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  1. R65

    Doser malfunctioned. Alk is at 15. Return pump died. Wow. This tank is cursed.
  2. R65

  3. R65

    Yeah, cleaning all four at once is tedious and it's hard to keep on top of quality control because by the fourth one you're like "ohhhh my goddddd." cleaning just one pump is gonna be so nice. I did get the 5300gph one. The XF250 i think? i seems to have better reviews than the smaller one. I also think 2 year old ATI bulbs aren't helping with preventing algae either so I convinced the parents to get new ones.
  4. R65

    Update: 29g fuge running well. It’s using old FW planted tank lights. I’ll probably upgrade that next. New bulbs for the ati are en route new maxspect gyre is en route. The mp10s just aren’t cutting it and with 4 of them to clean it’s not worth it.
  5. R65

    29g refugium is plumbed in!
  6. R65

    this tank's fall from grace is so. freaking. depressing.
  7. R65

    Parents don’t want to use the CPR overflow for some reason, not quite sure why. Looks like they’re going to plumb in the old frag tank. I’m not a huge fan of that idea but maybe it could be a secondary display or something.
  8. R65

    clown is goneso. no sight of her. dang that stinks :/ tank is getting a little dirty so my parents asked how to help keep it a bit cleaner. They're going to use the old 29g + cpr overflow to plumb in a nice big refugium. I think that will help a lot with nutrient reduction and make the tank overall a lot more stable. plus if the pod population is good they can get some cool pipefish or something. maybe even make the tank a macro algae dominate display tank. It'd be pretty cool and effective. the lighting schedule also got reduced a few hours.
  9. R65

    It’s not looking good so far. If it managed to make it out of the tank the dogs probably would have grabbed it. I think it may have chased a fish into a crevice and gotten stuck but I can’t really check the rockwork from Wyoming.
  10. R65

    My clownfish is missing. Screen top. Overflow lid. Not in the overflow, sump, or filter sock. No body found anywhere. I’ve had the clowns* for 7 years.
  11. R65

    Good to know thanks. One of them doesn’t even seem to have a rhizome maybe it’s just that small. I pulled them all out of the substrate and attached one to the driftwood.
  12. R65

    I'm 90% the tank is being neglected. The filtration is the same, anything you guys recommend to help with this? GFO reactor? Roller mat? auto waterchange maybe? also, a clownfish is missing. Not on the floor, not in the overflow, not in the sump. just poof. parents are sure it was the bigger of the two clowns as well. (female)
  13. R65

    It's no reef tank, but it's aight I guess. Long View by Roger Klein, on Flickr 3/4 shot by Roger Klein, on Flickr I definitely want to upgrade the filtration and maybe the lights. We'll see how into plants I get before I upgrade those
  14. R65

    It’s funny you say that. I almost walked out with pandas but changed my mind at the last second. I’ve alwats had good luck with the speckled variety. Hopefully 2 will be alright. It’s only 5g so I’m pushing the limits already.
  15. R65

    It’s no reef fish, but I think it’s pretty regardless. Finally set up a little freshwater tank to scratch that aquarium itch again.