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  1. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Good. Give me an @markalot when you start the thread so I can follow.
  2. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Hey, thanks, nice to see you. Is your 75G still running?
  3. markalot

    Mounting corals to back wall

    From unfortunate experience, Mushrooms will slowly adapt to any light and take over, slowly killing everything, including encroaching on hammers, frogs, torches, and killing them. I think shrooms on the back wall would look great, but the damn things tend to go where they want to go.
  4. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    My T5's are only on for 5 hours, daylight for the LED's is 7 hours with a 30 minute ramp added on each side. Total light cycle is 12 hours including 30 minute ramps. With LED only I think 5 is perfect,
  5. markalot

    Mounting corals to back wall

    I used these, they worked great for a year and the magnets are still fine but the corals got too heavy for them. :) Still, I like the idea, even if it might not be a permanent solution.
  6. markalot

    Changing salt brands

    I agree with Weikel. Not sure what SPS you have but if they are acros you are heading for some heartache if you go switching salts and making Alk unstable. You have discovered though, as I did, that low Alk works a lot better than high alk when it comes to SPS. They will do better and grow faster if you can keep it around 7 but 6 won't kill. Jumping from 6 to 7 will probably be ok as well but if you switch to coral pro you will most likely spike Alk too high and do damage. I really dislike coral pro, it's damn dangerous for some tanks. You can use it like dosing to keep params stable but it's hard to know how much to use and how often, dosing is a lot easier to calculate using calculators like this one: http://reef.diesyst.com/chemcalc/chemcalc.html Looking at recent pictures of your tank I'm a bit surprised Alk usage is so high. Are you positive you're measuring correctly? Good luck, make changes slowly. :)
  7. markalot

    What's the purple coral I have?

    Yea, I've seen it called Octospawn due to the extra pads on the tentacles. Very nice, and looks very happy.
  8. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Thanks. Combo for the last 2 years is 2 blue+, 2 coral+. I run all channels full except white which is off. I have Lime and white, this was before Lime came out. On my 40 I run All channels full (MINT, no white channel and an extra blue channel). Mint is the closest to T5 like white I've seen.
  9. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    I've only done the one test. A few more pics, some things I rarely take pictures of. On the left side is my Birdsnest pile. All of them get along with each other so this is a good way to keep them around. The latest on the pile is the pink bird from the 40. It hated being moved and browned out almost immediately but within a couple of weeks colored back up and now has white growth tips all over. Bottom left is the other pink mili frag. It needs a lot more light and while alive is not happy. I have no space for it and no good plans on what to do with it at the moment. Upper left is one of my two Katropora frags. 120 PAR and growing like crazy. All those new branches are only a week or so old, post calcium fix. Direct view of the frags. Look how the crazy one on the left had decided to build a base to block out the Orchid Stylo frag behind it. Katropora does well just about anywhere. Palmer Blue Milli, way up top, valida on the left, Katropora on the right. There is some good blue on some tips but it's mostly still tan with blue/green polyps. Maybe an improvement? Maybe it will color up now that calcium is fixed? Maybe it just hates this tank. Blue tip stag. Grows as fast as the slimer but not as thick. Striking blue tips, deep green polyps and base is deep green with bright tan to nearly white skin in places. Bird of Paradise, which is also branching like mad. Yea, these colors are accurate. Yuck! LOL To the left is an Undata which has no issue whatsoever chasing Xenia off it's rock. I have to take care of the Xenia on the remains of the Duncan before I lose the last head. Damn Xenia.
  10. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    I am but the doser is not super accurate and I got lazy. I noticed the containers emptying at different rates months ago, tested, it was ok, adjusted the CA doser to dose more and it worked for a while but a few times it didn't and I did not test to make sure. Stupid stupid on my part. When adjusting things it's easy to forget how much of what got dosed and when. I suspect I corrected Alk a few times without properly dosing Calcium as well. A simple 3 minute test weekly, or hell even monthly, would have prevented everything.
  11. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Thanks Yoshii :) So I saved this next one from assault by both the slimer and the purple stylo. Talk about putting a coral in the wrong spot! This is either a piece of my red brick or a Red Planet look alike. It's a piece that broke off and landed in the sandbed during my crash a year or so ago and, as these darn things tend to do, survived until I found it. The best red I have at the moment, with red polyps. No yellow, unfortunately. I almost lost this with the low calcium accident but thankfully it's made a strong comeback. The Red Robin is a bit better red this week. It won't last long. This is the tabling like acro that has the cool mint green plus purple blush. Also note growth on the green acro above it. It completely browned with the low calcium, then came roaring back once corrected. Unfortunately it's pretty much just green. I have enough green. :D
  12. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    You are in special interests, large reefs section of the nano reef site. You're welcome to check out my 40 gallon, kiddo. :D
  13. markalot

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Boss Magnet is strong enough to remove 99% of the glass algae. Yay! The current tank condition can be summed up with two words. Growth Tips. Oh, and I'm most happy that I finally caught the coral beauty in a position that shows off the stripes. lol
  14. markalot

    Issue with rr gold nugget monti

    Parameters stable? KH, Calcium? Slow acro death usually indicates unstable KH on the low side, where rapid death is usually unstable on the high side. It might also be lack of nutrients in the water or not enough light. If the dead area on the monti is in a line and expanding it may be nudis. Iodine dip might have killed the adults but eggs can survive.