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  1. markalot


    Belated congrats, very nice tank!
  2. markalot

    Katropora Owners Thread

    Katropora frags under 100 to 125 PAR. Scraggly but colored up quite well. I can't fit the original in a picture anymore. Here's the front half.
  3. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Added the first new acro in almost a year. 15 minute dip in 25% Bayer followed by 5 rinses, scraping with a scalpel, and superglue around parts of the base that I didn't like. This is a Cali Tort, another funky staghorn like coral. I had one a long time back. What dip? Brownie is getting another chance. This one never colored up and has lived in the sump for a year. Rugged beast, though it has receded significantly while down there under a cheap LED strip. Can I color it up this time? The larger frag of my beloved Lokani Frags #3 and #4 of the Katropora. 100 and 125 PAR over here and look at it. Crazy bird, going everywhere, likes to really color up in lower light. Rainbow Acan finally recovering. Really suffered under low calcium, more so than the acros. This started to die off prior to me losing the pretty red and yellow acro but I ignored it, thinking it was a food issue. Finally, my Superman shrooms are reproducing. Dream tank would be acros up top, these everywhere else. Done!
  4. markalot

    Arce's Tank

    I'm having fun with a planted, a lot less to deal with than a reef tank.
  5. markalot

    Mark's Nanobox Powered 40B (and planted 29G)

    Still running. I had a nutrient explosion at some point and the algae was epic. E P I C. I think the urchin died as I haven't seen it in a while. Nothing slowed down, if anything growth has been faster. Xenia is on the move again and I'm going to have to deal with it so I suspect it's time for some changes. I must get rid of the SPS in here, this is just silly, dosing two tanks. The spongodes is growing into the front glass, the bird is being the bird, and the caps are trying to cover everything. I need a softie / LPS tank and this should be it. It usually takes me a month or so once I get an idea to actually do something. :D The blue digitata looks quite nice, and a small piece looks even nicer in the 150 but I never gave it a permanent spot to grow. 2019, or the end of 2018, is going to feature a LOT of trimming. Did I mention the aptasia problem? EVERYWHERE. I have considered numerous options, including catching Fred and moving him to the 150 where I think he will be fine ... but he'd probably eat the cleaner shrimp, or at least try. The fat bastard. I have no issue trying to kill or smushing the aptasia, as long as a peppermint is alive in the tank as they can take care of small aptasia fairly easily. We'll see what happens.
  6. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Thanks Dawn, I paid a lot of money to grow that beast :) I don't miss it, but it's rapidly coming back from the base. Going to be a constant battle to keep it trimmed small. :) Top downs, Horrida Lokani Horrida is on the left, Red cap in back and Setosa in the middle, now free of the slimer shade. I placed a branch of Miami Orchid in back to compete with the slimer. This little red unknown is coming back strong. Unique Corals misnamed unknown. Not what I bought but it survived the crash and there it is. The not so little anymore mystery acro. It's starting to grow more like the Katropora, just a different set of colors. Since fixing the calcium issue the Red Robin has actually stayed red. I can't think of anything else I've changed except possibly the daily dosing of Pohls Extra super duper special.
  7. markalot

    Arce's Tank

    Ah ha. :)
  8. markalot

    Arce's Tank

    Glad to hear things are doing well, hope the curve ball isn't too bad!
  9. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    That's a mere 430 ml of Calcium, all added at once. Had to use the big mixing cup. It appears that doser head is the issue, and since I replaced the head assembly it must be the motor. I have my secondary unit hooked up (adds 4 extra pumps) so I'll be switching it over to one of those.
  10. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    kh 6.1 calcium 355 mg 1340
  11. markalot

    Choosing T5 bulbs for Nanobox Hybrid

    Just flake food and pellets, though I have BRS Reef Chilli that I try to feed every weekend but I think it's been a month. I had some skimmer overflow issues and am now skimming extremely dry so there's plenty of goodies in the water. Old messy tank is just easier.
  12. markalot

    Choosing T5 bulbs for Nanobox Hybrid

    The only issue I've had with montis under higher par is they tend to pale if I reduce feeding, while the acros do better. lol My purple cap weed, though, is much more purple under 300+ so they will vary greatly IMO.
  13. markalot

    Choosing T5 bulbs for Nanobox Hybrid

    Between 200 and 350. 300 seems to be the sweet spot, even for millis, but of course it depends on numerous factors including feeding.
  14. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Hi Polar, thanks. He's a Midas. I'm using 5 drops of Pohls Extra Special daily. I keep forgetting to mention it and I think you had good results with it as well. That and the occasional MicroE dose is all I add now.