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  1. Mark's 40B (NanoBox Quad)

    Thanks Lugmos. It's still going. I've been manually dosing 2 part because it fell to 5.2 KH and guess what decided to try to die? SPS, no, LPS, no, ZOAS! Little picky bastards. They are coming back now that KH is back around 7, but Zoas, KH sensitive, really? The sexiness of this pink/purple/yellow bird is incredible, All the fish are doing fine, especially the little wrasse. Over a year now and he has yet to eat anything I feed ... yet he stays fat. It's gotta be the flatworms, which I never see anymore. Edit: I just noticed, in the FTS, zoom in, the little wrasse is just above the Red Goni. I did get a couple of easy fish pics. I'm also happy to report that the yellow blastos have finally recovered and have started to grow. My blue trumpets have also recovered over in the other corner, even a dead head is showing some life. The surviving heads lower left, behind the algae that won't easily scrape off. I cleaned the Gyre for the first time, it has an epic amount of algae and aptasia on it. This also shows the Aptasia flower in the back, happily out of focus. I forget the name of this ... blue/green something. This has been a vigorous grower, look at those stalks. Montis also do quite well in here, probably due to the high nutrients. I tried to move my Blueberry capitata in here but the slow growing 'peaceful' blue digitata woke up, shot over, and is killing it. Current dosing is as follows. PhosphateRx: 1 drop weekly (this killed the blue trumpets when I did every other day) AF Vitality (vitamins): 1 drop daily Phols extra super duper special: 1 drop daily AF Pro Bio S (bacteria): 1 drop daily Topoff is saturated Kalk via a timed topoff. Dosing 10ml each part of 2 part daily. Other than the short daily visit (usually early mornings before the lights are on) I've been too busy to pay much attention.
  2. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    Good grief, the shelter almost got it that wrong! Glad they called. Hope the STN stops, nice to see you involved at RAP, have fun.
  3. Buddythelion's Innovative 25 Gallon Build

    Beautiful tank, congrats on TOTM!
  4. Kessil vs Maxspect

    Someone liked an old post of mine in this thread so I figured I'd correct a few embarrassing typos and add ... I still believe spread is king and for that reason do not like Kessils by themselves. Since this thread was made I switched to a Nanobox retro fixture with T5's plus the Nanobox Lime pucks. Awesome blend. In addition Bulk Reef Supply set up a tank using Kessils plus T5's for LED goodness and T5 coverage. If you go to their Youtube page you can find a bunch of videos on the advantages of different lighting.
  5. Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350 🤡

    Download the settings and save them somewhere. Glad to hear it came back.
  6. Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350 🤡

    Sorry to hear about the troubles.
  7. Hypes SPS Dropoff Peninsula-New Skimmer

    Glad to hear the dipping is going well, good luck!
  8. Mark's 40B (NanoBox Quad)

    Thanks Dawn. The peppermint shrimp is alive and well, and fat, but he can't get up there apparently. I might scrape them off and let the results become food new food.
  9. I am. I've had it running in a larger reactor, the (TLF whatever #) for almost a year now. It took a few months but since it started working I need to dose 2 drops of nitrates daily to keep everything from going pale. Reactor is full of detritus, looks disgusting, still works.
  10. Monthly Reef Profile Nominations

    xellos88 as well looks good, but another one of those pesky instragram users so it's not easy to copy a photo. View page source, finally found the actual photo link. I know there are people out there who love instagram but it makes sharing high quality photos near impossible.
  11. 7.2g Cold Water Reef Build - THREE years old!

    Congrats on TOTM, these cold water setups are really cool. Ok, I didn't exactly intend for that pun, but yeah.
  12. Monthly Reef Profile Nominations

    I like Draco's tank so I will nominate. Droys Fusion 10 doesn't get a lot of updates but looks good. Dave's tank not a year old yet but hey ... I love the fact it chooses the picture of a giant fish.
  13. This one? How are your SPS doing? I like simple tanks like this.
  14. The blasto obsession

    Look, a blasto tank. Good luck with your build!
  15. Asureef's Red Sea Reefer

    Catching up. Sorry about the AEFW but the dipping looks successful, I would be happy with just the rainbow in my tank and it looks to have survived well! Bryopsis is something I've never battled and I'm not sure how I missed it since I've had just about everything else.