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  1. Snowing here and 26 degrees mehhhh
  2. I would be walking right the #### in to that school. Schools don’t take that lightly anymore. I had a friend who’s daughter commited suicide from being bullied shut that shit down buddy!
  3. I just joined FB who wants to be my friend???
  4. Yea pitfull my wife decided to cheat on me for 8 months after 23 years together so that’s all I have room for 😒
  5. I had great luck with the purple feather and sea rod. They lasted 2 years before I traded them off.
  6. No that’s long gone and 2 tanks ago. I just have a IM 10 now.
  7. I remove the rock and pick it off with a tooth pick. Or if I can’t remove the rock I remove it with a tooth pick while syphoning the water.
  8. Here’s a question why you using aiptasia x lol
  9. Opps Thought that was for me 😢