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Shared on IG but I made some recent upgrades 🙂 


Proud of my two weekend projects! Built a Red Sea net cover and then did some doser maintenance and set up my EasySPS EVO gel dosing line!

Now I can automatically dose plankton suspension twice a day (~1mL each time) with my return pump programmed to pause for 30 mins during these feedings. No more Brightwell NeoPhos/NeoNitro, which I'm hoping will reduce my algae.


Also got a flasher wrasse, a sailfin blenny, five cerith snails and five nerite snails. Hoping the three fish and EvoGel will be the best combination of natural food for the corals.




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Ca: 500 (1.9mL --> 1.5mL *6 /day) 

KH: 8.6

PO4: 0.00

NO3: 3


Top pic is from 2/16, showing algae before I did a cleaning.

Bottom pic is from yesterday, a week after the last WC/cleaning. 


In other words, the algae hasn't grown back! I stopped dosing the Brightwell products, added two fish (lawnmower blenny and flasher wrasse), and some snails.


I think eliminating NeoNitro/NeoPhos was the biggest difference maker. Nutrients instead coming from the fish and EasySPS dosing. 



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Tank is doing the best it's done in a year! (before last summer's move) 


3/7/23 (before WC)

Ca: 490 (1.5mL *6 /day) 

KH: 9.0 (6x5mL --> 6x4.4mL /day)

PO4: 0.02

NO3: 1-3


I dose the EVO EasySPS gel twice a day (1mL midnight and 1mL noon). I'm about to be gone for a week so I'm going to increase this to (2mL and 2mL) since less flake food will going in the tank. 


The SPS gel has been a great improvement IMO to the Brightwell products. 


My orange anacropora is perhaps the best visual indication. It's darkened up nicely. 


I was dosing NeoPhos and NeoNitro into the tank and I think it was fostering this hair algae that just sucked up the NeoPhos. Giving me crap on the rocks and 0.00 readings. 


This gel food (which I used in the past) isn't growing any algae and my phosphates are finally off that 0.00 floor! With corals like the anacropora confirming this. 


The 2x MP10's, flasher wrasse and lawnmower blenny have also all been nice additions. Naturally raising nutrients and the blenny eating (strictly) algae. 


Seeing an uptick in coralline growth as well. Will post pics after my trip. 



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Nice build. Congrats on surviving the move!

I have a Red Sea 170 that I am going to revive soon. We moved from California to North Carolina in 2018.

I am checking out 170 builds for inspiration.


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Ca: 490          (1.5mL *6 /day) 

KH: 8.8           (6x4.4mL /day)

PO4: 0.00

NO3: 1

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