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  1. What’s your take on coral feeding...?

    1. Do you feed or not Yep. 2. What type of foods do you use. ( reef roids, reef chili, rods food, reef nutrition products, make your own etc) Reef roids, BRS reef chili, mysis, silversides (for the nem/plate), amino acids, Acropower, KZ coral vitalizer, KZ sponge power, KZ pohl's xtra, KZ B balance, KZ K balance, cyclopeeze 3. Do you spot feed or broadcast feed or do both. Depends on my mood. If I'm super motivated I'll spot feed each coral, if not I just turn the return pump off and set the vortechs to feed mode and broadcast feed the whole tank. 4. How often do you feed/ what is your feeding schedule. 2-3x per week 5. What kind of success/failures have you experienced? Initially I over fed the KZ products and got a nasty slime algae goop that would grow everywhere, once I honed everything in I saw improvements in color and polyp extension.
  2. R65

    Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 10.26.24 AM by Roger Klein, on Flickr
  3. R65

    What are the tops AIOs right now, something with a good skimmer section/media reactor section preferably, but that;s not too big of an issue since I'll be doing daily automated water changes anyway.
  4. R65

    20-30g AIO Apex DOS: auto water change setting Radion Mp10 some form of ato got it.
  5. R65

    Nope. LPS/SPS tank. Never been a fan of soft coral
  6. R65

    Well it’s technically not my tank, if it’s does stay up it’ll probably be kept low and softy dominate Also debating on doing a simple AIO rather than a 20L for option 1
  7. R65

    Thank yah. I won't be moving anything, it'll be a brand new system. The 65g is staying in Illinois unless the parents don't want it. Then I'll break it down, use what I can/want, and sell what I don't. Part of me wants something small and simple while being simultaneously high tech and automated. I don't really want a big big tank right now.
  8. R65

    Life update: I'm still in a rental house that doesn't allow pets or "water hold furniture" so I'm assuming that means aquariums. I have a consult for surgery on 10/23 regarding my torn hip labrum and femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) yippee. Surgery is likely going to be in late October or early November. I'll be unable to work after surgery for a few months. yippee. To keep my mind occupied I've been planning a future tank. It's likely going to be pretty budget friendly, it will not be my forever tank. Option 1: Uber simple 20L c canister filter Radion + mp10 + apex module Apex 2 BRS dosing pumps programmed to auto change water ~1g per day. one to pump water out and another to pump water in. Not quite sure how to ensure it's perfectly even. Small ATO Option 2: simple but upgradeable 20Lor even 40B with my old CPR overflow and sump at home. radion + mp10 + apex module New apex + equipment for an (auto) waterchange system. for the WC system I'm debating on just using a valve to drain the water and using an optical/float sensor attached to a pump to have the pump turn on until the sensor is activated or have 2 pumps (one to pump the water out and another to pump the water in, still using a sensor to prevent over filling). 2 pumps would be much easier to make truly automated, but I'm not sure how to make sure both pumps are pumping equally. The goal is 2g per day. Option 3: stop messing with mini setups and save up for forever-tank (36x36x18) Thoughts, opinions, advice? Thanks
  9. R65

    I'm hoping for a 80+g but yeah 10 does seem excessive now that I think about it. maybe 5 wrasses total is more realistic.
  10. R65

    Random question. How many leopard wrasses/coris wrasses would play nice together? could I have a tank with 5 or so of each? how about chalk bass and other basslets (swalesi, candy)?
  11. R65

    I joined the hobby 6 years ago today. 328628_10150331492468769_1156944111_o by Roger Klein, on Flickr
  12. SouthReef -- Bye bye Red Planet!

    I remember how long you waited to get the dang thing growing/branching! That is truly amazing!
  13. R65

    Nope, I'm staying out West as of right now.
  14. R65

    Job offer! Time to start planning and collecting equipment!
  15. R65

    PH usually swings between 8.2 and 8.48 Yep yep. I'm really liking the look. Only a few minutes of thought. Hahah. They all look pretty decent except the elk horn, it didn't like the dip. Paled out on me.