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  1. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Thanks Kat. 55 years young. need to get me one of those AARP cards and start demanding senior citizens discounts. :) Thanks! I always have a few frags here and there. Later July might be an option, just yell. Thanks Dave.
  2. markalot

    Clownfish acts weird when Lights are on

    My clownfish are corner egg layers, no coral (or a giant BTA) interests them. The bigger one is the female and she's probably at the stage where she's looking for where to lay eggs. This lasted months for me until the egg laying finally happened. Now mama clown is all over the tank while the male is the guardian of the spot.
  3. markalot

    Sps or lps

    Why bother with the designation? :) For me, it does better in my 40 gallon and hates too much light. Mine has gotten to the point where it feeds almost constantly with sweepers about an inch long.
  4. markalot

    Duncan coral opening and closing

    Picture would help but as long as they are opening and closing I think they are fairly healthy. If in a bright spot try moving to a slightly more shaded spot if it keeps up. Duncans are very active corals and will try to eat just about anything.
  5. markalot

    Montipora white spots

    The pic is blurry but I think it looks ok. Since you are still using API kits I'm going to assume you are fairly new to reefing so let's go over a few things to prevent heartache down the road. Be very careful chasing Phosphates, lowering them too fast can outright kill and high Phosphates are more of a nuisance (algae) than a killer. Keep your KH stable, though montis can tolerate small swings. Don't sweat Nitrates too much unless they get over 20. Again, mostly an algae issue but in a small tank algae can be a big issue and most here are much less tolerant than I am when it comes to tank algae and looks. :) As far as monti eating nudis are concerned, they tend to group up and dead patches grow as they eat the coral skin. Random white spots are wither growth, bleaching from to much light, or coral stress and skin loss due to unstable water params. Good luck!
  6. markalot

    Alkalinity depleted over hours!!!!

    Yea, I agree, I was careless with the response. I would go Kalk only because it should be more than enough for this tank, but all the advice is good IMO.
  7. markalot

    Alkalinity depleted over hours!!!!

    I dose Kalk as as well in both my tanks, it's a nice money saver. You cannot get a reliable test after dosing, Alk will appear artificially high for 15 to 30 minutes. Always test at the same time each day, prior to any dosing. Test again the next day. Even if it's super low be sore not to add too much at the same time. In addition, never add just one part of 2 part, always add both parts, at different times, in different locations if possible. Base all dosing on the Alk test. I rarely test for calcium, as long as Kalk and two part are used (same dose both parts) it won't fall too low or get too high. One question though. In the pictures above one tank has an acro in it. Who's tank is that?
  8. markalot

    Mark's Nanobox Powered 40B

    Fathers Day / Birthday gift to myself ... Nikkor 10-20mm wide angle lense. Really good contrast, so much better than the kit lens.
  9. markalot

    BRS 2 Part not really 'cheaper'?

    Yea, that's a starter kit with all 3 ingredients plus gallon jugs, plus manual dosers. Their web page search is horrible, I had to go from an old order to find stuff.
  10. markalot

    Alkalinity dropping too much.

    If you are dosing different amounts of 2 part then you have your answer. Always dose equal amounts based on Alk usage. To expand on this. Adding Alk drops Calcium, adding calcium drops Alk. Both will vary from hour to hour so testing at the same time every day is critical, prior to any dosing. You can easily start precipitating Alk if Mg is too low, of if you add it too soon after or too near the calcium dose, or if you are adding more of one than the other and the water balance is off. If you've been doing uneven dosing for a while then this may explain the tanks problems. I would reset with a large water change and then not do any dosing, just testing Alk, at the same time every day for a few days to get an idea of usage. I test calcium maybe once a month, it's always low based on someones idea of 'balanced' Alk and Calcium. It doesn't need to be corrected. My 40, with SPS, for reference, uses 1.5 KH a day, which is just horribly stupid. I should have a softie tank! It's currently at 5.5KH because I hand dose two part when I feel like it. During the low points growth stalls but for the most part there are no adverse reactions from the corals I have in here. I do lose some green on my green cap if it stays too low too long.
  11. markalot

    BRS 2 Part not really 'cheaper'?

    Price on the BRS stuff is wrong. It's < $7 to make one gallon of the BRS Alk (Soda Ash), same for Calcium. This is what I buy for my 150 (I use the 5 packs). https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/1-gallon-mix-soda-ash-bulk-reef-supply.html https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/1-gallon-mix-calcium-chloride-bulk-reef-supply.html You will also need to adjust Mg from time to time unless doing regular water changes. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/magnesium-mix-for-general-adjustments-bulk-reef-supply.html
  12. markalot

    Sharbuckles 40

    Tanks is looking fantastic. Nice to see some shrooms getting attention.
  13. markalot

    Gena's IM Nuvo Fusion 10

    I had my follow preferences screwed up and wasn't receiving notifications for a bunch of tanks. :( I am glad to see the blue trumpet takeover. Wait, Connecticut what? Need to catch up.
  14. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Thanks Sully. :)
  15. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    5pm 7.6kh