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  1. No I wear that on a necklace silly!!! Spring has been crazy rains all the time and grass grows a inch a day. But no complaints the mortgage is getting paid.
  2. New tattoo consultation tomorrow
  3. Sure Kimber could!
  4. You aren't the guy with those weird big toes in all the pictures? Jack did you move to Indiana?
  5. You must have it mixed up with your sex life!
  6. Just relaxing watching tv. What's good and new with you?
  7. I ####ing need that!
  8. Pitch black here!! I had a customer who mowed her yard in flip flops. She ran over a coat hanger it flipped it out and 3 inches of the coat hanger went under her big toenail and up her toe.
  9. Everyone in bed already
  10. Was it a brown lizard?