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  1. Congrats on 1 year. I think the tank looks great! Continued good luck with those damn dinos!
  2. Normally I spend less that 15 minutes fussing over the tank. It's usually spent coaxing the Foxface away from where I put in the flake food so I don;t get stung, he likes to be fed by hand. lol Scraping the glass might be 5 minutes as well. Mixing 2 part solution and cleaning the skimmer is about all that's left. The less time I spend the better the tank does. I will cut those branches off eventually, if I can get to them. Stylo skeleton is tough, very hard to cut. I left out another pic. The Hawkins Echinata, which can be sensitive about some things, really took off during this whole ordeal. Just goes to show how different acros will respond differently to the same conditions.
  3. The tank has turned the corner and growth is exploding again. Let me review how I think things happened and how I avoided and long term damage. PO4 measured .1 when I finally got around to testing. Had this been two years ago I would have freaked out and adde GFO, killing most of my SPS. THis time I simply started doing drops of PhosphateRx. 1 drop daily, or 2 drops every other day. I know it slowly reduces PO4 so no thinking required, and I know I can add it daily even if PO4 is low without doing any harm. Sure enough the acros started to regain health and now my healthy take indicator has gone on a bender. I don;t call this the crazy bird for nothing. :D Besides the purple stylo losing most of two lower branches my Lokani started to STN and the big Valida showed broken and patchy skin. This happened over 3 or 4 days when the Xenia had vanished but the daisy polyps where still disintegrating. I suspect PO4 rose rapidly along with who knows what else. I tested PO4 after the Lokani had lost some skin and started PhosphateRx a few days BEFORE I tested. I know, sorry for the lack of accurate tracking, but time is limited these days. Here's the Lokani. You can see the lower left of the base is a hard edge and is starting to grow back now. The lighter areas are where the skin died off. Here's damage (flashlight) to the Valida. It's already starting to heal but still looks pretty bad. Skin underneath is still healthy, only the skin near the tops looks to be effected. That's about all the visible damage ... fingers crossed this is over! The Slimer and Miami Orchid are battling to take over where the daisy polyps used to be. This green cap was a small mass of mostly brown nothing, covered in Daisy polyps. Good grief. Lokani frags never showed any stress. These are so cool looking. Superman Shrooms FTS.
  4. The tank is not 100% healthy, some acros showing stress, so a full battery of tests this morning. KH 6.7 - Alk usage on the increase. Calcium 450 - slightly overdosing Nitrate ~ 3 - No Xenia to consume nitrate Phosphate 33 - .1 PO4 - high as expected, but not horribly high. Doing daily dosing of PhosphateRx, 1 drop REAGENT EXPIRED PO4 might have been higher. Not too fussed with a powder expiring. Salinity 38. Lowering it back down.
  5. Hi Polar, thanks. Both in tank pumps stayed on as did the skimmer. The gyre regularly sucks in some air during the few seconds it runs at full speed so I don't think so? No idea though. Black cap temp range is 72 to 78, on the cooler side, so temp issue doesn't make sense. Happy to say the little wrasse is alive and well, so only the blenny is still missing.
  6. The basslet likes to live in darker areas, which I assume means colder as well. Very odd now that I think about it. If he was swirling lifelessly he might have been sucked into the MP10 and maybe that's what did it? Eyes were gone so death must have been hours before I found him.
  7. Argh. The HOB sump pump failed sometime Sunday night. This is the one glaring weakness, the heater and temp probe are in the sump. The real killer is I have an alarm set at 76 and it almost dropped that low due to lack of circulation near the heater, but not quite. I estimate the tank dropped to near 70. The basslet died, his big purple body stuck the the MP10. The Blenny is missing as is the little wrasse. The goby, tang, and Chromis survived and all the corals look unaffected. I reset the alarm to 77. Looking over the temp graphs this tank never dropped below 77.6 for months until 15 days ago when you can see what appears to be the pump quitting and then restarting. Phooey.
  8. Color is coming back. Every other day dosing of PhosphateRx seems to be helping. I stopped dosing NOPOX when the stylo lost a branch. The dieoff is, in my opinion, mostly over. What's left are dead pieces that flake off when touched. The skimmer is full of nearly black chunky goodness.
  9. It's an ugly mess, but the corals are all doing well and color has returned. I removed, and I wish I had a picture, a full half gallon of algae growing on the pumps and side walls. This tank creates its own export system. :)
  10. This tank is a real beauty! I missed the January update so was catching up.
  11. Nothing new to report. The Purple Stylo had 3 lower branches RTN but seems to be stable. Some browning here and there, but not consistent and seems to be improving. The skimmer STUNK and was full of chunky goodness. Emptied 3 times so far. I am dosing 5ml NOPOX every 3 days and 2 drops of PhosphateRx every other day. Glass gets algae 6 hours after cleaning so the in tank nutrient load is pretty high. Nitrate still tests near 0, and I am not testing PO4 but I assume it's raised a bit. Clowns delayed eggs laying by a week but now have a smaller than normal batch in the typical location.
  12. Oh man, some beautiful pics. Video is iffy but good enough to see the coral. My OP is just a little nub, but one of the reasons I finally bought a newer higher end acro is because people have grow this one out. You never see larger pictures of some of the "new must haves". I use Vegas PRO 15 for video. Not as good as Premier but then I don't have to pay every month for it. PC (Windows) required. We have the same UPS. I have mine set to run some key pumps when the power fails. About 1.5 hours of backup power. Our last big power failure I had to break out the generator to keep things alive. You know what would really help is a video of you trimming the tank. :D You have more acros than I do in a smaller tank because of trimming and placement skills.
  13. Purple Stylo lost a lower branch. It never loses branches. This morning it was completely gone but it appears the part nearest the base is in the same place. This was covered in Xenia last week. I hate coincidences. KH 7.2 Orange passion Vivid Rainbow
  14. They are doing well, thankfully. A xenia stalk had grown right on top of them and it withered away without any damage to the shrooms. 5 of them now. :)
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