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  1. Hey everyone , home from college, gave the tank a cleaning during the rainy weather. Borby the blueline pipefish has been with me for about a month and doing great. I had a blueline pipe in my old cube who did great...they're one of fav fish. Very cute, hunts all day. A couple weeks ago a caretaker who shall remain unnamed failed to notice the canister filter unplugged for 3-4 days (hit with vacuum under table). The tank sat virtually stagnant and had a noticeable odor to it when I came home that weekend. Worst of all, this means all the bacteria died in the canister. I've been giving the tank extra care and I think phosphates should be almost back to normal (cyano was a problem). Luckily, pretty much everything survived. Tha tank should get some upgrades/livestock over the summer, now that I'm home and will be taking in some income. I'll keep the forum posted. If anyone has questions or wants help--don't be afraid to ask.
  2. Very nice goniopora. Full water changes kick ass if you can do them!
  3. Hey guys, still alive and in school. Tank is fine, I come home and give it some love now and then. Simple coral, same clown, Kupang damsel, blueline pipe. Startup company: www.coalescelabs.com When I have pictures worth posting...I'll post them lmao
  4. Making fun of/referring to a popular youtuber called Leafy (LeafyIsHere)
  5. I need a doser/peristaltic pump that can dose for a week straight (24 hours a day) at 0.5mL/min, which ends up being about 5L total. Suggestions? I have a 4-Channel Kamoer and the best I can do is seemingly: AUTO DOSE Time Span: 01:00-24:00 (Can't start on 00:00) Amount: 720 mL Times: 23 Delay: 4 Mins (Minimum) Cycle: 7/Days a week But the flow rate for those 23 doses (about 31mL each) is too high.
  6. Took advantage of a deal for changing my number and got a "free" iPhone7. Just wanted to give props to the phone...immediately noticed the color balance with the camera. It's the first camera I've used that, without any changes, can take a great-looking and accurate picture of my tank (LED's). High resolution as well. That's all! Just caught me by surprised. Peace, S
  7. Greenwich Aquaria
  8. Suck my Fairfax county. This is down to the wire, feeling queasy
  9. I'll just say back to front bc I have no f-cking clue lol *whispers* go Hillary
  10. I honestly wouldn't worry about spot-feeding zoas. You might see a little extra proliferation in the colony but at the same time, if water quality is a concern or challenge (or maybe nuisance algae/aiptasia), you can save yourself the risk/headache. If you really wanted to, I would get some powdered coral food (i.e. Reef Roids), mix a small amount into some tank water, and then add a few drops of that feeding solution to the tank with the pumps on a low setting (if possible)--this will trigger a feeding response in your corals and make them ready to collect some food. After about five minutes, turn off your pumps and use a small pipette or syringe to deposit some feeding solution right above the zoas you want to feed...don't blast them too hard to make them close up. After that, let the food get eaten up by the polyps for about five minutes and then turn your pumps back on. As with anything in this hobby, observe your tank closely and proceed cautiously. Hopefully you'll see some zoas polyps get bigger and then subsequently split. If you don't notice any changes after about six weeks, I would stop feeding. Hope that helps! Also, please make sure your hands/arms are clean before putting them into the aquarium. If you have been working with chemicals, it's not smart to put your contaminated skin in the tank. Clean thoroughly with warm water and a towel.
  11. Anyone know who built this version of NR? Hire company? Use builder? What are the specs for hosting/maintaining it? Thanks, S
  12. Hey, you got what you wanted: someone to blame for the wrong choice other than yourself besides, Luck did pretty much just as bad. Used to like Corvettes but meh, too flashy and also probably too small inside for me. Bid dude lol. Don't care for muscle cars too much but you do you, be the drift king (DK).
  13. Bingo! Haha, not by choice but it works. I agree there are definitely too many silver and black cars on the road. I wouldn't mind something white with blue highlights. I'm NOT a car guy but I do have some preferences, I like Aston Martins, BMW 228i Convertible, and more in my price range...Prius 4 or Tesla Model 3. Idk, I'm not too picky haha...rather save money for my tanks.
  14. Very cool, I can't say I know much about SLP but I can definitely see the need, everyone should have access to consultation and receive aid towards being able to communicate orally (despite fears or mental/medical afflictions) if they need it. I remember thinking when I was in middle school that I'd be becoming a marine biologist (and ofc get a pHd from Woods Hole etc. lol), then later on I got into my independent research, which really brought me to MSE and bridged the two fields as it was based on a "marine material" and was inspired by the hobby. So luckily, with areas like biomimetics, my career still has the capacity to incorporate the marine environment. If not, it will always be a hobby of mine and that's OK with me. Also, my sister went to Pitzer if ya know the place, she lives in S.F. now, I like the startup culture and appreciate acceptance of brunch but just so many damn hipsters! Go with Carr, that will be a more fun game to watch. If Luck has a break out weekend, so what? It means you'll play him next weekend, but I don't think you're going to see a flop by Carr. Yes, I'm familiar with simulation theory. I'm not nearly as confident as Musk but I am agnostic and this falls in the realm of possibility for me. Unless we were to receive direct interaction or communication from the presumed scientists running the simulation, we would never know from sure. I think it's equally possible that it is not just a computer simulation but a physical experiment (i.e. life in a petri dish or vacuum). In this regards, given how small we are, I doubt the scientists having any knowledge of existence. Perhaps, they've laid out some type of interstellar map so that sophisticated societies are destined to reach a area where they can be observed. Maybe they started the experiment full well knowing where there was a higher and lower chance of sustaining life would be and are observing those areas (such as the Milky Way) with interest. The computer stuff is really just a digital manifestation of this that makes it debatably more feasible--because it's easy to argue the progression of technology and see computers as the only thing being capable of running something so complicated. From my perspective, such a complicated system could actually be less realistic than two scientists futzing around with energy and atoms, accidentally creating our universe within theirs. This leads to the possibility that we ourselves could be creators, but I don't think it's that easy (we're not there yet). Don't take anyone's word for how the universe was created, people tend to worship Musk--he's more confident in the theory than the guy who wrote it. Will any of this change how I live? No. We just have to make our petri dish stand out from the rest Short answer: I wouldn't. Probably not what you wanna hear but I'm being truthful. You can get a 16oz bottle of Kent Iodine for $10 if money is the issue (I prefer Lugol's though). Your tank isn't going to explode without iodine so maybe you wait a bit and get a BRS order together of supplements and small goodies. It's just not worth the risk, I would hate to see some corals die at the hands of mis-used iodine. That said, if you're really determined...I'm also a researcher so I would condone starting at a minimal (or even diluted) dose and taking pictures/notes on a regular basis to see how/if the iodine is effecting your coral. There is no ultimate recipe for success in aquariums, every tank is different, you'll develop your own maintenance and aquascaping "particulars"if you stick with the hobby. Aquariums are an art form and everyone has room to build a unique portfolio (this website is every indication of that!).
  15. Hey guys and gals, so I feel guilty not posting much in the past few months...life's gotten busier and busier and haven't been staying as up to date in the community as of lately--maybe this changes that. So for those not familiar, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything and is really known as a reddit thing where people (i.e. celebrities or game developers) will simply answer community q's and talk about stuff. The basics: I'm a college student at UConn, I worked at a LFS for seven years where I started as earning credit under the table and then eventually made it to a weekly paycheck, I've had four saltwater systems and two freshwater systems, my major is material science and engineering, I am doing some research in water filtration currently and did some research on filaments a few years ago, I share a used Saab convertible with my sisters when I'm home haha (awesome car)... So ask away! I figure the worst case scenario is people don't really care...no biggie