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  1. Who is Grey Oatmeal lol? Mine are 3500 here in Indianapolis
  2. Keep your ass out there! Golfball makes the glass blow back?
  3. Anyone else ever seen a tank blow out like this? Or leave glass inside?
  4. New IM EXT announced

    Still doesn’t compare to the Red Sea Reefer IMO.
  5. For anyone looking for that special gun loving church going racist here you go https://trump.dating/
  6. Reefer 170 Build

    Take some pictures and post them. Not sure you can change the bulkheads on the reefers. IMO it’s going to be hard to find the pieces aftermarket because the plumbing screws on. Might be better to contact Red Sea and buy it from them.
  7. Did your most recent post get deleted from Fakeboyreef?
  8. This thread just turned 6 years old on the 5th. I think you should all send me 10 dollars so I can celebrate!
  9. Pfft a third grader could do your job you call that skill!?!?!
  10. Exactly!!! If you mess up my truck accidents happen. If you hurt me you will pay for my medical bills and lost wages. You hurt me out of stupidity or while texting I will sue you for everything I can get!
  11. Then they turn off all communication and won’t speak to you. You have to then go thru their attorney. Those insurance companies have deep pockets. I dealt with them for 11 months on a slip and fall accident years ago. Ever been sued for a million dollars I have for personal injury and my policy was 2 million and covered 250k for personal injury. Talk about a stressful 11 months of my life and my pops died during that time too. Long story short it’s easier to try and deal with them than be a StinkyBunny