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  1. Tank: RS Reefer 170 (~43g total) - Started 8/23/20, restarted 8/1/21 (apt. move) Lighting: GHL Mitras in 24" AL Hybrid Fixture Dosing: GHL Doser 2.1 Skimmer: Coral Box D300+ from Reefbreeders Circulation: 2x RS-M from Reefbreeders Return: Platinum DC Blue 800 Heater: 150w Jager w/Cobalt controller Bulbs: 3x Blue+, 1 PowerChrome Super Actinic (last changed 11/11/21) Supplements: BRS Two-Part + Lugol's Salt: RS Blue Bucket Rock: Tropic Eden Supreme Tonga Branches 👌 (10-12lbs) with AquaMaxx Reef Welder (Purple) Sand: CaribSea Fiji Pink (20lbs) Fish: 2x Banghai Cards, Cherub Angelfish Supported by: GHL USA ❤️ Not on the forums much or just want pictures? Follow the tank on Instagram here! Lighting Schedule: T5's ON 11am - 3pm, LEDs ramp 9am-6pm Status: Phosphates are high, Ca is low, KH is high, testing and trying to correct (after a lazy period before/after apartment move) - 11/4/21 Inspiring tanks... Full-tank shots (November 1st, 2021 - 3 months after soft restart)
  2. Picked this tank up for pretty darn cheap ($350 NZD / $212 USD), considering it comes with lights, skimmer, return pump, light timer and two rw4 power heads it was hard to say no too. Ended up using two little fishies, littlefeet flats to build the rock scape, the intention is to only have SPS coral with no sand so i can have decent amount of flow. Equipment: Red Sea Max 130d Setup Costs 1 x Two Little Fishies AquaStik Stone Grey - 114g $21.65 $21.65 3 x Two Little Fishies LittleFeet Flat Limestone Rock 2kg $20.78 $62.35 1 x Instant Ocean Sea Salt 6.8kg 189 Litre $39.04 $39.0 1 x TLF CorAffix Gel 20g Cyanoacrylate Adhesive. $12.96 $12.96 1 x Red Sea MAX 130d. $350. $350 Total. $295 USD $485.97 NZD Inhabitants: Nothing yet. Currently the tank is relegated to the garage as the office has a second desk in it for my partner so she can work from home during the new zealand lock down. 3rd May 2020, scaped and filled with salt water.
  3. Journal Goals: Starting this journal now in the hopes of garnering advice/opinions prior to even setting up. Really want to do this in-depth for record keeping and hopefully help out other newbies! Tank/Equipment: -Red Sea Max Nano w/stand and all included equipment (skimmer, ATO, Sock, Carbon, Pump) -Helio dual 100w heaters (went with the dual for redundancy should one fail) -1 EcoTech MP10 (pricey I know but looking ahead equipment wise honesty and believe in cry over price over cry over failure) -CaribSea Arag-Alive Sand -CaribSea Life Rock -Red Sea Coral Pro Salt -Various Red Sea Test Kits Tank Overarching Goals: The overall goal for this tank is to become an LPS and Softy tank. Really want to establish a nice little Lords garden w/a small Zoa island. Also plan to have an Elegance once the tank is established. This will be my first reef tank so I really look at this as an opportunity to learn. Mistakes will be made and I truly hope this community of experienced reefers will call me out on bad decisions as I go! Specific Stocking Goals: Fish: Once Cycled; 2x Ocellaris Clownfish After 2 week steady parameters; 1x Six-Line Wrasse 1x Small sand sifting goby Inverts: 1x Peppermint or Fire Shrimp 1 or 2 Nasarius Snails Coral: Once fish and tank are established (gauging a month or so but will base on overall parameters); Various Lords Zoas on island Elegance Tentacled Toadstool Duncan Candy coral Maybe red Xenia (will decide this at later date due to their rapid growth status) Feel free to offer other suggestions! Cycle Plan: Once aquascaped and sand/water (using Red Sea salt) added I plan to follow the Dr. Tim’s fishless cycle. Dosing ammonia and then the One and Only. Test kits will all be in, and tank will be tested regularly until initial cycle completed. Once this is done the initial fish will be introduced gradually. I also plan to dose Brightwell Clean during this period to try and prevent/combat any algae blooms that may arise (though I understand this isn’t a guaranteed way to avoid them. I am prepared for any that may come. Mainly trying this based on BRS advice). After the tank has had time to settle in I will turn the lights on, look to start adding coral after a few weeks! Additional: Tank arrives next week. Starting the journal now to garner advice before I even begin the initial set-up process. Start looking for pics of the initial aquascape soon! Please feel free to ask questions, inquire about equipment/products I might be missing etc. I’ve lurked this forum for quite a while now and am really happy to finally be joining this community and look forward to talking with you all! 10/12/2021-Initial Setup
  4. Officially back in the hobby. Hopefully for a good long time. I've had a few tanks, my last setup was terribly expensive and, in my opinion, way too complicated. It was so complicated and automated I lost touch with the tank and everything kept dying. Spending tens of thousands of dollars just wasn't worth it. Now I'm back, but keeping things extremely simple and small. Latest update: (August 14, 2018): Magnifica moves, no more dinos. Latest Post. Current FTS (August 14, 2018): Start FTS (August, 2017): System Equipment Details: Red Sea Reefer 170 (white) Hydra 52 HD LED light (white) w/ hanging kit NYOS Quantum 120 skimmer Reef Octopus VarioS-4 return Reef Octopus VarioS-2 chiller + uv + reactor pump TECO 1/10 hp chiller Eheim Jager 200 watt heater Neptune Apex Jr. controller Neptune ATK for topoff from LPDE 5 gallon reservoir (Araven colorclip airtight food container, bpa free) Neptune DOS (dosing Aquaforest Component 1+ and 2+) American DJ power strip MaxSpec XF130 Gyre with Advanced Controller + Icecap battery backup Vivid Creations Random Flow Generator (Y connector for return) BRS Mini Reactor for Carbon AquaMaxx XL Reactor + grow lights Algae Reactor AirWaterIce Typhoon III RO/DI AquaUV 8watt UV Sterilizer System Contents: 10 lbs dead key largo rock from marcorocks 30 lbs of tropic eden mesoflakes AquaForest Reef Salt Livestock: H. Magnifica Anemone Rainbow BTA Neon Green speckled BTA w/ Purple tips Mocha Gladiator Pair (Sustainable Aquatics) Fancy white extreme ocellaris (Sustainable Aquatics) Orchid Dottyback (ORA) Golden Sailfin Blenny (Philippines) Blue Green Reef Chromis (6) Porcelain Crab Corals ORA Pearlberry Walt Disney Bubblegum Digitata ORA Red Planet Cleanup Crew Fighting Conch - Tonga (1) Nassarius Snails - Tonga (4) ORA Trochus (Red banded) Snails (6) ORA Cerith Snails (10) Scarlet Hermits (3) Black and orange hermits (2) Dwarf Zebra Hermits (2) Updates Neptune DOS setup: Orchid Dottybacks are now out of the QT and in isolation: OctoAquatics custom acrylic lid arrived. NYOS Quantum 120 skimmer review after 2 weeks. New PAR meter readings with the AI Hydra 52 HD. Great news, H. Magnifica made it to the DT. Clowns love it. H. Magnifica and new BTA have arrived. Mag not in good shape Neptune AFS, VDM, and NYOS Quantum 120 arrived. Bacteria bloom. UV Sterilizer to the rescue. The clowns have arrived! Anemone is out more now, and added geometric pygmy hawkfish: Anemone and Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish added: First full tank photos, filled and cycling: Algae Reactor online: Turning lights on regular schedule:
  5. Difrano

    DF Red Sea Reefer 250

    Hi!First of all a little of my background, in 2011 I started my first aquarium with a 55 Gal tank i got on Craiglist, for that aquarium I decided to do a low to none maintenance planted native freshwater tank, I used dirt and local lake bed sand as substrate, with several local fish, panfish, darts, mosquito fish, minnows etc, crayfish and snails from the lakes, that tank ran with a HOB filter for water movement and for 5 years never did a water change just top offs, also had to trim the macro algae every other month, this tank was on the garage and survived 2 moves. I was raised on the sea and was snorkeling in coral reefs almost every weekend during my young ages. I love the ocean and everything related to the sea, so in 2015 decided to start a saltwater tank and bought a Biocube 29, I started with a pair of clowns live rocks and sand, later I added a goby and a tiger pistol, later added some zoas and softies to the mix, the tank was very low tech no skimmer and only a ATO, I converted one of the back chambers into a fuge. It ran well for some years until I had a Dino outbreak that killed all my corals, so I decided to give up on corals and transferred some macro to my display and keep it as Fish only tank, I really liked it and I am not really this crazy about growing corals, I am more a fish person, so that bring us to 3 weeks ago.My Old Bio (Didn't had trimmed the macros and GHA for a while 😞 After 5 years with a Biocube 29 and taking advantage that I had to stop my work travel due to the COVID crisis I started researching about doing an upgrade to my setup.I always loved the Red Sea aquariums so 3 weeks ago I went to my preferred LFS to buy RO and Saltwater for my Biocube and found this beautiful Red Sea Reefer 250 at a very good price, ready to pickup and take home... So I went for it. I just bought the tank and the stand. (Now I needed to convince my wife that this new tank will be better and nicer than the old one to get budget approval).After setting the tank and stand in the living room, got my budget approved by the management. My plan for this tank is for now is to move all my current livestock to the 250 and then keep a soft coral and some LPS, I have no plans so far for trying SPS and also would like to keep the bioload low like I did on my Cube so I decided on this gear, good thing is that if in the future I change my mind i can always upgrade:Skimmer: Octo Classic 110S.Return Pump: Current eflux 1050 DC.Power Head: 1 Vortech MP40Lights: 2x Prime 16HD.Controller: Apexel.Fuge light: Finnex FugeRay Planted.ATO: Hydor smart level (Existing from cube)Sand: 40 lb caribsea ocean direct live + 20 lb caribsea live sea fiji pink.Rock: super live 30 lb from existing biocube + 30 lb new live rock from LFS.Livestock all from my old cube:2 Oscelaris Clowns (5 years with me)1 YWG1 Tiger pistol shrimp.2 Emerald crabs.Several snails.Why I choose those options?, based on my research those equipment will give me what I need without breaking the bank, I will try to update this thread with reviews on how each device is performing on my setup.So there I went: On a side note where the tank is now there was a Ikea bookshelf that my daughter used to keep her craft stuff, I disassembled it and cut it to do some shelving inside the tank cabinetInitial sump work: Shelving and cable management almost complete: Initial fill: Pool of mud: Some Pictures of sump and shelving: After a week and a mini cycle I added my livestock and finished the aquascaping, water was murky due to aquscaping and moving rocks around: Sorry for the bad quality on the pictures but I was not planning to do a build journal, but after all i decided to give it a go so I can see how my tank evolve over the years.So far I have no plans to add anything else for some months to let the aquarium settle and establish. Also will not run the skimmer for the initial 2 weeks to allow some nutrients buildup to kickstart the fuge and keep the snails feeded.Will try to update this build as much as I can.Cheers
  6. mvh pets

    anemone problem

    hi! i have a GBT anemone in my 20 gallon. today morning, i dosed some red sea coraline grow in the tank, but i acidentaly dosed it all on my anemone. immediately the anemone started closing and losing his bubbles, and his tentacles drooped. any idea what i should do?
  7. This last weekend, I made the plunge for a new nano tank. With the current situation, I have more time in my home office than usual and really became dissatisfied with my current setup, a newer 14g Biocube. I've been in the hobby for awhile now so this will be my third tank and I really wanted something top notch. Knowing that I still wanted something in the nano range of 100L/25g, there really isn't too many choices and I wanted to grow my skills with SPS corals. My previous Fluval Evo 13 was decent as the upgrades were available for lighting and the tank was somewhat rimless but ultimately, I knew I needed more. I looked at the IM Nuvo series, certainly a fine choice but the current supply chain left me with partial options and upgrades, then I came across the Red Sea Nano Max. I was totally sold after watching several members setups and thus, here I am on this journey with all of you. This past week has been a real beast for me at work therefore I apologize for not getting to post more as I first started the journey. I did a decent amount of searching before I came across a decent price for the tank and stand from Bay Bridge Aquarium in Oakland, CA for just under $1100 with tax and shipping included. In my previous setup, I went with CaribSea's Special Grade reef sand and found while it was entirely resistant to clownfish and power heads blowing it everywhere that it wasn't as great at keeping clean. I didn't want to have the same issues so I went back to their Fiji Pink which IMHO, really looks the best if I didn't want to do bare bottom. For the reef rock, I had pukani in the previous tank and barnacles with other softies in the current BioCube. I didn't like the challenges of removing pests and constant rinse and repeat for the new rock so I opted to scape something, perhaps more like a monument or statue with dry reef rock. After looking at my options, I ended up on 25lbs from ARC Reef in Florida via Amazon. They did really well and actually shipped far more than I was expecting. Here's the pieces I started with and the dual headed statue aquascaping design Knowing that I would have some challenges with dry rock and that I wanted to ensure both accuracy and consistency in testing, I purchased the HIREEF Test Kit from Hanna Instruments. In addition to proper introduction of nitrifying bacteria and Coraline algae growth, I opted to try the Red Sea Reef Mature Starter Kit. After watching some recent BRS.tv Investigates I learned a lot about salt; how different brands have different purposes, store differently along with dissolve differently made some interesting insights into my choices of salt. I also wanted something that would store well for automation in water changes and be easily available. For this adventure, I chose Instant Ocean's Reef Crystals as they were in many cases the best or second to best performer for storage and efficacy. To make this journal a little more concise and exciting, I opted to set the salinity at 1.024 knowing that my office gets a little warm 78-80 during the summer and I'm defaulting to the ATO that comes with the MAX Nano. It's a decent ATO but only holds 0.3gal so I wanted to ensure if it did ever run low, it would never run over 1.025 in all likelihood before I or someone else returned to address the matter. I will be discussing automation systems like the Apex solution and one that I'm designing later on in the journey. I've also started cycling the live rock and the tank with the lights off for the past week, allowing minor break in of the provided skimmer. So far, it seems decent and I suspect it will work out just fine. After adding sand and fresh RODI on source, I added some frag plug for future planning of corals and set the dry reef rock in the tank. I hoped I would get the older AI Prime HD light as I was able to download the app with no problem of course but I ended up with the Red Sea ReefLED50 and Reef Beat app. It's ok and so far isn't terrible, I'll know more once I determine what network traffic it sends and if it has any API or other means of programming and telemetry. I hoped to have a power head with the same vendor, but the Nero 5 seems overkill for the volume of the MAX Nano and I've read reviews of issues where it defaults to certain options which would overwhelm the tank. I also looked at the Red Sea Max Reef 25 gyre power head but at 10" I find it to be both an eyesore and waste of space. I knew that all of the options had to have some sort of an app for any hopes at integrating them together with automation and left with little other choices, the Hydor Koralia Akamai was right on spot. I also came across the newer Jebao version of their dosing pumps which appear to be an improvement from the previous model and it too, has an app for ease of setup and control. So here we are into Day 1 of the Reef Mature Starter Kit. I'll update everyone tomorrow once I get the bacteria started and parameters measured. I've also got the light setup and running on 10h per the kit therefore once I get the measurements, I'll keep people posted. Appreciation to all for checking out my journal and I hope you will enjoy this as much as I hope to in the near future. Thank you again and be safe!
  8. My springer dottyback i bought yesterday has cuts on the right side and dorsal area. It has white patches with red spots in it how do i help heal it? i will upload the pictures in a while thank you!!!
  9. Salty Acres

    Recommended AIO 20g

    Hello - I’m in the market for a 20g tank. I’ve come across a lot of article but no real consensus. im closely looking at the Waterbox cube. Cube style is the best for my setup. It sounds like Red Sea is the gold standard but it’s about twice as much (?). I would appreciate recommendations on what brand of AIO tank to go with. Thanks!
  10. I decided to finally purchase a bigger tank and pulled the trigger on a white Red Sea reefer 170 this morning. I decided to get it from saltwateraquarium.com since you can select a freebie. I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to transfer everything out of my evo to the new tank. I still need to purchase skimmer, return pump, heater, sand, and rock. Can anyone tell me what’s the best way to transfer my sand and rock to the new tank? I want to make sure everything is done correctly so I don’t kill anything and want to start planning already
  11. Cadlights 40g Artisan (retired) Equipment Tank: CADlights 40g, 36"x16"x16" Stand: CADlights euro white Sump: CADlights 16g Skimmer: Eshopps S-120 Cone Return: SpeedWave DC pump Heater: Eheim Jager 150w Lights: ATI Sunpower 36" 6x39w Controller: Neptune Apex w/ 2xEB8 Circulation: Vortech MP10 x2 w/backup battery + Tunze 6015 Cooling: JBJ 1/10 chiller Top Off: Tunze Osmolator ATO Dosing: Bubble Magus BM-T01 Fish Picasso Clownfish Pair Fathead Sunburst Anthias Resplendent Anthias Pair Mystery Wrasse Inverts Assorted snails Corals SPS Acropora sp. "ORA Pearlberry" Acropora sp. "ORA Hawkins" Acropore sp. "ORA Red Planet" Acropora secale Acropora yongei "Green Slimer" Acropora tenuis Acropora loripes Acropora sarmentosa Acropora millepora Acropora microclados "Upscales microclados" Acropora microclados "Strawberry Shortcake" Acropora nasuta "Pink Lemonade" Birds Nest ORA Metallic Green ORA Bird of Paradise ORA Green tip Stylophora Green Pocillopora Pink/purple Pocillopora Montipora Green cap Copps Purple cap Forest fire digi Orange digitata Rainbow monti Superman monti Mystic sunset Undata ORA German blue digitata Green digitata Tyree Sunset Setosa LPS Rainbow acan Blastomussa Soft corals Green star polyps Assorted ricordea Zoanthids Devil's armor Bam Bam Tubbs blue Raptors Rainbow Purple & Green Death palys Sunny delight Rasta Lunar eclipse Magicians Fruit Loops Star Fire NPS Dendrophyllia Colony Water Parameters Specific gravity: 1.026 pH: 7.8 to 8.2 Calcium: 380 - 420ppm Alkalinity: 8.0-9.0 dKH Magnesium: 1300-1400ppm Nitrate: 0-0.2ppm Phosphate: 0.00-0.03ppm Potassium: 380-400ppm Temperature: 79.5 - 80.5° F Pictures FTS July 2011 (Beginning) August 2011 October 2011 February 2012 November 2012 September 2013 February 2017 October 2013 Featured Reef Red Sea Reefer 350 Equipment Tank: Red Sea Reefer 350 Skimmer: Nyos 160 Return: Ecotech M1 Flow: Ecotech MP10, MP40QD, 2x Maxspect xf230 Light: ATI 36" PowerModule Hybrid Controller: Neptune Apex May 2017 September 2018 May 2019 October 2019
  12. Hey guys, I decided to finally do a review about this kit, I've been using it for one year and I think it's a solid product. Usually, I do my own net but I don't always find the right materials for it.
  13. Hello there! I recently had a nightmare recently with my salt and I did this video to help people no matter what brand you use, I hope it won't happen to you, lesson learned! Some tips people give me: Use a Paint Mixer Turn your bucket upside down for couple minute If you have more let's hear it 🙂
  14. AyeNick

    Bay Area Nuvo 10

    Hi all, and hi to the Nuvo 10 community! For the past year or so, I've been wanting a reef of my own, and I'm now addicted. I decided on the Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 for the compact size and transportability, given that I plan to take it to college eventually. As of the moment I am writing this, I currently have put the rock and sand into the tank, after cycling the rock for about 3 weeks in a 5-gallon bucket using Fritz Turbo Start. The sand is Fiji Pink, and the rocks are Walt Smith 2.1. I have the tank on the 10 gallon white JBJ Nano Cubey Stand, which looks really great with the tank. Equipment List IM Nuvo 10 Tank 10 Gallon White JBJ Nano Cubey Stand AI Hydra 26 HD (Modified AB+ Settings) Cobalt Neo-Therm 50 watt heater (best heater on the market) Sicce Syncra .5 Return Pump Vortech mp10wqd inTank Media Basket (Running inTank filter floss, 2 chemi pure blue nano packets, and 1 marinepure cube) Tunze Nano ATO (Not running a skimmer, I'm running 4 MarinePure cubes in the second chamber) Aquatic Life 100gpd RODI unit Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt (mixes extremely fast) Tank as of August 16, 2019. No light or ATO yet. Tank as of October 2, 2019. Hydra 26 with diffuser has been added. Snails, hermits, and goby have been introduced. No corals quite yet.
  15. Having a really hard time deciding which tank will be best. I want to plan this setup to be well thought out and cohesive before I start making any purchases -- am thinking end of summer will be the earliest I'll start buying. My first tank is the Fluval 13.5g (started this February) and it's going strong & have a 2.5g pico as well. Quite new to the hobby, and yes, already obsessed! Looking in the 40-65g range for size -- Red Sea or Waterbox both *seem* to be the top contenders in both size categories. I do love Innovative Marine tanks -- but seems a better deal to go with RS or Waterbox since they come with cabinet & sump. For setup and stocking, I'm thinking... SPS dominant, but not exclusive NanoBox duo or double duo, if needed I'd like to have a tank that's plumbed for a sump in cabinet & would like to have a refugium in sump for pod population Predrilled tank... I may be handy, but drilling glass & gluing plumbing is a nope for me Fish & equipment specific planning is TBD, dependent upon which tank I decide on Questions haunting me in the dead of night... Red Sea tank glass is so sexy. You know it, I know it, we all know it -- but what are people's impression of Waterbox tank glass in comparison? Generally, is one considered better than the other and why (beyond "branding")? Are there other tanks I should be considering that I just don't know about? Quick tank specs... Red Sea Reefer 170 43g total volume (34g display) 24.5"x20"x20" Waterbox Marine 45.2 44.3g total volume (29.6g display) 24"x18"x18" Red Sea Reefer 250 (rectangular shape) 65g total volume (54g display) 35.5"x21"x20" Waterbox Marine 60.2 (cubed shape) 61.8 total volume (39.8g display) 24"x24"x18" Other tanks I should consider? Thoughts, advice & tips & tricks appreciated 😬
  16. I have a clarification question regarding my alkalinity test. I have a Red Sea testing kit. I included a picture of the instructions and the reference page. The instructions say to add one drop of the KH indicator to obtain the “start” color. What’s confusing me is that my “start” color is a much lighter blue than the color they show. Should I add multiple drops to obtain the same color they show, and then start counting my drops? Or should I start counting drops right after my first drop, even though my start color is so light? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! I imagine this will be an easy question to answer for someone with experience 🙂
  17. Found both for the same price used and looking to get into reefing. The Red Sea max has upgrade lights (Vertex aquaristik illumilux 600 mbi) the IM tank is stock and stand
  18. I recently picked up an almost brand new Red Sea Max Nano for the paltry sum of £250. The unit is in excellent condition and came with an upgraded return pump, cooling fan and free ceramic rock. The guy who sold me it had been trying to keep sea horses in it, unsuccessfully i might add. I had been keeping a 35L nano cube for over a year with just a compact T5 reef light and a hang on the back filter with live rock. This was generally successful and I was able to keep sofites in it no problem. Although algae and cyno were starting to become a problem as the tank and sand bed matured without any skimmer. I figured that I could move all my live stock and live rock over to my new red sea max nano and add in the ceramic rock and basically not have to go through a cycle . Since I am using mature live rock and not increasing the bio-load any ( The live rocks had a few mushrooms and other small sofites on it and 1 small duncan plus one small candy cane). I moved over all the CUC and the two fish i have a small azure damsel and green chromis. I did add a completely new sand bed with only a small amount of the old sand to seed it and used completely new water. I changed salt from reef crystals to coral pro for the new water and the aim is to try and follow the Red sea reef care program - the mix reef recipe : Salinity 34 ppt, Calcium 450ppm, Magnesium 1350ppm, Alkalinity 11.5dKH, Nitrate 1-2ppm, Phosphate 0.08-0.12ppm With this in mind I bought the rea sea, calcium, magnesium and alkalinity test kits. I got the Salifert Nitrate and Phosaphate kits as well as red sea reef foundation A,B and C liquids, reef energy A and B and a bottle of No-pox (cost a fortune). I kinda wish I hadn't cheap'd out on the nitrate and phosphate kits now... I have added an auto top up system to the max nanos own auto top up container so that I don't have to re-fill it every couple of days. I also plan to add an dosing pimp to this system. Currently the tank has been up and running for about 12 days and so far everything has went to plan and the corals and fish are looking better than ever except for my Astrea Snails which now seem to be falling over and getting stuck which they never really done before. I have also been keeping a close eye on the water params and have noticed that my alk and calc have dropped much faster than I expected. The alk dropped from 10/11 to 6dkh in 7 days and calcium was down to about 400/410.. and that's with a 10% water change. After doing some research and forum postings it appears that this is due to the new sand bed and ceramic rock. New sand and ceramic are known to cause to a certain amount of precipitation and it should settle down. I am currently doing my initial dosing of reef foundation A and B to bring the levels back into the desired range. I don't plan on starting the no-pox for anther couple of week to give the tank a bit more time to mature.
  19. This guy is extra salty

    STLCORALLIVORE’s 750xxl build

    So I found out today my luck has changed and now I’m going big and taking it home. im purchasing a red reefer 750xxl deluxe lights: 4 hydra 26’s I might add two more.. skimmer: bubble magus curve 9 dc return: jebao dc12000 (max3170gph) Wave maker: 2 maxspect gyre250’s rock: maybe 150lbs (need room for SPS to grow) (In the sump) 12lbs of Fiji miracle mud along with 4 brightwell legos to light the sump I’ll probably use one of the AI prime HD’s that is collecting dust. (Am I missing anything?) for this build I’m going to “seed” the tank with 20 gallons of my “dirty” water from my nano display(32biocube) and the rocks from there will be moved to the 750xxl then the biocube will become a frag tank since the lights that are installed in the hood are a DIY XR30 equivalent. As for the display fuge I’m deciding on tying that into the 750 or keeping it with the biocube as a whole system.. I’m undecided (what would y’all do?) all pf this will be coming together within the next week or so
  20. So I got a chance to get the top lids for my Reefer 170 after finding it on Facebook of all places I got excited. At first I was NOT convinced having to spend this amount of money just for a tank lid, well after some research regarding Lexan and their pros and cons, I STILL WAS NOT convinced until they came up with this FUSION VENT DESIGN. I got it ordered... When I received the Lid, I was surprised on how thick the Lexan used. I would say 1/4 inch thick, it has options for feeding doors, cable slots (per request/extra charge), and this nice moonlight kit, (not sure how they call it). All I can say is I’m blown away! Talking about fusion vents, it serves its purpose in preventing accumulation of tank evaporated water in the lid, I never had issues with shading or shadowing in my tank as well... Note that due to the demand, I had to wait over 7-8 weeks to get mine, but it is worth the wait. Also please take into account that these are custom made, so prices vary. I am not a seller, I am simply making you guys aware of this company as I have very good experience with them, and the product itself in my opinion is beautiful. you can contact them: https://safetoplids.com/ My brother and I made a video unboxing, if you guys are interested on how it looks on my tank, watch the video.
  21. Where'sWally

    Return Pump too big?

    I just got my Red Sea Reefer 170 filled yesterday. I've had to remove the surface skimmer combs from the top of the return column to keep the return pump from sucking the pump section of the sump dry. I think that this means that the return pump is too large :-). I'm able to run with the surface skimmer combs removed, and the Red Sea manual mentions that if higher rated pumps are used a modification of the surface skimmer may be required. Pump is a Sicce Syncra 3.5 Tank is a Red Sea Reefer 170 Have others had this issue? What's the best solution?
  22. kevo23

    Kevo's RS nano reefer

    Hello,Its been a while since ive been on here. Ive been strugling away with my old 55 gal tank for yrs going through every problem possible. Finally had enough after a power outage took out most of my tank other than the aptaisa lol. So I got a Red Sea nano reefer and took what was left and swaped it over.Lighting : AI hydra 52 ive had for a few yrsReturn pump: Current USA eflux dc 1050Powerhead: Coral Box qp-5 ( not sold on it so far, want it on the back wall on wave mode. On max speed cant get much of a wave motion going, but on other modes all most to strong on lowest speed)Skimmer: Bubble magus curve 5Additives: Aquaforest 1,2,3, pro bio s, np pro, build, energy, amino acids, vitallity.Fish so far: DaVinci clown, pajama cardinal, royal grammaStill need: Controler, doser Old tank infront of new tank
  23. After being out of the hobby for many years I'm looking to set up a new tank. My place is space limited with maximum length between walls of 35 inches. I like the look of the Red Sea products and think the Reefer 170 will work in my space. Would really appreciate feedback on basic equipment configuration I'm looking at below: Red Sea Reefer 170 Deluxe Black Syncra silent 3.5 pump Somatic 60s Skimmer VORTECH MP10QD QUIETDRIVE PROPELLER PUMP Neo-Therm 100W heater Anything major that I'm missing for a basic functional setup? Suggestions on saving money without cutting corners would be great. I'm more concerned about doing it right than the cost, that said every dollar saved at this stage is a dollar that can be spent on what goes in the tank! Would appreciate suggestions on water test kit to help me monitor the cycle, I'm have a slight color blindness, so is there anything affordable that doesn't use color matching for the basic cycle tests? Thanks in advance!
  24. Jake270

    Another skimmer question

    So I set up the eshopps s-200 on my Red Sea 250 and yeah the thing want to over foam the sump. In recommended level of water raised and all but can’t keep it from going absolutely ballistic. To the point over wanting to foam over the sump. I’ve cut it off for the time being. I know they have to break in but this is discouraging. I’ve raised it opened air and gate valve all the way and still will just spew out rapidly. Even if cup removed. Do I just keep raising the darn thing but soon it will be out the water?
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