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  1. R65

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. The worst has passed for sure! Now I just gotta put in the work to get back to where I was.
  2. R65

    Sorry for the long lapse since surgery day. I am currently 2.5 weeks out. Pain is pretty minimal now but unfortunately so is strength. Last week was easily the worst, I was unable to put any weight through it and I actually started to see side effects from the pain killers. I traveled from Boise to Sheridan, WY last sat/sun and sitting in the car was challenging but I’m glad it’s over. I had my first day of physical therapy and everything is looking pretty average in terms of the recovery timeline. I get to ditch the brace and the being weening off the crutches on Friday. Which is a bitter sweet since there’s a lot of ice and snow here and I’m mortified of ice now. Regardless, I’m hopeful for the future as I should be biking by spring and running/hiking by mid summer. Tank is doing well, I’m debating on heading home at some point and plumbing in the old 29g as a big refugium. My dad is also fascinated by the roller mat. I’m sure that’ll get added on soon. I’ll get some pictures for you guys soon.
  3. R65

    Thank you! Means a lot. Update: Morning after isn't too bad, but I still have the effects of the nerve block so that’s helping a lot.
  4. R65

    Just got out of surgery! Merry Christmas everyone. 🎄
  5. Frogspawn or hammer?

    get either. cause it's only a matter of time before you get the other anyways.
  6. Potters Angel?

    Wait a while. It will nip at corals. I had to set up a camera to see if my flame was nipping cause whenever anyone was around the tank it wouldn't nip.
  7. clowns swimming in the back

    I'd just give them some time. That's usually how it goes, they're super curious at first and swim about, then settle in one place until they are more confident. (that's what happened with my clowns at least) even after having them for 6 years and moving from 10g > 30g > 65g they still hid after they were exposed to a new home.
  8. clowns swimming in the back

    They might just be shy or prefer the flow pattern that is back there. How long have they been in the tank?
  9. R65

    https://video.nest.com/live/mrkleinreef in case you want to see the tank. I dk how to get that anemone in the middle to move.
  10. How do things look to you guys.

    I would just start mixing your future water change batches to 1.025-1.026. That will allow the tank to slowly adjust to the salinity change. With such a small volume, it shouldn't take long at all. Don't stress out too much about the test kits, API will get you in the ballpark, but salifert/elos/hannah checkers will narrow it down for you even further.
  11. How do things look to you guys.

    You've got some good advice so far. I'd try and the get SG up a little as well. I've always ran my tanks at 1.025-1.026. I'd also ditch the API. After comparing them to salifert I realized that API were always all over the place.
  12. R65

    Decided I'm going to reuse my old 60g acrylic frag tank for my text tank, set it up bommie style with small/shallow rock work and a lot of open sand space. Plus I have a sump, skimmer, and all the plumbing for it. As much as I want a smaller tank, it'd actually be cheaper to set this one up hah. I dk when I'll be able to start it though. Surgery is in two weeks so that puts another delay on everything.
  13. R65

    Not as much as he did before. Getting the damsels and the filefish really helped dissipate the aggression from the flame angel. For whatever reason the flame angel chases everyone around, kind of annoying. If I got rid of the flame, I'm sure the basslet would be even more active in the tank. If you watch the timelapse you can see him poke in and around the rock in the bottom right in the video.
  14. R65

    I lost the FTS, i can't find it anywhere. -__-
  15. Can i put Rose bubble tip anemone after 4 weeks?

    If the tank is cycled and husbandry is god, there's no problem adding a nem. That nem however will grow and split and dominate the tank. So make sure you have a plan for future coral placement and precautions for when the anemone will inevitably go for a walk.