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Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

Christopher Marks

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my biotope nominations:

jamie's 16 gallon coldwater


weta's rocky shore biotope (paludarium)


slcw's non-photosynthetic tank

EDIT: slcw's tank dimensions (48x24x15) indicate a 75 gallon tank.


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It is too frickin late. U had ur chance. Haha jk

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January is coming soon, it's been in the works all week! Thanks for the new nominations everyone, it's going to be a great year!

Surely this tank has already been nominated???? If not, than it's my pleasure to be the first to do so. Mr. Microscope's 25g Cube!!!! It's coming up on a year old...keep it on your radar :)



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Can we nominate a tank that is not currently up? Jamie's Temperate tank! We need a biotope up there. His tank, like mine, was easily years old.

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Christopher Marks

Nominated aquariums need to be currently running. An unfortunate reality of featuring only one great nano reef a month is that some great queued up aquariums get taken down, are moved to different aquariums, crash, get sold off, have parameter/pest difficulties, etc.


On that note, the best way for your own aquarium to be a featured aquarium candidate is to maintain your aquarium topic in the members aquarium forum with current status updates and full tank shots.

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