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  1. Spencer's College Tank

    Changed up the aquascape. Looks solid but there are a ton of swim-throughs. Fish Hector's Goby Blueline Pipefish Ocellaris Clownfish Kupang Damselfish Inverts Tuxedo Urchin Yellow Cucumber Black and White Nudibranch Some cool livestock for a nano tank. Maintenance is nothing.
  2. Spencer's College Tank

    Pods and whatever else he can find. He's an active hunter and as fat as a pipefish can be lol. Part of the reason I love blue-lines...good personality and beautiful fish. Scans the rocks and swerves through crevices upside-down before that classic seahorse/pipefish critter-suction mechanism. Kept one in my old 35g cube with the same success and love. Technically, he will give mysis a suck but I rarely ever feed them mysis.
  3. Micro Pipefish Species?

    Like this guy? Where'd u get him? Pic? http://www.seahorseworlds.com/red_sea_pipefish/ Worse case scenario, I get a partner for my blueline and see what I can do ;P
  4. Micro Pipefish Species?

    Yes lol, I'm familiar with what LA has listed. Blueline and dragonface being the two I consider "micro" pipes. Multibands and the other guys are common and get over six inches.
  5. Micro Pipefish Species?

    Are there any other blueline-pipe-type options out there? Dragonface pipes are the only one I can think of (in the trade) that are close... Bluelines are so unique and one of my fav fish and I would love to expand on this niche that I rarely hear about. Thanks, S
  6. Spencer's College Tank

    Hey everyone , home from college, gave the tank a cleaning during the rainy weather. Borby the blueline pipefish has been with me for about a month and doing great. I had a blueline pipe in my old cube who did great...they're one of fav fish. Very cute, hunts all day. A couple weeks ago a caretaker who shall remain unnamed failed to notice the canister filter unplugged for 3-4 days (hit with vacuum under table). The tank sat virtually stagnant and had a noticeable odor to it when I came home that weekend. Worst of all, this means all the bacteria died in the canister. I've been giving the tank extra care and I think phosphates should be almost back to normal (cyano was a problem). Luckily, pretty much everything survived. Tha tank should get some upgrades/livestock over the summer, now that I'm home and will be taking in some income. I'll keep the forum posted. If anyone has questions or wants help--don't be afraid to ask.
  7. natalia_la_loca

    Very nice goniopora. Full water changes kick ass if you can do them!
  8. Spencer's College Tank

    Hey guys, still alive and in school. Tank is fine, I come home and give it some love now and then. Simple coral, same clown, Kupang damsel, blueline pipe. Startup company: www.coalescelabs.com When I have pictures worth posting...I'll post them lmao
  9. I don't even know

    Making fun of/referring to a popular youtuber called Leafy (LeafyIsHere)
  10. Specific Doser Needs

    I need a doser/peristaltic pump that can dose for a week straight (24 hours a day) at 0.5mL/min, which ends up being about 5L total. Suggestions? I have a 4-Channel Kamoer and the best I can do is seemingly: AUTO DOSE Time Span: 01:00-24:00 (Can't start on 00:00) Amount: 720 mL Times: 23 Delay: 4 Mins (Minimum) Cycle: 7/Days a week But the flow rate for those 23 doses (about 31mL each) is too high.
  11. Props to the iPhone7

    Took advantage of a deal for changing my number and got a "free" iPhone7. Just wanted to give props to the phone...immediately noticed the color balance with the camera. It's the first camera I've used that, without any changes, can take a great-looking and accurate picture of my tank (LED's). High resolution as well. That's all! Just caught me by surprised. Peace, S
  12. Working on start-up company :)

  13. Nano-Reef AMA (Because why not?)

    Greenwich Aquaria
  14. Nano-Reef AMA (Because why not?)

    Suck my Fairfax county. This is down to the wire, feeling queasy
  15. Nano-Reef AMA (Because why not?)

    I'll just say back to front bc I have no f-cking clue lol *whispers* go Hillary