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  1. King Clyde the Fat. Thank you! It's cruising along now.
  2. FSH_0005.jpg by Roger Klein, on Flickr better pic.
  3. I think it's down there on the sand. Probably didn't get mounted well.
  4. wtf happened to the site?
  5. Dang. So good looking. Deep blue's new shallow tank (36x18x12? I think) I super cool looking too.
  6. Queen TSwift in "I don't wanna live forever" So goooooood
  7. Nom on nom on nom.
  8. Nems on nems on nems
  9. rents didn't turn the pumps off so the LPS look cloudy. and something broke my Digitata off! FSH_0003.jpg by Roger Klein, on Flickr
  10. favorite tank of all time. glad it's still up!
  11. Hi.
  12. Did you make it home?
  13. considering how fast mine grows. that ^^ blows my mind.