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  1. loooool. I have a severed toenail... I had to take my anger out on SOMEONE, and he came in and started to slander mah boy Dave! Even if I can't afford mah boy's ATI retrofit, his shit is the good type of shit
  2. nano box: BAD

    I have screenshots of the conversation, would that help? Or should I bother him and ask him to post an update?
  3. nano box: BAD

    It warped too. He ended up sucking his losses and going to artfully acrylic. Text him. Just because you have a CNC, doesn't mean your products are quality. Thats a REAL review. Not like your so called feedback. I actually have the photos of Braaap's warped lid. Your customers are on Reef2Reef, you say? How about you make me something for $10 for my troubles?
  4. nano box: BAD

    Oh, so the lid from Octo Aquatics warped? I heard he ended up with Advanced Acrylics one. I don't think your "massive discount" was very helpful. Keywords: Custom aquarium Lid, Octo-Aquatics, Octo Aquatics, quality, review, Octo Lids
  5. nano box: BAD

    WE were talking about YOU with "fishy". "My blatant outrageousness in demanding a lower price was with a specific intent. not to actually get them for $40, but to see how you handled the situation." You were an outrageous douchecanoe..... Now you're trying to take it back so you don't seem like a cheap *******. Hey, didn't Braaap's lid from you warp to shit?
  6. nano box: BAD

    "i tried to explain the finer points of customer service but he just doesn't get it. i also explained that is was HIM who should have offered a discount - i shouldn't have had to request one. i had no choice but to tell him to literally go pound sand." ^^^^^^ I can explain to you.... thy are a douchecanoe. Woah, that rhymes. YOU HAVE NEVER BOUGHT A PRODUCT FROM THEM. YOU CANNOT GIVE A REVIEW.
  7. nano box: BAD

    Who are you to tell him how to run a business? I promise you his business is older, larger, and much more profitable than yours. If you read your posts on the timeline, you can't even keep your story straight. You as a customer are not entitled to any discount. If you want the heatsinks, you can pay for them. I message Dave here every once in a while about LEDs or other things, and he always responds within a day. Something is fishy.
  8. nano box: BAD

    So apparently you felt entitled to change the agreed upon price.... If you weren't a douchecanoe you would probably have it by now. He responds to my messages here within a day.
  9. Kimber will barf xD Right now tis wrapped, not too impressive
  10. ####kkkkk I fell and ripped off my big-toe toenail 😩😩😩😩 feel like throwing up
  11. Somewhere between strength and duration is an optimal area. I think most people give their tank around 7 hours of β€œdaylight” a day?
  12. How to not burn coral?

    Depends on the lighting where you got it from. If it’s used to powerful lighting, give it that or it’ll totally brown out. That looks like a really nice piece that with high lighting will become much more green!
  13. @jedimasterben; external aquatic PLA, submersed ABS. I’d like to print nylon but need to look into whether my printer can do it without a few small upgrades.
  14. Look at this- he says its an indo colony he got four months ago. Notice the ultra neon red montipora lol