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  1. I have not removed any and even refilled the doser. lol. I lost a lot of color moving things around and getting rid of the monti caps but it's slowly recovering. Based on the amount of hair algae growing I think I released a metric ton of PO4. I've been dosing PhosphateRx, one drop a week, to see if I can get things to improve. The green softie hates PhosphateRx so I go really slow with it.
  2. Beautiful m2m, looking forward to following your new tank!
  3. Beautiful colors Teeny, just now looking so I'll quote for the new page. :D
  4. I have to get in there and spend an hour picking the crap off. It's horrible. Strong flow does help slow it down, but it never stops spreading. I took a bad fall and luckily only minor injuries which include a cut up hand. Fortunately the sidewalk broke my fall. lol. Almost healed up, then hands back in.
  5. Tank is at the right age now to be a growth factory, mine is the same. Who knows how long it will last. My OP is just about to start encrusting the plug. I will not be taking blue light pics of it, I'm a snob like that. Acros are to be viewed under natural light (heavy blue but with a significant amount of white). If they don't look good like that then worthless, move on to the next one. Here's Reefmutt's (RC forum) OP under white. It's still a very pretty coral. Note that he lost most of it due to a rusting magnet in the sump. Damn tenuis is sensitive to everything ... I'll be happy if I keep mine alive for a year. lol
  6. I'm close to 200 again without the slimer. You could try spacing out the dosing of both parts a bit more, not sure how your soder works but each of my units is 5 minutes after the previous. I use 1 and 3 for Alk and Calcium for a 10 minute spread. I've thought about going longer but I have a large pump in the first sump chamber that does a good job super mixing the water in there so I feel like 10 minutes should be plenty of time. After raising my dosing again and again I'm finally stable at 7.2 or so. I have bigger containers on order so i don't have to refill as often. If cost is an issue I suggest BRS two part in pre-measured packages. A lot cheaper than the commercial mixtures but you also need to worry about traces from time to time. B-ionic has extra stuff in it's calcium part. NOTE: B-Ionic is weak sauce compared to BRS and C-Balance, you need more of it to raise Alk and Calcium. This makes it more expensive than the others. You can see the difference via this calculator: http://reef.diesyst.com/chemcalc/chemcalc.html
  7. I use a reactor filled with Seachem matrix (white stones) to reduce nitrates because I used to have high nitrates. I don;t any more and sometimes dose CaNO3 to get a measurable reading. I have no idea if the matrix works or not, but I leave the reactor running. It's a filthy mess. That and a skimmer is all I use. I don't test po4 anymore, 6 months ago it was .04 IIRC. If I think po4 is high I might put a couple of drops of PhosphateRx in the sump ... but I haven't done that for months now.
  8. Still alive ... I'm stunned, and it's coloring back up. Still not out of the woods by any means, but so far... Primadonna is happy and showing just a little base growth. And as for the flubber, the Acan continues to recover nicely. Speaking of Primadonna's ... number 2 in the tank now, didn't take long. Only the female clown is over him. The tank stabilized at 7.2 KH last Wednesday and is steady so far. This has resulted in deeper coloration and the beginnings of a huge growth spurt in just about everything. Snapshot of the center of the tank. The green/ten/blue stag has hit the waterline again.
  9. You know I hate that stuff. Let it ride, stop testing, pretend nutrients are low. Let it ride.
  10. When fully colored it should be a knockout, but when unhappy will be pale and still have some color but just meh. My Red Robin is like this as well, super nice red for about 30 days of the 2 years I've grown it. If you're good and can keep things rock solid stable you'll be rewarded, but personally I'm not that good and not fussed with rock solid stability. I run very low Alk which grows acros just fine, and colors up most of them without issue. I will occasionally drop Alk to the low 6's and quickly raise it to near 7. Some acros don't show any issues with this, some lose color but otherwise remain healthy. I tend to toss the sensitive ones. :)
  11. I have a feeling I will part with my new Pink Lemonade for the same reason. I'll give it a good long time but it seems very sensitive to minor Alk swings, losing color quickly. I don't play that game. It's still a small frag so it might just be unhealthy ... or not fully healthy yet.
  12. Glad to hear you are feeling better! The Katropora is amazingly tough!
  13. I have not, just hoping it does since it seems to kill everything else. I don't understand why this coral was so susceptible to those snails .. I've seen them on other acros but usually they die off pretty quickly. It may have been the shading.
  14. Hands in the tank again, this time to continue the re-arranging and chopping of some of the larger corals. It was all I could do, with both hands, to cut the purple stylo. Super impressive how thick and solid the branches are. This gives me enough room for a few smaller frags. I'm thinking how I can get more space, but done for now. I also rescued all the corals I wanted to rescue in here. One acro, one monti cap, and a Duncan. I don;t hold out much hope for the acro, but it's a tough one so who knows. This is a blue / blue green unknown that got infested with those v? snails and then shaded out by just about everything. I chopped off all the living parts, scraped pieces of purple cap off of it, then dipped in literally a 75% Bayer solution to kill everything on it. There was some breakage so I ended up with two frags. This one is a collection of broken bits. Polyps. lol. I've had small bits like this RTN overnight so I'm not too confident in it's survival. The other piece is the base and there does appear to be more polyps on it. Superglue artwork. Next is a green polyp brown or purple monti cap. Shaded by the big purple stylo. This was the only section I could find that was still alive. This Duncan somehow survived the orange mushroom assault, falling between two rocks and apparently getting just enough light to survive. The tenuis is still alive. lol