone is getting too difficult. Goodnight NR 😢
  3. HarryPotter

    Harry’s R.I.P Reefer

    The 300 is not “fresh”, it has been running for around two months now and has a very healthy amount of life. Acros that are in there look great. I think if anything here can survive, it will survive there. Roger on less lighting, already swapped the coral plus for blue plus. Raised fixture too, a bit. Edit: thanks @markalot and everyone else—appreciate the tips, and hopefully something can pull through. Even if it is just the goddamn BTAs and clowns.
  4. HarryPotter

    Harry’s R.I.P Reefer

    Ive probably changed 125% to 175% of the water by now (25% at a time, not at once). I think tomorrow I’ll abandon ship. Move racks to the 300, break apart anything I can save (rip colonies 😓), and let this tank just do whatever it is doing.
  5. HarryPotter

    Harry’s R.I.P Reefer

    I have Hanna reading 8.0, using two different new reagents. I should get triton results in a couple of days, which will tell me if there is a contaminant. @markalot should I abandon ship, move everything I can to the 300 gallon? Acropora there look perfect and healthy. Or will moving them again cause more harm than good? Frag down my colonies and being them to the big tank? Yeah I’m dosing/feeding as much as I can without taking nutrients too high.
  6. HarryPotter

    Harry’s R.I.P Reefer

    I have the recently setup 300 gallon, I could move stuff there. But I was under the impression that this was trauma from the Alk spike, not water quality. Maybe I’ll move over whatever stuff is left and be done with it. Hey, looking back I’ve shipped hundreds of corals, that are all across the country. All good things come to an end.
  7. HarryPotter

    Harry’s R.I.P Reefer

    I am running out hope as piece after piece dies. Compared to my first page.:.: This may be the end to keeping any SPS. Or even this tank. All the time I’ve put in, thosand it hours, pretty much going down the toilet. I’ve always said if a tank becomes more of a hardship/upsetting than enjoyable, you need to take it down. My once orange sunset montipora colony My once rainbow montipora colony The huge brown and white “red” cap What was once my fastest grower, green tort, seems seems to be saying goodbye Dying millipora colonies- yeah, the big ones in the center of my tank. And of of course my favorite piece of all, that I hoped was spared, now has white tips, no polyps and will probably die any die now. Really makes me think about the time I’ve put in, and whether I want to do it again. Yep @ninjamyst, these past months have been hard on us.
  8. HarryPotter

    Harry’s R.I.P Reefer

    Corals still declining. SEEMs faster now. Millipora colonies look like they have some algae growing on the, which means that I am close to losing them. Considering whether I am done with this tank, I might just let it ride and see what happens, move anything surviving to the 300g, and be done Dunno what’s up with this guy, I’ve never seen that.
  9. HarryPotter

    Hillbilly Lounge

    True... if he has taken a dislike to the strange machine buzzing 24/7 in the corner of my room, I may have a problem 😳. Sold 6/6 toggle boxes and have a waiting list! 🙂
  10. HarryPotter

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    I’ve was torn between going Ca reactor or dosing on the big tank. I decided to wait until I see the performance of apex trident to see whether I’ll invest into dosing+ trident or Ca reactor . (In the meantime, I’ll manually dose or grab a cheap jebao. Ca reactors take up a ridiculous amount of space once you get to these volumes, which sucks. Pretty sure I can’t fit a properly sized one. I guess that makes up my mind for me?
  11. HarryPotter

    Combining Mame Skimmer 3 with CO2 Scrubber

    What’s wrong with 7.7?
  12. HarryPotter

    WTB: Blackrock Reef Mag-Rack Version 3 - Small

    Sorry... mine is indisposed LOL. Yeah blckrockreef was my favorite rack until I found ZenReef- which has locking racks with a similarly crazy strong magnet. Old photo, currently looks like crap.
  13. HarryPotter

    Hillbilly Lounge

    I guess I need to check belt tension 😳
  14. HarryPotter

    Harry’s R.I.P Reefer

    Continuing equipment inspection (for rust) and cleaning. Pump wise, I have to do the vortech, gyre, and PP4’s separately so the tank isn’t bothered by the low flow. Started with the PP4s. My skimmer and return pump seem pretty darn clean, I figure that’s since no refugium light. Never have taken out the return pump; pretty nice. Reef Octopus dc3000 that came with it. Not the diablo model, the older one. Could be much stronger with this plumbing, but not worth replacing. The 300 gallon’s used Vortech came with a spare wet side, so flow won’t ever need to be reduced for cleaning. Corals still look like crap, anxiously waiting for the Triton results. (Despite being almost positive that all of this was due to the Alk spike).
  15. HarryPotter

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Thats true- voice control will kill my button business.