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  1. Yea, not sure you have any good options. I only have one 3 channel controllable 36" BML strip and it's the one I want to keep, the others are old style dimmable and you're stuck with the color it produces, which is not good IMO. My 72" strip is controllable and I run it over the 150 to provide extra blue. How about a single T5HO strip? Ballast is crap, I think Ben told me this, but I'm sue it would work.
  2. Yep. That spot is near 500. I might gave fried it and didn't frag soon enough.
  3. Yep. I also like to make fun of our tendency to think everything is fine because it's fine. Everything is always fine, right up until it isn't. With acros it's much worse because they tend to look fine well past an incident that killed them, and then die in spectacular fashion, leading the reefer to believe it's something they recently changed, leading to more changes, leading to more spectacular deaths. Been there, done that. I'm a serial killer.
  4. The small Cousin It frag imploded yesterday evening and it looks like the colony will soon follow. Who knows what exactly happened but I suspect it's been a zombie for a while. RIP. This opens up a spot up high, maybe I'll put one of those brown ones up there and see what cooking under 500 PAR does to it.
  5. Well, be careful. I think it was JBNY over on RC talking about tanks going into year 2 and how it seems nothing can go wrong. What I was trying to say above is it seems like you do have a good eye for SPS, I'm not sure I do and rely more on testing than I should. Kind of like a gardener who seems to have a green thumb and can do no wrong.
  6. So I looked at the bathroom remodel and all I thought of was turning the shower into a giant fish tank. Talk about a dropoff.
  7. I think it's enough coverage, especially if you are going to keep lower light loving corals on the edge. I had more coverage due to the fact I tried and failed to keep acros in here but I'm over that and now all the other corals, including the other SPS, are doing great.
  8. I have removed all lighting except the Nanobox quad. Every time I would turn down the intensity of the BML strips positive results followed. I'm not sure if it's the LED combo or, most likely, the fact that sitting on the tank is just too close to properly blend. The BML fixtures are supposed to be designed to sit on the tank top ... who knows. I may hang it behind the quad for a little better coverage but only after seeing how the tank responds to having only the quad overhead. Next to the 150 this tank looks damn dark, but inside the tank the corals react as if it's plenty bright enough. I should take a photo of the two to see if it's really dark or just my eyes seeing it as dark.
  9. Things still going ok, no new pictures yet. I found a little anemone like beasty hanging on to the Lokani via 3 or 4 tendrals. Looked kind of like a very small bleached shroom ... removed flesh where it attached. I dispatched with prejudice. I've gotten KH very close to 7 via Kalk plus 30ml per day 2 part. I am not believing the low PO4 tests, the tank is behaving like there is more so I've increased PhosphateRx drops to 4 a day and will go to 5 after a week. Replaced all T5 bulbs (2 blue+, 2 coral+) and raised fixture an inch.
  10. Nice looking setup, I found this from your Magnesium thread. I would get the salifert Mg test and test once a month to make sure Mg is staying around 1300 to 1400. I'm horrible about not testing and throwing in Mg crustals into the sump from time to time. Keeps mine around 1300.
  11. Yea, I like your no chemical approach and it seems like you have a good eye for how the SPS are doing. Good to hear ti has growth anyway, that's a big first step.
  12. I think it will slowly recover color. When I have shrooms die they shrivel up to nothing and melt away. I suspect the light, many fixed LED fixtures have too much white light compared to the blue. Cutting to 7 hours might work, or raising the fixture or somehow shading to reduce the light a bit.
  13. Acros love interceptor, everything looked better when I added it. Hopefully you kill the little buggers.
  14. Did I miss the picture of the Katropora growing? Things look good! Anything for PO4 control other than not feeding very much?
  15. This is awesome Chris, thanks. I set one up to show all new posts in all forums except that one place I avoid. Follows are back, looks like everything is back to working perfectly. Great job!