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  1. Happens to me as well. I like big booty porn BTW.
  2. Delete

  3. We had a corded remote in the beginning!
  4. Sold

  5. Hell no! All depends on the types of wood you use them on. Just buy a Harbor Freight electric chain sharpener for 50 bucks and call it a day. Mine has lasted 5-6 years so far and it sharpens 10-20 chains a year. Your house is awesome!
  6. 300k for 1600 sq ft lmfao. 300k here gets you about 4000 sq ft west coast idiots I tell ya
  7. So they will run the entire house or somethings or? Works been hell the last week. It rains everyday and overcast. The lawns are saturated. Everyone gets mud stripes grass is growing a inch + a day so they have to get cut.
  8. Beats me never heard of that. It's over the counter and you don't have to show your drivers license to buy it.
  9. Xzyal is my go to 100%. Works better than Benadryl with no dead ass tired feel. I take them a few times a week when working in weeds.
  10. buddythelion

    Congratulations D such a awesome tank.
  11. Starting My new nano tank panorama60

    Welcome back I remember your last tank.