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Found 8 results

  1. Tank: RS Reefer 170 (~43g total) - Started 8/23/20 Lighting: GHL Mitras in 24" AL Hybrid Fixture Dosing: GHL Doser 2.1 Skimmer: Coral Box D300+ from Reefbreeders Circulation: 2x RS-M from Reefbreeders Return: Platinum DC Blue 800 Heater: 150w Jager w/Cobalt controller Supplements: BRS Two-Part + KZ Trace Elements Salt: RS Blue Bucket Rock: Tropic Eden Supreme Tonga Branches (10-12lbs) with AquaMaxx Reef Welder (Purple) Sand: CaribSea Fiji Pink (20lbs) Fish: 2x Banghai Cards, Neon Goby, Cherub Angelfish Supporters (go check them out!): Reefbreeders + GHL USA Not on the forums much or just want pictures? Follow the tank on Instagram here! Water Change Counter: 3 Status: I've lost some frags while a couple are slowly growing (Triton results on page 3, unclear on the root cause, leaving tank for two weeks during xmas) -12/16 Premium Aquatics really hooked me up with nice tonga branches. I think the Tropic Eden rock is well worth the money and likely an underrated product! Inspiring tanks...
  2. Finally received my new crocea clam from live aquaria today..... ordered some snails and green water also but unfortunately only 2 of the 6 snails had snails in them, the other 4 are just empty shells πŸ˜–. I also ordered a court jester goby but that has been delayed due to weather conditions according to LA, hopefully things clear up soon so they can ship it out to me. The clam seems pretty healthy from what I can tell, this is my first one and it opened up within minutes of adding it to the tank.
  3. Hello all, As I discussed on my last post on the thread for my fluvial eve 13.5 the time has come for me to upgrade to a larger tank and I have purchased myself a Red Sea Reefer 170 which I collected from my local fish shop yesterday, so this thread will follow the setting up of this tank, the transfer of fish, corals and live rock and future development of the tank. I decided to upgrade / replace a lot of the kit I have so will be using the following Tank - Red Sea Reefer 170 Light - Red Sea Reef LED 90 (part of the deluxe package with the tank and light mount) ATO - will try with the Red Sea one in the box and see how it goes return pump - TMC reef pump 6000 - overspec'd so I can add reactors in the future if I feel the need wave pumps - 2 x TMC reef tide 6000 dosing pump - D-D H2Ocean P4 a heater... can't remember which one off the top of my head and yet to by purchased skimmer which will be a reef octopus 110-s As my living room currently looks like a fish shop I am hoping to get this set up sooner rather than later so we can get the house back to looking nice, and as the new tank is going to go in the same place as my current tank I'm going to need to do the transfer in one day but I have a few things to do before then. Firstly I am planning on adding a baffle in the sump splitting the skimmer section in half to give myself a refugium section so I have ordered myself some 5mm acrylic sheet to do that with, it won't be all that big but should help with nutrient export and also as a home for some pod's as one of the little dragonet's is on my dream fish list so I was to see if I can maintain a pod population. The tank is going to be bare bottom with something similar to my current scape on one side on the tank, and I want to get some more rocks for the other side of the scape ideally something much taller to help fill more of the tank's height to allow somewhere for me to try some more SPS. The plan is to get the stand built tomorrow evening, pick up the skimmer, rocks and all the salt water I need on Saturday as well as a big plastic box to hold my current livestock, rocks and life-support during the move. This will allow me to get the tank set up and full on Sunday. Things like the dosing pump will be added later once things are are set up properly. If anyone has any advice for me please let me know, or if not please just follow along for the journey.
  4. Some of you guys may recognize my old build thread, and remember that I was contemplating changing my system to a Reefer 170. I ended up going a different route, settling on a Ultum Nature Systems 60U. I've spent the past few weeks assembling a stand, building a new sump (with a frag compartment), and figuring out how to incorporate a doser system into my tank. I unfortunately suffered some coral STN/die-off after a huge bacterial bloom halfway into working on my new stand, but fortunately the bloom resolved and the corals are slowly recovering. Accidentally broke Mame, picked up ELOS MIDI as current tank. Stand: (45Lx24Wx30H) Assembled from 2x Ikea SEKTION Cabinets (Veddinge White) with Birch-White Washed Butcher Block Tank: Ultum Nature System 60U (~24x14x14) with frosted background ELOS MIDI Flow: -2 MP10s on Long Pulse Mode Sump: Repurposed Mr. Aqua 11.4G -Ice-Cap K250 -Sicce 2.0 Return Pump -Innovative Marine Desktop Reactor (80ml Carbon) -Tunze Nano ATO Frag Tank: De-rimmed 6Gallon Fluval Edge -El cheapo return pump and powerhead Lighting: -ATI 4x24W Powermodule: 2C+, 1B+, 1 Giesemann Super Purple -Nanobox Duo for Frag Tank (100% Blue, 33% White) -Nanobox Mini for Chaeto/Refugium (100% Blue, 30% White) Dosing: -Marine Magic Doser CoralBox Wifi Doser with Aquaforest Component 1, 2, 3 Tank: Reefer 170 Sump: Reefer 170 Sump Flow: 4 MP10s Filtration: Ice-Cap K250 Skimmer: Only on 8 hours a day Skimz Chaeto Reactor MBR127: 12 hour photoperiod Purigen Bag - Passive Filtration Live Rock Seachem Matrix Rubble Lighting: Nanobox-ATI Hybrid. 4x T5 bulbs and 4x NBR Arrays Doser: Coralbox Wifi 4 Headed Doser with the following liquids dosed throughout the day ATI Essentials Pro 1 & 2 EasyBooster Phyto NYOS Goldpods and NYOS Chromys Maintenance: Thanks to the NYOS Goldpods and NYOS Chromys, I no longer manually feed my tank. I've been autofeeding the tank with calanus and mysis for the past 3 months without issue. My main maintenance is to clean off the glass (every 1-2 days), empty the skimmer cup (every 1-2 weeks) and trim chaeto (every month or so). Otherwise, I just have to refill the ATO and replace the dosing solutions when they get low. The system is super low maintenance. Without further ado, here are the pictures: 5/11/2019 3/13/2018 1/21/2018 11/25/2017 Untitled by Xiaoxi Yang, on Flickr 11/8/2017 10/29/2017 Untitled by Xiaoxi Yang, on Flickr 10/24/2017 Untitled by Xiaoxi Yang, on Flickr 10/15/2017 IMG_1284 by Xiaoxi Yang, on Flickr IMG_1283 by Xiaoxi Yang, on Flickr IMG_1288 by Xiaoxi Yang, on Flickr
  5. JohnD

    which one to choose?

    Hi members, and hello from Norway! Almost 30 years ago I made a marine aquarium - and had it about 7 years before house building, children and economy made it to difficult to continue. Now I’m planning to start up again – and it’s easy to recognize that equipment and methods have evolved significantly since 1990! I have a wonderful wife, but she not very keen on having a large tank in our living room, so I have to be a bit wary about the size of the aquarium – and the esthetics of the system is important. I have narrowed my list down to three alternatives: Aqua Medic Cubicus Cube CF Aqua Medic Xenia 65 Red Sea Reefer 170 I have some problems by choosing between these systems. Anyone here who has any experience with these tanks? Pros and cons? Any advice is most appreciated! Regards John
  6. Planning on a soft coral mix LPS reef with medium stock level. Tank - Red Sea Reefer 170 Filtration - Skimmer, Deltec 1351 Bio media, Sera Siporax Professional Refugium, Miracle Mud/ Live Rock/ Chaeto Substrate - Caribsea extreme pink (Australian version fiji pink) Lightning - 1 x Ecotech Marine xr15pro radion Flow - 2 x Ecotech Marine Vortech mp10s 1 x Ecotech Marine Vectra S1 return pump Heater - tbc ATO - 1 x Elos osmocontroller Salt mix - Red sea coral pro Miscellaneous - 1 x custom heater temp controller 1 x Ecotech Marine Battery backup 1 x ReefTops Reefer 170 aquarium lid Scape has been decided on and glued using Ecotech glue (works great for smaller rockscapes). Just waiting on sump and custom lid to get it wet.
  7. Any reefer 170s out there who have tried the maxspect gyre 230. Read some reviews and am a little that the 230 would be too much. Anyone try it?
  8. brianinak

    Red sea 170, first tank ever

    So here is my first Journal for first tank ever! Tank: red sea reefer 170 (white) 34g display, 9g sump Light: Hydra 26 HD Pump: eheim Compact 2000 (528 g/h) artfully acrylic lid on order Power head (not running yet) Jeabo RW 8 Filtration 25-29 lbs of reef saver dry rock 1 to 1.5 inch sand bed, Ocean direct bubble magus curve 5 sock Biological start Red Sea Reef Mature Pro (currently day one) controller: used Apex temp and ph probe Water: RODI system Instant Ocean salt Heater; Eheim Jagar 125 w. ATO stock Test kits Refractometer Red sea marine care test kit so far calibrating heater, some swings in temp put now tracking to see how big. Getting water level right, the flow valve is very sensitive and trying to get return pump to 6 in as recommended. So far things going well pics got goofy
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