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  1. Outside of ADA's $180 surface skimmer, there are a lot of options out there. Was wondering if people had experience. This is for a low flow (sump-less) tank that tends to get a film on the surface (which then supports dust). Examples are... Amazon Link HOB add-on Another filter add-on (current choice) etc. Suggestions? Quality DIY build link?
  2. Yea, sorry, wasn't trying to sound like a d-ck. While I don't "have to" comply with the forum's decision lol...I think I will go with the tidal pool! Will be fun to aquascape and have some rock come out of the water. Also, I can slap a few mangrove pods in the back and have them grow as well. They'll take an eternity. Couple Maxi-Mini's, feather dusters, some macroalgae/grass, an urchin, shrimp, maybe a starfish after a year...I have some thinking to do! As far as tides (low priority)...I'm not going to do a Carlson flow surge device in my bedroom...might just have two small pumps running opposite of each other (one pumping into a 5g bucket, other pumping out) on a timer. I can have the intake mounted so that if the pump somehow kept draining, it wouldn't drain the tank. We'll see.
  3. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    Nice Rhombo, still alive?
  4. Appreciate your comments but just for some context...I worked in the industry for seven years and have done seahorses/pipefish systems, ULN Zeovit, high maintenance ADA and much in between. Not saying I'm a god but I know what a soft coral is lol. Just wanted to hear if people had any intriguing creative input that I hadn't considered. (i.e. brackish biotope with archer fish or mud flats with crabs (not low maintenance, but cool)). If the tank was taller, a cave/overhang reef would be fun. And I agree that conventional NPS, if your focused on i.e. blueberry gorgs and sun coral, are not low-maintenance but there are still plenty of viable filter feeders. Also, I know how the community feels about canister filters -- they're babies. Probably will do HOB anyways since that is what I have spares of lying around.
  5. Spencer's College Tank

    Tank is doing well. Got a nice blue lepostrea frag. Setting up another low maintenance tank I think, vote for theme here:
  6. Yea, that will be the case for most of these. Run a little bit of carbon and WC once a month to replace nutrients and suck up detritus (i.e. from cleaning all sides of algae). I'm surprised #3 is winning! I thought people would jump on the tidal pool. Not that they couldn't be together but a field of 10 feather dusters + seagrass would be pretty dope. I would like to resist combining everything because I see this as a themed (almost species) tank. Naturally, some stuff will find it's way in but at least in planning and early days I want to have some discipline ;P
  7. Tank is ~22 gallons at 24"x18"x12". Would likely light it up with a couple par 38's and run a canister or HOB filter (+heater, ATO, tiny circulator). Experienced reefer, have an empty tank sitting on a nice stand and it's time to run it. Any fish that go in will be flake-eaters or survive off of microfauna. Fish not the focus. Think outside the box!
  8. Congrats, I think two years is the point at which most tanks truly mature.
  9. 120G SpS Tank

    Any update or growth?
  10. Spencer's College Tank

    Changed up the aquascape. Looks solid but there are a ton of swim-throughs. Fish Hector's Goby Blueline Pipefish Ocellaris Clownfish Kupang Damselfish Inverts Tuxedo Urchin Yellow Cucumber Black and White Nudibranch Some cool livestock for a nano tank. Maintenance is nothing.
  11. Spencer's College Tank

    Pods and whatever else he can find. He's an active hunter and as fat as a pipefish can be lol. Part of the reason I love blue-lines...good personality and beautiful fish. Scans the rocks and swerves through crevices upside-down before that classic seahorse/pipefish critter-suction mechanism. Kept one in my old 35g cube with the same success and love. Technically, he will give mysis a suck but I rarely ever feed them mysis.
  12. Micro Pipefish Species?

    Like this guy? Where'd u get him? Pic? http://www.seahorseworlds.com/red_sea_pipefish/ Worse case scenario, I get a partner for my blueline and see what I can do ;P
  13. Micro Pipefish Species?

    Yes lol, I'm familiar with what LA has listed. Blueline and dragonface being the two I consider "micro" pipes. Multibands and the other guys are common and get over six inches.
  14. Micro Pipefish Species?

    Are there any other blueline-pipe-type options out there? Dragonface pipes are the only one I can think of (in the trade) that are close... Bluelines are so unique and one of my fav fish and I would love to expand on this niche that I rarely hear about. Thanks, S