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  1. Thoughts on removing the dark green cyano that's matting my substrate and rock? For whatever reason, this tank just likes to chill with it. Light schedule is reasonable, not getting direct sunlight and tank is low nutrient. I'm sure some more flow would help a little bit but I don't want to add another power bank (and it wouldn't get rid of everything).
  2. Wow, that's true (and also totally unintentional lmao). Tank has done well, especially considering I've been away from it ~90% of the year (college/internship). Maintenance for mom = little flake and little top off here and there. 1-Year Review - Added heater for the winter (keep the tank at 76) - Added a spare Tunze for flow, waited on this b/c I just find it so big and ugly, corals appreciate it though - Scape has gone to a more standard two-arm setup with some swim-throughs - Running my old FW canister filter - Leathers have loved the lack of attention so there are five of those medium size pieces from splitting, clownfish hosts the far right - Acan is encrusted in/on the rock, war coral and purple leptastrea happy - Added a digi recently for the #### of it, we'll see what happens (I don't dose or test) Main change is that I abandoned the tide pool scheme after my mangroves died. They had light and miracle mud but maybe the mud was too dense or too cold or the mangroves were a "bad batch". Around two months in, I tossed them out and started adding coral/changing the tank to what you see now. Only tide pool thing about it is the rock coming out of the water with two rock anemones right below lol. I'll be done with school in May and moving out, so this tank has 4-5 months to look awesome before takedown.
  3. Very well designed. Nice scapes ?
  4. I couldn't wait a full year before bumping...
  5. Worked in San Jose for summer, had lunch in Campbell (Blue Line Pizza ?), hope to return after I graduate in May, already made my BAR account lol. Have been waiting four years to get back into SPS! "Seapora reactor fed my Kamoer pump" --> so Kalkwasser? Or you're doing i.e. biopellets and three part? Edit: Saw your calc reactor. How often are you maintaining or fine-tuning this guy? Any issues yet?
  6. This is some extremely impressive growth for seven months!! Great job. I'm hoping to move out to Bay Area next year and (ofc) get a tank up. We should stay in touch.
  7. Current equipment list? (namely lights, skimmer, sump, doser) I anticipate my next SPS tank being something similar to a CAD lights or Waterbox 70g.
  8. I wish the Red Sea's had more depth. i.e. 30x20x20" or 36x24x24" tank --> the PR 100.3 fits the bill BUT I'm not crazy about the protruding overflow.
  9. Tank is cycled, algae came and went. The five mangroves (with leaves) that I got have not worked out despite misting everyday. Don't know if it was shipment trauma or what. Two were miracle mud in tide tank, one outside mud, and two more in mature 60-P reef. I might take the largest and least dead pod out of the tank all together and replant it in mud and a little water outside the tank. I'm in college but I'll be home for spring break in a week. Starfish and three RFAs are doing well (normal+saturated pics)...
  10. Pic update ;P aquascaped and added crushed coral today.
  11. Thanks man, I'm sure I'll have a good time with it. The simple rig I envisioned was two aqualifter pumps with my RKL and a 5g bucket. The pumps are cheap, reliable and have a moderate flow rate. If the pump going into the bucket were to fail, I can have the inflow line positioned ~5g deep in the tank (nothing is draining completely). Conversely, the reservoir line would go to the bottom of a 5g bucket (no chance to overflow tank in case of failure). At a flow rate of ~3.5 gal/hr, a day might be... 12am: Pump A turns on 90 mins of receding tide 4.5 hours of slack low tide 6:00am: Pump B turns on 90 mins of incoming tide 4.5 hours of slack high tide 12:00pm: Pump A turns on 90 mins of receding tide 4.5 hours of slack low tide 6:00pm: Pump B turns on 90 mins of incoming tide 4.5 hours of slack high tide 12am: Pump A turns on The biggest pain will probably be the controller/timers honestly. I can't recall if my RKL will be able to do this, it's possible it only has one programmable ON/OFF schedule per day per outlet. It's not the end of the world if it doesn't work out (not super practical in this manner) but this little" gimmick" would be pretty cool. Time lapse of it working would be fun. Taking out 50% of volume vs. 25% would be more dramatic/realistic but I'm not sure I can be f-cked to have a 10g reservoir. Maybe if 5g works great. Don't see a flow-surge device above the tank as being practical for this setup given it's in my carpeted bedroom.
  12. Nah. Phrased it poorly. Tank is in my room at home a couple feet away from my 60-P. Added a pic of the live rock bin above Thanks. So originally (i.e. summer of 2016) I started thinking about this tank with a custom AIO build in mind. Kind of like a IM Lagoon 25 with my own filter section/gear. Things went south when they only had 1/2" glass , which I begrudgingly agreed to. Tank sat in my room for six months+ because of school, lost interest due to tank weight/glass thickness, and because I still had the 60-P to look at. Point being, I'm not necessarily in love with the tank and it wasn't custom made for this theme (probably would go to ~9") but I have the equipment to set something up and mine as well use the tank/stand I paid for.
  13. Background: I'm currently in college and have a super low-maintenance mixed reef set up at home (link), which I've gotten a bit bored with. I decided to set up the empty tank in my room and found the tide pool theme inspiring, challenging and creatively-stimulating. Still low-maintenance given I'm only home once every ~3 weekends during the semester. Status: Live rock is chilling with some water movement and heater. Will be getting more rock and adjusting the aquascape. Substrate ordered. Need to set up lights, timers, and possible tide cycle. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Tank: 24x18x12" (Starphire glass) by Miracles Stand: 25 IM Fusion Lagoon high gloss black stand w/leveling mat Lights: 2x LEDTriC Par38's (9am-6pm), RKL controller Filtration: HoB Aqua Clear filter, 5g tide cycle (6hrs per period) Heater: 200w Jager Substrate: 10lbs Florida Crushed Coral (Caribsea) Livestock (early thoughts): Ultra Rock Flower Anemones, urchin, starfish, crabs, snails, mangrove pods, feather dusters, macroalgae IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Day One (12.21.17)
  14. Will probably change up scape soon. Corals and fish all happy. Y A W N. Tide pool tank endeavor is more interesting.