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  1. Change is scary
  2. Making fun of/referring to a popular youtuber called Leafy (LeafyIsHere)
  3. I need a doser/peristaltic pump that can dose for a week straight (24 hours a day) at 0.5mL/min, which ends up being about 5L total. Suggestions? I have a 4-Channel Kamoer and the best I can do is seemingly: AUTO DOSE Time Span: 01:00-24:00 (Can't start on 00:00) Amount: 720 mL Times: 23 Delay: 4 Mins (Minimum) Cycle: 7/Days a week But the flow rate for those 23 doses (about 31mL each) is too high.
  4. Took advantage of a deal for changing my number and got a "free" iPhone7. Just wanted to give props to the phone...immediately noticed the color balance with the camera. It's the first camera I've used that, without any changes, can take a great-looking and accurate picture of my tank (LED's). High resolution as well. That's all! Just caught me by surprised. Peace, S
  5. Greenwich Aquaria
  6. Not my taste but congrats lol
  7. o_0
  8. 4x5

    Sweet tank, been following since the beginning, just think it's too young for TOTM. I'm under the impression that a massive part of its choosing was the photography (which some may say isn't a big deal). Nonetheless, keep it up!
  9. Nice to see someone tried the Unibody, I was worried that light fell off the stage.
  10. Left side looks okay, the right, not so much (IMO) Maybe I'm just jealous...
  11. I wish my pests looked cool! All I got is bryopsis and a few small vermetid snails...
  12. Good job Chad. Paly's and Tortuosa look nice. Our standards seem to have lowered though...
  13. I have a 8 year old sulfur crested cockatoo (although I can't see this guys crest it looks more like an umbrella) Awesome creatures Very attention needing
  14. now i actually want xenia!
  15. Awesome