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  1. I know this bowl 🙂 congrats!!!
  2. Thanks Chris. Switched it up to 4 gallons on Wednesday and 4 gallons on Sunday. They daily was hard since I went back to work. Thanks Shane. How are your tanks doing over at the Frenchie farm
  3. Little update on the IM 10. It’s plugging right along!
  4. If you were rich like @jedimasterben you could have a human dosing pump
  5. Thanks and hi Maria Thanks. Feel free to ask away or send me a message happy to help!
  6. I was basically wanting to know your definition to clean so I knew if I had any for you. Sorry that someone else decided to answer a question for you. Sorry to derail your thread also. 😂🤣
  7. I asked the OP a question pretty sure I never rang your bell or asked you a question. Carry on you’re not needed here!
  8. It’s quite obvious you are a dick and need to check your attitude at the door plenty of people have noticed your attitude! I was curious if they ment clean as in no pods.
  9. What is “clean” cheato?
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