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  1. It was a miracle for sure... shit looked BAD for a couple weeks. All my montipora have spots of superglue from where I stopped RTN 😂😂😂
  2. That was my only guess for Instagram lol. I give up
  3. I ordered 15 things of DI resin.... boring!!!!
  4. Can someone PM me who the “Instagram troll” is? Now I’m really curious... is it the same one that got banned? I’m lost...
  5. Yeah.... I felt pretty bad after I saw she bailed on the SS thing because of it. I thought her reaction was totally taking it too personally...... was not my intent.
  6. Regarding that- was a different thread, and I didnt think I was attacking her at all. You can read the posts.... I was just saying how I thought it was weird to post photos of ones children on the internet. It was a totally normal back-and-forth thing, I thought. https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/401085-update-daughter’s-trip-to-japan Anyway, I messaged an apology yesterday after I saw her post 😥
  7. HarryPotter

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    Thats what I tell my dad... Yet he hoards majorly. Must be a jewish thing. LOL
  8. I must have missed it- but yeah people wtf; don’t get personal. We are all just random fish nerds having fun. If you have an issue with someone take it to PM 🙄
  9. HarryPotter

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    But in the meantime... polyp extension! Color is still coming back slowly; but it gets better every day. I can’t wait to get those Orphek bars up!
  10. HarryPotter

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    Yeah absolutely true, with time I will definitely create backups of my favorite pieces
  11. You too?! I thought it was just @banasophia!!!
  12. I know that one, I’m not THAT old!
  13. Beep beep beep I need to find and snap off the “speaker” on this printer.... literally is constantly beeping as it prints.