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Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

Christopher Marks

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7 hours ago, Christopher Marks said:

I didn't want to let everyone down, like I have now.

You're way too hard on yourself.  It's a much bigger task than most people realize.


7 hours ago, Christopher Marks said:

I really like your template idea too @seabass, you nearly have it already. Simplifying things some is wise

It could benefit from your knowledge of past articles.  I just skimmed through the last featured tank, and based the template loosely on that.  I typically don't read the featured tank articles, so there are probably key elements which I have missed. 


7 hours ago, Christopher Marks said:

I've always tried to coach everyone through the process as best I can. I would try to request and encourage certain photos, and sometimes ask for extra photos or clarifying details to add to their writeup, to help tell a whole story about their tank as it progressed along.

From what I've seen, your work showed.  I feel like having someone else do this would lessen the end product.  But maybe something is better than nothing in this case.


If we go ahead with another editor, maybe we could use one of your messages which invites a member to share their story as a featured tank, and the basic instructions on what to include.


That said, if we could have you, Chris, make some changes to make it easier on yourself (like quarterly features, a more turnkey method, and maybe with a little less hand holding), you are still the perfect person for the job.


However, I realize that's still a big ask.  Maybe you could still select the tanks to be featured quarterly, and jservedio edits the pics and the text provided.  I'd be willing to step up in a pinch (as an editor) as well; although I'm not much of a hand holder.


7 hours ago, Christopher Marks said:

You have it exactly right! It can take considerable time to catch up on dozens of different journals, to see who might be a good candidate for being featured. Looking for semi-recent journal updates with good photos, as well as making sure they've logged in lately too...

This is a prime example of why I couldn't do this.  I don't read most of the tank journals.  And the ones that I follow are primarily threads that I've made a previous comment in for whatever reason.  It normally involves some rough skimming (not reading).


Plus, there are still a couple of reef articles that I said I'd do, which I haven't done yet (but still plan on writing).  I personally can't imagine myself committing to featured tank articles on a regular basis; but I respect the efforts which have been made to bring them to our community in the past (and the desire to keep the tradition alive going forward).

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I truly hope TOTM returns. It's one of the main things on this site that I used to look forward to every month. The work behind the scenes is a *lot though, and understandably strenuous. If there is a way for this feature to make a comeback, I wouldn't mind it being a quarterly/seasonal thing. :happy:


Take care, @Christopher Marks - regardless of whether you choose to bring or not bring TOTM back again, you still have my deepest respect for your effort, dedication and grit to manage such an incredible site packed with knowledge. 🌺

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How much work was the POTM? Might be easier taking smaller steps if someone wants to step in and help? 


Those were fun too with different themes 

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ECLS Reefer
8 hours ago, Ratvan said:

How much work was the POTM? Might be easier taking smaller steps if someone wants to step in and help? 


Those were fun too with different themes 

I think he gave that contest up because Marine Depot got bought out, and BRS isn’t so giving with the free stuff.

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I haven’t visited the site very often at all since TOTM went away. I feel like it was the main draw to the site and helps with motivation, as we all go on autopilot slumps with reef tanks. It’s definitely helpful and inspiring to have TOTM. I hope we can figure out a way to get it back. 

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