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  1. Ha, mine looks bad. I need some kind of a makeshift hood to hide it. I didn't answer the vinegar question ... I will test tomorrow but I suspect 0 N and 0 PO4 with PO4 being the issue since I add CaNO3 daily. The addition of vinegar helps reduce nitrates and since I add Nitrates this has probably dropped PO4 too low. My little fish just don't poop enough!
  2. Hi Teeny. I really like the T5. I had an AquaBlue special in it for a while, really lightened up the tank visually, but I just could not stand the color. Running a Coral+ again and it really makes the tank look more evenly lighted but not so overwhelming that you lose the shimmer.
  3. Very busy and the tank needs a water change bad. I started added vinegar to the topoff a month ago (vinegar + 3 tsp saturated Kalk per gallon RODI) and this has kept KH fairly stable but algae has slowly disappeared and some of the corals, especially the torch, are unhappy. Needs a water change and some food! I added a new PolyFilter and some carbon to try and clean up the water a bit. I suspect that big leather is starting to adversely effect some of the corals.
  4. Son has graduated and mom is packed up. 2 days off and then the move. Argh. Tank is stable and looking good, colors are decent (yea, I'm picky about the reds). I have been running PolyFilter in both tanks for a few weeks just to detect any over doses. Nothing. The one in the 40 had a piece sticking out of the water so I decided to do a little experiment with additives I have that contain copper. Front Left is MicroE (colorless) Center is ZeoSpur 2 (seriously!) Right size is AF Energy (orange food plus some copper) My goodness! Quick FTS
  5. Hi all, thanks for the great comments, much appreciated. I'm super busy for the next couple of weeks with my sons high school graduation and moving my mom into a retirement community. I should be able to relax and have some fun again after next week!
  6. My 40 gallon? Sure it does, my 40 is a complete mess.
  7. Yep, second big time.
  8. @braaap, not me.
  9. I just caught up with the latest batch of pics. WOW. And those acros look puffy and very healthy!
  10. 30Q

    Done yet? Which is also what she said.
  11. Sorry about the fish loss Kat.
  12. That's why I want to know PAR. T5 is magic sauce, so it may be super high or super low and everything still looks good. I want you to have low PAR, lesson being that many of us run our tanks way too bright, but I can't be sure. Hopefully you can find one locally, else maybe I'll let you borrow mine. Maybe.
  13. Did you ever test PAR in here?
  14. Everything looks fantastic Harry. How do you keep the frag plugs free of algae?
  15. .06 PO4, 1 to 2 to 20 nitrates. If LED only then increased nutrients even more important IMO. I was able to get color under Maxspect Razors but it does look better with T5's in the mix.