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  1. Thanks Chris. Yes they crowded out some zoanthids so I moved them to the back and back wall. I will get a room shot for you!
  2. This one is kind of blue. But I want a baby blue one. I still remember your buddy that called you Ennis
  3. Ennis great to see you back man! You started the maxi mini craze around here! You sure had some nice ones. Look forward to seeing what you do with a new tank.
  4. Always nice when your favorite light gives you a shoutout.
  5. Did you know whe have the same haircut ???
  6. Great information nice write up buddy!
  7. The Maxi collection has grown 😛
  8. Or even #1 larger in the center of the shirt.
  9. #2 and have you thought about enlarging the logo so it takes up the majority of the front across the pecs? I feel the smaller font over the left pec is so generic and everyone does it across the board in all industries. Just my 2 cents.
  10. I adjust the color to crisp them up to what I see under high blue from the Prime. You have to adjust or edit your photos a little or they will look like garbage under blues. This is a untouched photo right from my iphone.